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1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

I post all of them on AO3 as well as on tumblr @cooperjones2020 under the tag #mine and on my master list. (also fyi it’s a sideblog, so if you ever get a reply from @acitrusmoon, that’s also me!)

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve tipped the scale into second half of my 20’s. I’m currently doing my master’s in English lit, focusing on early modern drama and cultural studies. Canada is the third country I’ve lived in. I’ve been in four separate countries within a 24-hour timespan on two separate occasions. I prefer children’s toothbrushes to adult ones. I made my parents let me drop out of preschool when I was four because they wouldn’t give me orange juice.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Nothing. I leave with the absolute bare minimum I can get away with. So 99% of the time I have my phone, but even that’s not a sure thing. If I can stick a card or some cash in my bra so I don’t have to carry a purse or wallet, I’m doing it. If I do have a bag, I definitely have my giant reusable water bottle and a book with me.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird. I’ve hit the level of adulthood where I wake up at like 6:30 sans alarm. And I have no excuse. I don’t have to be at work til 10.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I’ve been thinking about this question and I can’t come up with anything other than HP. I basically learned to read off those books and grew up alongside them. That fictional world is so embedded with my real one, it would be a disservice to pick something else.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

In general, I have no interest in meeting famous people, so I think the most famous person I’ve ever actually met was Roger Ebert at an ice cream shop in Michigan when I was 8. But I’ve been adjacent to famous people. I saw Josh Radnor in my college bookstore, I’ve emailed with John Green, and Chicago Fire used to film in my old apartment in Chicago before it became my apartment. They would still shut our street down to do external shots, and NBC paid my landlord not to gut the apartment when he rehabbed it, in case they needed to use it again.

Does Walk the Moon count as famous now? I’ve met Nick Petricca at parties (figure out what Josh Radnor, John Green, and Nick Petricca have in common, and you’ll learn something else about me).

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I’m the worst with “favorite” type questions because I change my mind all the time when my attention wanders. So TV shows I’ve loved a long time and will continue to rewatch ad infinitum: Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Boy Meets World. I don’t really re-watch movies, which is my general bar for loving something. I recently saw The Third Man and it blew my mind, so much so that it made it into chapter 5 of “Nobodies Nobody Knows.”

(but also I haven’t had consistent access to a television since 2006 because I went to boarding school for nerds, so I’m out of touch with a lot what’s been on unless I’ve been able to find it on the internet and binge watch it)

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Again, I don’t know if I have anyone I would say is a favorite above all the music I like. I cycle through songs I get obsessed with for a week or two. The Spotify playlist I’m currently listening to on repeat includes Halsey, Imagine Dragons, Walk the Moon, Regina Spektor, Lorde, Cigarettes After Sex, Ed Sheeran, Adele, X Embassadors, and Sia. But it’s also my Bughead writing playlist. I’d really like to see Maren Morris in concert.

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drawing Ardyn Izunia and throwing an OC. Kinda wanna expand it more but I have this weird fear ppl will judge me/my OC lol. My favorite thing to draw was Daemon!Ardyn. Mainly because I just fill up the spot where the eyes are black and then add two white dots as the eyes. I can’t draw handsome man 

small dedication to @siren-dragon, @valkyrieofardyn and @poisonous-panda, their blog stories and headcanon give me so much life and inspiration 

some Headcanon (replacing OC with Y/N because idk seems more people/fangirl friendly??)

  • Ardyn plays few instrument really well, but other people don’t really know that because he doesn’t play for an audience. Sometimes when he feels like it he would sit down with Y/N together and play four-hand piano pieces or just improvise 
  • he has actually composed few piano pieces himself too, but never finished them, just started and broke it off mid-way.
  • if Y/N is short (Ardyn is 6′3″) he’d always rub it in their face and establish his dominance as the tall person here lol. E.g. if Y/N struggle with getting something from a high shelf, he’d just lean against the door frame and watch them struggle. He’ll help when Y/N decides to go get a chair to reach the high place
  • Y/N is a night owl and often messes up her sleeping schedule badly, so she can be often making breakfast at midnight and wearing Ardyn’s scarf so they wouldn’t be too cold. 
  • Ardyn would totally show up in the middle of the night too, to nick off some bacon and pancakes 
  • speaking of which, Y/N can’t cook for shit. But that’s okay, they can bake and bless the Six Ardyn has a sweet tooth. 
  • Despite having a really messed up sleeping schedule, if they go to bed at 4AM and have to wake up at 6AM, they will get up the moment the alarm goes off
  • the same cannot be said for Ardyn. That man needs his beauty 6 h sleep and he will do anything humanly possible to not get out of the bed. He really doesn’t understand how Y/N can go a whole day with only 2h sleep or sometimes stay up 48h straight to read a whole book series/binge watch TV shows
  • Based on this, if Y/N would accidentally walk into a tired Ardyn with his true Daemon face revealed, they’d probably blink once or twice, sniff the tea that they’re holding in their hand to check if it hasn’t been spiked with weird stuff and then ask if he needs more coffee because he looks tired af
  • If Ardyn ever decides to tell them the truth, you can bet Ardyn’s sweet ass at some point when they got attacked by a Daemon, they’d go “Look, I have seen the Chancellor of Niflheim without his morning coffee, so don’t try to pull that shit on me”
  • Ardyn is a tea person, but needs to morning coffee to wake up and get through the day. It really is more of a habit. 
  • Y/N outs Ardyn’s hair into a man bun when he’s asleep
  • Also I noticed since no one really uses seatbelt on the roadtrip, Y/N would sit on the back of Ardyn’s car during long trips just so they have the whole seat to themselves.
  • Refers to Ardyn as ‘Mr. Chancellor’ or ‘Mr. Izunia’ sometimes as a mock formality. He is secretly turned on by that. 
  • Makes trash/garbage joke around Ardyn all. the. time.
  • “Where’s the trash?” “Here!” *points at Ardyn”
  • “Mr. Chancellor, it’s trashcan, not trashcannot”
  • uuuuh to be fair, I see my OC and Ardyn’s relationship starting off as a friendship. Like Ardyn has been around for ages and that man is probably very lonely, and I imaginge he’d just want to have a companion/friend around. There is some playful flirting thrown into it too except Y/N is a dumbass when it comes to that kind of thing so literally after a long time one day they’d go “Wait, are you flirting with me???” and Ardyn would be like “Have been for the last few years but thanks for noticing”
  • Would suddenly realize they have been crushing for that old man and Ardyn would have noticed long ago that he was falling for them but didn’t do anything seeing as Y/N was so utterly clueless and maybe he thought that was the best that there’s nothing more beyond friendship
  • yeaaaah sure that is until Ardyn notices he needs them and needs them if you get my drift hinthintwinkwink

Darkiplier: You’ll never escape. Not now, not e-

Me: Can I pet your dog?

Darkiplier: …What?

Me: Can. I. Pet. Your. Dog.

Darkiplier: …Do you know who I am? I can destroy everything you a-

Me: Did I stutter


The Silent Flying of an Owl. 

The video shows how effortlessly an owl fly’s compared to other bird species. 

A pigeon that has a relatively large body and small wings needs to flap furiously to produce enough lift. A falcon has large wings that move more aggressively so the bird can gain much faster speeds. 

Both birds create large turbulence in the air and noise as a result. Comparatively, the owl is the perfect night time hunter, silently flying through the sky.

Aries: how have you been? Yes you with the angry eyes and the broken heart. Didn’t anyone tell you that smiling with your lips is the worst smile? Smiling with your eyes is the best love. I find it prodigious really, how you pick yourself up after being impaired.

Taurus: and even when everything stings, even when everything burns, even when you’re on the verge of giving up. You looked fear in the eye and said “Go to hell” because sorrow is a sign of the times, and your willpower is stronger than your emotions. You control you.

Gemini: when the dandelions fall out of your hair, and the skies turn orange. When the little paper cut burns a little more than you’d like it to or when the grass you sit on has a little too much dewdrops. When everything is a little too much, or just not enough, know one thing is certain. Someone is thinking of you, somewhere.

Cancer: sometimes I want to sue the world, how can it be so harsh on something so sweet? How can something so sweet do something so bitter? In a gutter your light would still shine. In the dark you can’t see, “Am I darkness or has darkness become me?” Be free, you are light and you are dazzling me.

Leo: compliments feel like sticky pastes ‘cause you don’t believe in the smiles on their face, it’s a maze. Run, run, don’t come back, see the stars and kiss your scars. Kiss your own skin, love your own face. You are independent, you are relentless. Puppet on a strings, threaded to promises.

Virgo: a shattered self esteem, an introvert with devoured dreams. Eaten by the greedy, the successful and the liars. Fake friends meeting sadness at one end, hate at the other. But “otherwise I’ll be alone and no one wants to be lonely and I’m lonely when I’m alone” the critical mind, the self paining cries. “Alright, it’s alright.” Repeat it until you believe it.

Libra: when love and chaos meet, you will see me at the early morning sunrise. Plucking petals off of periwinkle blue, eerie flowers. You said you were a night owl, one to always sleep in. The last few days you’ve been up at five thirty, meeting the sunset with tired eyes. You told me that fatigue is the price of caring for someone too deeply, you said it meant love.

Scorpio: the claws of the nightmares enrol in your daydreams, the screams and whispers shiver you to the bone. You’re not afraid, you’re not scared, just a little bit alone. But you’re dying to stay positive, come on love you can do it. You keep telling yourself lies, “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine.” You’re in the headlights, on the front row of your own movie. Stop feeling like you have to pay for the tickets.

Sagittarius: let’s run away tonight, let’s get drunk under summer stars and hope we’ll get home without broken hearts. Let’s run, let’s go, I don’t want to know. There’s too many pain in this black and white town, let’s leave and build our own out of cracked bones and broken homes.

Capricorn: when the shadows catch up with you, and the fatigue seeps through your lifeless skin; when the dandelions feel like uselessness and the smell of rain reminds you of broken glass… know that you don’t need to be fixed. You are not broken. Reading glasses slipping off noses, tossing and turning to get a slight chance of sleep.. know that everything you tell yourself you are, is how you limit yourself. You tell yourself it’s all you’ll ever be.

Aquarius: jars filled with little papers. They’re inked with words that are left unknown, one word for every day together with a number. Today the word was “HOPE” together with a six-point-seven on the happiness ratio. Yesterday it was “MELANCHOLY” with a five on the scale of misery. Never daring to get close to nines and tens, those were for people with real problems- funerals, breakups, getting fired. Maybe five, maybe an in between. A non-answer. Maybe five.

Pisces: someone told me about their imaginary friend named Ann, she was sweet and nice but cold like ice. Her hair was raven black and she always wore sundresses even in the winter. They played tennis with her and wore each others clothes, one day Ann had the leave the young person. They cried and weeped “Why?” they screeched. Ann frowned and held the persons face in her hands. “Other people need me too, you’re not alone. Just have the courage to pretend.”

—  if your day has felt longer than the time it took to read this poem, know that you’re loved. (1st august - 2017)

“Out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight
Top of the world and we’re dressed to the nines tonight
Edge of the earth and we’re touching the sky tonight
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives…

This was my submission for the "Made With Pride” event on Deviantart. My entry on top with the yellow filter and the original transparent picture on the bottom. 

♥♥Happy Pride Month!!♥♥   

Brain: We should sleep

Me: Oka-

Brain: WAIT! I-is that an old ship that we used to be our otp?!

Me: Y-yeah…why?

Brain: We are going to watch all the videos, read all the fanfic, and see all the fanart!

Me: ….but-

Brain: Did I stutter?

six hours later~

Me: I hate you.

Brain: I hate me too….but that animation though

you would not believe your pasts

if ten million FUCKING PODCASTS