a night out with 'the boys'

Coffee Mugs - Bucky Barnes

- Sorry for not posting in forever. I’ve been so busy and then had the worst writers block. // This started out as a late night drabble, but now it’s kind of an imagine. Enjoy. - Also: my requests are open. I write Marvel and Criminal Minds!

— Bucky drinks coffee to try and get rid of his problems

Warnings: None.


Steam billowed around the coffee that sat in a plain grey mug on the kitchen table. Stark Tower was rarely cold, but winter in New York was out to bite this year.

Sat, looking at his mug was Bucky. Tired, and alone at nearly midnight. He was expressionless, sleep deprivation shone across his skin as he mumbled aimlessly about things he needed to remember - worthless things, but he needed them.

He looked out the window, the glowing streets of New York staring back at him. The lights seemed so dark at night, yet so bright. He felt happier at night, safer. He never knew why, but he didn’t like to question it either.

“Well the city never sleeps…so that makes two of us, huh?” He mumbled to himself, picking up his mug and wandering over to the window where he continued to stare at the city.

The door clicked behind him. He didn’t respond because for once, he didn’t feel threatened. He knew who it was from their footsteps.

“You’re up late,” You greeted him, “Coffee, baby, really?” You sighed.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright. Is that a crime now?” He raised his eyebrow at you, and you rolled your eyes back at him. He smiled as you placed down your bags.

“How is she anyway?” He asked, placing down the mug once again. “Peggy’s doing okay. She talked a lot, stayed on track, which was good. Then I had to get Tony’s equipment from the store. It took longer than I thought.” You gestured to the bags.

“I’m glad. I would go and see her but…I don’t want to hurt her.” You frowned, looking back at him. “I think she’d love to see you.”

“Really?” He asked, dumbfounded, “She mentioned you, asking how you were. You mean a lot to Steve, so you mean a lot to Peggy too.”

“I never thought about it like that.” He admitted, his eyes growing heavier as he looked at his mug, dregs of coffee remained, and he cursed it for making him even more tired.

“C'mon, Buck. Let’s go to sleep.” You smiled, stretching out your hand, waiting for him. “Do your bags not need to go away? Or, uh, taking to the labs? What about those emails you mentioned?”

“Bucky!” You exclaimed, grabbing his hand firmly. “You can’t be scared to go to sleep. I know you hate Buck, but you need to try. You can’t live off coffee forever, trust me, I’ve tried. Please. I love you, and you need to sleep.” He glanced at his pyjama clad legs and frowned. “I’ll be right next to you. Nothing bad will happen.”

He anxiously trailed behind you, waiting for you, or anyone, or anything, to do something that meant he wouldn’t have to sleep.

You two lay in bed for a few minutes, for Bucky it felt like hours, before he began to ramble in avoidance. “Hey, babe?”

“Yes, Bucky?” You mumbled, sleep trying to capture you. “Does mike wazowski blink or wink?”

You laughed slightly, tiredly, “I don’t know Bucky. We’ll find out tomorrow, yeah?”

“Fine.” He huffed, “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too.”

And soon enough, he fell asleep.

When the pale pink sunlight flowed through the curtains, Bucky groaned, placing the pillow that you had previously been sleeping on over his head. He knew that you had to leave early to finish a mission with Sam and Steve, but he still missed you.

He rolled over, disregarding the pillow falling onto the floor, throwing the covers back and standing. He rubbed his eyes, pushing his messy brown hair behind his ears.

Forcing himself into the once again empty kitchen, he started to use to coffee machine once more. He stood for a while, waiting for its magic.

His eyes skimmed the room, noticing his old coffee cup still on the sideboard from the night prior, but a piece of paper now sat beside it.

“If you ask me, Mike Wasowski is definitely winking…he seems like that kind of guy.” He read, laughing to himself.

rollerskatinglizard  asked:

Made up fic title - Five's Company (/And/ A Crowd)

I feel like you had poly in your heart when you sent this, but.  Okay.  

Have you ever played Sardines.

It’s like Hide And Seek except only one person hides, and then every subsequent person who finds them has to cram into the place they hid and hide with them, and then when the last person shows up everybody jumps out and screams SARDINES.  Y’know, like sardines do when you open a can of sardines

MY POINT IS please imagine the Burners playing this game because it would be hilarious, and it could stick strictly with the person who went and hid and then the increasingly cramped situation everybody is finding themselves in, and in the end they’re all there and it turns out Jacob was also supposed to be playing but he went and fell asleep in an armchair somewhere instead and now they’re all just crammed into a place together.

………….this could actually turn out poly now that I think about it.  It’s like 0% sexually charged when you play it irl but if you were writing fic about it?  Boy howdy the UST could go through the ROOF.   

EDIT: I have been informed that when other people played sardines it was definitely sexually charged.  I have never recognized a sexually-charged situation in my LIFE, so that’s probably on me.  possibly b/c I’m ace as hell??? hm

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How would the boys react to seeing someone at a fan meet and getting a boner? (-///-)

S. Coups 

He would conceal it as much as he could and would try to remain polite and keep his image of being the leader clean. But that doesn’t stop him from checking you out when he sees you walking up to him. He’ll just slyly add his phone number on the back of whatever he was signing, hoping you’ll take he hint. 


He would blush and slyly check you out, flicking his tongue out of his mouth and trying to keep it as professional as he could. He would never break eye contact with you in fear of his eyes wandering somewhere else. He would hastily scrawl his message on whatever was being signed, smile and tell you to have a nice night. He would check you out as you walked away, biting his lip and smirking, having gotten away with his secret. 


The poor boy would probably just blush and fix his position so that he could hide his attraction as best as he could. He would never look at you out of shyness, looking up to give you shy smiles and waving at you. He was careful when he spoke, fearing that a moan would fall from his lips. He left a sweet message on your poster and blew you a kiss as you walked away. He would watch as you made your way through each of the members before sighing in relief when he could finally calm himself down. 


He would obviously try to hide it, being the polite boy that he is. He would carry on with the meet and greet as per usual, talking to you casually, but in a somewhat strained voice before reaching over to give you a hug, praying you didn’t see his obvious attraction to you. After releasing you he would smile and wave you goodbye and wink at you.  


He would feel awkward the entire time he was talking to you. He would never look up at you and would probably rush you along. It wasn’t like he was trying to be rude, he just physically couldn’t look at you without having his hormones take over. He did look up as you went to move to the new member and he could feel his gaze turn lustful. You noticed and blushed, scribbling your number on a spare napkin before moving on. 


Coupled with the fact that he is already quiet, he would turn mute during the fan meet, especially when he saw you were next to meet him. He would clamp his thighs together, swallowing a moan from the friction and try to keep his voice leveled and in control, which was getting harder and harder the more you spoke. He could feel his jeans getting tighter and tighter and when you finally left he would relax his muscles and just soil himself right then and there. 


Woozi would try to ignore it and would make sure he kept you and him distracted at all times. the last thing he needed was for hundreds of pictures of his boner circulating the internet with various headlines. he just kept it short and sweet leaving you smiling and blushing.


This cute lil happy virus would do the same thing as Woozi, focusing on making you laugh rather than focusing on his body. He hid it really well and hoped that you didn’t notice. But at the same time he kinda wishes you did…


He would carry on, business as usual.  Except he would constantly shift positions and his eyes tended to wander places they shouldn’t, even if it was for a millisecond. He would be extra friendly to you and scribble his number on the corner of a page for you to find later for some late night action. 


He would barely know what to do but he would be polite and carry on as per usual. He saw no error in it and was secretly hoping you would notice it so he could flirt with you.


The diva would start sweating and getting his friends to help him cover himself and also cover his ass. He would be extra cute and extra sassy just to distract him from how much he was attracted to you. Except your laugh turned him on even more. He patiently (agonizingly) waited for you to move on so that he could breathe a sigh of relief and when that moment came he almost soiled his friends pillows as well as his pants. He didn’t though. 


This grease monkey would make sure you knew about it. He would purposely lay just enough to show his attraction to you, but still blocking it to everyone else. He would be super sweet and flirty, turning his charm level up to he maximum for maximum effects. It worked. You felt like you haven’t been touched in years and god dammit hes a tease. Needless to say that wasn’t the only time you two saw each other. 


The lil baby would just blush and hide himself as best as he could. He’s never dealt with this before and you were so gorgeous that it was hard not to be super quiet and shy around you. He would smirk and try to be a tease but he ended up looking more adorable in the end. He shyly left a cute message with his number “just in case.” 

~Admin Keopi

With Everything I Have - Yatori

Yatori Week: Day 1 - Fluff/Promise

By - bromple

Hiyori was on the brink of insanity.

She had just barely gotten out of school for the day, and already Yato wasted no time in dragging Yukine along with him to Kofuku’s place where Hiyori would be spending the night. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. Except this time, the subject Kofuku seemed to be stuck on like glue, was boys.

More specifically, boys she had crushes on.

So here they were now, huddled in an abnormally small blanket fort on a stormy afternoon, Hiyori’s face hidden in a pillow, red as a ripe tomato.

“Oh, come on. You can’t possibly be telling me there isn’t anybody from your school who you like!” Kofuku stated bluntly, regarding but ignoring Hiyori’s exceptionally flustered state.

“Yes, I am telling you that! Why won’t you believe me?” Hiyori answered in all honesty, face still burning as it has been since she entered the damned blanket tent of doom. Thunder clapped outside as the hard pitter-patter of raindrops swarmed outside the small house belonging to a small, yet determined, God of Poverty.

Kofuku chose to ignore her statement altogether and answered her question with another. “Fine. I’ll stop talking about boys from your school.” She sighed, faking reluctance.

“Thank you.” Hiyori let out her own satisfied sigh, thankful that the conversation stopped before it could get to-

“So how about boys from outside of school, then?”

Hiyori’s heart fell into her stomach. She knew this conversation would inevitably end with him. Yato. It always did. All of the other times Kofuku talked about how cute of a couple they would be, or how they would be like the perfect parents for Yukine, or even how he would give up his immortality and godship in a heartbeat if it meant being with her. Of course, everyone knew Kofuku was only kidding.

Well, to an extent.

That didn’t mean it hurt Hiyori any less whenever she was reminded that nothing could ever happen between them.

Of course, she knew he could never feel the same way. Sure, he joked about marrying her someday, and she knew he cared for her as much, if not more, as she did him.

Regardless, Hiyori had only just come to terms with her growing feelings for the minor God. Whenever she saw him, it was like that day at Capypa Land all over again, with his hands over hers, his bright blue orbs boring into hers as they both replayed all of those times Hiyori had vowed to never forget him. To never leave him. To be with him forever. And in that moment, under the light of a thousand stars, (and conveniently placed fireworks) she knew. She knew she was in love with him.

Of course, she thought bitterly. Of course my high school crush just had to be a freaking God of Calamity.

The sound of the blanket fort’s entrance flap opening snapped her out of her thoughts, as the exact person plaguing her mind had entered the fort without any indication whatsoever.

“Hiyori, Yukine won’t do the homework you gave him!” Yato loudly declared as he plopped down face-first into a pile of pillows near Hiyori’s legs. “Can you scold him?” He continued, despite the obvious eye roll the young girl gave him.

Hiyori pushed all immediate thoughts about Yato’s beautiful eyes and endearing childlike behavior aside as she yanked the pillow from underneath his head, forcing his face to collide with the hard, yet fluffy, blanket-covered floor.

“I just gave it to him a few minutes ago, he doesn’t have to do it right now.” Hiyori stated in an irritated tone. “Besides, why can’t you scold him?”

Yato sat up, scooting closer to Hiyori’s side as he rubbed his nose from the previous floor-to-face impact. “He won’t listen to me. Figures, with him being stuck in this rebellious stage and all.”

Hiyori began fiddling with the hem of her pink pajama shirt, immediately more self-conscious upon her and Yato’s close proximity. “I guess…” She answered rather awkwardly. Yato didn’t seem to pick up on it, though, as he absentmindedly threw a lazy arm around her shoulders, causing her to instantly relax, leaning into his slender frame and resting her head on his shoulder. She always felt cozier and at home whenever he did this, as cliché as it sounds.

Yato began rambling on and on about his week of job-hunting, Wish-collecting, and this one particular family he met that had fifteen missing cats. That story caused Hiyori to let out a rather unflattering snort of laughter, which Yato was more than happy to tease her about as she started swatting him in the face like a fly.

She didn’t know how much time had passed since he had entered the blanket fort, but judging by Kofuku’s sudden absence, it had been an extended amount of time. What the hell? Hiyori thought. I don’t even remember Kofuku leaving. Weird. Maybe she went to help Daikoku and Yukine with dinner. She had also noted that the storm was still going strong, so maybe not that much time had passed.

She hadn’t realized that she had been deep in thought until she was forced out of her own mind by Yato’s hand waving in front of her face.

“Hello? Anybody home?” Yato said sarcastically, though with slight and evident worry. “You’ve been spacing out all day. What’s wrong?” His tone taking a somewhat serious turn.

Hiyori chose to ignore her increasing heart rate when he spoke in such a caring, soft tone. “What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong.” She spoke lightly, although her voice wavered slightly. Damnit.

She hadn’t admitted it out loud yet, but something had been bothering her. Ever since the whole debacle with Yato in the Underworld, the conflict with heaven, and Yato releasing Nora as his Shinki, Hiyori had been a little…

On edge.

Okay, maybe more than just a little. A lot. But can you really blame her, though? What with all of this God of Fortune and heaven hullabaloo.

That was the entire point of this sleepover, actually. She didn’t feel as comfortable as she used to be at her own house. She felt a whole lot better around people who knew how to handle all of… this. Besides, these were people she trusted and cared for, people who were like her second family. People like Kofuku, Yukine, Daikoku…

And Yato.

Hiyori looked up at the former God of Calamity in resignation, knowing all too well that he caught on to her skittish behavior. She found that he was already staring into her bright coral eyes with overwhelming concern. “Hiyori, tell me.”

She had never heard him speak so gently before, so… affectionate. It made her heart and mind race more than he would ever know.

Ultimately, after several long seconds of staring into each other’s eyes, Hiyori put down her strong front, and voiced her concerns while fidgeting with the hem of her shirt once again, not able to meet his intense gaze.

“Well… It’s just that… Ever since, you know, everything, I haven’t exactly felt that… safe. I jump at every little thing, I flinch at every little touch, and I always feel like… I don’t know, like someone is watching me, or something.” Hiyori spoke with great reluctance, feeling the weakest she’d ever felt.

She spoke every word with such fear and uncertainty it made Yato’s heart ache. He wanted to destroy anyone and anything that made Hiyori think this way. Just the thought of her feeling like this for the rest of her life, all because of him, made him more determined than ever to make sure she would never have to face anything alone ever again. He would never leave her side, not as long as he was still breathing.

He thought back to the times when she forgot and remembered him. To the times when she said that she never wanted to leave him, that she wanted to be with him forever. He thought back to the times she had saved him, and vise versa. When the look in her eyes was more than evident enough to show him how much they meant to each other. He wanted, no, needed to protect that look in her eyes more than anything. The look of utter hope and faith she had in him, it made his mind and body simply melt with absolute adoration and protectiveness and love.

Hiyori looked up when she didn’t hear him respond after a few seconds, and she was not prepared for what happened next.

Before she could even comprehend what was happening, she felt Yato’s palms on both of her cheeks, cupping her face, and rested his forehead firmly against hers.

His eyes were like a bright blue sky, wild and free but calming and reassuring at the exact same time. They pierced her deep irises, searching through them and reaching the innermost depths of her soul. With gentle breaths softly colliding, he then spoke with one of the most serious, yet serenely doting tones she had ever heard him use.

“Hiyori, I need you to know, that I would never, ever let anything or anyone hurt you. Please tell me you know that.”

Hiyori was on the verge of tears. She had never heard him speak so fondly about something, about someone. And the fact that she was the one he let hear him speak like this, made her fall even faster and harder for the God that sat in front of her. And in that moment, she remembered that she was the opposite of weak. She was the strongest in the universe, as long as she had Yato by her side.

With a sudden surge of bravery, Hiyori scooted much closer to Yato, their noses brushing up against each other, and rested her hands on top of his. He let out a barely audible gasp when he felt the sudden warmth of her hands on his own, but simultaneously sending a shiver down his spine in delight. Their lips were centimeters apart, yet to both of them, it felt like miles.

Hiyori had never felt safer than she was in that moment, with her hands covering his while they rested softly on her face, each pair of eyes gazing into the others in complete trust and endearment.

The storm raging outside matched the hurricanes brewing within each of their hearts as they spoke thousands of unsaid words with their eyes, irises dancing synchronized in the eye of the storm, precisely in the middle of the intense range of emotions plaguing both parties, though neither ever wanted it to stop.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of fast heartbeats and passionate stares under the evening downpour, Hiyori answered Yato with the most sincere and softhearted reply she could muster.

“With everything I have.”

Tonight, We Fall in Love

Summary: Part Two of ‘Baby Boy’ - It’s been a few months since you and Harry met, and tonight would be the perfect night to tell Harry exactly how you feel, if you could just get the words out. 

Warnings: It’s fluff. 

Requested: Yes! By a few people, thank you. I’m glad you liked it. 

The first part to this, Baby Boy, is set four months ago when Leo is about four months old and now he is eight months old. 

“Y/N and I have another date tonight, little lion.” Harry smiles as Leo splashes around in the tub, “If it wasn’t for you I probably would have never talked to her, and now we’re dating.” 

“Dada!” Leo smiles up at Harry, he only knew a few words right now, but every time he spoke it made Harry smile. He lifts the baby out of tub, wrapping him tightly in a towel. “Ms. Maria is gonna come watch you, and you’re gonna be good, right?” Harry begins to dry him off.

“Not gonna cry too much or give her a hard time so daddy can enjoy his night, right little lion?” He carries Leo to his room and begins to dress him.

His doorbell rings and Harry picks Leo up from his place on the bed, “Ms. Maria is here!” He pokes Leo’s belly, making the baby laugh.

Harry opens the door to find you standing there in a gorgeous dress and he frowns, he’s still in sweatpants. “I’m sorry I’m so early.” You smile nervously at him, “I just didn’t want to get stuck in traffic.” Harry opens the door more for you to come in and he guides you into the living room.

“It’s okay, do you mind waiting while I get dressed?” Harry asks while bouncing the baby on his hip. “Do mind holding him too?”

You nod excitedly and take Leo from his arms smiling at Harry’s retreating figure, “You’re daddy is really handsome.” You smile down at the baby in your arms. “But not nearly as handsome as you are.” You press a kiss to Leo’s cheek making him giggle.

“Bab.” Leo says as he reaches up and squishes your cheeks with his small hands, which makes you laugh. After hearing Harry refer to you as babe a few times Leo had begun to call you his own version of the word, and it always made you smile.

“What are you doing, baby?” He laughs at your face and continues to squish while repeating the word ‘bab’ to you.

“What are you doing to her, little lion?” You both look up at the sound of Harry’s voice, Leo smiles his smile of adoration and love and you giggle, me too kid, you think.

“We were just playing, right baby?” You stand up from the couch, walk to where Harry is standing and press a kiss to his cheek, “You look really nice.” He blushes and reaches for Leo and you giggle to yourself.

“You look beautiful.” Harry smiles nervously, every time the two of you were together he felt like a middle school kid with a crush again. “The babysitter should be here soon, if you don’t mind waiting.”

“Of course not!” You watch as Harry takes a seat on the couch and sit next to him reaching over to play with Leo’s hands, “I don’t mind hanging with this little guy.”

Harry’s phone vibrates as you begin to play peek a boo with Leo, and when he checks it a frown stretches across his face, “Is everything okay?” You ask quietly, stopping the game which makes Leo frown. 

He gives you an apologetic smile, “My babysitter got sick on her way here, she can’t make it.”

“Oh.” You look down at your hands and Harry takes one of them in his, “I’m sorry, Y/N, maybe we can reschedule? I can-”

“We can have a date here.” You offer with a shy smile, “Order some food, and just lounge here with Leo. I mean, if you don’t mind? I know we don’t hang out at your place a lot, but I would love to stay in tonight.”

The smile Harry gives is bright and almost a little awed, making you blush. “That sounds great.” He pulls you towards the kitchen, “What do you want to order?”

“I could go for some pasta if I’m being honest.” You smile when Harry pulls out a menu from one of his kitchen drawers. “Do you want me to hold him?” You offer when you notice Harry struggling to use the phone.

He gives you a grateful nod and let’s you take Leo from his arms then begins to dial the number. You spin around the kitchen with Leo in your arms, dancing to no music. Harry smiles to himself watching you, this is perfect, he thinks.

When you turn again and notice him staring, you smile and take Leo’s hand to wave at Harry, who waves back with an enthusiastic smile, which makes Leo call out ‘dada!” 

Harry walks over towards the two of you and presses a kiss to Leo’s cheek before beginning to explain your order to whoever was on the other end of the phone. You continue to dance around with Leo, him giggling uncontrollably at the few spins you do,  “How much is that baby in the window?” You sing softly to Leo as you dance, “The one with the curly hair.” You run a hand through the baby’s short, curly hair. 

“Food will be here in twenty or thirty minutes.” Harry speaks up, making you stop singing and nod, “How much do I owe you?”

“For the food or for my baby?” He laughs as a blush rises to your cheeks, “Because I’m not sure my baby is for sale.”

“The food.” You glare as Harry rests his phone face down on the counter and takes a seat in one of his stools. He smiles softly and shakes his head, “It’s on me, this is a date after all.” 

You shake your head, “I can pay for my meal, you shouldn’t have to-”

“Y/N. It’s fine, I’m treating you to a date.” Harry smiles at your pout, “You can cover our next order in.”

“Deal.” You smile at him before looking back down at Leo, “What time does he go to bed?”

“In about an hour,” Harry rest his chin in his hand, “and he usually stays down for the night, hasn’t woken up at three a.m in a few weeks.”

You gasp dramatically at Leo, “You’re growing up! Sleeping through the whole night!” You tickle his tummy making him laugh and swat your hand away.

Harry laughs at you, Leo giggles and you smile to yourself, If this is the life I get to live forever I wouldn’t mind, you think.

“I really like being with you two.” You smile at Harry nervously, “I mean, I know it’s only been like four months, but I love hanging out with you and Leo, at the park, at the zoo, wherever we are I just love it, you guys are amazing and watching him grow has been so cool. I really-”

“Y/N, it’s okay, take a deep breath.” Harry stands up and places a hand on your shoulder, which immediately makes you cease your words and take a deep breath. 

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” You whisper, looking down at Leo, who is completely oblivious to the meaning of what you’ve just said and is smiling happily up at you.  “Or that I already do love you, I’ve never been in a relationship and felt this way.” 

“What way?” Harry asks softly and you sigh, how do I explain it?

You shrug, not looking at him while speaking, “Like, all I wanna do is be around you and Leo. And every time you smile at me or compliment me, my stomach erupts into butterflies. Every time we kiss I can’t stop smiling, it makes me so happy. You make me so happy, talking to you just makes my day better.” 

“I feel the same way about you.” Harry tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear, “And I know Leo adores you, or else he wouldn’t be this comfortable in your arms.” he gestures to Leo, who has laid his head on your chest and is staring sleepily at you and his dad. 

You smile up at Harry, “Do you wanna put him to bed a little early? He looks tired.” Harry nods, but doesn’t take Leo from your arms, just leads you towards his bedroom. 

“Do you want me to put him to bed?” Harry asks quietly as you begin to rock Leo in your arms, once again singing softly, “Because I think you’re doing just fine.” 

You smile at him and continue singing to Leo, “How much is that baby in the window?

The one with the curly hair,

How much is that baby in the window?

I do hope that baby is for sale.” Leo is asleep by the last line of your little song and Harry is beaming at you from across the room. You place a soft kiss on Leo’s forehead before laying him down in his crib and leaving the room.

Harry leans down and presses a kiss to Leo’s forehead before following you out, “Where did you learn that song? It’s a little weird, but it’s cute.” 

“My mom used to sing it to me,” You laugh at Harry’s comment, “It’s originally about a dog, but she changed it and that’s just how I learned it.” You shrug and Harry laughs. “There’s more to it, but I don’t remember. I’m happy he fell asleep before-”

“Do you want to spend the night?” Harry asks abruptly cutting you off, “Sorry. I just- we can all have breakfast together and go to the park tomorrow or something, I would really like to spend the morning with you.” 

You nod, “That would be nice, but I don’t have clothes.” 

“You can borrow some of mine to sleep in, and my sister always leaves stuff when she visits. I’m sure I can find you something to wear tomorrow.” Harry looks at you hopefully.

“That would be great then.” You smile happily, “I would love to.” Harry smiles excitedly and leans in to give you a kiss, but is interrupted by a knock at the door, the food you had ordered earlier completely forgotten until now.

You laugh as Harry groans and grabs his wallet, “I’ll make it up to you after this pasta.”

I wanted to do a time jump because it gives me for liberty with this story. I can go back and write their first date, or go months into the future and write meeting the parents. I hope the time change didn’t end up being confusing.

Also, I actually really enjoy this idea and might continue on with it as like a series or something. And, I have another story in my requests that I’ve started and hope to get out tomorrow or Thursday. 

Thank you for reading and have a good day! 

Mine | Tommy Shelby (P.2 of Church)

many of you asked for a part 2 of church so here you go. i’ve purposely left it on a bad ending so i can write another part if people want that. this is slowly becoming a series but if other people do what another request, it will be a while before it’s uploaded. thank you for all ur lovely comments and enjoy.

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walmart (yoonmin)

min yoongi & park jimin
length: 898 words
genre: suggestive but no smut
summary: we planned to have a night to ourselves but we just realised neither of us have any lube so now we have to waste time and go to walmart to buy some

a/n: based on a prompt but i can’t find it anymore :(

Originally posted by bellahasjams

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dirtykipling  asked:

20. Carrying while half asleep. Donnie with Casey or Leo...or both X

for the platonic touch meme

Donnie stared at Casey, who was thoroughly passed out in the front of the party-wagon. He’d probably been sitting there ever since he got back to the farmhouse.

A part of Donnie wanted to open the door, unbuckle his friend, and let him slide out onto the ground to wake up. As was how their interactions usually went.

But, a larger part of him knew Casey had fallen asleep in the driveway because of a very, very long day of work at a local farm, and that he was taking so many long shifts because he and April were the only ones putting food on the table.

Donnie clicked his tongue, and opened the door.

“Okay, come on, out you come, idiot.”

“Smffrnf,” Casey mumbled as Donnie unbuckled him.

Donnie hauled Casey out of the car, and nearly lost his grip as Casey’s deadweight slid boneless towards the ground. The only reason Casey didn’t flop onto the dirt was because Donnie caught his legs at the last second.

Casey’s head lolled backwards, and he let out another unintelligible mumble as Donnie held him bridal style.

Donne looked down at his friend, who was still very much asleep. He sighed.  

“Of course.”

He kicked the door shut behind them, and carted Casey off to find a free bed to dump him on. Gently dump him, because he was feeling magnanimous, and maybe Casey deserved a little extra care for once.

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For me, my FAVE ducktales content on your blog is the NEWS. You're always on top with new releases, shorts, etc. It's like reading the Duck Times. XD

i’m always get overexcited when Disney put Ducktales news related on their social media.. i always sleep late cause most of the the news they put it when it’s 12/1 am here (UTC +08:00)  and oh boy, it’s always a crazy night when they drop a news..

i’m like jumping all around the room and try to scream as quiet as i can so nobodies in the house wake up..i just don’t want to miss out a thing i guess x’D

one time i missed out about the released of the first trailer. i woke up in the morning checked my phone.. and my notifications are full of people screaming at me, tagging and send me dm’s about the new trailer i was like “SHOOT, I MISSED THE PARTY”  :’p 

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Headcanon of how everyone would react at a carnival? Thanks!!!

• Alexander- he divides his time pretty equally between rides and games and has figured out the way to beat the rigged games so everyone gets a least one stuffed animal by the end of the night

• John, Hercules, Gilbert have a contest where the first one to puke loses. Enough said.

• Thomas- only really plays a few games and watches the rest of the time

• James- doesn’t do rides or games and just follows everyone around eating

• Aaron- won’t play the games because he considers himself too mature for them and is very picky about his rides

• Peggy- keeps up with the trio of boys surprisingly well and can no longer play games because she’s very competitive and there was an incident

• Eliza- follows the group around but will get on a few rides. She’s much rather watch them enjoying themselves than risk feeling sick.

• Angelica- she acts too cool for rides but can kick anyone’s ass at the games

• K George- talks a big game and insists on going on everything but screams on even the smallest ride

• George W- also goes on everything but is completely silent; he’s the chaperone and herds everyone between rides and games

I’m feeling utterly bamboozled by what happened last night. I went out with my friend Hayley from work and met some of her ex-colleagues from when she worked at Sub Club and back to this flat in the west end after Berkeley Suite finished. The girl’s flat was gorgeous and had this wooden mezzanine nest with loads of cushions and blankets in the bedroom and for some reason or another I ended up spending most of the party in it. There was a boy there that I talked to for ages, I don’t know what it was but I felt more drawn to him than anyone else and I think he felt something similarly probably? I didn’t know if it was a romantic thing so I just went cutting about and letting my feelings confuse me for a while. Someone had sunglasses that he took and put on and it struck me all of a sudden how much he resembled Jamie, save for the black hair and the eyes. I kept looking at him and couldn’t believe it. At least that answered why I was drawn to him in the first place and I wish that hasn’t been the case but it was. He was even a few years younger than me in the same way he is which made the whole thing even more weirder. Long story short we ended up kissing in that mezzanine which was also a headfuck because it has been a very long time since I’ve let anybody near me in that respect and now I was cuddling up to a boy I’d known for five hours and letting him run his fingers down my arm. Up close to him he looked more like Jamie than ever and not only that but he also felt like Jamie and I tried so hard not to indulge in the stupid fantasy. I also wasn’t very sober at this point so things could have been exacerbated due to that but still. I talked so much shite to him as well by prattling on about my holidays and my dog but I don’t think he minded. He implied he wanted l see me again but I’ll cross that bridge if I ever get to it. I feel quite fuzzy and nice today even if I don’t know how I feel about him/the Jamie resemblance so idk, probably just play it all by ear if I need to.

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Sharna is like the odd girl out some days like today. Cause Emma spent day with Sasha, Lindsay with Sam and Hayley with Britt and the boys were all together so she was left alone

Remember, not only is The Fam in NYC, but also there is a massive wedding in less than two weeks.  It is quite possible she was doing wedding things with Peta.  Dress fittings, hair trials, any number of things.  Don’t take the fact that she wasn’t with them as anything hinky.  She was out with the cast last night.  Why does everyone have to act like she’s sad or everyone hates her.  The exact opposite it true.