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If you have time tell us the A Night at the Roxbury story

You know what? I’ve got time.

You got it kid.

(To the people who tend to go on witch hunts and go ape shit and take things seriously; please don’t. Thanks.)

See, when we were younger, my brother and I were little tape recorders for movies. We would go see one and my mother would hear us in the backseat going back and forth and repeating near the entire thing, laughing all the while. She thought it was hilarious, as most mothers do, as well as impressive.

She also knew that that meant we were impressionable.

That anything we heard and thought was funny, we would absolutely repeat it.

She was correct on so many levels.

My father, having been divorced from my mother and never seeing us grow up with him and only getting to see us every summer, did not know this. Poor man was he to be spending all of his money on child support and to survive, the guy never got to take us out for movies. We had video game nights instead. We loved it.

But, one night, he scrounged up enough money for his little chicklets to buy a VHS tape for a movie night. It just so happened to be A Night of the Roxbury.

Cue the worst mistake this man had ever made.

I loved the movie to bits. I remember nothing of it as a twenty year old now, but boy. I loved repeating the hell out of that movie, let me tell you. Nobody could shut me the fuck up.

And I was, of course, particularly fond of asking the very famous question.
(If you’ve seen the movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, I said those exact words as a four year old. Just wait. It gets better.)

Cue us being in an elevator.

My brother, my father, and I were all in the back of the elevator, waiting to go down. I was holding on to his hand, my brother on the right side of him, all of us quiet and in our own head spaces.

In comes a group of people filing in, and standing in front of us. Not unusual, nothing different.

I tug on my father’s hand.

“Daddy?” I asked oh so innocently, looking up at him with my wide, blue eyes. He looks down to me.

“Yes, honey?”

“Did you just grab my ass?”


my god.

Everyone’s head slowly turned around with the most incredulous look on their faces. Dad, more than absolutely aware of the situation, is inwardly questioning himself why on earth did I have this fucking child.

Unable to do anything as I continued to stare up at him, waiting, he sighed and replied, “No honey. It’s physically impossible for me to reach your ass from here.”

Everyone’s head slowly turned back, and dad had no chance of redeeming himself as I go back to playing in my head; my brother silently just being there (according to dad he did absolutely nothing the entire duration of this), and nobody letting him explain what the absolute fuck just happened.

A man lost his dignity that day to a small four year old girl.

It’s my second favourite childhood story of mine. Fucking grand.


Undertale Duos Take On Famous Movie Duo Parts!

Sans and Papyrus - Night at the Roxbury
Undyne and Alphys - Men in Black
Toriel and Asgore - Grease
Mettaton ex and Napstablook - Star Wars

This was so much fun to do, even if they have very little actual animation.. ^^; I was mostly seeing how many duos I can do with a simple head-bob animation, and this was the result!

I will say, Toriel singing to Asgore that he needs to /Shape Up/ kinda fits! xD

If anyone has any other ideas I could do, feel free to comment or send an ask! maybe I could do another set! :D I know there are plenty of other Undertale Duos out there, like Chara and Asriel, Dogamy, Ect! <3

(Mettaton Ex is not thrilled to be 3-CPO just because he’s a robot.. That’s stereotyping!)

Watch on nbcsnl.tumblr.com

Walking out of work like…


La historia detrás de esta famosa escena de la comedia  A Night at the Roxbury.

A Night at the Roxbury, Movida en el Roxbury (en España) y conocida también como El Triunfo de los Nerds o “Una noche en el Roxbury”(en Latinoamérica), es una película cómica estrenada en 1998, basada en el famoso y popular chiste (sketch) muy recurrente del programa de televisión Saturday Night Live. El sketch fue tan famoso que decidieron hacer una película basado en el mismo. Chris Kattan y Will Ferrell interpretan a los hermanos Doug y Steve Butabi en el Saturday Night Live y también en esta película.

En los sketches originales del programa se incluía a un tercer hermano que era interpretado por artistas invitados como Jim Carrey, Sylvester Stallone y Tom Hanks, pero para la película este papel se descartó. La película está llena de canciones muy populares de los años 90, incluida la canción “What is love” de Haddaway que usan en el sketch mientras bailan moviendo la cabeza. Se convirtió en una película de culto. Además Cyndi Lauper interpretó una versión de la famosa canción “Disco Inferno”, y salió como sencillo “Disco Inferno”.

Hoy les traemos esta retro homenaje hecho por el prestigioso DJ Ratohus, encuentra mas temas retro y modernos en cálido y puro 8 bits ochentero.

Para quien no conocía el origen de estos gif animados, ahora estas sanado de tu ignorancia hijo mio, ve y esparce nuestra palabra por el ciber espacio.

Meanwhile… in the unwritten now…

Sarkhan finally meets up with Narset and Ugin, and they decide a night on the town is in order.

One night, Duncan was supposed to guard rapper Biggie Smalls at a party but ended up trading him for R&B singer “Babyface” Edmonds with a co-worker. Duncan later said that if he had been with Biggie, he would have made sure not to seat him in the front of the car or near any windows – the other bodyguard wasn’t so particular, so Biggie sat in the front and was gunned down. After that, Duncan had two realizations: The first one was “I could have saved that man,” and the second was “Fuck this job, let someone else get shot for rich people.” So he immediately quit bodyguarding and started getting some acting gigs … doing the same things he’d been doing before, only in front of a camera. He played nameless bodyguards and bouncers in movies like Bulworth and Night at the Roxbury.

However, while Duncan and his leopard thong were playing the big scary-but-sensitive black man in Michael Bay’s Armageddon, he became pals with Bruce Willis, who showed him the script for The Green Mile and recommended him for the part of the big scary-but-sensitive black man in that movie. And that’s when, at age 42 and after being a ditch digger, a drunk puncher, and a bullet taker, Hollywood Mike finally became a star. Sadly, he passed away in 2012, but not before getting to grab Tom Hanks’ junk and punch Ben Affleck. He lived the dream.

5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Ass-Kicked Their Way to Fame


Welcome to Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars.This season our favorite blonde beauty dancing champ pro Witney Carson is paired with Alum SNL Saturday Night Live comedian actor Chris Kattan aka Mango aka Mr Peepers aka Doug Butabi aka Corky Romano and more characters. He has suffered a neck injury in past.Yet, he still keeps his spirit of fun going.

These two haven’t been spotted much on Dancing With The Stars videos etc .Yet, if you started watching there snapchat and instagram stories. These two are starting to find there grove with chemistry and moves. They are sooooo funny together. Let’s hope he can pick proper moves and great choreography because this team could surprise.

You can’t lie even there team name is fun and a tribute from one of his characters from SNL. #TeamMangoTango could a Mango Tango be in the future or a night at the roxbury dance this season? Only time will tell. He might bring out a fun Witney this season. Some pictures of them together already look devious fun. Be sure to tune in Monday March 20,2017 and see how they do and also get ready to vote #TeamMangoTango.

Also, how amazing does Witney look on the promo poster for Season 24 and her solo promo picture slays. What a beauty she is.

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