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Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you talk about some interesting traditions in your country? (If you'd like a different question, let us know!) Thank you so much!


Ukraine has many interesting traditions. Some of them are a fusion of different aspects such as the change of the seasons, ancient Slavic beliefs and modern religion, while others have a strong connection with various forms of human relationships. Ukrainians are very proud of their their traditions and try if not to follow them then at least make sure that people remember those traditions. 

One of the holidays that combine a lot of different traditions is Івана Купала (Ivana Kupala or Kupala night).It is celebrated on the night of 6/7 July. That holiday involves a lot of mystery and magic. During the night people can really feel their connection with nature. 

A lot of people look for the mysterious fern flover (цвіт папороті), since Kupala night is the only day when fern blooms. The one who finds the flower will be extremely lucky and rich during the next year and their wishes will definitely come true! 

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Unfortunately, fern is not able to bloom, but who doesn’t like a good legend? :D Come on, we all like unicorns, leprechauns and fairies. It is good to have something to believe in. And who knows, maybe those legends are true, but we don’t know that yet. 

Another tradition involved is jumping over a bonfire. That proves your strength and stamina. A lot of couples jump too to make sure that their relationship is true and sincere. 

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Young girls make wreaths of flowers and let them flow on the river. The way the wreath flows describes their future relationship. The person who will find the wreath is meant to be together with the one who let it flow. 

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Weddings also involve a lot of traditions. Bride and groom have their hands tied together to symbolize the special connection between them (reminds me of the red string of fate). During the ceremony bride changes her veil to a kerchief (kerchiefs were worn by married women in the past). This tradition means that the bride enters a new period of her life and says goodbye to her past life. 

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Those wedding traditions are very beautiful and symbolic. However there is also some weird stuff going on at the weddings (e. g. when groom washes his mother-in-law’s legs with vodka. It is supposed to be fun, but it isn’t. Yeah.). 

I would also like to tell you about some common Ukrainian superstitions. 

  • Black cats symbolize bad luck. You should not cross the road if there are any black cats ahead of you. Same thing with empty buckets. Be careful! 
  • Broken dishes symbolize good luck and happiness, however broken mirrors are associated with grief and regret. Try not to look into the shards if you are single, because you will remain single for the next 7 years!
  • If you have friends that moved into a new house make sure to give them a present, so that their life in the new house will be pleasant. 

That’s all for today’s post. I hope it was interesting! Thank you for the ask! 


MAC Magic Of The Night Collection Swatches

MAC’s Magic Of The Night Collection is totally a party collection. There is nothing here that is soft and subtle aside from maybe Please Me lipstick.

Must Try:

My favorites in the range are the 4 lipsticks. Really, I like all the shades. They’re all fab. Especially All Fired Up, an intense fuchsia red. It looks a little more pink/cool-toned in press visuals but the actual shade is slightly warmer/redder. Evening Rendezvous is a daring plummy-violet, and Dark Side is just a great Fall/Winter noir lip in a creamier texture. Please Me is beautiful but a re-release (or permanent in some markets), and I do recommend the shade for girls who like softer lips.

Also Cool:

The 5 Colourdrenched Pigments are pretty interesting. I thought they would be like Luster shadows; crumbly and unpigmented. But they’re dense, slightly creamy-feeling sparkle shadows suspended in matte bases. 

I initially thought I liked Ascent of Glamour (the purple) most but when worn, Tonight’s The Night (the deep cyan green-blue) is BEAUTIFUL. Pair it with a paler gold and a darker brown/black shade for an ombre peacock effect.

My tip for using these is to pack on a layer with your finger for maximum intensity first, and then using a soft brush to blend out the edges. These don’t get ruined when touched with fingers, the way some of the other regular shadows do. But if you want to use a brush, use a flatter, slightly firmer brush rather than a soft fluffy one so it grabs more pigment.

All the eye looks I have on above were done without any base or wetting the shadows.


There are 4 pencils with this collection. 2 Lip Pencils, and 2 Eye Pencils. I think the 2 sparkly eye pencils are beautiful. Very smooth and buttery, and the sparkle in them is gorgeous. But I find the shadows compete with them, so I personally would wear the liners on their own for the day, and whip the shadows out at night.

The In Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are more of a pass for me personally. Not because the formula is not good. They are gorgeous and smooth. But the tan shade, Shaft of Gold, is a little on the brassy side in my opinion. That means it only looks good on some deeper skintones. For lighter to medium skins, it can look quite orange. As for the paler shade Oh, Darling, it’s a beautiful champagne but very metallic and not as fine-grained as I expected. If you want a strobed, natural-glow effect, this won’t give you that. It’s a little more disco. 

Have you guys checked out the collection and what are your favorite products?


The library has been updated and rearranged…AGAIN, so here are some new photos for my witchlings. I’ve put in a couple of new books since the last library post.

Yes, some of these titles are problematic (one or two of them VERY problematic), but by and large, I’ve found all of these volumes to be useful at one time or another.

For those are are going to ask, the binder, spiral-bound book, and unmarked green volumes in the second photo are my main grimoire and witchbooks.

(Please pardon the drying bowls. It was clipping day.)

Keeping in mind that I have a separate library for folklore, mythology, occult reference, and practical herbal medicine, here’s the updated, unordered list, now with categories:

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