a night i like to not remember

Everything is still so vivid to me, from the day you first embraced me to that morning you told me you like someone else. It’s been years, but the memory of you still remains. I still keep the letters you gave me and the song you wrote for me. The cap you always wore back then, before you put it on my head that night you left, still hangs in my room. My lips still remember how it felt when you first touched it with yours. You hugged me tightly before finally devouring me with passionate kisses like there’s not tomorrow. Until now, my heart aches a little whenever I hear Radiohead’s Creep because you used to sing that to me. My relatives still ask about you sometimes, but I just laugh it off. Isn’t it a wonder how you’ve long gone and moved on, but pieces of you seem to be scattered here still? You’ve left but I do not know if I remember our relationship to be my happiness or my greatest sadness. It’s too damn hurtful of you to share everything I loved and take away a part of it with you. It’s so unfair, so unfair, that I still see the image of you but you are no longer here anymore.
—  AM // when he leaves but the memories don’t
Remember, that’s my sister

Warnings: None. Just fluff.

NOTE: Thanks so much for this request, hope ya like it!! This one is quite short but i hope it is what you wanted. 

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Yoongi shut his computer off for the night, stretching his tired arms out in front of him and relaxing back into his chair. He had been working on some lyrics late into the night and decided that now was the time he needed to take break, and probably sleep. He kicked his legs in front of him and pulled himself into a standing position, his whole body filling up with lethargy. Yoongi felt a slight pang of guilt seige through him as he remembered you were staying over and he felt like a bad older brother for ignoring you the whole evening. 

He slowly cracked open his door, noticing that all the lights in the dorm were out apart from a glimpse of light shining through the living room door. Yoongi stepped out of the room, tip toeing over to the living room. He could instantly hear the soft sound of the TV and light giggles erupting every so often. 

He smiled a little, hearing your voice so happy and delicate. He was glad that you weren’t upset that he had chosen his music over you, for the night. Yoongi wondered which of the members were in their with you, taking a guess at Jungkook as you and him were very close. He placed his ear against the door, and as expected, Jungkook’s voice was heard alongside yours. Yoongi chuckled to himself, he had always approved yours and Jungkook’s closeness as you both always seemed to be so happy around one another.

Yoongi slowly opened the door, just so he could peek his head through and see what was going on. Both you and Jungkook were lying on the sofa, arms and and legs wrapped around one another, a fluffy blanket flung over your bodies, and a bowl of popcorn balanced upon your legs. Neither you nor Jungkook noticed Yoongi as he watched the two of you laugh at memes, sing along to random videos and tickle one another. 

Yoongi always questioned if you two were anything more than friends, both you and Jungkook always denying it. But Yoongi still had an idea, he didn’t quite believe you both and although he was scared that his little sister woud be hurt by another man, he could trust Jungkook. Even though you were’t actually dating, Yoongi still gave his approval if it were to ever happen. 

“If you dare tickle me again, Kookie, I will kill you,” you laughed, pointing your hands menacingly at him. Jungkook chuckled and proceeded to blow a raspberry on your arm, creating a dusgusted yet amused expression to expand across your features. “Ewww” you exclaimed, running your hands through his hair and messing it up as much as possible. 

Yoongi laughed to himself, obviously being a little louder than intended as both the maknae and you turned your heads in shock. Yoongi waved slowly, still chuckling. “I’ll leave you two to your private cuddles, shall I?” he said, winking slightly. You rolled your eyes as Jungkook turned slightly pink in the face. 

“Remember Jungkook, that’s my sister” Yoongi snickered, closing the door as fast as possible as you chucked a pillow in his direction. “Yoongiiiiii” he heard you whine from the living room, Jungkook murmering something he couldn’t quite hear. He shook his head and chuckled again, making his way to his bedroom for a well earned rest.  

Last night I dreamed (for the second time) that Green Day released a hardcore-punk song which has “street ~something~” in the title. (???)

The dream continued in a second part which was totally out of context - a crazy/funny video on their youtube channel where there was:

- Jason White with his extremely fluffy hair and cute rosy cheecks;

- A Very Drunk Girl flirting with Billie.

 I don’t remember anything after that. The last video scene was Adrienne running after Billie with a broom, ready to hit him on the back.

After that I woke up and I had to hold a crisis of laughter at 5 A.M.

Sincerely Davey: A Dutchie Story (Final Chapter)


February 6, 1974

Dear diary,

This afternoon I went to Charlies’s dorm because I wanted to know if he wanted to see the movie they were playing in the auditorium with me and he let me in and it seemed like he was going to hug me but he stopped and asked if he could hug me and I asked why he asked and he said he didn’t know if I was still feeling like I did in class and I asked what he meant and he said something like “I’m just worried you’re still having one of those times where you don’t want people to touch you and stuff freaks you out?” and then maybe it was rude but I just walked past him because I had to sit on his bed because I thought I was going to throw up or start crying and I got into one of my holes where I can’t say anything because him saying that meant that he noticed all these things about me and that I hadn’t been as careful as I thought I’d been and I couldn’t tell if he was mad at me.

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anonymous asked:

Good grief, some anons really need to take a screenwriting class or a story & structure class. Jon has been saying "I'm not a Stark" since S1, EP1. He still feels that way now, 7 season later. Jon loves his family yes, but he’s ALWAYS felt like an outsider. It’s a running theme with his character. His character arc though the show is of self-identity. Who is he? Where does he belong? It’s why he joined the Night's Watch, because he he wanted a place to feel like he really belonged. [1/5]

“Where do I belong?” is Jon’s internal central conflict in GOT. (His external conflict is the fight against the WW). In turn, Dany’s internal central conflict is wondering where she belongs, where she can finally find a home. In the books, that is symbolized with her remembering the feeling of being “home” as a house with a red door. In the show, she thought she would have that feeling of home when she returned to Dragonstone, but she didn’t. [2/5]

Jon and Dany both have a “want vs need” in relation to this. Jon has always WANTED to be a Stark, to be Lord of Winterfell. It’s the only thing he ever wanted as he confirmed to Sam in S5. At the end of S6, he not only gets it, but more as KITN. He’s gotten what he wanted, but it hasn’t changed or resolved his “Where do I belong” internal conflict. Just like joining the Night’s Watch didn’t. Dame with Dany. She’s finally in Westeros fighting for the throne but still doesn’t feel “home.” [3/5]

The resolution to BOTH of these internal central conflicts is clearly going to be “I belong with her” for Jon and “My home is with him” for Dany. For Jon, that will not just come from falling for her, but in that she is related to a missing part of himself he’s felt since childhood, which will answer the “Who am I?” internal conflict. He thinks he’s a motherless bastard. The truth however, brings him together with the same thing that will resolve the “Where do I belong” internal conflict. [4/5]

Also I know he technically fulfilled his vows, living and dying as a member of the Night’s Watch, but Dany doesn’t know that. That’s what I was getting at. I’m sorry for the length of this ask. I could have just reblog one of the post and answered it there, but I’m not really ready to bring these types of discussion & thoughts to my own blog just yet. Your blog is great for talking about Jon & Dany, and I really appreciate the time you’re taking in dealing with the load of asks you have. [5/5]

Wow, anon! This is an excellent analysis and a pretty good response to some of the arguments I received last night. Thanks for sending this. I have nothing to add. And thanks for reading my blog and offering your insights :)

i just remembered i have a huge bucket of sidewalk chalk in my closet and id go out and do somethn with it but i HATE the sensation of using it rip…i remember in like fifth/sixth grade my friends and i would go “Chalk Bombing” at night and write nice messages and doodle hearts and smiley faces on ppls driveways and stuff and we thought it was the MOST criminal activity. honestly that innocent thrill was so delightful omg…one time we were doing it and someone pulled into their driveway and we panicked and hopped their fence and couldnt get back out of their backyard and had to ask for help….luckily it was a friend of my friend’s mom ghgfkgh. anyway good times i miss bein younger and doing silly things like that

Do any of my followers experience night terrors? I didn’t even realize it was a problem for me until my boyfriend moved in with me last year and told me I’d regularly wake up yelling and forget what happened immediately afterward. They’re always bug related. Always. Last night I violently jumped out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom until I realized what was happening and snapped out of it. I scratched up my knees pretty badly from the impact of jumping (read: crashing) out of bed onto the floor. I have no idea if I was yelling while this was happening but I do remember the most intense feeling of needing to get out of there. 

Like what the fuck do I even do about this? HALP

Wings and Horns (Katlaska) ~ Mistress

A/N: remember when i had original ideas? Me neither. this is based off of this prompt. Though I did take the idea a little further. Characters are of junior college age and are cis women in this fic. Let me know if i should continue, i have an outline but i havent written anything beyond this point. 4k.

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I am slowly coming out of the shadows and into the Reylo world. This is still new to me. When I first seen ep8, I never thought Rey was a Skywalker. I thought somehow she was a Solo until the bridal carry and the interrogation scene, it was a bit strange to me. And in the duel when Rey is calling the force to her or whatever is happening in the scene, I remember thinking on the premiere night, omg, it looks like they are having force-sex lmao. And the stranger next to me whispered, "Porno much?"

lol “porno much?”

To be honest, I was thinking along similar lines for both the interrogation scene and the light saber duel… BOTH ARE HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE the way that they look at each other and interact!!

Please feel free to join us! :) It’s a beautiful community with lots of beautiful art, fan art, good humor, and wonderfully sassy attitudes!

I, like you, never thought Rey was a Skywalker - not related to Luke or Leia - even thought BEFORE going into the film I had made that assumption.

I also went in assuming Finn and Rey were love interests to each other.

Then I saw the Takodana forest scene - very reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood (which I’ve noted in a number of my metas) and “princess getting lost in the enchanted wood” a la Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. I was like, “ohhhh shit, we got ourselves an enemies-to-lovers-trope, hold onto your hats, folks!”
She had even had a vision just the scene before that, which centered on this “bad boy” - who not only bridal carries her to his lair, but then removes his mask to be a handsome prince - revealing the “man beneath the beast.”

It was THAT moment that convinced me we were dealing with the beauty and beast archetype.

But the allusions and tropes and subtext kept going between them - HARD - until the very end of the movie… right up until she sees that island. Because the minute she sees that island as her destiny, if we are perceptive enough, we can realize that the island she is seeing is the same island that Kylo pulled from her mind - meaning that the vision, the island, and this Dark Prince are all connected deeply to her destiny.

So, yes. It was ALWAYS clear to me, and you should feel NO SHAME for shipping Reylo.

Even if there were no evidence that this ship will be canon, we as fans should be free to ship what we like. It is a land of fiction.

No real Jedi were harmed in the making of this ship!


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I was trying to take a nap and then I thought about the night after the big talk,,, idk if you said they will be sleeping together (literally no sex) and I started tearing up a bit imagining them just hugging each other and then remember all THE TIMES THEY COULD HAVE TALKED and Yuuri starts crying like omg Viktor I'm so sorry then they talk a bit then chill a bit and then its Viktor's time to cry and he's like IK SO SORRRY YUURI and they both cry and apologize a lot :)

trust me, there will be so much hugging/cuddling in obs&bh chapter 9! And a lot of apologies from both sides too

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Don't you think it's utterly adorable how Sara just remembers Michal blood group like no problem at all?

i feel like that’s something that is so…family.  

shockingly, most people don’t even know their own blood type, so for sara to remember michael’s from so long ago, that’s really saying something about how carefully she tucked away all the little things about him.

like i can just imagine sara in the infirmary office, late at night, pouring over michael’s files, finding out things about him, some that weren’t at all pertinent to his medical care, and filing them away in her head.  so then they were easily called upon almost a decade later.

but what i found even more amusing than sara just knowing his blood type, was the fact that lincoln is the same blood type as michael (we know this because when they faked their death when running from mahone, they said their blood type, b-, was all over that car), and as a doctor, she’d know that type specific is better than o-.  meaning that lincoln should’ve been the one giving the transfusion to michael.  but since it wasn’t, that can only mean that sara hadn’t also filed away lincoln’s blood type information, despite having also been his doctor.

or hell, maybe she just wanted to be the one to put her blood in his veins.  either way, it was one of my favorite scenes of that season.

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Last night, I dreamt Xiumin kissed me. When I woke up, it was like a happy memory and I was in such a good mood for the rest of the day. I'm curious, have you ever dreamt about yourself and an Exo member?

Uhhhh I usually don’t remember my dreams, BUT I do remember this one dream I had where like I went to some fan meet thing? But it wasn’t an EXO fan meet it was just a fan meet for something. THEN suddenly KRIS was there and I was like !!!! then he asked for a volunteer to dance with him or something and I was chosen and like for some reason we waltzed together and he was really sweet and I was like wow this is amazing!!!!

Then I woke up and cried

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Hi again! I'm italian dude and I'm thinking: LF say Jon is "last best hope against the coming storm" this is strange if we think this quote is referred to in episode entitled Stormborn, one of D@ny's titles, which at very episode's beginning remembers she birth during a storm... so, I wonder if LF's quote could predict a future clash between Jon and D@ny... about your post about Jon/D@ny on boat. Yes, I see that happen, I can see D@ny in pregnant of Jon, but I don't think they'll fall in love...

Hi Anon, 

Last best hope against the coming storm!! In the episode STORMBORN!!! 

Great observation. Foreshadowing?? I remember Varys words about how the dogs howled all night the day D was born. That doesn’t seem like a very positive thing to say. In many cultures and mythological stories Dogs barking/howling in the night especially during the birth of a baby is often used to herald the coming of a tyrant. I’m not saying that’s what Varys meant but it’s an interesting choice of words that the writers have used for that particular dialogue!!

It sort of stuck with me throughout the episode, ringing in my ears every time D came onto the screen. But that’s just me being dramatic. LOL

Thanks for the ask!!

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Well, babygirl I thought you screaming my name that night was enough to seal the deal? But if you want me to ask you out first...*cough* Hana, do you wanna be my girlfriend? -Jungkook

Oh you mean last night when you threw a bucket of ice on me? Yeah I vividly remember that. Seems like you like asking out girls in very “unique” kind of ways, but why not. Let’s go on a date, kookie crumb :3

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

many days I speak of you like sweet tea burning parts of my tongue.
i treat your presence like the pillow I hold close to my heart depth into the night, but wail out of fear if I misplace it in the daytime.
i stare at you like a delicate piece of art symbolizing the death of mankind,
morbid yet unfathomable.
to me, you are an irrisitible clutter-
born to be constructed,
unlikely to be fixed.
and the me who remembers the you who is whole,
will someday forget,
the existence that once engulfed me
will only be a ball of burning gas,
light years away- a dying gleam found at the darkest part of my heart, the deepest river in my soul.
—  ages in the aged // july twenty-seventh , two-thousand seventeen

Christmas two years ago. Unique spent the last two Christmas seasons with me and my family - this year we plan to be on Chicago for the holy night. We took this picture on a friends birthday the night before christmas. I remember how we walked into that party and both immediately said the words: “I need a drink” 😅 it was a quiet gathering and it felt like the whole room was staring at us for a few awkward seconds. We we toasted to a Gin and Tonic and had fun in the PhotoBooth. Partying with my 👸🏾 is always a blast because we have a strange connection when it comes to having a good time together. I personally also like going to events with Unique because I’m proud to show everyone my pretty girlfriend. Can’t wait to have her back and celebrate with her ❤️

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How would the allies react if their s/o died during the childbirth?

He’d be in denial. Alfred would hold his baby every night and tell it about its great mother.

Matthew would become extremely sad. He’d be a great father and how he feels wouldn’t affect his child, of course, but there’d always be that little pang of hurt.

He’d thank his lucky stars that his baby lived. The child is all he really has to remember his partner goodbye.

Arthur would be angry. Angry at the doctors. Angry at himself. Angry at his s/o. Even angry at his new kid. He’d power through though.

I feel like he’d think of his late s/o in good memories. He’d tell his kid about great they were, and how he wishes that they could meet them.

Like Canada, he’d become extremely sad. Ivan would protect that kid with his life, though, and spoil it. Even though he would kind of feel like the death is his fault in some way.