a night i like to not remember

I don’t remember the first time we met, or even the second. I can’t tell you what you were wearing or how the sky looked that day. But I can tell you the moment I fell in love with you and every moment since. I can tell you how the air smelled when you asked me out on our first date. I can tell you how it felt when you wrapped your arms around me during our first movie night. Every detail is ingrained in my mind just like you are ingrained in my heart. It might not have been love from the start but it’s a love bigger than life now.

Scully honestly cannot remember the last time she was this bored.

She’s going on night three – three! – of this ridiculous stakeout. Originally, she and Mulder were supposed to take turns on the overnight shift. But after the first night, which he’d somehow talked her into taking, Skinner had called Mulder away to Vermont, and it’s been up to her to carry on alone.

On a case she doesn’t for a second believe is actually an X-File to begin with.

She hasn’t been here around the clock, of course. Even if she could stay awake for days on end, Mulder knows better than to ask that of her. But Skinner won’t approve a second set of agents for backup, either. He called her last night, about two hours after he called Mulder away.

“Agent Scully, I apologize for pulling Agent Mulder off the stakeout. Something’s come up that I need him to look into.”

“Just Agent Mulder, sir?”

“For the moment at least, yes. But while I cannot authorize the use of an agent to replace him, I will allow you to rely on videotape for the hours you can’t personally be on-site.”

“Sir, the regulations require–”

“I’m well aware of the regulations, Agent Scully. I’m overruling them in this instance. If Mulder’s work out of state keeps him away for more than 48 hours, we will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Understood?”

She hadn’t even attempted to hide her sigh. “Yes, sir.”

She is, at least, off the hook entirely for the hours the club is closed, and video surveillance covers the rest of the time she’s not here. Of course, she’s still responsible for reviewing the footage in search of their mystery woman. So far, no sign.

She is so. Very. Incredibly. Bored.

The furnace makes a sudden, horrible groan, and she jumps at the sound. There’s a clank, followed by another, and then silence.

“Oh no. No, nono, no, no…”

It doesn’t take much examination to determine the thing is dead. No amount of cajoling, fiddling, or downright begging will get it to turn on again. Great. Because this assignment wasn’t miserable enough already.


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Silent Treatment (Jaebum)

length: 588

genre: fluff

13. You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?

Originally posted by magiccastles

Your phone buzzed for maybe the twentieth time tonight, you’d stopped counting. But you also were a bit intoxicated and couldn’t remember how many times it was exactly that Jaebum had texted you. As you pulled out your phone to check it, your friends instantly stopped. “No, no, no. Girls night, remember. If he wanted to talk to you he should have kept you locked up at home like he does majority of the time.”

You just laughed, putting your phone back down as you sipped your drink. “He doesn’t lock me up, I just choose to stay in. There’s a difference.”

An hour or two later with a lot more drinks in your system, you were pretty drunk. And you figured you could take a break from partying to finally check your phone.

[Missed Calls: Jaebum 30] 

[iMessage: Jaebum 12]

“Jaebum what the hell.” You unlocked your phone, scrolling through the texts.

Hey babe, having fun?

Okay, I’ll take that as a yes? Just be safe please.

Y/n, I just called to check in why didn’t you answer?

Babe? I just need a simple reply to ease my mind.



Y/n if you don’t text me back I’m gonna come up there to find out myself.

The texts went on and on, and you actually found it quite funny. Jaebum was never really like this. Probably because you spent majority of your time with him. Just as you were going to finally text him back, another text popped up.

If you read this, please just come out front so I know you’re okay.

Though you knew it was a bit much for him to come to the club to make sure you weren’t passed out drunk somewhere, you did like that he was concerned about you.

Stumbling outside, you saw Jaebum leaned against his car, a smile soon forming on his face as he laughed at you. “Stoooop, don’t laugh. You know, you’re ruining my girls night Jaebum.” He rested his hands on  your hips, helping to keep you balance as you were leaning on him for support. “Oh yeah? Well, you know that when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”

You rolled your eyes as you sighed. “Yeah and you know that a girls night means, no distractions form boyfriends. Boyfriends means you, you’re not an exclusion.” Jaebum just laughed at your drunken state, letting you go on and on about how he was ruining your night with his texts and calls. But he was just wanting to make sure you were okay, and maybe being a little overprotective. Only because it was rare you went out without him.

“Okay, well I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were having a good time and that you were safe. I just was worried when you didn’t give a simple reply to any of my messages. Or even answer one of my calls to say a quick hi and bye. Just to ease my mind a little bit.”

“Okay well, hi babe, I’m having a great time. Now bye, I’m gonna go back in and have some more fun.” You turned to head back into the club, almost tripping and falling flat on your face. Lucky for you Jaebum grabbed your waist, pulling you into his chest. The two of you dying of laughter while he helped you stand back up. “You know, I think you’ve had enough fun for one night. How about we head home, let you get some rest?”

anonymous asked:

“I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside me there’ll always be the person I am to-night.” This F Scott Fitzgerald quote just appeared on my dash and it's Wildest Dreams af

First of all, this is one of my favorite asks. Thank you so much for sharing!

You are right- it is completely Wildest Dreams af.

“I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I ask you to remember. Somewhere inside me there’ll always be the person I am to-night.”
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is the Night

“Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”
- Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams


“I think the way I see love is kind of a little more fatalistic which means to me that when I meet someone and we have a connection, the first thought I really have is ‘when this is over, I hope you think well of me’.”
- Taylor Swift, NPR (x)

BONUS: Taylor’s August 2013 Billboard story mentioned that she had just read Tender Is the Night (x).


Requested by anonymous

It was a good thing Draco had been there because if he hadn’t you would have went tumbling down the stairs and we all know that would have hurt.

“Oh hey Draco” you slurred as he attempted to get you back on your feet. Draco gave you a look of confusion. This was quite odd behaviour for you.

“Are you alright?”.

“Ph yeah they’re fine” one of your house mates answered for you “they just had a little too much to drink”.

“I only had like…” you paused an tried to remember how many fire whiskeys you had that night but a specific number didn’t come to mind.

“Alright let’s get you robbed shall we” Draco said picking you up before you could even agree to his suggestion.


Happy Wednesday everyone 💗💗
I want to make a draw of my favourites scenes of tbbt, the first one (are not in order), a girls night! This scene was hilarious, Remember when the girls found that Amy writes fanfics? Well was so fun and I felt very identified with the girls reading it, the ones that read fanfics will understand me! haha  I used a new technique of color, I´m very happy with the result, I hope you guys like it too. 😘Which scene will be next?  💗

Morning Sex

I listen to your soft breathing imagining that you are whispering my name.
You, still in your sweetest dream that you will never remember.

I yield to the Sun, and let it kiss your eyes before I do.
My lips gently graze each eyelash, and you stir.

Our lips meet, and part.
Our tongues begin to dance like we did the night before.
I hear the softest of moans, and I feel your hand on my wrist.

You guide me to your breast.
You fill my hand and I can feel your firm nipple tickling my palm.
I feel your heart beat. Faster. Harder.

My manhood begins to throb.
You graciously slide your hand below.
And then you kiss your way down my body until you reach what you desire.

I feel your warm, wet tongue orbit my head.
Then heat engulfs my rod as you devour it. Deeply.
I almost can’t stand it.

I then lay you on your back, grab your hips and pull you into me.
I massage each breast, pulling ever so slightly as I thrust into you.
Your moans become louder as your pleasure becomes more and more aroused.

As I feel you start to tremble I move my fingers down to your clit.
I caress it, alternating between hard rubs and soft flicks.
I feel you tighten around my cock. You scream and I explode.

We both thrust now, the last hard and deep grinds.
We lay there without saying a word.
Lost in satisfaction and silence except for our heaving breaths.

And as I got up to get ready for work,
I reached the bathroom door and heard you giggle: “Good Morning”

twelve was naive.
all romantic and cheesy, all middle school crush and this is forever.
it took twelve a half hour on a school bench to fall for you.
twelve still gets butterflies when you compliment her,
still wants to wake up next to you some days.

thirteen was at the dining table that wednesday night
like “so, mom i need to tell you something.
something happened today.
but i don’t know how to say it.
i mean you can guess.
oh my god mom don’t make it so weird.
yes i have a boyfriend.
no you don’t know him.
yes he’s so cute, you have no idea.”

fourteen loved you,
fourteen wanted you to be the nail in her coffin, the name on her tombstone.
but fourteen couldn’t do long distance.

fifteen remembers the taste of your lips.
they taste like handpicked stars by the way.
fifteen remembers the way you taste and
knows the way your hands feel.

sixteen hated you.
no, sixteen missed you, needed you, wanted you.
sixteen carved your name into her skin.  
sixteen didn’t feel good enough for you,
drowned in bottles over you.

seventeen was weak. and so goddamn stupid.
seventeen called you abusive and the love of her life in one breath,
knew she couldn’t trust you but did anyway.
seventeen hated you and loved you and craved you all at once.
seventeen made dumb choices.
but seventeen survived.

eighteen knows you are not prince charming, you are not the embodiment of love.
eighteen says your name without flinching.
eighteen knows better than to carry anger and hurt on her back.
eighteen is still terrified of you sometimes,
but eighteen is happy.

—  this is a gross simplification of how it all happened 
One Sided But True

I remember the first time I saw you
Oh those spects, those eyes.
All the compliments rocked my mind
I see you smile in my dreams
Feels like a good night kiss
Helplessly my mind drowns into a lucid bliss

Your memories, your angelic face
Is what gets me going whilst I embrace my fiasco phase
It’s so hard
Imagining a life without you,
Wakes me up every morning
Gearing me up to end this stubborn self scorning.

I see your photo, put on a smile
Your memories
Responsible for my most ecstatic self discoveries
They emblaze the morale of my soul
Whilst I battle the boundaries set by my mind
Disguised as the toughest ghouls.

I remember the first time we met
I couldn’t speak
I heard you whisper “Oh what a freak”
You walked away
From that very moment my heart ached to say
I know … Yes I know you won’t love for I am a loser but because of you, crave to be on a winning spree.

I remember, when you finally got to know
I loved you
Bragged about you all the time
You freaked out, you abused
All the people at the scene, amused
I cowardly ran away,
I cried until there were marks on my face because of the tears that had dried.
Year later you did apologise
Little did you know the fault was always mine.
For I was the one who underestimated your value which was indeed divine.

I remember when I asked if you loved football
You said yes.
Damn, I sold my bat to get a ball.
I fell down I broke my toes.
But I fell in love with the game
It was like our thing afterall
It helped me heal
Everything related to you strengthend my will, held me together like a brawny seel.

I remember that night when I wanted to apologise
But your friends misunderstood
Sucker for sympathy is what they accused
I didn’t get out of my room the whole night
Tears escaped me, from the fury raging inside
“Am I so inadequate” was the only thought in my mind, stuck in rewind.

Hiding my emotions just like a buffon knight
As I had my true self, to find.
All these events left me numb
My love for you didn’t succumb
Every day it bloomed
For the battle ahead, I groomed.
Fearless of the fact that losing you might leave me doomed.

Unlike the majority, who act to suffer
I chose to recover.
I know definitely I know you’re way out of my league
But to deserve you, Love
Is indeed my intrigue
For I am a magician drawing up a prestige
Trying hard to storm through this tormenting seige.

I apologise for what I did
Loving me is not an idea
You’ve to battle with.
The problem is mine alone
You’re my purpose my quest
Indeed the root of it all
My passions my goals.

I am scared
Not of seeing you with someone else
But of not getting a chance
To make you feel special
To be able to express
That express of my heartbeats
The feelings
The changes
Due to you love
My failures terrified,
remarked you as the east winds.
You’re my quest
The only song my heart sings.

Don’t fall for the lines above
For they maybe words
Fall for the changes you observe
Only if you choose to fall anyway.
Else remember me as a poet
With a heart of gold
Who chose words to trade his soul

While I am occupied
Unwillingly waiting to cross paths
With an equivalent abode
Not scared to end up forlorn
Diverting my mind to other passions
Adventures yet behold.
Whenever I am up against the toughest uncertainties
I’ll be a gladiator
You my sword.

Keep smiling.


I got drunk the other night while editing an AMV. I was in a call with two other friends. One of them was @cozymochi

I vaguely recall this but I don’t actually remember it. Somewhere in my drunken state I requested Cozy draw my OC, Vin, grabbing GT Goten’s ass.

I have been granted permission to share this image with the internet so

Here it is.

Blessed image is blessed.

I remember this one time some one was chatting with me and the conversation went down the, “I wanna give you a make over” route.

I told her, hell yes so long as anything done during the make over can be reversed over night. Do my nails, make up, clothes. Awesome.

Which inevitably lead to ‘let me do your eyebrows’. To which I laughed and said no, they’re majestic.
'Come on! Just a little bit! You’d look so pretty!’
'Nah, I like them like this, and I’m already pretty. Pretty hot.’
'But guys would like you more. Or girls.’
'Maybe. But if a guy or girl doesnt like me like this, then I don’t want to be dating them anyway’

And I just remember her getting the most perplexed look. She was flummoxed by the concept.

I don’t know why I’m recalling this right now.

This episodes tipped of my Inien/Markus vibes.

First lets remember Markus has night vision and it will always fuck with Jay and it will never not be funny.

Two im sure this will never come up again but Markus goes to another dimension where he see some of his ancestors. He returns sweaty, he doesn’t talk about what happen. But we have big Inien growth here because of instead of slapping Markus like she probably would have done a million arcs ago. She hugs Markus, and she is worried about him.

I think their connection has grown since they now share a mutual secret about what’s going to happen to Markus now that hes reach demon level. How sure everyone knows about his hand and his new power. But nothing to what going to happen because of that.

Its nice to see character growth so clear in the late night.

Now listen. If y'all are going to mania and y'all see the love of my life, my soulmate, Braun Strowman and y'all don’t try to slide him my info then????? Wyd fam?????? Y'all gotta help a girl out. He obvs made a mistake when we didn’t match on tinder. And y'all are a key part of fixing that mistake and correcting everything. Do me this one solid. And help me get @ bae

Y’all wtf I don’t remember making this post????? Like. Writing it out? WHEN THE FUCK DID I WRITE THIS LAST NIGHT WTF?????

anonymous asked:

I had a terrifying nightmare that I was going to die last night & I woke up at 3am so scared from it, and now it's the next day and its almost time I usually go to sleep & I'm getting scared and extremely anxious again bc I'm afraid that I will die... this has happened before but it's been like a long time since I've gotten anxiety like this and I don't know what to do... i'm scared to sleep

Okay so I think the first thing to do is of course try and breathe and relax and remember that you’ve had multiple dreams before and they haven’t came true. Have you ever had the common dream of falling out of the sky? Or maybe flying? Did those come true? No. Find comfort in the fact that by no means is there any correlation between real life and dreams. Dreams do not predict the future but sometimes they can project the things that we are worrying the most about. If you don’t want this to become a recurring dream for you I think it’s most beneficial to try your best not to think about it. If you go to bed afraid thinking, “please don’t let this be a nightmare again,” there’s a high chance this will be your dream because it’s the last thing you were thinking about before bed. 


1. Try to de-stress as best as you can. I find that when I’m stressed I worry and when I worry there’s a higher chance of those troubling thoughts showing up in my head. 

2. Think of a peaceful place. When you’re starting to drift asleep think of a comforting or calming place for you instead of thinking about things you’re worried or stressed about. Your brain will pick up on your mood and if you’re feeling calm chances are you’ll have a nice dream.

3. Listen to music before bed. If you need a little help getting into a calm mood try some acoustic or jazz music! Some people find it a lot easier to fall asleep to calming music and it might make you feel more soothed come bed time. 

4. Take a bath. If you’re the type of person who finds baths relaxing take a nice bath or hot shower before bed. Put on a nice smelling shower gel, use some bubbles, throw a bath bomb in there, whatever you like!

5. Opposite thought. This is a great strategy. Try to think of the opposite of what your nightmare was. Living a long, happy, and healthy life. Whatever it is that is your ideal. 

6. Look up some stress reducers. If you’re feeling stressed try some things to relieve this stress such as exercising, drinking chamomile tea before bed, or meditation.  

7. Relax your body. Try tensing your muscles and then relaxing. Pointing your toes and then flexing them. 

8. Try to distract yourself. You could read before bed. If you find that you’re having trouble sleeping get up and walk around for a bit. Try not to let your bed be associated with negative thoughts.

9. Nightlight. There’s nothing wrong with using a nightlight or keeping your door open. I’ve often turned on a little light when I’ve had a nightmare and it gives me enough comfort to fall back asleep. 

10. Bring a pet in the room. Nothing like a soft animal to relieve stress and make us feel comforted. 

Remember to try and go to bed with a positive mindset. You are safe. Dreams are fiction. Breathe in and out. Look at that! Your lungs are working and your heart is beating. You are perfectly fine. Nightmares are a result of stress and anxiety, do not let them stop you from a good night’s rest. I promise you, I have had tons of nightmares where terrible things happen and they have never come true no matter how vivid and convincing they may seem. Nothing bad is going to happen to you and dreams cannot harm you. I love you cutie and I hope this helps you get some rest. xoxo

Some helpful links I used to answer this question:

1. http://www.wikihow.com/Fall-Asleep-Again-After-a-Nightmare

2. https://askthepsych.com/atp/2007/06/25/nightmares/

My brother and I sang and sang growing up, sang love songs from operettas, sang pop, sang country western. We didn’t think about it, we just sang because we liked the way the sound came out of us, didn’t think about the words, just sang because it felt good to have music come out of your body and we tied our feelings to the music and let it all go like a kite sailing up, out of sight.

I don’t remember when I stopped singing. Jack stopped when he died, not forty yet, still a young man. Tonight I sit and think about time and music and where people’s lives go and it’s night and there’s a small breeze and I think about people like Pavarotti and Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles, singers who can put people’s joy and sorrow into music and sing it for them and I believe to my soul that there is no more wonderful thing to do in this world than to sing. And that of all the things in the world a man can do, there is no more honorable occupation.
—  Albert Huffstickler, The Song

the hot metallic taste of blood on my
sore tongue from biting down too hard to keep
from telling you that you are like the sky,
and with your cover i can safely sleep;
the flavor of the words you hold too tight
that you still know in spite of all the years,
remembering the way you felt each night
when light had gone and left you with your fears;
the sweetness of a honeysuckle kiss
when every moment holds eternities –
what other reason can there be for this
than that our lips were meant to touch with ease?
i ask because your love has run me through:
what does falling in love taste like to you?


How far must a man go
to find the antithesis,
when what he wants,
or thinks he wants, deeply,
is the mirror image of,
the curving clone form,
of the woman,
the apple,
with the same skin
but different entrails.

There is no answer,
as it is not a riddle
but an age old
self-created phenomenon.

Man did not create the Earth
but the journey,
that is something.

Isn’t that something?

The thorns were always there
and once we careen into them,
we blame the thorn.

Once we steer the car
into the ravine
we blame the ravine,
we blame the car.

So it is,
the search for happiness.

Even before we are born
we fill our tomb with
golden cups and
multifaceted diamonds.

And we will be buried
with our eyes closed,
but our hands open.

and for as long as I remember,
I’ve been awaiting it.

the one held breath..

Would it be like
the last orgasm,
relenting and expelled
into the night, or the morning,
and the air
that was once so brittle,
finally strong?

can you imagine it?

When our fists,
so tiny and balled up,
softer than a bed of doves,
they wilt and wrinkle
but within them,
but only for so long.

Only so long, until,
the long goodbye.

Hopefully not too long.

For there are those
golden cups and
multifaceted diamonds.

They will become our pillows,
and even though
the path,
the woman you shaped,
it is all outside your
death bed now,
it outlines your march
towards the locust cave
with its murky creek,
its skeletal birds
drinking from the shore,
the circling hawks
that you know by name,
Grint, Succotash, Perth,
you trade life
for something Other,
written upon the DNA,
so you flow on,
and melt on,
until you stand still,
or rather
lie still.

Lancelot :v

After freeing a new planet, the paladins decides to stay to finally rest a bit and have little fun.

It turns out the locals knows how to trow a really good party and the paladins have the time of their lives, even Shiro and Allura. They all wake up with massive hangovers (the juice had a funny reaction to humans) and have a hard time remembering what happened the night before.

Lance, unlike his friends, didn’t woke up in the castle. But in a strange room besides a beautiful man with purple skin and white hair. The memories hit him like a truck when he sees the face of his mysterious companion and feels the blood rushing to his cheeks.

He panics for a bit, thinking he had just had sex with a Galra, but … The guy is just too pretty to be a Galra, right? And then he’s just like : “HOLY SHIT I SLEPT WITH THIS SUPER HOT GUY?!?!?!?”

And then the not-galra wakes up and gives him the most beautiful smile in the world and Lance just melts and they have sex again because why the hell not Lance is fucking living

Before he returns to the castle he chats with the guy (and maybe has sex with him for the second time that morning in the shower, Lance needs to enjoy this while it last, ok?)  and finds out his name is Lotor

“sorry i forgot, man”
“don’t worry, dear. We were too distracted ripping our clothes off to make a proper introduction, don’t you think?”
“oh.. y-yeah dude”

So, Lance goes back to the castle after that but he manage to keep in touch with Lotor somehow and they start dating in the way. It’s not supposed to be a secret, but since nobody ask they didn’t bother to make it public (except hunk who notice lance was happier)

Things goes smoothly for a while, and their relationship bloosoms into something beautiful. Lance comes clean and tells Lotor everything about Voltron, and Lotor does the same telling about him being the Galra Prince. Then the problems began. Of course Lotor couldn’t see his father as a bad man. He, as many others, thought the Emperor was someone good who’s only doing the best for his people.

They break things off and stop talking after that. Lotor misses Lance, but he can’t talk to him. He’s an enemy to the Galra empire.

Lance just tells Hunk things didn’t work out with Lotor. He becomes a mess and can’t help but think about Lotor all the time. He, sadly realises, he’s truly in love with him.

A few months later they meet in the worts places of all. In Zarkon’s battle ship with all the paladins in handcuffs, and of course, with Zarkon sitting on the throne talking about his victory over them.

Lance and the others are badly beat, and Lotor feels like the worst creature in the universe. He saw the truth about his father too late and now his beloved is about to die. Lotor mouths, “Sorry” to his paladin and Lance just smiles, and mouths “I love you” in return. The prince just can’t stand it anymore.

He orders his soldiers to attack and free the paladins. They don’t know what’s happening, but always loyal the their prince they do as they told. The paladins, confuse and hurt, decides to trust the prince and follow him to a safer location.

Zarkon is furious and tries to catch the paladins again, along with his own son and the people who dared betray him. They all escape with the lions thanks to Lotor’s soldiers.

When they arrive to the Castle-ship, Lotor catches Lances in a hard embrace telling how sorry he was for not believing him and promising to never let him go again. Lance laughs between the tears and kiss him happily, surprising everyone present.

this was supposed to be short, lol  ( also we need more good lancelot, ok???)