a nice piece of man meat

I jumped on board the mermaid au but i made it shance kek 

This au has lance being an alien mermaid(man??) who was taken from his home and put into an exotic creatures exhibit (so basically a zoo) >>

So for the time being Voltron is formed (allura pilots the blue lion for the time being, but blue is constantly telling her she wants “her pilot” whatever that means) and during a mission to free the aliens and creatures in the zoo Shiro comes across Lance’s display, and lance is all like “ Heeeeey look at this nice piece of meat i like this…whatever this is” and shiro’s like “Hot damn this dude is cute shit”

so shiro pushes the gay thoughts aside and comes in like “Im a paladin of voltron here to save you!! …..how do i get you out….” 

lets just say it ends up with shiro busting the glass open and getting completely soaked ^^’ 

Anyways Lance is just like “My hero~ Please get me out of here now “

Sooo yea By then all the aliens are free’d and shiro comes back to the castle-ship with lance still in his arms cause of course he’s gonna make the MERMAID FUCKING WALK and then introduces him to everyone and whoops blue screams at allura like “THATS MY PILOT GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE”

and thats as far as i got >< I still have alot of shit i wanna do for this au ^ 3^ feel free to send me idea kek i love drawing mermaid lance and like im just super gay for shance anyway lelelelel

BTS Reaction to Another Guy Sending Looks to Their GF

Request: May I request a BTS reaction to another guy sending looks or staring at their girlfriend? :3

Note: REVAMPED.*Credit to gif owners*

Jin  He was bothered by the way the other guy looked at you, blowing you a kiss from afar and while Jin saw the way you flushed in embarrassment, turning around to bury your face into Jin’s chest, he was absolutely pissed. He death glared the guy and eventually, the guy walked away before he could witness Jin’s terrifying aura.

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SugaHe noticed the way the man stared at you and he tried to ignore the man, trying to enjoy your company and the fancy dinner he took you out on. About an hour passed and the man was still staring at you as if you were a rare kind of delicious piece of meat, Yoongi was more than done. He walked from your table and towards the man’s table, and the man instantly flushed. “It would be nice if you could stop.”

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J-Hope ➳ He was bright and happy, trying his best to show you how much he loved you so you wouldn’t notice the group of men staring you in a way that would make you feel very uncomfortable. He pulled you into his chest, and instantly death glared the men behind you, giving them a ‘I’m going to kill you’ gesture which had them looking away sheepishly. “That’s what I thought.” He muttered under his breath and you looked to him in confusion, questioning what he said but he just pecked your lips, a bright smile adorning his features.

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RapMonster ➳ His eyebrows furrowed while his fingers began to grip yours, anger surging through him in seconds. He was going to tell the guy off, the one who kept sending you 'call me’ gestures and whistling towards you, catcalling you in various ways. He began to charge towards the man who was with a group of friends, until you tugged on his arm, shaking your head. “It’s not worth it.”

“For you, anything is worth risking for.”

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Jimin Your smile was so bright, and that was one of the main reasons he fell in love with you. He was jealous seeing how your smile attracted other eyes, especially that guy who kept staring at you for a while now. But, he couldn’t be mad, because he knew if you didn’t belong to him and he saw you with someone else; he wouldn’t be able to help but admire your beauty as well.

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V You tugged on his shirt when you two were trying to buy groceries. He looked at you worriedly when you looked slightly embarrassed. “Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked you, and you looked behind you to a man who kept staring at your body, making it obvious he had wanted you in more ways than one. Taehyung was annoyed to say the least, he pulled you into his chest and smirked at the man, raising his eyebrows and the man looked away, sulking.

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Jungkook He wasn’t stupid, he saw the man staring at you from afar the moment you two arrived. You were too busy looking at items at the theme park, too excited to notice, and occasionally asking Jungkook if the item was worth getting. He was too busy staring the man down, ignoring you. “Kookie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing, I thought I saw something worthless.”

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Stuff I've Actually Heard People Say
  • "Yeah, I just stuck him in the microwave."
  • "My friends and I have planned a murder for after school. Any tips?"
  • "You have another arm?" "Dude, everyone has two arms."
  • "It's simple, you just gag them and throw them in the trunk!"
  • "To heck with paleontology."
  • "Can you imagine if Velociraptors had wings?" "Well, actually-"
  • "Suh dude." "Same."
  • "Guard it with your life." "My knife?"
  • "First, you need have no life, Second, sell your soul to Adele."
  • "Feet; they're hands for your legs."
  • "Wow, those sure are some nice fish scales on your facial protrusions." "You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet."
  • "It's not even good garbage."
  • Teacher to the class: "Guys, I'm sorry but uh... my dog ate your homework." *Passes back chewed-up papers*
  • "Bros before toes."
  • "Woah, Dude, is that Harambe on your lock screen?" "Dude, that's my dog."
  • "Can you imagine just walking up to someone and slapping them in the face with a piece of meat?"
  • "Hey man, got any gum." "Nah dude, I'm about to kill myself." "I'm not sure how those are related, but okay."
  • "You're made of good dirt."
  • "Stop breathing so much."
  • "All my drawings look dead inside because I am dead inside."
  • "I didn't have lunch this morning."
  • "I have a strong desire to make dictators dance."
  • "Is this revenge for the octopus at the fair?"
  • "Embrace your inner childhood." "Embrace? You've got yours in a headlock!"
  • "Make sure you have Target popcorn at my funeral."
  • "And fill my coffin with glitter."
  • "I put the 'fun' in funeral."
  • "Oh my gosh, someone is going to get punched in the throat."
  • "I could do math in the time it's taking this light to change."
  • "We were both crying; it was fun."
  • "It's Halloween! Merry Christmas!...Wait."
  • "So like, if a centaur got arrested, would you handcuff its' legs?"
  • "Yeah, and I like the smell of farts."
  • "I stuffed your heart in my pencil bag, so I won't forget."
  • "Life sucks, but at least I have my Poptart."
  • "I want to build a mirror out of spoons."
  • "Joke's on you, I don't have a soul."
  • "Boy howdy do I like eating leaves off the ground."
  • "I'd rather be burnt toast than frozen bread."
  • "When I die, bury me in a Hefty bag... but make it a pretty color."
  • "I just got a great idea." "Dress up as Batman and beat up ____?"
  • "Plan B: Cry"
  • "Oh yeah, the guy with the head on his neck."
  • "I just choked on an oat."
  • "You're a substitute for a good friend."
  • "Dude, I once dropped a breakfast burrito on the garage floor, and I still ate it."
  • "We never go stale. Unlike our jokes."
  • "They speak American."
Your idiot (ft. Jeongguk)

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Drabble Game Prompt 49. “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

→ cardiopalps!jk, boyfriend!jk, cardio surgeon!jk, aka disgusting amount of fluff, sequel to cardio palps twoshot
→ 2k words, requested by my soulmate @yoongihime <3 

A/N: I highly suggest reading the twoshot first! Plus, there might be another member’s story coming out of this au “might!!1″ wink wonk enjoy

If looks could kill, Jeon Jeongguk would be on the ground and frothing at the mouth right now. 

But instead, he was smiling down at the bitch who was busy rubbing her tits all over his arm as he walked over your way in the cafeteria. Her arm was looped around his, as she hung like a koala onto him, her chest on his bicep as she hugged it toward her torso and giggled along with the other nurses who were busy chatting with your man. 

Said boyfriend, oblivious to the daggers you were mentally stabbing into his eyeballs, was in the line for the hospital lunch. It wasn’t technically all his fault for being cute. It was the reason you decided to keep him, anyway, among other things. But it bothered you a ton when other girls noticed it. 

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My Kind of Football, Your Kind of Football

Will took Nico to watch a football game. Nico said he didn’t get it.
The next day, Will and Nico watched Nico’s kind of football. Will kind of got it, but to be honest, he was too busy watching Nico.

Word count: 3200 words || Read on AO3

(Shout out to @mvrtjnafc that helped me translating the words into Italian :) )

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Gangster- Levi x Fem!S/O

For the ever lovely @daddy-erwin Loosely based on this song. I also kinda used the one scene from Suicide Squad.

Levi’s nose crinkled at the smell of cigarette smoke, human sweat, and steam machines. He hated this kind of scenes. Nightclubs. With barely clothes women swinging around on a golden pole, with ravenous men surrounding them, cheering them on or to take more clothes off.

Many of said women tried to get Levi’s attention. Bending their bodies in such ways as to show off their ‘assets’ to him, but Levi paid them no mind. They disgusted him, showing themselves off as if they were they were the finest women out there. They weren’t. The finest woman out there currently had her hands wrapped around his arm.

Levi always made sure you dressed formally and elegantly. A floor length golden dress with a slit down the side of your legs, with a high neckline and a missing back, currently adorned your body, along with a matching pair of golden flats. You weren’t allowed to wear heels, Levi would not have you be taller than him.

While Levi was glaring at most of the clubs patrons, you smiling and waving at them. Greeting them happily, looking around mesmerized by all the lights that would’ve blinded anyone not familiar with the place.

You and Levi were much different, but you worked well together. Your love was wild and often contained dangerous work, but Levi had warned you of that before you got into a relationship. Levi loved your better than anyone you had ever dated, and that was saying a lot. Considering he was a murder. You kept Levi calm and collected most of the time and Levi kept you grounded and sharp. In fact, the only reason he hadn’t mowed down everyone in this place was that you were holding onto his gun arm.

“Stop looking like an idiot, these sleazy men are gonna think you’re easy,” Levi hissed at you. You giggled in response, putting your head on Levi’s shoulder.

“Oh come on. Do you really think any of these guys will have the balls to flirt with me near you?” You asked, smiling at him. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye. He made a grunting noise that was his way of a chuckle.

You both made it to the table where Levi was supposed to meet his client, who was already sitting at the table. He stood once he noticed Levi approaching. “Levi, nice for you to join me.” The man stuck out his hand for Levi to shake, but Levi simply ignored him.

You sat down with Levi next to you, your arm still wrapped around his. The man looked you up and down with a sultry look like he was grading a piece of meat. You noticed this, but kept a smile on your face and didn’t speak a word to him.

“I must say, Levi, you sure do have a fine bitch there.” And that’s where it all went south. Levi’s eyes twitched as those words left his mouth. He hated people talking about you like you were an object in his possession.

“This ‘fine bitch’ is the only thing standing in between you and a bullet. I’d say you treat her with some respect,” He seethed through gritted teeth. His arm tensed under your hold, his hands on the carrier for his gun, but you held on to prevent him from grabbing it.

The man got visibly nervous. No one ever made Levi angry and lived to tell the tale. He knew he fucked up miserably. “Uh, sorry! I-I’m sure she’s a fine lady!” He laughed nervously, his eyes switching between you and Levi. You continued to smile at him, holding your nose up slightly.

“I don’t think he’s really sorry,” You spoke finally, startling the man. Levi looked at you and rose an eyebrow.

“If she doesn’t forgive you, I can’t either,” Levi told the man, who was now shaking. You giggled at him slightly, you hands falling away from Levi’s arm. Levi took the gun out of its leather holster, showing it off to the client.

“Sorry, doll face.” You smiled as you put your cheek into your hand, smiling sweetly at the man. You plugged your ears with your fingers as Levi pointed the gun at the man and pulled the trigger.

The entire nightclub went into chaos. Meanwhile, you and Levi simply stood. Levi offered you his arm and you gladly took it, kissing his cheek. “Date night never goes as plan, does it?” You sighed as you both started to walk out, moving around running patrons who were trying to get out through the front, while you two were heading towards the back.

“We honestly should plan for things to end like this,” Levi sighed, “But I’ll make it up to you. That pig got me all riled up. I need to release my pent up aggression somehow.”

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My Alpha Sequel

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“— do you care to explain this mess?” My father asks me his gaze raking over Hoseok and me with anger and a bit of hatred.

“It’s nice to see you too father.” I say in a cold tone. It’s not like I hate the bastard.. I would just rather not have him around. 

“Don’t fucking avoid the question.” He says to me and Hoseok tightens his grip around me laying his head on my shoulder right above the bite mark. My dad’s eyes rest on it and he lunges for him only to be knocked down by Hoseok’s father. 

They start to roll around fighting in my room and I groan looking at Hoseok. He looks back at me his eyes hardening. I get up throwing the covers off of me going into the closet finding a shirt as my room becomes a wrestling ring. I grab the dog whistle off the top shelf and walk back into the room. Everyone is pratically fighting and when I see Hoseok helping his dad fight mine I blow the whistle hard making all of them howl and break up the mess. You can tell how divided it is because my pack moves to my side and Hoseok’s pack moves to the other side of the bed.

“This is fucking ridiculous. Grow up.” I say to them all becoming a bit pissed off.

“Grow up? You grow up. I mean look at you. Running around sleeping with Alpha’s who killed your mate. They hate us. You betrayed us.” My father says and I feel a slap in my face from his words. I face him full on my anger rising more.

“If I seem to recall.. You fucked more then once. Even when you was with mother. You mark every single fucking girl you can and half of them were human! I slept with Hoseok before Jackson and after him. He helped me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Besides your not even my real father. He is.” I say pointing to the man leaning against the wall besides Jhopes father.

“I left that pack to be with you and Jackson. The deal was-”

“THE DEAL WAS that you wouldn’t have contact with anybody from their side. And you did it!” He shouts at me and I roll my eyes.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?! I TRIED AND EVERY TIME WE CAME IN CONTACT THEY ATTACKED US! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN IT HAPPENED!?!” I ask the old bag and he raises his eyebrows looking at Hoseok.

“You attacked her?" 

"She needs an Alpha.” Hoseok says as camly as he can. But I can see his body shake.

“You know what.. Your absouletly right. That’s exactly why you get to hear the good news today.” My adopted dad tells me and I look at my real dad who looks down with sadness and regret.

“What is he talking about appa?” I ask my real dad and Jackson’s dad slaps me making me glower at him as Hoseok climbs off the bed only to be stopped by my dad.

“Your going to marry Mark. He was the closets to Jackson and he has asked to have you as a bride. And we also reached a deal that as long as Mark becomes your Alpha we will not have anymore war with Hoseok and your former pack.” He says and I drop my mouth open.

“YOU CAN’T MAKE ME MARRY HIM!” I shout and I feel the elders look at me in shock.

“Is it because you want to marry Hoseok?” Jackson’s dad asks me and I look down touching my bite mark.

“You want to marry the man who killed your husband? I knew you were a traitor but I didn’t know you were a back stabber as well.” Jackson’s dad say and I look down shaking my head.

“It seems she betrayed us all.” Hoseok says looking at me. I laugh a hard laugh nodding my head.

“Your damn right. So I’m going to betray you all once again. I’m not marrying anybody. And I don’t want to be in either pack. Last night was a mistake.” I say to Hoseok who looks like I’ve slapped him. 

I thought I would get off that easy but I didn’t. My adopted pack kicked my ass and literally dragged me back to our headquaters. Hoseok wanted to intervine so did my real father but they held them back so they had to watch. I was bloody and bruised when Michelle spotted me. She took me from the elders and walked me to a room that had a big round table in it. 

“They found out?” She asks me as she starts to lick my wounds and I nod my head crying softly. 

“Don’t feel bad. They caught me in bed with Jungkook.” She says softly. I look at her and we both laugh how ironic. 

“We are such rebels.” I say and she nods her head agreeing.

“We have a meeting.” Mark says coming in the room and grabbing my hand. 

I go with him and there is the other pack in another room waiting for all of us. I see Jhope with his arms around a brunette and I bare my teeth as he looks at me. His expression unreadable but I see his eyes drift down to me and Mark’s hand. I hold onto it tighter and Hoseok tenses up. Mark tells them of the wedding and we discuss the deal between the two packs. No one looks happy about it.

“Ugh you smell like him.” Mark says dropping my hand. I smile widely dragging a nail up his arm slowly letting blood leak out.

“Don’t be smart boy because your my omega. Keep fucking with me and I will make you smell like death.” I say and he whines softly nodding his head. 


Over the next few months that passed my sexual fustration has been on a whole new level. It doesn’t help that we have to train with each other so I’m always seeing Hoseok’s sweaty body. I miss his touch. My bite mark is still on my neck so when I wear tank tops to workout I always catch Hoseok’s eyes lingering on that spot making me weak. Mark started watching my house twenty four seven. He tried fucking me on the full moons when I went into heat but I threatened his life. We were getting no where. Everything is just complete hell. 

I’m sitting at my wedding party with Mark and Michelle. Tomorrow I have to get married. I dread every bit of it. I look at my dad who smiles at me softly beside Hoseok. I love the fact that despite me leaving my first pack and joining Jackson’s he never hated me. He always had my back. He’s a good man. I just hate that I ever hurt him.. Or Hoseok..  

“Nice dress.” Michelle says to me trying to make conversation.

“I feel like a piece of meat in this thing.” I say pulling the short red dress down. It barley comes down over my ass and it is sleeveless with a low dip in the front.  

“Techically you would be dog chow.” She says and we both snicker only to be shut up by my adopted father. 

The whole night is a buzz kill. I danced with Mark. Watched Hoseok grind against the girl. He starts kissing her roughly and I tense up bitting down hard on my teeth hating that he’s acting like this. I get up and go outside after my anger gets the best of me. I see the full moon rise and realization dawns on me. Hoseok is going into heat tonight. 

Michelle comes outside looking for me and we talk for a bit before Jungkook comes stealing kisses from her. He proudly shows me the bite on her inside thigh and I blush tracing over the mark as she shivers and claims she didn’t beg. We know that’s a lie. I shiver as I look at my phone noticing that it’s midnight. 

“Where is Hoseok?”

“He left already he started getting a fever.” Jungkook says softly. 

“Yeah his play date looks pissed that he didn’t want to be with her tonight.” Michelle says and I drop my mouth open.

“He didn’t?” I ask in shock and kookie smirks as I try to explain myself.

“First off shut up we all know you still want him. And second off he only did that to get back at you and to let Jackson’s dad think he was over you so that he could stop the wedding.. But it didn’t work.” Jungkook says with a pout and I bite my lips looking at them both.

“I’m going to see him. Cover for me.” I tell them as I slip off my heels. 

I put them in my hand running into the woods shifting out to my wolf form. It’s been a while since I went to Hoseok’s house but I do still know how to get there. I sniff him following my nose as it leaves me across the old territory marks to my familiar home smell. I run deeper into the woods starting to smell a overdose of cologne as if a person put on too much and that’s how I know I’m close. Hoseok always smell that way when he’s in heat. When I shift back out I walk up the stairs open his door and shutting it back.

“Hoseok.” I call around the big one story condo. 

“Alphaaaa.” I coe as I walk around getting close to the kitchen. 

“J- FUCK!” I yell as he slams me against the wall kissing my lips in an urgent manner. 

He wastes no time pushing his tongue in my mouth as his hands roam my body pushing me harder against the wall. I whimper softly from his roughness not seeing this side from him that much. But then again I was only every once around him when he was in heat and that’s because he ripped me open. Shit..

Hoseok runs his nails down my arms as he sucks on my tongue occasionally biting on it. He wraps his arms around my back reaching the top of my dress running his nails down it shredding the red thing. I feel the dress fall down and I know better then to hope it’s gonna survive. He snaps my panties from me as I roam my hands over his body feeling his chest and abs under my finger tips. His hot body against my flustered one.

He breaks the kiss biting all over my neck sofly growling as he hurriedly takes off his pants and boxers lifting me up into the air grabbing my skin harshly and I whine throwing my head back. 

“H-Hoseok b-be gentle!” I whine but it falls on deaf ears as he roughly pushes into me. 

He wastes no time pulling out and slamming back into me over and over making my body slide up and down the wall. I smell fresh blood and I know it’s from him entering me. I moan loudly in pain and a bit of pleasure. I throw my arms around his shouler as I lean down biting into it trying to take my mind from the pain. Hoseok keeps drilling into me with inhuman pace as he breathes hard nipping at my neck. He tenses up thrusting erractically and I know he’s close. He doesn’t even say my name when he fills me up he just holds me close and I let his shoulder go. He puts me down and I slide to the ground whining a bit. I catch my breathe as he looks down at me and I grab my ripped dress and underwear.

“I guess I should go now.” I say softly standing up feeling a slight pain from the rough fucking. Hoseok’s eyes soften and he picks me up making me yelp. 

“Don’t go. I need you..” Hoseok says slowly closing his room door after he enters in. He sits me on the bed taking my ripped close from me and I look at him shivering when he leans in to look at me. 

“Despite me needing you. I was hoping you wouldn’t break rules. Your getting married tomorrow.” He says softly his eyes filing with tears.

“I’m always gonna break rules for you.” I say mournfully throwing my arms around his shoulders and he kisses my lips deeply and much gentler then the first time his first wave of heat passing off of him. 

“Take me.. Do me like it was our first time all over again.” I say softly and he grins laying me down as he lays over me. 

“If I recall.. The first time I marked your neck as I fingered you. And then I played with your breast until you were drooling. And then when I started to eat you out I went so slow you cried and I also remembered I played with your ass with made you flustered and hot. And then when you were at the brink of releasing I let you go and you shook for nearly five minutes. And then I let you suck me off until I filled your pretty mouth with cum. And then I fucked you with your feet pressed beside your head. I pounded so hard into you that when I grabbed the headboard and pulled and it, it broke and fell to pieces.” Hoseok says raising up a bit and I nod my head moaning at every word. 

“I want a repeat.” I say to him and he nods his head wasting no time.

He starts out slowly sucking on my neck just like the first time. Making sure angry red bruises where on my skin. He then slowly trailed kisses down to my breast taking the left one in his mouth. He sucks it slow and soft flicking his tongue against it ever few minutes as he slides two fingers into my pussy moving them slowly. I groan throwing my head back wondering how the hell can he contain his hormones so good.

He breaks from my left nipple trailing kisses to my right one in his mouth pressing his fingers against my spot slowly. I drop my mouth open drooling as he continues to tease me and suck at my nipple rolling his tongue around it. He lets it go watching me before he slowly trails kisses down my stomach marking it again. He pouts softly when he sees where Mark hit me in a fight we had. 

“He hit you?” He asks me his anger rising. I don’t answer I just look off trying to avoid it.

“— did he hit you?” He asks me again louder this time and I bite my lips still not answering. 

He growls curling his fingers hard against my spot pounding his fingers inside me fast and hard. It’s too much for me to take when he adds his tongue to my clit sucking it fast and harshly. 

“YES YES YES HE HIT ME HOPE!” I cry out and he pulls away slipping his fingers out of me. He places them at my mouth and I suck them looking in his eyes that tells me ‘later’. 

He slides his fingers out of my mouth opening my legs pressing both of them against my asshole. He slides his tongue in my pussy as he starts to finger my ass slowly. I whine rocking my hips down against his fingers as I start to play in his hair shivering from every touch. His tongue wiggles until it reaches my spot but he keeps the same slow pace and I groan starting to get mad as he scissors his fingers inside of my ass. 

Hoseok looks up at me pulling his lip back over his teeth letting my see when he slides his canines across the slides off my pussy lips and I cry out shaking hard. 

“HOSEOK STOP IT!” I cry out and I hear him hum as he starts to go a bit faster flicking and pressing his tongue every where inside of me. I feel myself start to tense up and I curl my toes letting my eyes close as I feel the pit of my stomach flip. Hoseok pulls back and I shout curse words at him writhing under him on his bed. 

“It’s just like our first time.” He says in amazement and I curse mentally hating I ever said that I wanted him to do a repeat. 

I get on my knees taking his dick in my hand starting to fist it. I lick his tip watching him and he bares his teeth in a sexy way that makes me lick from the top of his dick to the bottom. He plays in my hair swipping it from my face as I lower my mouth on his dick starting to bob my head slowly. He moans out softly tracing his tongue across his bottom lip. He tucks it in his mouth as he starts to thrust his hips slowly into my mouth. I reach up trailing my hands down his legs as he rolls his hips faster moaning louder. He leans over slapping my ass as I hallow my cheeks letting him hit the back of my throat. 

I swallow around him and he groans shaking. He starts pulling harder on my hair thrusting his hips roughly into my mouth. I feel him throb as I lick over his veins and I can tell he’s close. I slide my mouth all the way down holding it at the base of his dick as I nuzzle my face into his pubic hair making him blush like our first time as he releases into my mouth. I swallow it all cleaning up the rest with my fingers and he smiles pushing me up until I’m laying under the head board.

“Are you ready?” He asks me and I nod my head slowly. 

He bites his lips lifting my legs until my feet are by my head and I hold them as he uses one hand to steady my waist and the other to guide his length inside of me. We both moan in unision when he fills me up. He lets me adjust this time before he pulls out and starts to slowly slam into me. 

“Anngg!” I moan out softly throwing my head back against his pillows watching him watch me. He starts to go a littler faster as he trails his hands up and down my legs making me shiver and curl my toes in pleasure. 

“So fucking beautiful.” He groans shutting his eyes throwing his head back and I watch the sweat trail down his chest. I watch as he creases his eyebrows as he concentrates on hitting the right spots inside of me. 

He leans down making me release my legs as he grabs my hands holding them beside my head. He slows back down rocking slowly into me and I moan licking his bottom lip. We kiss again and I slide my tongue across his incissors making him shake and arch his back as he continues to fuck me senseless. 

He lets my hands go breaking the kiss as he nuzzles his nose into the right side of my neck and he grabs the headboard pounding hard into me hips snapping roughly. He groans licking my neck as he grabs harder at the headboard. I press my legs against the sheets tracing my nails down his back making flesh markings. I smile in content and he growls looking at my expression. I can read mischeif in his and when I mumble no he leans down biting into my neck making me release a moan and cry of pain of he marks the right side of my neck. 

“S-STOP F-F-FUCKING DOING THAT!” I yell as he laughs and I moan as he starts to hit my spot shutting me up. 

The whole bed starts to move and rock as Hoseok continues taming my pussy his dick pulsating again as he gives me deep strokes making sure I feel him. 

“I-I’m close Hoseok.” I say to him softly and he pulls back licking my wounds after his soul searches mine for sometime. He throws one of my legs over his shoulder placing his forehead against mine his eyes watching mine as I tense up and shake under him. My toes curling again as my eyes start to get blurry and I know that I’m about to release. 

“FUCK HOSEOK!” I shout out cumming as I clamp my walls down on him and he growls out loud pounding into me harder.

“—!” He feels me up and I hear the ripping off the headboard. 

I blush as he slides some of the wood from my face knocking it off of the bed as he holds me laying his body on mine. He’s still heavy but since I’m a wolf his weight feels good on me. 

We fall asleep holding each other as we always do. He fucked me against every inch of his house until the sun came out and I was so sore and spent he had to carry my ass around. He fought Mark and made him step down from the marriage. Jackson’s dad tried to lay his hands on me but it didn’t work because my father kicked his ass. We decided to stay one big pack because I didn’t want to let either go. And yes I finally let Hoseok claim my pack as my offical Alpha.



| Request: “You and him go to an underground show to see a band, and he slips away to go to the bathroom and a guy his hitting on you, and compliment you tattoo (the one dan gave you) then dan come back, and is extra clingy to let the dude know your his. Then he starts grinding on you, trying to give you hickeys, and your laughing tell him to stop, then he takes you home and it’s rough smut to show that your his.

Then after the smut, and yall cuddle, he brings your hand to his face and he kisses your wrist where the tattoo is. And says ‘I love you’” |

| Warnings: Smut. |

[ Authors note: This is a loose sequel to “Her First Tattoo.” It’s not necessary to read before this one but it has a little backstory about the tattoo itself. You can read the fic here –> http://fuckyeahdanfics.tumblr.com/post/146518972574/her-first-tattoo ]


His hand dragged her through the crowd, trying to get her as close to the stage as possible.

“Dan!” She giggled, as he lifted her onto his back. “Can you see better now, princess?”

“Yes.” She nodded, holding onto Dan by his blood red locks.

The punk band that [Y/N] couldn’t remember the name of, as they all sounded alike to her, played a loud song whilst people enjoyed the concert in a very punk fashion.

Dan decided that for his girlfriend to get the full “my boyfriend is a punk” experience, that she had to come to an underground show.

So here they were, close to the stage, in a sea of brightly coloured hair and tattoo clad citizens.

Dan slid [Y/N] off of his back, announcing he was going to head off to the bathroom and for her to stay put. So she did, and not 3 minutes after Dan left, some random man slid up to her and started a chat.

“Hey, nice tat you got there, little lady.” He spoke, eyeing her like a piece of meat.

She looked down at the small heart tattoo Dan gave her awhile ago, and a smile cracked upon her face. “Thanks, my boyfriend gave it to me.”

The guy looked a little surprised, but nonetheless continued his onslaught of flirtatious comments.

“So hey, how about after the show you and I sneak away from here, would you like that, princess?” He spoke, leaning down to her level in a demeaning manner.

“So hey, how about you go fuck yourself and leave my girlfriend alone?” Dan spoke, strutting up to her and wrapping his arms around her.

The man scoffed and walked away, as Dan was a lot taller and more intimidating than him.

“Thank you.” She spoke, and relaxed in Dan’s arms.

As the next band played, Dan held [Y/N] close to him, grinding against her, suckling small hickeys on her neck. She began giggling, gently smacking Dan in an attempt to get him to stop.

He pressed his lips against her ear, his cold snakebites contrasting the red, heated blush which was prominent on her ears and cheeks.

“How about we blow this joint and go home?” He said in a deep voice, his arm pressing her waist more against his.

She simply nodded, and Dan yanked her up, slinging her over his shoulder and carrying her out of the venue and into a cab, heading towards their shared apartment.

Once Dan managed to unlock the door, he carried [Y/N] inside, throwing her onto the nearest surface, which so happened to be the dining table, and began smothering her with kisses.

Her face.

Her lips.

Her neck.

Her chest.

Any area he could reach without yet removing her clothes.

He pulled his shirt over his head and his tattoos glistened under the lighting and the thin layer of sweat covering his body. She stared in awe of her boyfriend as he removed the rest of his clothes, leaving only his black Calvin Klein’s, before tending to her clothing.

Once she was completely bare, Dan began placing hickeys in areas he said were “only for his eyes.” Before sliding his kisses between her legs.

Her moans filled the air as Dan’s various mouth piercings added extra pleasure to the experience she was having. The metal ball on his tongue rubbing against her clit pushing her over the edge during her orgasm.

“Now princess,”

He leaned down, kissing her lips and letting her taste herself on his mouth.

“It’s time I show you that you’re mine and only mine.”

He kissed her once more.

“And by the time I’m done,”

He kissed her neck.

“You won’t even think about anyone else.”

He kissed her stomach.

“Only me.”

He kissed her pussy before sliding down his boxers and pushing himself into her, immediately thrusting roughly.

He wrapped his thin arms around her lower back, pulling her closing to him as he pounded into her.

Their lips sloppily pressed against each other’s as they neared their orgasms.

“Dan, I-”

“I know, princess, just hold on.”

Her nails began to claw at Dan’s back as she held back, waiting on her boyfriend to cum.

“Let go, baby.”

She did, and their orgasms washed over them like a tidal wave

Once they had calmed down, Dan carried her into their bedroom, putting her on the bed and covering them both up, pulling her close to him.

As they cuddled, Dan pulled [Y/N]’s wrist up to his face, gently rubbing the small tattoo upon it, and placing a soft kiss on it.

“I love you.”

a selection of hero/villain shorts

inspired by the dialogues of @the-modern-typewriter 

“If it were up to me,” the hero said, their fingers closing around the villain’s wrists, “I’d kill you now. Oh, I’m not actually going to, of course. I like to think I still have some sort of moral compass left, even after everything that’s happened. Even after everything I’ve done. Everything you’ve made me do.” Without quite meaning to, they tightened their grip. It felt as though something was bubbling up from deep inside them, something dark and rotten and long-hidden that wanted to get out. “But if I didn’t…oh, the things I could do to you. I could break your bones one by one. Start with your fingers, and see how long it took you to start screaming. Isn’t that what you did to that nice young man who tried to double-cross you?” The villain didn’t respond. “Of course, if that doesn’t appeal to your delicate sensibilities, I could just string you up instead. Hang you by your wrists like a piece of meat. Or I could - ” They broke off. “Wait a minute. Are you getting off on this?”

“No,” said the villain, unconvincingly.

“What,” said the hero, “are you doing in my house? And in my dressing gown?

“Making you breakfast!” The villain brandished a spitting frying pan as evidence. “I couldn’t help noticing last week that you’re just not filling out that super-suit of yours like you used to. You need feeding up, otherwise our battles are going to get terribly one-sided. I’ve done you some bacon, see?”

The hero sniffed. The bacon reeked of bitter almonds, with a faint trace of lemon underneath - presumably an attempt to cover up the smell of the poison, which they judged was probably enough to kill an elephant. Several elephants. “You do know I’ve been trained to recognise the smell of cyanide from a distance of five feet or less?” they said. “Here’s a tip: try using something odourless next time.”

The villain looked downcast. “I was only trying to be nice.”

“And murder me,” the hero pointed out.

“Well - yes, but in a nice way.”

“How did you even find out where I live?”

The villain finished securing the cable ties around the hero’s ankles. “Oh, I hacked into those security cameras you installed to keep away intruders. Ironic, really. Sorry - are these too tight?”

“No, they’re - wait, you hacked into my cameras?”

“Well, yes,” the villain said, as though it were obvious. “The encryption on them was terrible, and I was curious. By the way, I’m glad to see that what they say about men with big feet is true.”

The hero covered his face with his hands.

The hero slammed the villain up against the wall rather harder than was necessary, relishing the choked-off sound they made as their back hit the metal. They tightened their arm so that the muscles bulged, cutting off the villain’s air supply, and snarled directly into their ear, “I know what you did.”

The villain made a desperate hand gesture that could reasonably have been interpreted as What are you talking about? The hero relaxed their grip slightly, finally allowing their enemy to breathe - albeit only in shallow, retching gasps. “I know what you did,” they said again. “You turned those innocent people into mincemeat over a fucking business transaction. I already knew you were scum, but this is a new low.”

“Wasn’t me,” the villain said, their voice rough around the edges.

The hero laughed, short and sharp. “You expect me to believe that?”

“Well, exacting bloody and disproportionate retribution for imagined slights is one of my favourite pastimes,” the villain said, and gasped as the hero’s arm tightened around their neck again. “No, wait! Wait. Listen. I’m not guilty this time, honestly. Hand on my cold black heart. Half of those people were in my employ, what would I gain by getting rid of them?”

“Prove it,” the hero hissed.

“Let me down, and I will,” the villain said, coaxingly.

The hero hesitated, their grip just loose enough to pin the villain in place. For a second, their eyes locked, and the hero thought - or imagined - that they saw a hint of sincerity somewhere in there.

I’m going to regret this, they thought grimly - and lowered their arm.

“Oh, please,” the villain sneered. “You’re not going to kill me, you’re too - ”

Without even bothering to look, the hero fired. Blood sprayed outwards in a semicircle, spattering the wall behind where the villain’s head had been. Their body swayed, then toppled gently to one side, collapsing on to the floor as though all the air had been let out of it (which, in a way, it had). The hero turned and stared at the mess.

“Well, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” they said.

Fun new words!

Choir: Trendy throat cult
Soccer: Toe ball run fun
Tennis: Netting the whites w/o fish
Orchestra: Rub dem string
Band: Too much brass to handle
Science: Do you even vape @erth
History: DED
Math: More like meth amirite
Football: fat man suit collide: voyage
Basketball: Swoooooosh
Theater: Lick a bum hole it for art
Lion: Orange loud fur
Marmite: Salt shit spread
Hippo: Fat water horse
Jokes: Giggle triggers
Halibut: Big ass swimmy swim
Justice: The Government Tries™
Baking: Lightly burned wheat substance
People: The cause of every problem
Legs: Supportive meat sticks
Bacon: Hot butt strips
Koi fish:Angry aesthetic swimmy swim
Oprah winefry: Loud bread enthusiast
Beyoncé knowles: Creative child namer
Chris Pratt: Funniest fried rodent ever™
Aubrey plaza: Pretends to be angsty
Jimmy Fallon: Small funny man
Ellen degeneres: Gay humorer
Jennifer Lopez: Not Jennifer Lawrence
Tyra banks: Tear a bat into pieces
Fork: 3 large ones all attached
Lamp: Hot and nice on a stick
Printer: Cumin out but I wanted it
Bread: Yeast on a journey
Corn: Smol yellow nuggets
Tree: Peekin out from dat erth
Florida: Gators in my ass
Billboard: Paper but not smol
Cup: Bebe bowl
Soup: Hot thick juice in a fat cup!!
Gucci: Gastroenteritis
Kate spade: Catty Spice
Louis vitton: Loose Vitamin
Ferrari: Ferris Oil
Anne kleini: Ankle Lime
Marc Jacobs: Microphone Jacket

Hate U/Love U - Part Two

Characters: Damian Wayne (Robin), Reader (You), Cameo by Alfred Pennyworth (Butler).

Requested by: @fangirlyyy22

Synopsis: Hate U/Love U part 2.

Warnings: Sexual harassment, mild violence, stalking.

A/N: This was originally a lot darker. It went through quite a few story adjustments.
Y/N = Your Name.
Hope you like it!
It was a little hard to come up with a sequel to the first part.

I walked the streets aimlessly. Arms wrapped around me to keep myself warm in cool streets of Gotham with my thin and tattered sweater.

When I stormed out of that apartment 5 months ago, I left almost everything except some clothing which were now damaged and practically useless. A few friends allowed me to stay on their couches a couple of nights, but I didn’t want to burden them, so I left. My family were far away in another state and I had no money to get to them. I lost my phone early in living on the streets. A vulnerable looking girl with a phone that could earn someone enough money to feed them for a while. It wasn’t a suprise.

Thunder echoed all over the night sky. I had to find shelter. I ducked down an alley. Rummaging through a skip, I found a cardboard box. Not particularly large, but large enough for me to sit under and protect me from the rain. I tore in a flap for the front and lay down some empty plastic bags so I didn’t lay directly on the filthy alleyway concrete.

I pulled my knees to my chest to cover my whole body from the weather, holding them tight, I rested my chin on my knees and watched as slowly, little drops of water splattered on impact with the ground.

I woke to a harsh tug on my arm, yanking me out of the box and into the hail. My face collided with the concrete and my jaw ached.

“Looky looky, a nice little fresh piece of meat!” A deep voice crowed followed by a chorus of sniggers. No. No. No. Why here? Why now? I’d been so lucky with my time on the street and now my luck had run out.
“Who wants to bet she’s never been touched too.” Another man said as he pulled a handful of my hair. I cried out in pain and shut up as my face was shoved back into the ground. Warm tears ran down my cheers, contrasting with the cold hailstones and raindrops. My ears were ringing from the collision.
My jumper was ripped from my body, leaving me in a bra and tattered jeans. A man pinned my hips down, straddling me. He started to unbutton my pants. I tried to fight back, but I was weak and melnourished, fatigued.

There was a deep growl and low mumbling that I couldn’t make out through the high pitched noise in my ears. And the man flew off me. Thumps and cracks and bangs, I could barely make anything out. Soon all I could remember is everything fading into darkness and a voice saying “It’s okay. I’ve got you… Y/N.”

I woke to pain again. This time, a stinging sensation like a thousand bees on my forehead. I squinted as I opened my eyes. I saw a face I hadn’t seen in what felt like years. “Alfred?”
“Hello Y/N, if you still insist I call you that.”
I attempted a smile as a yes.
“Are you feeling okay?”
“I-I’m not sure.”
Alfred pulled away, the needle and thread that must’ve been sowing me back together was in his hands.
“How did I get here?” I looked around at the rocky walls and occasional squeak of a bat.
“Damian saved you.” He said while washing his hands.
“Damian? Why? I thought he didn’t feel anything. Just a monster.” I spat, remembering what he had said to me. He didn’t hate me, he didn’t love me, he just looked at me and felt nothing anymore.
“No matter his feeling towards you, Y/N, it’s still his job to save the people of Gotham.”
“I’m not part of the people of Gotham.”
“By the sounds of it, you became a part of the streets of Gotham.” Alfred retorted.
I snorted. “I was on my way back to my parents.”
“And how, may I ask, were you doing that?”
I tightened my lips, forming a thin line.
“I thought so,” he sighed, “you are always welcome a room here if you need. Or maybe we can pay for you to go back home-”
“Pennyworth. May I speak to Y/N?” Damian interrupted Alfred from the top of the stairs to the batcave, his voice booming and demanding.
Alfred looked ready to object but I nodded my head. I guess I could try to be civilized. Alfred headed up the steps to the Manor and Damian strutted to my side.
He stood like a soldier next to me, stiff and straight. He even stared in a line straight ahead, not at me.

He had changed out of his Robin uniform and stood in black sweats and a black jacket, unzipped, showing off his genetically perfect body.

He had saved me and now he was standing here like this. If we were still together I would’ve kissed him by now. God, I wanted to slap myself in the face. I was so mad at him, yes still so madly in love.

“Thank you.” I mustered up the courage to say.
“You’re welcome.” He replied, still rigid.
I groaned. “You wanted to talk to me and I’m here. Ready to listen. Anytime now.”
“Why were you on the street at 4 in the morning?”
I froze. To lie or tell the truth. “What does it matter to you? Maybe I was on the way back from my new lover’s place.”
“You don’t have a new lover.” RIGID.
“And how do you know?”
He didn’t reply.
“You’ve been stalking me?”
His silence confirmed my suspicions.
“Oh my god! Are you kidding me? You don’t care for me anymore but you still spy on me! Why? Why would you do that?”
“You dropped off the radar, I was just checking up on you-”
“It’s been 5 months! You have been checking up on me for 5 months. You didn’t need to ask why I was on the street, you know! I can’t believe this! For someone with zero emotion, you sure seem to care a lot. You could’ve taken me to a hospital, or you could’ve left me on the street!” I raised my hands accusingly.
“I don’t understand you!-”
“For God’s sake Y/N.” Damian gripped my wrips tightly. “This is how it went the last time I saw you. You won’t let me explain myself. All I want is to leave this on a mutual note. No yelling. Just acceptance.”
“So,” my throat was sore and my eyes burned, “you still feel nothing?” I said as calm as I could manage.
“No.” Damian looked me straight in the eyes, to show me how serious he was.
“Fine.” I shot up off the metal table I had been on. “I’ll go get a taxi with my mind in a mutual place with my dead-inside-ex.”
“You have no money for a taxi. Let me buy you a ticket home. I suppose, it’s the least I can do…” Damian extended a hand to me.
I refused his hand but “you can do that. And once I’m home I’ll never have to look upon your face again.” Your beautiful face that I will see everytime I close my eyes.

If I’m Being Honest...

[Tododeku, BNHA]

A03 Link

Chapter 1

Bright sunlight made Todoroki squint as he stepped through the hospital’s automatic doors.  

It was a beautiful day - surprisingly cool for June - with a pleasant breeze tossing Todoroki’s bangs.  Even the hospital had seemed cheerful, his mother smiling softly as Todoroki opened her window, then laughing behind her hand as the wind caught the curtain and smacked her son in the face.  

She had been laughing more and more lately, each giggle (and occasional snort) threading one more stitch across the fractures of the past between them.  After all, Todoroki had heard that broken bones grow back stronger.

Closing his eyes leisurely, Todoroki basked in the sunlight.

A short buzz in Todoroki’s pocket interrupted his musings, and he pulled his phone out.   Midoriya Izuku , the screen read.  Speaking of broken bones…

As Todoroki typed in his passcode, another buzz rattled the phone, also courtesy of Midoriya Izuku .  A perfectly suitable contact name, intentionally dull so as not to raise any suspicion.  Kirishima had more than provided a cautionary tale last year, when Ashido had discovered that his contact name for Bakugou was “BakuuuBabe”, accompanied by a rather unfortunate string of emojis (the water droplets especially stood out).   For nearly a month, a chorus of “Bakuuu!”s chimed whenever Bakugou entered a room or hallway, like some occult ritual.  

A couple charred streaks remained on the hallway floors to this day.  Needless to say, Todoroki wasn’t about to go putting Midoriya’s contact as ‘light of my life’, ‘reason green is my favorite color’, or any of those other intrusive thoughts that spun right ‘round like a record through Todoroki’s head whenever he was around the boy.   Midoriya Izuku was proper, professional.

(Midoriya Izuku somehow still managed to send a pleasant chill up Todoroki’s spine.)

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Valerie's Nightmare

I’d like to thank Valerie(she made me promise not to use her Tumblr handle) for requesting this story.


Just got another lead on a potential slave. One of our informants told us of this girl name Valerie. Very nice and curvy(meaning of course nice tits and ass) with long reddish brown hair. She was 23. Perfect. We got her address. Learned she did live alone. My partners Bruce and Rick and I decided to take a ride.

We found the apartment complex she lived in. The lights were out but we discovered the door was open. I’m sure if she got a chance to do that over again, she’d definitely would lock the door. She must have been asleep. We snuck around to the bedroom and she was sleeping. It was after 11pm. Bruce and Rick got to each side of the bed while I stood at the foot of the bed. She lying on her side fast asleep. Bruce who was on the left side of the bed, with Valerie lying with her back to him took out some rope and started tying her wrists behind her back. It was at that point she began to wake up.

“Mmmmm!, hmmm? Hey, mmmppphhh!!! As Rick then covered her mouth. I then took out more rope to tie her ankles together and then her thighs while Bruce then tied her elbows together. Then I took one more piece of rope to tie her wrists and ankles restraints together to put her in a hogtie.

And then Bruce took a head harness ball gag to shut her up. At this point Valerie was probably trying to tell us to take her purse like we were going to rob her and then she was thinking "ok get it over with”.

Of we did plan to rape her but in time. We then put the finishing touches with a black leather hood over her head so she couldn’t see. That completed, we carried her to the van. She was wearing a dark grey tank top with a black sports bra underneath and black cotton pj shorts.

Once in the van, we took turns feeling her up and noticing her shorts were damp. Was that from her peeing in her pants or was it cum. Either way, that must have been humiliating for her. Rick then added to her humiliation by placing a hitachi wand against her clit. At first he was edging her constantly and then as we got closer, he turned the wand on full blast and subjected her to forced orgasms. She started screaming for us to stop. She must have cum several times and was in orgasm Hell. At that point, her shorts were soaked even though she didn’t mean to feel that way.

We finally arrived at the slave training facility and brought her out on a cart. She was wheeled to the elevator where we went down 3 floors underground. We then removed her rope bondage but then after stripping her naked, placed her on an arch back device securing her wrists, upper arms, neck, ankles, thighs, and waist in an arch back position. Removed the hood and gag momentarily to give her water.

“Let me go, let me go!!! As I then gave her a slap in the face. Then I placed the gag and hood back on her and then attached a small vibrator to her clit. It was on a timer that would go on and off every few minutes to edge her. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation we put the slaves thru. To ensure the slave stayed awake didn’t cum, we would attach wire to her nipples, pussy and asshole with a built in sensor that if the slave dosed off or came would give her a nasty shock.

Finally we put earbuds in her ears attached to a CD player for to listen to her orientation(or disorientation?) tape. It went as followed.

"Hello bitch. Comfortable. Probably not. Of course your comfort isn’t important anyway. What is important is you’re now being trained to be a sex slave. And this isn’t a typical master/slave relationship. There’s no safe word, no aftercare. What you feel is unimportant except for how we want you to feel. We will enjoy making you suffer and your torment.

Once we feel you have successfully completed your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. In fact as I speak, your potential owner will get an opportunity to bid on you right now.

You are just property and merchandise. You are a worthless, brainless cunt. A piece of meat. A fucktoy. Just tits and 3 fuckholes. For a man to use and abuse for his pleasure. This is your new life. Whatever or whoever you were is no. You will now begin your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient and compliant sex slave.

It had been about an hour and a half since she was abducted. It seemed much longer. She had gone from a nice comfortable sleep to a night of hell. She held on to the slimmest of hopes that this was a nightmare she would awaken from. But this was real.

To be continued

A public shower encounter

So this is a story I wrote a few years ago that i can assure you is 100% true 😁

one morning last summer, I decided to be proactive and go for a run along the cycling/running track along the beach near where I worked. Arrived at the beach carpark early at around 5am with the sun beginning to rise over the water. 

I was pretty much the only person around as I set off to punch out a few kilometres before I had to get to work for the day. It was already quite hot so I left my singlet top in the car and ran only in my running shorts. I pushed myself quite hard and was soon back at my car covered in sweat and gasping for air.

Although my work had shower facilities I was right next to the beach shower/changing block so decided to head in there to save time. I walked into the change area, a large open area with a bench seat running all around and 3 showers along one wall. 

I set my clothes down opposite the showers so I could keep my eye on it, even though I was the only one in there It was better to be safe than sorry. I took off my shoes and slowly peeled off my running shorts, letting the fresh air blow across every inch of my sweating 6ft tanned body that was in very nice shape at this time of year.

I stepped under the shower and let the cool water soothe my aching muscles after such a vigorous workout. Suddenly I heard someone entering the change rooms. A man, about 35 and slightly taller than me in VERY good shape walked in. He paused momentarily as he passed the showers and I noticed he snuck a quick peek down to my soft 6" uncut piece of meat with trimmed hair and smooth ballsack. He the disappeared around the corner out of my view as I felt some blood begin to rush to my manhood.

I was feeling brave as I turned off the water, the man was sitting in the change area to the left of my belongings so instead of wrapping my towel around my waist I simply threw it over my shoulder and walked across to my stuff letting my now semi-hard cock bounce around freely. I could sense his eyes on my ass I faced away from him giving him full view of my tight butt. I began to dry my body, bending at the waist to expose my perfect hole and at times my sagging balls hanging perfectly between my legs. I was now fully erect and decided to turn and give my handsome stranger the full show.

As I turned to face him, he was already sitting completely naked and slowly stroking THE most delicious, perfect 7" juicy cut cock I had ever seen in my life!! Without a word I walked over and dropped to my knees in front of him. I grasped the bottom of his shaft and ran my tongue from the base of his cock right up to the tip. He let out a soft groan as his man meat entered my willing, wet mouth. I slowly began to work my mouth up and down on this magnificent member as my spare hand played with his balls. I nearly gagged as I took his full length in my mouth and I took a break to lick and suck on his balls. He lifted his hips to allow my fingers to gently put pressure on his asshole and he let another small groan out as I slipped my index finger into his man pussy. I took him in my mouth again as his hand reached down and began to stroked my now rock hard cock.

I could feel his throbbing cock pulsating in my mouth as I began to suck harder, I wanted his cum in my mouth. His breathing got heavier and he moan as he could not hold on anymore and filled my mouth with streams of hot, thick cum. I eagerly lapped up all of his goodness as I blew my hot load over the ground. I carefully sucked until I had gather every last drop of cum and swallowed it all. I got up and gave him a smile then went back and continued to get changed. As I finished getting dressed and turned to go, he slipped my a piece of paper with an address and a time….he gave me a wicked grin and left, this wasn’t to be a one off encounter after all!

#erotica #bi #blowjob #public #story #nsfw #bisexual

Story 2: A Memorable Prom (Part 1/3)

Eric held his hands together. “What’s wrong, Eric? It’s finally prom, you shouldn’t be so tense! Go have a good one, honey.”

“Thanks Mum… I will” Eric replied and stepped out of the car. Eric was donning a dark blue suit, maroon tie and leather belts and shoes, which fit him just right. Of course he’ll look good in a suit: Despite not being a sportsman, Eric worked out every day, building up those muscles to the point where he looks much older than his age. As he stepped into the hotel, some girls screamed and ran up to him.

“Eric! You look so good today… Can we take a photo later?” One girl asked shyly.

“Sure.” Eric wasn’t a tad bit interested in girls. His heart was only on one person. He waited for this day for so long: The day to finally confess to his crush, Malcolm.

“Hey Malcolm! Nice to see you bro. You look good!” Eric exclaimed as he walked towards Malcolm, leaving the girls behind.

“Thanks bro! You too man!” Malcolm was stunning as well: He was wearing a grey suit, coupled with the black tie, belt and shoes, that fit him just right. Malcolm was the school’s rock climbing vice-captain, so his physique was no joke either. Eric was stunned just looking at that fine piece of meat in the well-put suit, until Malcolm spoke: “Hey, I’ll talk to you later okay? Bye!” Malcolm left right after receiving a text message. Eric wanted to pour out his feelings, but Malcolm left so quickly. Maybe he’ll get the chance later.

An hour into prom, and Eric has been wandering around, spotting for Malcolm. “What… Why isn’t he anywhere? Just when I need to talk to him, he disappears. Maybe I should look for him…” Eric thought.

Heading to the direction Malcolm headed off just, Eric soon reached the gents in a dimly lit corner of the hotel lobby. “Shit lah. Maybe he just went to pee. But why would he head to the toilet right after he received the text? Maybe I should go in.” Just as Eric entered, he gasped at the sight he saw…

Part 2

© GayJCbois

Vaderkin and Gardener Kenobi - On the River

@forcearama i can’t believe i wrote this.

The boat glided gently over the river, carried away away by the languish current and the slow, warm wind that wove through Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hair, mussing it in a way that made Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, want to run his hand into the luscious copper blond locks.

More than usually that is.

“What is it Anakin?” the gardener asked, distracted from his flora watching by the sigh his companion had involuntary let out.

The Sith looked down shyly.

“No… Nothing,” he stammered, the assurance that had always been his, be it in battle or when dealing with the Galaxy’s most influent gone like snow in the sun as soon as Obi-Wan was concerned.

“I must be a tad weary after my morning training,” he added, picking idly at the hem of his black cape.

It had been Sidious’ condition when Anakin had implored him to not execute his love after he’d discovered some poem that implicated strongly that the young Sith would be ready to abandon the Dark Side on one word from the gardener: that he’d keep in shape and would do his duty in case of major crisis.

“You shouldn’t exert yourself to much,” Obi-Wan said. “I wish your father could see how much effort you put into pleasing him and that he would be more lenient with you. Force knows such a gentle soul as you deserve more peace and happiness.”

Anakin’s heart swelled at those words and he had the sudden - well, not so sudden, he’d wanted this for a while - urge to bow down and catch Obi-Wan’s lips in a passionate kiss

But it was too soon, wasn’t it? They’d known each other for only a few months. The Captain didn’t count - he and Obi-Wan, this Obi-Wan - were so different! Kenobi was brash and promiscuous and…

Anakin blushed as he remembered the one and only kiss they’d shared, just before the worlds had collided and he’d met his soulmate, the gentle and pure gardener who, to Anakin’s relief was now slowing down the boat to a halt with his oar and jumping swiftly onto the bank. He hadn’t noticed anything of the young man embarrassment as the thought of his doppelganger. 

Anakin watched his love pick up flowers from the river bank, averting his gaze when he caught himself staring at the man - really, really nice - backside. Blast his lustful thoughts! Obi-Wan wasn’t some meat piece, even thought he made Anakin hunger like no bantha steak ever could.

He was to be treated with respect, with the reverence that deserve the most delicate pieces of art or the most gracious flower. 

So even though his soul yearned for him, he would be patient. He would be chivalrous. If Obi-Wan and him were to become one it would be done by the book, following the universal rules of courtship!

Or maybe… Maybe he should be more assertive? He’d taken Obi-Wan from a world in which Anakin had been a shameless flirt - much like the Pirate Lord from Anakin’s own universe - and with a sudden anguish, he wondered if they ever had… but no! That couldn’t possibly be! Not his sweet, innocent Obi-Wan…

Interrupting his thought, Obi-Wan plopped down back into the boat and with the most charming smile, produced a flower crown that he’d apparently made while Anakin was tormenting himself.

“For you, my dear.”

No, surely not, Anakin thought with a little smile as he let his love crown him.

VIXX Reaction: When your horny and you want them to fuck you rough and hard

N: You, who as not been in the mood for a good two week has suddenly been hit with the horny stick and this was nothing but a pure miracle to your lovely boyfriend who would swear up and down that he got blue balls wait for you to be on the same page as him. “Is, is this what cloud 9 feels like? is this the promise land? I- i love it here” (this Drama King here)

Leo: You weren’t even home yet but you knew that once you got there you didn’t want to waste time on anything. You just wanted, Leo and you and the bed to be broken in half by the end of the night. So, you just sent a quick warning text to your lover boy that when you get home it’s on like donkey kong. He spent the next 20 minutes just mentally preparing himself to put in work work work work work 

Ravi: you had been horny all got damn day and the only thing on your mind was some nice thick dickin from Ravi. You basically kicked open the door not knowing the present of the other member and freely yelled out “I Want Some Dick!! Now” this, of course, startled Ken and Ravi about after expressing your need once again, Ravi gets the message and hurriedly kicked Ken out the house for some sexy time. 

Ken: Oh yes you two were about to get it on till the break of dawn. You asked for it nice and rough and he promised to deliver and trust me, sweetie, he will. As you got yourself all freshened up for a night of sweet love making (nice sweaty fuckin) he had himself a little victory dance. “aye aye i bout to get some sex”

Hongbin: You were pretty hyped about gettin’ it in hard tonight but this little arrogant piece of man meat just wasn’t sure you knew what you were getting yourself into. “mmm, i dont know baby, you got work tomorrow and i don’t want you to have a hard time cause you can’t walk”

Hyuk: I don’t know what else to say. He is so fucking ready. Like, look at him, when you asked for no mercy he was like “the fuck is mercy?” he completely forgot the word soft, easy, nice, slow. Completely out of his vocab. You think he’s playing but trust me, sweetie, you won’t even know what happened to you once its all said and done. you’ll just be laying there in shock thinking ‘ the fuck I get myself into?’ but at least you’ll have fun…. just Be prepared to call out of work the next day cause he is not just a one ride pony. Yall will be going til the birds wake up.

Don’t throw this dog a bone (Victuuri one-shot)

yet another fic no one asked for…I have a request to answer and this is all I can bring myself to write (for the lovely anon who requested fluff+makkachin…this may kind of suit your needs…but I promise to do something better and more specific for you within these days!)


(if you are on mobile, here’s the ao3 link)

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The Wallet

content: Dean finds a wallet. But when he arrives at the guy’s house there is a surprise waiting for him.
word count: 1812

It’s almost the end of his shift when Dean finds the lost wallet on the ground right next to a grocery store.

He almost missed it, being all plain and simple, but instinct (or fate) made him look twice. He immediately checks the content and obviously everything seems to be in order. Cash money, credit cards – it’s all there. And according to the driver’s license the wallet belongs to a guy named Castiel Novak, living at an address just around the corner.

Dean rubs his eyes and sighs. Actually he was about to return to the station, change into some normal comfy civil clothes instead of his officer’s uniform and drive right back home. It’s been a long day with a lot of annoying people ruining his mood and he’s so fucking exhausted he probably could sleep standing. He just wants to bury himself in his memory foam.

But on the other hand the guy’s address isn’t really that far and Dean knows how much it sucks to think you’d lost your wallet. It’s a bitch to replace all the cards and licenses and it would be cruel to leave the man in the dark for the rest of the night. So Dean takes his car and drives.

The place is easy to find, a nice small house with a green front door. Dean hears muffled voices from the inside and considering the bunch of cars which are parked in the driveway he assumes there is some kind of gathering on the inside. So he decides to make this really quick and rings the bell.

Almost immediately a short guy with brownish hair and a mischievous smile opens the door. “Hello, hello,” he greets the officer. “You’re early.”

Dean frowns, puzzled. “What?”

But the man just grabs his wrist and pulls him inside. “It’s better that way, actually. Cassie’s already very suspicious and we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, right?”


“But I’ve gotta warn you, he’s very shy,” the man explains. “He’s probably not going to be thrilled you being here. Don’t take it personally and just make him change his mind, okay? I’m positive you’ll handle that. You’re exactly his type. Sexy with green eyes.”

And then the guy winks and leads him into a room before Dean has got a chance to argue. About fifteen pairs of eyes land on him instantly.

Curiously. Expectantly.

Only the man in the middle looks outright horrified. He stares at Dean with big, really beautiful blue eyes, a blush on his cheeks, and Dean recognizes him immediately by the picture on the driver’s license. Castiel Novak.

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