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Is it problematic that most of the important characters that Katniss interacts with are guys?

Hmpf. I’ve observed that Suzanne Collins mentions that both men and women are miners, peacekeepers, and Gamemakers, but when you consider the important characters Katniss interacts with in the trilogy — aside from Prim and Coin, I guess — well… I wish they weren’t almost all dudes. With Peeta and Gale, it makes sense that they’re guys since they’re the love interests. (Not that I’d have an issue with girls as K’s love interests, but that’s a whole other topic…)

For Haymitch, idk that a falling-down-drunk female victor would work. I quite like Cinna, but I could see his character working as a woman — more so than the others. As a man, it’s nice that he’s gentle and reassuring. And is it me, or does he come off as asexual? But a female Cinna with the same black pants and shirt, the same “close-cropped hair [that] appears to be its natural shade of brown,” the same bit of gold eyeliner, but no other adornments or alterations (plus maybe a few more hints that she’s kinda androgynous) could be amazing. It’s also troubling that Haymitch and Cinna both have female counterparts in the story, but both are less important. Effie’s kind of clueless and superficial, and her job is less important than Haymitch’s. Since Portia is Peeta’s stylist, it makes sense that she’s in the background. But that still leaves me wishing for a gender swap for Cinna. 

Katniss is an amazing heroine, and I like how Collins plays with gender stereotypes with her and Peeta. But it’s disappointing that most of the trilogy’s important supporting characters are guys. 

can we start practicing self love that doesn’t focus so much on looks? like sure feeling beautiful is nice but you know what? you got a kickass personality too! you know that little quirk that you’re sure is annoying? it’s endearing as hell and when you laugh you literally embody sunshine like you don’t have to constantly tell yourself you’re pretty if you can’t believe it because in the end that’s not the most special thing about you. learning to love your insides is just as hard as the outside. vanity isn’t the be all and end all of self love you can be a lil ugly and still love yourself

Peter: You beat people up and charge money?

Bucky: Yeah.

Tony: Sad, isn’t it?

Peter: How much would you charge to beat up Flash?

Tony: [horrified] What?

Bucky: How much you got?

Peter: Thirty bucks.

[Bucky nods in acceptance]

Tony: That’s good, this conversation is over.


eternal mood (inspired by this textpost


i finished my book. it’s a story about my sestras. i call it orphan black. my story is an embroidery with many beginnings and no end. but i will start with the thread of my sestra, sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself.


Fallout New Vegas, 2010. Obsidian Entertainment.