a nice cuppa tea

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I know everything is exhausting And just way to difficult and hard but just,, I really care abt you and I think you're an amazing bean and I love you ok? Make yourself a hot chocolate and get a nice blanket and get comfy and yeah, things will get better 🌻💛

Thank you, anon, I’ll do that after school! Get a nice cuppa tea and blankies and relax for a bit 😊, thank you for caring about me💛


Pairing: Sawamura x Ushijima, Sawamura x Michimiya

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Words: 2580

Warning: Major Character Death

Characters: Sawamura Daichi, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oikawa Tooru, Shimizu Kiyoko

Additional Tags: Pining, Angst, Sad Ending, Death, Alternate Universe - Police, Hq rarepair exchange 2017, not exactly assassin!au but you still get killer!ushijima

Summary: Not coping well with the loss of his partner, Sawamura throws himself into his work.

HQ Rare Pair Exchange 2017

Message: For my broski Kris ❤

Surprise, motherfucker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Enjoy your UshiDai angst with a nice cuppa tea. I love you.

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Tea Stained Paper

Amongst the ever vast wonders tea has to offer antiquing paper is a fun little diy that leaves you with a nice cuppa and an interesting craft. There are several methods to age paper this is the one I use.

How to age paper with tea:

Step 1: Select a thin piece of paper and write out a letter or whatever else take your fancy. (Be sure to use ink that won’t run)
Step 2:
Crumple your paper into a ball and spread it out across a large plate.
Step 3: Brew a nice cuppa and save the tea bag.
Step 4: Pour some tea over the paper and let it soak through for roughly two minutes. (If you want a darker look let dry and repeat)
Step 5: Use your tea bag and dab the paper to darken specific parts or let it sit for darker areas.
Step 6: Let your paper dry for roughly 30 minutes, but be sure to place a weight such a teaspoon by the edges to keep them from curling in.

Note: If you want a burnt edge look, while the paper is damp hold a corner roughly an inch away from a candle flame and it will burn in. I do this in the sink in case the paper catches fire from being too dry. Please be careful and take precautions doing this extra step.

-The Tea Drinkers Guide

Let’s Have a Little Chat


I felt like it was important to have an introductory post up as the first post on my blog, but I was afraid it may seem too formal. So I thought about it. What’s the best way to introduce myself? Conversations are great.. I love talking to people and getting to know them. Hence the title ‘a little chat’. I’m very aware that this will probably be a one sided conversation considering it’s a blog and what not but you can click the ‘message’ button up there, or shoot me an email if you want to get in touch! Also to add to the friendly atmosphere, what’s better than a nice cup of hot tea? (Or coffee if you prefer it, or milkshake if you dislike the previous two, or water. Whichever works.)   

So while you’re comfortable let’s me introduce myself. My names Aleena and I’ve lived my whole life on this beautiful paradise island. I’ve been blessed to be able to say that I’ve been able to travel around our little globe, and I hope to continue to visit new places. I like curling up in bed with a good book, or even flopping on the couch with a good movie or show. I enjoy the warm weather almost as much as I enjoy the cold. I like meeting up with people at coffee shops, theatres, malls and just having a laugh with them. I believe this is a beautiful world filled with amazing people, and I would love to get to know some of them. 

This blog is sort of a way for me to express myself. In writing, photography, possibly clothing (testing the waters here), and whatever else I want to. So hopefully you’ll get to know more about me as you explore. So stick around, get comfy (do you need blankets? Orange juice? Maybe some cheesecake? Whatever it takes for you to get comfy) and hopefully I’ll see you around.