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Psscht, amateur anons. Why do you think I was already crushin on moth-cough- I MEAN. It was clearly obvious from Mothimer's finesse and prior stories that they were already an astounding and attractive villain, just sayin. Imma go now

“Sit down, grab a blanket, let me make you a nice cuppa tea! Take a break with me! We could have a nice heartwarming moment sharing our feelings? What do you say?”

The hallow practice

I have been asked about passive practices, but it’s a really difficult thing to talk about since witchcraft is that, a “craft”, it’s active, it’s something you do. Many of these questions sometimes ask about meditation an visualization, so here’s what I do and how I understand it. You may find different ideas, models and ways of doing stuff, this doesn’t mean one is right and the others are bullshit, it means there are infinite ways of understanding, approaching and practicing something.

Since Visualization is an active practice, I wont talk specifics about it. I will on the other hand talk about a meditation I developed several years ago and that has been changing overtime. There’s little visualization and the important thing here is the state of awareness that it arouses. This is the basis of my practice and I do it every day. It will help you with concentration, balancing your self, sight and serenity. I call this meditation “The hallow practice”. First I will introduce you to some concepts I use: 

The Midplace is the place between worlds. This is between our world and the otherworld. This place is beyond time and every time, it is no place and all places. Here there is nothing but space and potentiality. 

Stillness  is the balance of the being. It is to join opposites and rest in balance. It is to find the light between the horns

The seal of stillness is used to connect to the particular energy of this place/state:

So this is how the practice goes:

You can use incense and maybe put an altar. It’s all up to you.

1- Sit comfy preferably on the ground. Relax and pay attention to your breathing in three stages: a couple of minutes pay attention to your exhalation and another two minutes to your inhalation. 

2- Visualize a tree along your spine, you are at the centre and deep roots go down the earth, branches reach to the sky. It’s simple and you can remain there a little while.

3- Visualize a circle of light around you and the seal of stillness on the centre. Call to the space of stillness and serenity from your heart. 

4- Visualize a ball of white light on the centre of your chest. Move all your awareness to that point and say “MUM”, making that las “m” really long. Feel how the sound of this letter vibrates in your chest, nurturing the light.

5- Say a short “AH”

6- The light on your chest grows and reaches the rest of your body. Say “MUM” again and feel it vibrate through your light body.

7- Say a shot “AH” again

8- Everything is light, you are aware light. Remain present for as much as you can, observe in a relaxed way. If any thoughts cross your mind, do not cling to them and let then slip away.

9- To finish, breath deeply three times, move your hands, listen to the sounds surrounding you, pay attention to the smell of incense. Open your eyes whenever you’re ready.

Do it for a week every day and see the changes. This practice awakens your deepest self, which is pure awareness. After doing this I suggest you take a walk, make yourself a nice cuppa tea and observe. 

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How would the Allies react right after their s/o told them that they had anxiety and/or other mental health issues that they are dealing with?

(From both admins! I know personally this was nice to write since I (Admin Jay) suffer from anxiety and depression myself… it sucks but we can always survive. Xoxo- admins)

America-  “Okay, what can I do to help? Don’t hesitate to ask for anything.. I’d move heaven and Earth for you.”

Alfred has personal experience with anxiety and depression, so he would be there at your side ready to help in any way he could. Even if it is the small things such as compliments, or reminding you to eat, or that he loves you. Even though many people think it is impossible for him to be serious, this is one of the few things in this world he takes seriously. He will listen intently to anything and everything you tell him and do everything in his power to get you the help you need. Alfred would be by your side through thick and thin, no matter what. He’s a hero, remember?

England- “Thank you, love, for trusting me with this. Now, let’s see what we can do about it.”

Arthur may not be the best at wording how he feels sometimes, but he would do the best he could to make sure his words don’t hurt you more. He knows how it feels to be dealing with problems alone, so he would make sure you knew he was always there for you. Though, he wouldn’t want to smother you with attention and care, so he would keep a distance, but never be too far. If a night or day was especially hard on you and he had no clue what to do, there would always be a nice cuppa tea ready for you and he would even offer to read to you to get your mind off it.

China- “I have some ideas, let’s see what works.”

Yao would have ideas pop into his head immediately when you trusted him with that information. Whether it was him cooking food for you to keep your mind occupied or just making sure you knew he was there for you. He would even let you hold his panda and would surround you with tons of cute things, since those always make people feel better. No matter what you needed, he would bend over backwards to provide it.

Canada- “W-We can get through this together.”

Matthew would be relieved and grateful that you would trust him with this sort of thing. He’d do his best to make sure you were always the calmest and happiest you could be. Little things like bringing you flowers or making you a nice dinner just to keep you happy. It also wouldn’t be a surprise if he ever bought you a few stuffed animals; like a Polar Bear.

France- “I won’t let you face this alone, Mon amour.”

Francis would be very accepting and open to the information you share with him, and honestly have to try his best to not over react. He’d always let you know that he was there for you and always supporting you. He’d probably try to take your mind off of it but making nice home cooked meals and probably whole nights dedicated to him just pampering you with hugs, kisses and sweet nothings, just to try and prove he was always there for you.

Russia- “Can I scare bad feelings away?”

Ivan wouldn’t know how to respond at first, probably be a little scared himself, scared that he would intimate and frighten you, making the anxiety worse. After a little while he would eventually calm down and try his best to be there for you at any time you needed him. A lot of his treatments to cheer you up would be things like making silly jokes or taking you on walks to his favorite sunflower fields where he’d hold you in his lap and spend the day talking to you just to get the thoughts off your mind and hopefully relax you.

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could you please do #5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” for hartwin, and maybe eggsy is saying it? thank you in advance :D

Of course I can :D

I hope you don’t mind that I made it Christmas themed :3 For some reason it really didn’t go where I expected it to go, but hopefully you’ll still like it ;)

Tagging @bouncybrittonie because ANOTHER CHRISTMAS FICLET :D

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Merlin gets candy canes. And not only the regular mint ones and the occasional cherry. He gets some that are blueberry and others butterscotch, the surprising watermelon and unusual lemon. The curiosity that are the ones bacon flavored or monstrosity of the ones that taste like pickles. Just to name a few. 

There are so many different kind that even Merlin isn’t sure where Eggsy got them, which only makes the man smile even more fondly at the lad.

He did tell Eggsy that even though he wasn’t impervious to the holiday cheer, he wasn’t much of a traditional man and liked being surprised. And pleasantly surprised he’s been so far. (He changes tune a bit when he starts nibbling absentmindedly on a wasabi candy cane.)

Roxy gets gingerbread cookies. Or well, she gets an approximate miniature of the manor and gingerbread men and women that bears an uncanny resemblance to herself and the Kingsman’s personnel she works most closely with.

She doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt eating them all, especially not when Eggsy tells her it’s been a joint effort of himself, his mum and little sister. Such good team work shouldn’t go to waste. (She doesn’t even complain about the kilo or two she’ll likely gain from not wanting to share any of it with anyone.)

Percy gets hot chocolate and Christmas-y tea blends. Sometimes the hot chocolate has a cinnamon stick, sometimes it’s mini marshmallows. Sometimes they’ll go brew another pot of the tea they just tried. Other times they’ll just open a window and throw the remnants of their cup in the snow outside before going to the kitchen and make themselves a nice cuppa of old regular black tea. (Percy might or might not end up with an even bigger weird teas stash in his office after that, but no one needs to know.)

And while it’s clear Eggsy doesn’t put as much thoughts and effort in what he gets his other coworkers, small trinkets and little bites of food, recipes for home and the name of a place to bring the family, no one is forgotten.

No one except Harry that is.

He’s not jealous. He’s really not.

He told the boy himself he would be extremely busy during the holiday season and he is. Everyone at Kingsman stays professional, but it’s kind of normal they are a little bit more laxed than usual and Harry is more than enough to pick up the little slack. He cannot give everyone vacation time to be with their loved ones, but he can shoulder a bit more than he should at least.

However, he never thought that would stop Eggsy from coming to see him at random times and spend some time with him, even if it would be in silence, the both of them working on their own paperwork. He misses the boy’s company dearly. Unfortunately, he’s only got himself to blame. Of course Eggsy won’t go out of his way for someone who doesn’t even attempt to reciprocate the attention. Of course Eggsy was bound to lose his interest in Harry after a while when he would realise that he’s no hero, simply a busy old man, a sad workaholic with no personal life.

It’s what he had wanted anyway, the reason why he worked so hard to keep their interactions on friendly terms, the reason why he had resisted courting Eggsy like he deserved. It’s not easy, he slips up more often than not, shows more affection than he should and cannot resist spoiling him with small innocuous gifts, but he tries. Oh Lord, he tries. He doesn’t want to hold him back, not when he has the rest of his life and the whole of the world before him.

He had thought he would at least get to keep his friendship however and it hurts to think that even in that, he is easily replaced.

He wonders what he’ll do with Eggsy’s gift now, the one safely hidden in a drawer in his office back at home, the one that he knows would mean more to himself than it would the boy, but that he hadn’t been able to resist from buying him. What welcome would it receive now that there isn’t even the excuse of friendship between them? Maybe he can leave it on Eggsy’s desk, an anonymous gift in thanks to the brightness he’s brought to the manor this past month…

His gloomy thoughts are interrupted when Eggsy walked into his office, without knocking as usual.

“Are you nearly done?” He waved at the paperwork Harry had been attempting to fill out for the past hours without much success, busy that he had been feeling sorry for himself.

“Why, hello Eggsy. I am well thank you. How have you been yourself? I hear you’ve been equally busy as one of Santa’s elf might be, spreading Christmas cheer all over the place.” Except in here, he doesn’t say and hopes the sullenness in his voice isn’t noticeable.

Eggsy rolls his eyes, but it’s not annoyed, if the grin that tugs at his lips is any indication.

“Yeah, yeah, hello, I’m fine, glad to know you are too after being all holed up in here for weeks. Now are you coming or not?”

“Am I coming where?” He doesn’t remember making any plans, besides trying to finish as much paperwork as he could.

“Christ Harry, you really are one bloody hell of a workaholic, aren’t you?” It takes everything for Harry not to flinch at the words as they hit way too close. But if any of his discomfort show Eggsy doesn’t notice and he doesn’t seem mad, nor disappointed, just faintly amused. “It’s Christmas Eve Harry.”

He says it likes it’s an explanation of its own, but Harry is simply more lost. Christmas Eve or not, he still got paperwork and it’s not like he has anyone waiting for him.

Seeing that Harry seems in no hurry to leaves his desk, Eggsy sighs and sprawls down in the nearest chair.

“You’re lucky Merlin told me you’d be difficult and I decided to get you early. Now finish this quickly so we can go.” He waves at the paperwork on the desk with amused disgust before getting his phone out to distract himself in his wait.

“Eggsy, in risk of repeating myself, go where?”

As soon as the question registers, Eggsy abandons his phone and looks at Harry with a confused frown.

“Go home? Where my mum and Daisy are waiting for us before starting on the whatever buffet they’ve been cooking all day? Well my mum will be waiting, I’m pretty sure Daisy is already sugar high, but you know, it’s Christmas, if there is a time to be sugar high, it’s on Christmas.”

He’s smiling sweetly and Harry wants to take a picture, frame it and keep it within reach forever. Still, what he is saying makes no sense.

“You want me to go home with you?”

“Yes?” Now Eggsy seems to be as lost as Harry feels. “I know you said you were busy and I get why you are doing it, you self-sacrificing prick, but Merlin assured me he would cover for your sorry arse tonight.”

It’s the first he hears of this, but Harry cannot say he’s surprised Merlin hasn’t mention it before. He would have known that Harry would find some kind of excuse by now if he had known of Eggsy’s plan.

Not that he doesn’t want to go, now that Michelle has buried the hatchet, he likes spending time with her, and Daisy is simply a delight. But Christmas dinner with Eggsy would be too much like something right out of his dreams and he fears he would get too greedy after getting a taste of everything he desires.

“I fear I have accumulated too much paperwork-”

“Bullocks! Come on, we all know you could leave that for tomorrow and the world wouldn’t implode. What are you afraid of? My mum likes you and Daisy won’t be that much of a monster before she crashes asleep.”

Harry really doesn’t understand why Eggsy is so insistent on this. They’ve barely seen each other all month, surely if he had missed him, the boy would have seek him out before then. Then he realises that no matter how cheerful Eggsy has been here, he probably doesn’t remember what a happy Christmas with one’s family is like. Maybe he’s not sure how to act with his family at Christmas, maybe he needs a buffer or something, but surely there are others who can act as such. He’s made it clear he had many friends within the organisation these past few weeks.

“I’m sorry Eggsy, but I’m really busy. Why don’t you ask Merlin or Roxy instead. Or hell, even Percival would surely say yes.” He doesn’t roll his eyes at that last, he doesn’t. “You seem to have been enjoying his company a great deal lately.”

Eggsy’s face falls at the cutting word and he seems totally at a loss of what to say for a long time, until a frown settles on his feature.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Why would I be jealous?” He knows he answer that one way too fast not to be suspicious.

“I don’t know, because I’ve been spending teatime with Percy lately instead of with you? And because I’ve been more attentive to everyone else?” They might sound like question, but they both know they’re not, that it’s simply Eggsy putting two and two together. “But you were the one who told me you’d be busy. I didn’t want to interrupt so that you would be okay coming home with me tonight… Which you didn’t remember about until now.”

“I still don’t remember Eggsy, you never invited me.”

“Yes I did! When we were talking about Christmas, before you told me you would be busy, I told you my mum wanted to do something special and that I couldn’t wait and I… Shit, I really never did?” He hides his face in his hands, the next words mumbled against his palms. “And then I was giving everyone little gifts and ignoring you and no wonder you’ve been in a pissed-poor mood. I’ve been a really shitty boyfriend…” Harry gasps in surprise at the last word, before berating himself. It’s only wishful thinking on his part, there is no way Eggsy said that. He’s nearly convinced himself when Eggsy finally comes out from behind his hands and glares at him. “Why didn’t you tell me I was being a shitty boyfriend? Heck, if you hadn’t warn me you’d be busy, I would have been all in your face!”

“I… I wasn’t aware we were together.” He’s mortified at the words, but it’s the simple truth.

“What? Come on Harry, that’s not a joke to make. I mean, sure we’ve been taking it slow and we haven’t even kissed yet but… But…” Harry had thought that their couldn’t be a worst expression on Eggsy’s face than the crestfallen look of despair he had gotten during their fight before he left to get shot in the head in Kentucky. He was wrong. This time, Eggsy looks about to be sick, as if the only thing he’s waiting for is for the floor to swallow him whole.

Before Eggsy can do more than dart a glance at the exit however, Harry has gotten up from his chair only to kneel in front of his boy and he’s cupping his cheeks tenderly. Eggsy has his eyes shut tightly, not that Harry can blame him. He cannot believe he’s been stupid enough not to see what was right before him all this time. Not to see that this love between them is inescapable.

“Oh Eggsy… I have been a shitty boyfriend. Can you ever forgive me?”

There’s shock in Eggsy’s eyes when he opens them, but hope too, a wonderful, beautiful hope and Harry risks pressing a chaste kiss on his lips.

A giggle escapes Eggsy at the gesture, his cheeks becoming the most flattering red and soon, Harry finds himself knocked back with his arse on the floor and an armful of deadly spy.

They stay that way a long time until Eggsy breaks the silence to answer him.

“Only if we go home right now.”

Skincare in Ramadan.

Growing up, I had severe acne and combination skin. I was told by multiple dermatologists that I’d “grow out of it.” Well… I didn’t. And still suffered for a few years. I was on multiple prescriptions and all types of topical gels & ointments — most which made my skin worse.

However, things have changed for the better.
I love my skin. It’s the best it’s ever been in a long, long time. And I can honestly say that my diet, water, and my skincare regimen has really shaped it to be as healthy as it is. That’s not to say I don’t get breakouts here and there. I do. Everyone does. C’mon, life can be stressful. But it’s still at its peak.

If there is one time during the year where you’ll be seeing family and friends you haven’t seen in years, it’s Ramadan. And it’s normal to want to look your best. Heck, it’s normal to want to look your best everyday, even outside of this blessed month. I’m going to share with you a few beauty / skincare tips that’ll help you out this upcoming Ramadan.

  1. Your skin needs water.
    Your body, in general, needs water. Water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption, and even excretion. The skin is the largest organ on your body (bet you didn’t think of it that way, huh? Yeah, neither did I). Basic biology tells you that your skin is made up of cells & those cells are made up of water. Without water, our organs will not work at its peak and the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. During Ramadan, we are fasting from sunrise to sunset. In order to keep our skin looking its best & functioning properly, it’s critical that you drink water in the morning during suhoor and in the evening during iftaar. It’s recommended to drink 8 glasses per day. I would also add some green tea into the mix for its hydrating and antioxidant factors. Besides, a nice cuppa tea after taraweeh can help you whine down.

  2. Do your best to avoid soda and coffee.
    These two things are mineral stealers. Without the proper mineral count in your body, it can also leave your skin feeling dry. The sugar content in soda is incredibly bad for you and can leave your skin looking dull and saggy. A high sugar content can also advance wrinkles.

  3. Don’t forget your eyes!
    The area around your eyes are the first to show signs of aging. It’s one of the most sensitive areas on our face with very thin skin. When nutrients are extracted from the skin or the skin isn’t getting enough of those nutrients, it begin to easily show. When you are moisturizing your face, don’t forget this vital area! If you’d like to take the extra step, invest in a suitable eye cream to apply at night (the best time is between 10pm and 02am; that is when your skin begins its rejuvenation process). Speaking of moisturizing…

  4. Moisturize!
    This is probably one of the most important things you could do for your skin. I follow the Korean skincare regimen, so I use with a lightweight moisturizer in the morning and a thicker one at night. It’s best to moisturize right out of a hot shower when your pores are open and “accepting.” Dry your face by patting gently with a clean towel or washcloth. Apply to your face. Gently tap your face for more/quicker absorption. You could also steam your face (if you haven’t taken a shower) by boiling a pot of water, taking a thick towel, and sitting over the boiling water for up to five minutes. Any longer, and you might risk drying out your face rather than helping it! And follow the same shower routine: dry your face by patting gently and apply moisturizer.

  5. Beauty sleep is real!
    Sleep can seriously affect your skin in worse ways than you could imagine from dark circles & puffiness of the eyes to dull skin. According to EverydayHealth, if you already have skin issues, not getting enough sleep can exacerbate the problem due to an inflammatory response which presents itself as pimples & skin sensitivity. That same inflammatory response leads to the breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid (two super special molecules that give your skin the glow it deserves). Sleep is key for your entire body since that’s the beneficial time of rejuvenation. The body rebalances its hydration; skin is able to recover moisture; and excess water in general in the body is processed for removal (that’s why you always gotta pee in the morning). Not getting enough sleep results in poor water balance, leading to puffy bags under your eyes and under-eye circles, as well as dryness and more visible wrinkles.

Jessica Krant, MD, MPH, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and founder of Art of Dermatology in New York shared a few tips for getting good sleep and better skin health:

  • Don’t eat a big meal too late in the day.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but not too late at night.
  • Sleep under a warm blanket in a cool, dark, quiet room.
  • Keep electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Use breathable cotton sheets and wash them regularly, so they don’t collect dust mites and bacteria.
  • Use laundry detergents that don’t have strong fragrances, which can be irritating to skin.
Tea Stained Paper

Amongst the ever vast wonders tea has to offer antiquing paper is a fun little diy that leaves you with a nice cuppa and an interesting craft. There are several methods to age paper this is the one I use.

How to age paper with tea:

Step 1: Select a thin piece of paper and write out a letter or whatever else take your fancy. (Be sure to use ink that won’t run)
Step 2:
Crumple your paper into a ball and spread it out across a large plate.
Step 3: Brew a nice cuppa and save the tea bag.
Step 4: Pour some tea over the paper and let it soak through for roughly two minutes. (If you want a darker look let dry and repeat)
Step 5: Use your tea bag and dab the paper to darken specific parts or let it sit for darker areas.
Step 6: Let your paper dry for roughly 30 minutes, but be sure to place a weight such a teaspoon by the edges to keep them from curling in.

Note: If you want a burnt edge look, while the paper is damp hold a corner roughly an inch away from a candle flame and it will burn in. I do this in the sink in case the paper catches fire from being too dry. Please be careful and take precautions doing this extra step.

-The Tea Drinkers Guide

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Slivers are unimportant! Why does the Nessian Game Warden have so many heads?? Why does he have such a serious-sounding name! Like he's some kind of office clerk?? Am I being prejudiced by assuming it's a "he"?? What if it's a "she"?? What's her name??

First of all, are you okay, henro88? Do you want a cup of tea? Let’s have a nice cuppa tea.

*sips tea* Ahh. That’s nice. Nice things are nice.

Now then. Nessian Game Warden represents sort of a twisty use of the term “game warden.” The creature is a warden of the Nessian forest whose physiology is a fusion of many kinds of “game” of that forest.

Nessian Game Warden art by Vincent Proce

I don’t know what pronouns it prefers. Maybe they prefer plural ones, you know? I like that the last time they entered the battlefield, this majestic ur-beast of the Nessian wood managed to find a cow. Someone write the story of the one time that Bessie found herself in the Nessian forest, yes?

Alright then! Are we okay? How are we feeling about life? Are we breathing? Good, I’m glad. :)

A nice cuppa tea, whats more important? 

We drink buckets of the hot stuff, tea drinking is one of the most ancient activities and one of those rare and excellent excuses in the day to just sit and enjoy ourselves.

Some of our favourites..

Hibiscus/Rosehip/Ginger/Rosemary/Sage/Hawthorn/Orange peel/Blackberry leaves/Peppermint/Echinacea/lavender/Turmeric & Ginseng ..