a nice bowl of oatmeal

Comfort (n)ice cream bowl 🤗 Cookie dough base with salted PB and all the usual toppings. Tough week calls for a super delicious breakfast ☀️ Counting my blessings and thankful for sunny days, my mum, awesome friends and random messages ☺️


Salted PB nice cream! Can’t get enough of this - three days in a row 😍

Toppings: Strawberries - Crunchy PB - Raw Cacao - Dried Cherries - Roasted Peanuts - Cacao Nibs - Choc Paleo Granola

There’s also salted crunchy PB blended through the nice cream - so good! 💛

I’ve decided my best purchase this year has been by Vitamix!

I absolutely love starting my morning off with a nice bowl of creamy oats and I have oatmeal for breakfast literally everyday, especially now since we are moving in to fall and it’s getting a bit colder🍂 so it nice to have a hot breakfast to keep me warm👌🏻



Today was a pretty nice day. First of all, today’s date is pretty cool because it’s 18.2, and for me, that’s a cool reference to blink-182, my favourite band. So the day started out nicely.

I woke up because sunlight was gently pouring over my face. I was warm; bundled up in my duvet and awoke softly, although my hair was all over the place and I think I drooled a bit in my sleep. 

The bathroom air is cold and sharp from the window that’s open, allowing the fresh and crisp air to circulate. Outside the sky is an icy blue, sun streaming in all directions and cutting onto the bathroom tiles through the blinds, creating a lovely shattered motif all around. Light hits my face in streaks as I wash my face and brush my teeth, slowly and drowsily gaining back consciousness after long hours of sleep. I went back into my bedroom and just stood at the door looking at this simple domestic scene. But the light just gets me. Warm and rich, it fills the room with its soft presence. Soft golden beams glow as the light touches everything in the room, washing it with a lazy strokes of amber. I don’t know why light holds me in such awe. It just is so beautiful. And the best part is that it’s absolutely everywhere. Light touches everything, and makes everything, no matter how plain or simple, beautiful.

Breakfast was a nice, sloppy bowl of oatmeal, warm and happy in its bowl. The earthy scent of cinnamon rises wafted from it, and I happily spooned this simple but delightful combination into my mouth. 

I saw my friend who I haven’t seen in a couple months today, and it was so nice connecting with her again. It’s so funny how things just click right back into place even if one hasn’t seen somebody for a lengthy period of time. It feels like nothing has really changed, and no time has passed; that we were just in 9th grade again, goofing around and laughing uncontrollably. 

So yeah, so far, the day has been really pleasant. I actually quite enjoy these diary-esque posts, might continue to do these…

A Year Every Minute Pt. 24

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

Gaster managed to keep his mouth shut until the door to the principal’s office closed behind them. “Who is she to tell you to be careful with your magic? You could have wiped the floor with that little brat.”

Sans just groaned and tried his best to ignore his father’s ramblings. His attention turned down to Papyrus instead. “you ok, bro? he didn’t hurt you, right?”


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