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Red Like Roses

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By the next week,everyone in SHIELD knew the news. Heck,maybe even Hydra knew. Celaena and Aiden broke off their engagement. They didn’t know why until the following week. Aiden was in an arranged marriage. They all found out when Celaena left early to take the train back to New Jersey. She had moved out and moved in with her brothers.

The redhead had pushed him and everyone out,refusing to let anyone back in.Unless she had to,Celaena didn’t speak to anyone about the situation. The redhead would purposely wear earbuds and have her music up to loud,just so no one would talk to her. On missions with Aiden and Jonah,however, she didn’t have a choice but talk to him. When she talked to Aiden, her eyes didn’t meet his and her voice sounded cold. However,when it was Jonah her eyes brighten a little and her voice was soft.

Jonah seemed to be loving the situation. Whenever he notice Aiden glaring at him when he was hanging out with Celaena, he would smirk.