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Can we stop with all the fanwar/shipper war and just be happy with our own ship?
Cre. Honeywater_jm, Unfair play

SORRY TO YELL BUT NIALL LOVES HIS NEW BAND SO MUCH ! he’s such a people person and now he’s got some buddies to go around with him and check out the venue and marvel at the acoustics and wonder at what the stands will look like when the doors open and people start flooding in. that must feel GOOD, is all

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name: Megan

nickname(s): Meggles, Meg

gender: Female

star sign: Aires

height: 5′6″

sexuality: Polyamarous bisexual or Lesbian (idk yet)

hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

favorite animal: Owl

average hours of sleep: Gosh, i don’t sleep much. Probably 5-6 hours if i’m lucky.

current time: 11:04 pm

dog or cat person: Dog person, definitely.

blankets you sleep with:A Nightmare Before Christmas one!

dream trip: I really want to go to New York!

when i made my blog: Years ago, i cant even remember but i only started using it last year.

followers: 434 (howwwww? I had 40 in May! tysm!!)

reason for my url: I can’t remember how i came up with it.

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Prompt Week #1 - May 8th: Caramelized Spicy Cashews

Based on a New Year’s party I went to this year. Trott’s outfit blatantly stolen from a very pretty boy at the New Year’s party before that. 

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i always come to your blog when there are new tokyo ghoul spoilers, it's like a ritual. i'm usually so angry because i used to like tg, but everything started going downhill fast with :re and now i'm so glad to read your thoughts when new shit comes out because i honestly can't take the fandoms reaction in the tags anymore. thanks for giving us sane and actually thoughtful commentary!!


There are two ways to fuck up a story.

1) throw in a romantic subplot between two characters who didn’t need one (the Tokyo ghoul way)

And 2) throw in characters we don’t care about into a story with characters who had their own development that we already care about (the attack on Titan way).

There’s hope for Attack on Titan. It’s at least got a plot going on somewhere between the weird new characters who weren’t really necessary. It hasn’t devolved to Eren and Mikasa having sex because Eren is a virgin. It’s not succumbed to Owari no Seraph fever 😂.

But Tokyo ghoul well.

Au revoir.

As far as I’m concerned, re never happened.

Kaneki lives in a suitcase.

He died like a hero and never became an edgy asshole and Touka went to college and became a doctor.

She didn’t wait for her man to come home. She married Yoriko.

And tsukiyama appreciated Kanae and didn’t just fucking forget about them.

And Eto took over the world cuz she’s bomb like that.

That’s what happened, as far as I’m concerned. That’s the true Tokyo ghoul ending.

I choose not to accept Re, anon. Join me.

okay, i’ve seen a lot of people who are confused as to why everyone is so excited over dan openly expressing he finds men attractive and i want to just briefly explain:

in 2012, dan was literally the living embodiment of “no homo”, due to a certain video *cough* being accidentally unprivated on phil’s side channel. he would lie about a lot of things and be really rude to anyone who asked about he video (this is when “fyi i like vagina” and “we met through a mutual friend” became things). if you search on youtube, you can find 30 minute compilations of him in 2012/2013 saying “i’m not gay” in younows. 

as some of you may know, in 2009/2010 he said openly on formspring (and possibly dailybooth, i can’t remember) that he was bi, although in 2012, dan deleted his accounts on both of those websites and when asked about it claimed that all the post on there were faked. 

(frankly i believe little to none of what dan said about those things in 2012, and believe it was simply him reacting badly to the situation and trying to protect his personal life by any means possible. he was younger and scared, so honestly i think people give 2012!dan a bit too much shit. like i accept and understand that he was very problematic back then but really, what would you do if your private relationship (assuming the ~certain video~ was real) got outed to hundreds of thousands of people whom you were not at all ready to come out to. i’m sure many people wouldn’t know what to do and dan’s coping mechanism was to lash out and deny it. i really just want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay in the future to be honest (or maybe slap and then hug because he was really problematic back then for various reasons))

now, contrast all this 2012 drama to this anime video; him openly calling men cute, admitting that he started watching free because it was guys with abs in speedos. he’s finally beginning to feel comfortable expressing attraction to men again, and let go of his coping mechanism from 4 years ago. 

we’re excited because he’s starting to trust us again and following his own advice; “be unapologetic of who you are.”


i’m pretty new to this whole studyblr thing, so i thought i’d make a cheeky intro post to kick it off! my name’s jess and i’m a third year mechatronics engineering and physiology student and certified Hot Mess - which is why i wanted to start this tumblr, to help me kickstart my studying for my upcoming exams!

the pictures above were from yesterday’s panicked PDE study session. we had a test that day and no one really knew what was going on. luckily that was my last test of the sem, so i’m almost finished all my coursework for this year!


Tell me why we shouldn’t kill you now. 

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hey i'm looking for some //truly heartbreaking// fics can you help me out?

we’ve got an Angst tag and here are some that made us cry, but here are a few that really fucked me up

Hazelbrook Grammar by SansPellegrino

Sergeant James Barnes is an ex-military sniper from Brooklyn who starts a new job teaching history at Hazelbrook Grammar School. It’s a long story.

Within just two hours of being there he meets an old friend, makes some new ones, and manages to develop a crush on the PE teacher. But of course, much like everything else in his life, it was never going to be that simple.

On the Other Side of a Downward Spiral by torakowalski

Bucky Barnes is barely functioning, let alone living, but when the Avengers find an abandoned baby girl, Bucky has to learn to look after himself, and keep the baby out of Hydra’s hands. All while trying to work out exactly what kind of relationship he and Steve want from each other.

Took my Love, Took it Down by LaughsAtThunder

The problem, Bucky thinks now that he has most of his memories back, is that his whole entire world has always revolved around Steve Rogers. Steve has been always been half of Bucky’s identity. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s best friend. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s wing-man. Bucky Barnes, Steve Roger’s team-mate. And now, well, now Steve had other people to fill those positions. And of course, of course he’d always been a little bit in love with Steve. So when he overhears Steve telling Natasha that he’s finally found someone he’d like to date, someone with similar life experience, Bucky clings blindly to the hope that maybe, just maybe, Steve is talking about him.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by sarinspill

Bucky has been homeless for years now, if he’s counting right. He has been since he dropped out of college, nearly four years ago. Ontop of that, his only remaining family passed away just mere days after he was evicted. Life has been just a dull and rough existence, just his cassette player and his shitty job at a grocery store were the only things he counted on nowadays.
In the end though, he doesn’t think he has it that bad. And he’d thank his shitty job any day for bringing him Steve Rogers.

Gimme Shelter by spoffyumi

Bucky loves his job at the animal shelter, but he’s not so good with people.  His boss Nick wants him fired, he’s barely scraping by on his salary, and don’t even ask about his family.  Steve wants to adopt a dog for company.  Will either of them find what they’re looking for?

Stucky, angst and puppies.

update: @the-cheshirette sent in The Bite of A Knife by Cazio

  • Tumblr [loses SU fandom in a crowd]: oh man how am I gonna find them
  • Tumblr [using hands as microphone]: PEWEY
  • Tumblr: oh there it i--
  • Tumblr:
  • Tumblr: nvm I'm going home