a new quote is born!

I don’t think people understand why I love Jermaine Cole so much. There are so many rapper out in the world that are so caught up in pleasing society, they only speak on topics that they believe will sell to the public; Drugs, sex, and money. J. Cole, steps out of the norm and raps about things that actually matter. He’s more focused on letting the children know that there is so much more opportunities in life, and you don’t have to be a rapper, or a basketball player, or a football player to be successful. Because his mother is German and his father is black, he can fit in anywhere and write from different perspectives, because he’s actually experienced it. His intelligence is amazing, I love the fact that he can intertwine his knowledge into his music. Have you ever just sat down and listened to him in an interview? If you haven’t I recommend you do, his intellect is motivating. When I first began listening to J.Cole, He was just somebody I enjoyed vibe'in to. When I began actually listening to the lyrics and analyzing his meaning I feel in love with his music, his mentality. I have never connected with a rapper like I’ve connected with J.Cole. His music has helped me through so many different situations, and I am forever grateful to him. J. Cole is my favorite rapper, and will always be because of his versatile style, his effect on the minds of the youth, and his mind blowing perspectives on the world.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
—  Anaïs Nin
Starting over can be the scariest thing in the entire world, whether it’s leaving a lover, a school, a team, a friend or anything else that feels like a core part of our identity but when your gut is telling you that something here isn’t right or feels unsafe… listen and trust in that voice.
—  Jennifer Elisabeth, Born Ready
To the love of my life, today is not just another day. Today is not just another number added to the age you have accounted for. To the love of my life, today is your day and I couldn’t be more blessed than to be the person by your side. Happy Birthday, does not do justice to all that I long to say, so here is what I want you to know. No matter your age, your wrinkles, your body, or your mistakes, I will love you more today than I did yesterday. There is no distance great enough to keep me from reaching for your hand. I long to travel every inch of this world with you and I promise we’ll do so in every year that we have. Today, we add another year but it’s not something to dread. Because if I’m being completely honest, I appreciate today more than any given holiday. Today marks the day, you were born and God, how grateful am I that it was you. You’re an angel in disguise a true gem outshining any other by your side. Today, gives meaning for so much more. To being 26 and flying to unknown countries we long to learn of. To being in our mid-20s and able to do all the things we could not do before. Like jumping off cliffs, swimming in tropical oceans, drinking before sunsets only we will ever remember. Today marks the chance for more kisses and memories, to more crazy adventures. To being old enough to be mature, but still young enough to be foolish. Today does not mark the day, “to have all your shit together,” because realistically no one ever has everything in order. Today marks the day for another year of learning, for another year of laughing and knowing that you have me by your side until forever. Today marks new beginnings and achieving goals we set when we were too young to understand the meaning. Cheers to being 26 and not yet married because we don’t have to know it all in this very second. To being adventurous and dancing till our feet can no longer keep up, we will venture to new destinations and along the way we’ll make new friends and new discussions that impact our tomorrows. Cheers, to the woman who has grown up to be beyond the woman I ever expected. Such a humbled, kind hearted girl, who still longs for success and freedom and the power of knowledge. We have completed just a quarter of our lives and still have so much more to experience. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend these years with, other than you. Cheers, beautiful, to only the beginning of a story filled with so much more adventure.
—  05.12.90 An Angel was born