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anyone else wonder why Viktor seems to be naked in bed and still have Yuuri’s glasses w him??? seems pretty gay and suspicious to me

Little fanfic things that make me smile:

  • When there’s a set of specific and intricate detail work and you just know the author is either drawing from life experience and knowledge, or that they spent a long time researching to get it just right.
  • A reframing of a well known metaphor or simile that makes you think of it in a new way. 
  • An original metaphor or simile that you pause and admire for a while because it’s such a sweet turn of phrase.
  • Dialogue that you can hear perfectly because the phrasing is so on point. 
  • The obvious love and care the author has for the character dynamics, plot and/or setting that shines through in every word, sentence and paragraph.
The amount of fire in my bones
right now is enough to make a
volcano blush. I hope you know
that I never meant to burn you,
only create islands for you to
rest on when I finally cooled
off, when you tired of swimming.
—  resting place // Haley Hendrick
“phone=heart” metaphor

so i was going through the sherlock & johnlock tags as i have been doing since the new content came out, and i stumbled across this for like the third time:

most everyone is speculating about the name of the baby. however, upon reading the daily mail’s new article, this stood out:

“Others suggested the line about Sherlock being ‘always on his phone’ was a hint at the upcoming storyline.”

“…he hasn’t helped us with this at all as he’s always on his phone.”

i haven’t been able to fully read all of the latest meta and tjlc findings, so correct me if i’m wrong, but here’s the thing:

if we follow the phone=heart metaphor, which we spotted in the very first episode when sherlock handed his phone to john upon first meeting him, this correlates as well. if sherlock is using his phone a lot, he is using his heart. instead of paying attention to the outer world, his attention is directed inward, to his heart and emotions instead. since the birth, john’s most likely busy, and sherlock has taken to himself and wallowing in the emotions he’s feeling.

he isn’t giving enough outside information or releasing these emotions just yet, since he’s on his own phone, but his heart is bubbling with emotions and wild with activity.

this statement was an exact metaphor for something else and is most likely why they included this in the obituary.

this also correlates with all of the other meta about sherlock’s emotions this season and of course, the iconic “i love you.” ^U^ (aka my christmas miracle)

if anyone has anything to add to this, please do!! 

i know he feels like a safety net
always there to catch you
but darling, safety nets do not 
have huge holes in the middle
safety nets cannot be always burning
safety nets should not tear
apart at the smallest of pokes
safety nets do not give 
you an illusion of safety
safety nets cannot be safety blankets
they cannot come with a tag saying
safety not guaranteed 
they need to catch you when you fall
they need to keep you safe

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Call me foolish or naive, but life has punched me in the gut (repeatedly) with the fact that there’s very little I can control. The only thing I have any real power over is how I act and respond to things. That’s it. That’s the only reasonably consistent claim I can make.

There’s a lot to hate. There’s so, so much to fear and hide from. 

But in 2017, I want to become a little more loving. A little more open. A little better at listening, at responding, at making myself available. Freer with my time, with my affection, with my belongings. Closer to friends, farther from negative thoughts, feelings, and impulses that would turn me on a bad path. More assertive, more active, less frozen with indecision and worry. Unafraid to confront incorrect assumptions but unwilling to confront them with anything but reason, patience, and understanding.

So I optimistically look forward to a beautiful year and truly hope that happiness visits everyone more than once and leaves something meaningful and bright behind, but if the world gets set alight, I don’t want to add fuel to the flames. In 2017, I want to do my small, insignificant part to extinguish fires where I find them and have the courage to offer sanctuary to people who need it. (Here’s to not getting burned too badly in the process.)

I know this is a bad comparison, but it works for me so hear me out.

Watching the election last night, I felt like I was watching Superbowl XLII again. For those of you who don’t watch football or are too young to remember, a quick recap:

In 2008, the New England Patriots ran a perfect season. Tom Brady was at the top of his game and the team had a chemistry that was undeniable. They were the first team to run a prefect season since the 1972 Miami Dolphins, and entered the game as a 12-point favourite to win. EVERYONE thought they were going all the way. SO MANY people believed that they were undefeatable, and there was no question of their victory. Anything other than a Patriots win would have been a joke…

Enter Eli Manning and the New York Giants. With a season record of 10 - 6, the Giants entered Superbowl XLII as a wild card, and were seeking to become the first NFC wildcard team to win a Superbowl. It also would have been only the franchise’s 3rd Superbowl win, and their first since Superbowl XXV seventeen years earlier.

The game was tight throughout, Giants pulling ahead in the 1st quarter 3-0, Patriots scoring a touchdown in the second to bring the score up to 7-3. But with a scoreless 3rd quarter, NE fans began to wonder if maybe it wasn’t going to be as easy of a sweep as anticipated. Entering the 4th quarter, fans of both sides were on the edge of their seats, until Manning finished a 7-play, 80-yard drive with a 5-yard touchdown pass to David Tyree, giving New York a 10–7 lead with 11:05 left in the game.

The Patriots then got the ball on their own 20 yard line and after a series of drives up the field, Brady was able to find Moss wide open in the end zone and complete a pass to him for a Patriots lead 14-10 with 2:42 left in the game.

The Giants final, game winning drive is now considered to be one of the greatest Superbowl plays of all time. Manning broke free from the grasp of Jarvis Green and Richard Seymour, righted himself, and threw the ball towards the middle where both David Tyree and Rodney Harrison went up for it. Tyree, under fierce coverage, made a leaping one handed catch, out jumping Harrison and maintaining possession by pinning the ball against the crown of his helmet. The play went for 32 yards and kept the drive alive. 4 plays later, NE cornerback Ellis Hobbs bit on a slant-and-go route and Manning lofted a pass into the end zone to wide receiver Plaxico Burress, making the score 17-14 for NY with 35 seconds remaining.

New England regained possession of the ball, but we’re unable to complete any further scoring plays in the time remaining, and only succeeded in allowing a 10 yard sack by rookie lineman Jay Alford and a smattering of incomplete passes down the field.

TL;DR The favourite to win almost does, but suffers a crushing defeat in the final moments, leaving everyone asking “how?”

This was one of the greatest upsets in sporting history, and I felt like I was reliving it all over again last night watching the election. A shoe-in, a sure thing, the undefeated competitor, was defeated by the opposition who, by all rights never should have gotten that far, never should have been there. As a New England Patriots fan, February 3rd, 2008 is a date I’ll never forget out of sheer disappointment. As a human being, November 9th, 2016 is a date I’ll never forget either, because that’s the day I lost my faith in humanity.

at the root of it
we’ve believed in a thing
dirtier than ourselves
we’ve clutched it, fucked it
we’ve buried it
sifted pith in our hands
painted sallow cheeks for mourning,
a performance
for aloof/acrimonious/absurd heroes
to write our sorrows down
to harmonize our harvest
for next year

at the root of it
we’ve laced our idols
as offerings to Perception
—this puckish Thing clad in fertilizer
promising to be pretty
and thine eyes upon the heavens:
daughters on their backs
whispering venom-songs
our works a serenade to fear
our gardens a notion to stand on
we’ve irrigated our tears
we are composers of the nether
and now
we are here

Pursuing happiness, and I did, and I still do, is not at all the same as being happy - which I think is fleeting, dependant on circumstances, and a bit bovine. […] The pursuit of happiness is more elusive; it is lifelong, and it is not goal-centred. What are you pursuing is meaning - a meaningful life. There’s the hap - the fate, the draw that is yours, and it isn’t fixed, but changing the course of the stream, or dealing new cards, whatever metaphor you want to use - that’s going to take a lot of energy. There are times when it will go so wrong that you will barely be alive, and times when you realise that being barely alive, on your own terms, is better than living a bloated half-life on someone else’s terms. The pursuit isn’t all or nothing - it’s all AND nothing. Like all Quest Stories.
—  Jeannette WintersonWhy Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

I was washing the dishes one Saturday night
and I thought about dinners with you.

Your grandma’s dining room.
Stiff-back chairs
and the smooth, deep wood
I remember thinking
“I haven’t been to a dinner this formal 
since Thanksgiving.
It was May.

Your grandma probably invented 
"meal prepping”
and made it cool
because her dishes were so good
they had to have been rehearsed.

You sat across from me.
You were a tulip
or a rose
or a dandelion or
maybe just a lion
with the sun in your hair
or maybe I can’t use metaphors anymore
Because you became your own literary devise.

There were no more similes that could capture your smile,
no summer’s day you could be compared to
I thought maybe something was wrong with me,
metaphors used to be the air that I breathed

and now all I want to inhale is you.

You stole my heart,
I think it is said.

I consulted the poets yesterday,
they said I was right.

You’re a masterpiece they haven’t seen before
They didn’t know how to describe you either.“

—  “I think it is said” -N. M. Walker