a new metaphor


Taika: “Ragnarok is the destruction of the old world and the rebirth of the new. (quite a metaphor for the movie itself.) Without getting too philosophical about it we destroyed the memory of those first two films and used all of that history to reboot the franchise without having to recast anyone. It was really cool because it was like ‘Oh do you wanna like change your character?’ ‘Sure I wanna change my character, I wanna make him more fun.’ (Chris, probably)  ‘You wanna change your character?’ ‘Yeh, I don’t wanna be boring scientist guy anymore’ (and Mark). Everyone just had the opportunity to come in  and make it interesting for themselves and fun to go to work.” 

Jackqueline: “Chris let us know that there’s gonna be another ‘Thor’ (…omg..?). Does that mean you’re gonna come back? I feel like you’ve turned the world, you can’t hand it off to someone else at this point.”

Taika: “Oh no it would be like giving one of my children away. Which I’ve thought about in the past but I can’t bring myself to do that, If that happens I’ll definitely come back and do it.”  

Taika, such an artist. <3

Chris: “I was pretty bored with myself and what I was doing as the character and I really wanted to do something different. Taika was as bored of me as I was of me. In this movie I was like, you know what, I’m just gonna take a risk and throw it all away and play a different character. I think we have an obligation to do something different. Otherwise you’re just collecting your paycheck.”

Chris saying it as it is. 

Little fanfic things that make me smile:

  • When there’s a set of specific and intricate detail work and you just know the author is either drawing from life experience and knowledge, or that they spent a long time researching to get it just right.
  • A reframing of a well known metaphor or simile that makes you think of it in a new way. 
  • An original metaphor or simile that you pause and admire for a while because it’s such a sweet turn of phrase.
  • Dialogue that you can hear perfectly because the phrasing is so on point. 
  • The obvious love and care the author has for the character dynamics, plot and/or setting that shines through in every word, sentence and paragraph.
The amount of fire in my bones
right now is enough to make a
volcano blush. I hope you know
that I never meant to burn you,
only create islands for you to
rest on when I finally cooled
off, when you tired of swimming.
—  resting place // Haley Hendrick

the new taylor we’re patiently waiting to know is standing quietly in the background above her former selves. she’s cognisant of how integral they’ve all been in getting her to this point, but with their final exhales she’ll eventually prevail. this confident, empowered taylor symbolically captures how her seemingly broken reputation constantly follows her around, which she boldly portrays by spray painting her plane, notably in scarlet letters. in sawing off a part of the wing, she’s highlighting how the media overlook her artistry, and reduce her creative freedom by focusing on labels they’ve conjured up —      “she jet sets around the world collecting men.”

this simultaneously alludes to how she’s found a way to reclaim her fourteen past selves, and she’ll courageously fly onwards and upwards, far beyond what’s been perceived by the media and public as wreckage. she’s rising above all of the caricatures and harsh, “shut up” remarks she’s endured for years, and she’ll finally have the chance to illuminate her own narrative. it’s only a matter of time before her voice will come to light powerfully, and something tells me that she’ll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.



anyone else wonder why Viktor seems to be naked in bed and still have Yuuri’s glasses w him??? seems pretty gay and suspicious to me

When I told you that
my skin was made of glass
I did not mean to imply
that I was fragile. 
You see, 
sometimes glass
is bulletproof. 
Its softest layer bends
so that it does not break.
So when I told you that
my skin was made of glass
I only meant to say
that it is possible
to be entirely visible
and still not be vulnerable. 
You just have to find strength
in your own weaknesses
and trust yourself
to absorb the impact.
—  Made of Glass, V.P.

everyone is canonically made from stars but louis?? that boy is made from stardust and just a touch of mooddust. every flutter of his fingers expell golden dust, every flick of his hair sends glitter flying off into the atmosphere. no, not flying. that’s too violent of a word. when louis flicks his hair, dainty pieces of glitter are aroused from their slumber atop his soft, warm scalp and cascade around him in fluttery, soft little ringlets. his cheekbones hold the power to slice and to reflect light and make-up perfectly. his nose is curved, very pointed but not in a witch kind of way but more of a soft, beautiful way. he leaves a trail of stardust behind him as he walks and from that, he creates new life with every step he takes

my heart has been permanently captured by the most whimsical, ethereal song that taylor swift has ever crafted. new year’s day is sheer magic and so perfectly captures that feeling of finally being able to fill your lungs with fresh air on a crisp spring morning while you feel so free and at peace. she’s genuinely penned the most poetic love song in all of existence.

in twenty one days we’ll be able to tune out whatever’s going on within our lives whilst we immerse ourselves in a world of new emotions, thoughts and metaphors crafted by taylor swift. there’s no feeling that’s quite as magical and as exhilarating as having melodies course through your mind for the first time, whilst the warmest sense of solace positively consumes you when lyrics illuminating parts of her journey through life resonate with your own. getting lost within reputation for months on end will truly be the most wonderful, cathartic experience.

I wanted to live in the city,
But I did not want to sacrifice the stars.
So I stargazed at skyscrapers,
And bought milky ways from corner marts.
You want the constellation,
That lives between my legs,
But you want to ride the subway,
To her lofted bed.

You cannot have us both.
You must sacrifice one to stay afloat.

—  Belle Jar

i know he feels like a safety net
always there to catch you
but darling, safety nets do not 
have huge holes in the middle
safety nets cannot be always burning
safety nets should not tear
apart at the smallest of pokes
safety nets do not give 
you an illusion of safety
safety nets cannot be safety blankets
they cannot come with a tag saying
safety not guaranteed 
they need to catch you when you fall
they need to keep you safe

What is this river but the one
Which drags the things we love,
Processions of debris like floating lamps,
Towards the radiance in which they go out?
—  Galway Kinnell, from section 4 of “The River That Is East,” The Avenue Bearing the Initial of Christ into the New World: Poems 1946-64 (Houghton Mifflin, 1974)

beauty & her beast

i. you fall in love with a girl
who is made of art and fairytales
and spirals of watercolors
in shades of rose petals

she is beautiful, and she is sad
she wears smiles like crowns
you wish she would breathe easier
(you wish you could breathe easier
around her)

ii. you are standing in a forest
waiting for the truth in stars
and chasing moonlight
your reflection in the river is twisted
a monster looks you in the eyes

the moon is full and empty tonight
as silver as your fur
wolves aren’t made for loving
(and who could ever learn
to love a beast?)

iii. you fall in love with a girl
who makes you feel human
her life is a masquerade ball
and you are made of masks

she sings laughter into your skin
the night sky fades
and the tides pull away from shore
drowning you in freedom

iv. you are standing on two feet
color fills your world
there are wolves in this forest
there is truth in these stars

v. you are in love with a girl
who carries poetry in her smiles
the sun sinks over the forest
she is in love with a wolf

— M.J.

The metaphor of death and fate (Vax) and a planatar representing life (Keyleth) hugging Scanlan is honestly very pleasant. 

Scanlan is between death/fate and life as the chosen of Knowledge, who has to use fate and the life of others to banish one who holds Lies and Secrets. 

the wind is wild and you are ravenous for a heart.
the dark closes in,
the wolves weep for your hunt,
the owls cry for your flight,
and the sea laments;
come home,
come home,
come home.
the calls are comforting,
as you are hungered for too,
but you are scared of this shouted refuge
they all guide into shadow and fright,
the night wants you to leave
and listen to your cadavers,
follow your phantom fae,
embrace the tendrils of a sinister willow

and never return

—  (once they get what they want from you, the ache will abandon and they will devour)