a new memento!!

memento mori

a reminder that you will die.

roses, leafy, fresh-cut
bright citrus, tangy, sharp
bitter flowers, petals crisp and white
bottled with the lingering note of smoke and ash.
one more hour of salvaged sleep.

a year lived in bus rides
and long trips to and from the airport
chinese characters, scrawled onto makeshift notecards
pencil shavings, smudged ink, a failed watercolor painting.
two pairs of headphones and a shattered phone screen
a corner of the top floor of the university library.

a moment in which you realized one story was ending
and the sleepless nights that followed, all spent
searching for the start of a new one.

a chopin prelude. the 16th one, the one they named after hades.
slightly burnt tea, spilled onto this week’s readings.
inputs. conversions. outputs.
chipped red nail polish, a broken hair tie,
and that loneliness.

twelve stops north.
a separate universe, but not quite.
beneath the silhouette of stadiums and skyscrapers,
rusting shopping carts wheeled into dwindling shadows
their owners seeking shelter from september sunlight.

a life set in sharp relief, flanked by uncertainty and the need
to just do something, burning a hole straight through you.

heat and apathy and whatever lies between
red, white, blue. shell-shocked silence
three midterm papers, fifty thinkpieces about miscalculations
and long calls home.
helplessness, recast into defiance.

a year lived in alternating reels:
slow-motion. fast-forward.
stark reminders that change is imminent
and the changes that swiftly followed.
a reminder that someday,
all of this ends.

Superhero Soulmates AU

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

Superman ✧ Physical Empathy Link ✧12345
Flash ✧ Tracker ✧123
Red Hood ✧ Timer 12
Batman Subconscious Link ✧1

Physical empathy link 
     You don’t feel their pain but your body wears your soulmate’s wounds and scars. You heal when your soulmate heals, but your soulmate heals only if you heal.

Emotional empathy link
    You feel what they feel.

    There’s a countdown for when you’ll meet your soulmate.

     There’s a measurement for how far/close your soulmate is.

Mortality Link
      When you’re 18 you only continue to age once you meet your soulmate. Some heroes and villains take advantage of this opportunity for immortality.

Subconscious link
    You and your soulmate share the same dreams lucidly.

Conscious link
    You and your soulmate have an involuntary telepathic connection.

Double vision
     Your right eye sees what your soulmate sees. In this special case eye-patches are worn to prevent double vision. Some people cover their left eye and watch the world through their soulmate’s eyes.

Identical birthmark
     You have the same birthmark.

Memory link
     Your past memories change to include your soul mate in your happiest moments, as if they’ve always been there, up until the moment you finally meet your soulmate.

Other Half
     A small memento broken in half is found in the blanket you’re wrapped in as a newborn child, and the other half belongs to your soulmate. Losing this memento will rid your chances of finding your soulmate. There have been rumors that criminals steal mementos and sell them in the black market, altering fate.

Bastion Calendar woop woop

So, backstory: it’s the holidays, I’m bored, I come across an ask on this blog mentioning Pythmas. Being overtired, I start overthinking about it. Like, Pythmas is obviously in winter, based on the official art we have, but is it still on the 25th of December? Is it still even at the end of the year? And really, if we’re honest, wouldn’t the world of Bastion have an entirely different calendar from us, with different months?

So I started making a calendar based around what time of the year Pythmas would be at, and my reasoning basically went as follows:

  • 12-month years are overdone, so let’s keep it as 365 days in a year but do something different for months. I’ve heard about ten-month calendars before, and since there’s ten gods, let’s make the year 10 months long instead, with 36/37 days in a month. Each month can match up with one of the gods.
  • Wait, that means the seasons would change every 2.5 months, which seems awkward. But the gods have two aspects! Let’s separate every month into two halves of 18/19 days, so the seasons change every five half-months. Each half-month aligns with one of the gods’ two aspects – it could work like starsigns or something, and they could divvy up religious holidays based on which aspect of the god in question they’re related to.
  • Supposing the seasons are the same as in the Northern Hemisphere, Pythmas would have to be at the end of the year to be in winter, so Pyth’s month should be last on the calendar. The months could be in the order they are in the Shrine, so that means the year would start with Jevel’s month, then go to Yudrig’s month, and so on.
  • A leap day, need to add in a leap day… let’s put it at the end of Olak’s month, as the last day of the half-month of Whim, since he seems most appropriate to a day that only shows up every four years.

Since I’m all but certain all this rambling is really confusing, here’s a diagram!:

The numbers are the dates of the month & which half of the month they match with; for example, Jevel 10th is in the Health half of the month, while Jevel 20th is in the Atrophy half. The colors are the seasons, and should roughly match up with Earth’s seasons; green is spring, red is summer, yellow is autumn and blue is winter.

Now onto holidays! I was thinking some of these might be at different times of the year to their Earth counterparts in order to match up with a particular god. A couple of ideas are below:

  1. Pythmas: Near the end of Pyth’s month, in the half-month of Order
  2. Hense’s Day / Valentine’s Day: In the second half of Hense’s month, in the half-month of Pleasure; there could also be an equivalent, more *ahem* physical day earlier in the half-month of Pain
  3. Mother’s Day: At the end of Micia’s month, on the last [weekday] of the half-month of Longing. Would be for both actual mothers and for Micia herself
  4. Father’s Day: In the middle of Garmuth’s month, on the last [weekday] of the half-month of Purpose. Same details as Mother’s Day
  5. Olak’s Day / April Fools: On the first day of Olak’s month, in the half-month of Chance
  6. ? / Halloween: Unsure, but the last day of either Yudrig’s or Acobi’s month (the half-months are Bravery & Abandon, respectively)
  7. ? / Arbor Day / Nature Day: In the middle of Roathus’ month, on the first [weekday] of the half-month of Plenty

For Bastion itself, I’m not sure about the overall timeframe, but supposing that Pythmas happens shortly after Evacuation, I think that the Evacuation/Restoration choice might have happened around Garmuth or Hense’s month

So… yeah. Calendars. Yaaay im a giant dork

hooooly shit this is amazing!! you put so much work and thought into and it works out so well, this is absolutely fantastic. a big round of applause for charmingviking everyone

Please Consider

Kazuma Kuwabara playing Neko Atsume.

Kuwabara’s face lights up every time a new cat shows up in his yard.  Tears form when the screen goes dark and he gets a new memento.

He constantly tries to show everyone but no one shares his enthusiasm (”You and your damn kittens, Kuwabara,” Yusuke says, but he says it with a smile and warmth in his eyes).

He renames Ms. Fortune to Eikichi, and he chuckles to himself every time he sees her.

In the middle of a fight he’ll yell and everyone will gather around.  “What’s wrong, Kuwabara?”  “I forgot to feed my cats!”  And the looks of disbelief are absolutely lost on him.

Just.  Just Kuwabara playing Neko Atsume.


Reversed the new “Memento” trailer because all of the clips in the original were backwards to see what could be seen, here you go!

Headcanon: Pickles’ silent bell is like the one from the Polar Express. If you believe, the bell will ring. Pickles believes in Santa Claws, and their jolly friend Tubbs dresses up as Santa and visits on the night of Christmas Eve to eat all the (cat-safe) Cookie Bitz and leave new mementos for all of the cats.