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Superhero Soulmates AU

           When you live in a world full of superheroes, there are worst things than meta human villains, invading aliens, and psychotic clowns. One of them is having a soulmate.

           Some say it’s better because your other half is easier to find, but they’re not the one who has a hero or a villain for a soulmate. You do.

Superman ✧ Physical Empathy Link ✧12345
Flash ✧ Tracker ✧123
Red Hood ✧ Timer 12
Batman Subconscious Link ✧1

Physical empathy link 
     You don’t feel their pain but your body wears your soulmate’s wounds and scars. You heal when your soulmate heals, but your soulmate heals only if you heal.

Emotional empathy link
    You feel what they feel.

    There’s a countdown for when you’ll meet your soulmate.

     There’s a measurement for how far/close your soulmate is.

Mortality Link
      When you’re 18 you only continue to age once you meet your soulmate. Some heroes and villains take advantage of this opportunity for immortality.

Subconscious link
    You and your soulmate share the same dreams lucidly.

Conscious link
    You and your soulmate have an involuntary telepathic connection.

Double vision
     Your right eye sees what your soulmate sees. In this special case eye-patches are worn to prevent double vision. Some people cover their left eye and watch the world through their soulmate’s eyes.

Identical birthmark
     You have the same birthmark.

Memory link
     Your past memories change to include your soul mate in your happiest moments, as if they’ve always been there, up until the moment you finally meet your soulmate.

Other Half
     A small memento broken in half is found in the blanket you’re wrapped in as a newborn child, and the other half belongs to your soulmate. Losing this memento will rid your chances of finding your soulmate. There have been rumors that criminals steal mementos and sell them in the black market, altering fate.

anonymous asked:

How would the band react to you seeing pictures of them when they were little?? :)

2D: 2D hates flipping through his old family photos because he used to look like a tool, but he finds yours to be incredibly cute and refuses to let you hide the embarrassing ones from him. He snags a cute one of you when you were little and tucks it away for him to always have, just in case. 

Murdoc Niccals: Doesn’t know what it’s like to have fond childhood memories, but he can appreciate the fact you’re sharing some of your past with him. He looks through some of them and remembers about events that happened to him when he was that age (the look of concern on his face tells him it probably wasn’t normal). 

Noodle: Noodle’s childhood is a bit of a sore spot and she feels jealous looking at your old photos because it reminds her that she didn’t really have a good one. She avoids talking about hers when she can but likes to breach the topics of what you used to do with your family, hobbies you had, etc. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel enjoys you sharing your old memories and baby pictures with him, having a few he had taken from New York as a memento to show you. Some of the older ones show his friends who had died before he moved, but he quietly explains who they were and some memories they had had together. 

memento mori

a reminder that you will die.

roses, leafy, fresh-cut
bright citrus, tangy, sharp
bitter flowers, petals crisp and white
bottled with the lingering note of smoke and ash.
one more hour of salvaged sleep.

a year lived in bus rides
and long trips to and from the airport
chinese characters, scrawled onto makeshift notecards
pencil shavings, smudged ink, a failed watercolor painting.
two pairs of headphones and a shattered phone screen
a corner of the top floor of the university library.

a moment in which you realized one story was ending
and the sleepless nights that followed, all spent
searching for the start of a new one.

a chopin prelude. the 16th one, the one they named after hades.
slightly burnt tea, spilled onto this week’s readings.
inputs. conversions. outputs.
chipped red nail polish, a broken hair tie,
and that loneliness.

twelve stops north.
a separate universe, but not quite.
beneath the silhouette of stadiums and skyscrapers,
rusting shopping carts wheeled into dwindling shadows
their owners seeking shelter from september sunlight.

a life set in sharp relief, flanked by uncertainty and the need
to just do something, burning a hole straight through you.

heat and apathy and whatever lies between
red, white, blue. shell-shocked silence
three midterm papers, fifty thinkpieces about miscalculations
and long calls home.
helplessness, recast into defiance.

a year lived in alternating reels:
slow-motion. fast-forward.
stark reminders that change is imminent
and the changes that swiftly followed.
a reminder that someday,
all of this ends.


Acid Rain


I am in loveee with the new releases from Fakeicon and Boys to the Bone! Inspiration
sparks every time I collide both of their creations in one post. I also love this new not-an-arm
that I have and think I’ll be setting an odd trend wearing it for a lot of posts xD.
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· Hat: `M.BIRDIE / Leah look-Hair Maitreya RARE
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· Hair: #Foxy - Kali. (M) [NEW! at Fameshed!]
· Earrings: FAKEICON / trash earrings / ciggy earring (L/R) [NEW! at Sanarae!]
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· Rose: Boys to the bone - tragic gacha - holdable rose red [NEW! at The Men’s Department!]
· Fishnets: Astralia - Mya embellished stockings (Fish Maitreya applier)
· Socks: {sallie} Knit Thigh Socks {mait exp - slink feet} - Clouds
· Shoes: `M.BIRDIE / Mari Look.Shoes-black RARE w/ HUD

- On scene -

· Backdrop: 4. Pseudo - Bus Stop Scene [NEW! at Sanarae!]
· Rose Petals: [unavailable: photoshopped]

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whats up gamers heres my p5 theory

[discussion of persona 5 endgame info here but no really explicit ‘spoilers’ persay]

magatsu-inaba was the very first “palace” of the cognitive world

adachi’s desires and mentality were so distorted that vestiges of magatsu-inaba still existed after izanami-no-okami and her domain were destroyed by yu + the investigation team

yaldabaoth was a much lesser god that was in the vacuum that the destruction of izanami’s domain left behind

after seeing how adachi’s perception so radically changed that landscape, yaldabaoth took what was left and used it to form the basis of mementos and the cognitive world

since adachi went to prison, magatsu-inaba had changed to reflect that. yaldabaoth used that prison as something to feed into the public’s fears and anxieties, and those fears and anxieties in turn fed mementos and yaldabaoth. other peoples’ distorted desires also formed new areas of mementos, creating palaces and further empowering yaldabaoth and his influence over public opinion

tl;dr: adachi’s putrid perception of inaba was so pervasive that yaldabaoth used it to form mementos + the cognitive world

my entire argument is based on the fact that the pattern in the sky of magatsu-inaba is the same as the pattern the phantom thieves see when crossing into the cognitive world, and that magatsu-inaba worked much more like a palace than it did any of the other channels formed by their inhabitants

but thats just a theory a GAAAAAAAAME THEEEOOORRYYY