a new loki background for you guys

Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine) Pt. 1

Hey guys! So this is a fic that I wrote a while ago. It’s quite long so I’m going to make a mini series out of it as well! :) 

Basic concept: Loki decides to destroy a planet on your Wedding day. (Typical Loki right? Lol! XD )

I just wanted to say, I know with fanfics and imagines most people like to keep the background short and “get to the point” (aka fluffy romance & such- which I adore don’t get me wrong here!) but I think writing the background is part of the fun, you know? I feel like it then makes the romance that much sweeter. I promise I won’t do that with all my fics, but in these series type stories that’s pretty much what may go on. Just an FYI! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this Loki series! :)

“Where is she?” I boomed as the heavy golden doors of my fathers court swung open at my arrival. He watched me carefully; I new the games he would play, I knew them before I walked through the door. And he hated having the lower hand. “Answer me!” I yelled at Odin. I’d hated him before, but my feelings were murderous now, and if he didn’t speak plainly there would be life to pay. 

And his was one I would gladly take. 

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Loki on Comedy Central

Loki: I am Loki, of Asgard!

Girl 1 (left): I am Diana, of New Jersey!

Loki: *sighs*

Loki: We’re gonna be friends… It’s fine… *sigh*


Loki: Who’s a better superhero? Thor or Loki?

Kids: THOR! ((With the boy on the left mumbling Loki in the background))

Loki: Why would you say that?

Girl 2 (right): Cuz’ he can make thunder and lightning, and he has a big hammer! And sometimes, he hits the hammer on the ground, and all the bad guys fall down just because he’s so strong and he can knock ‘em over with just his hammer!

Loki: *pushes girl 2* See who needs a hammer? I pushed you over with my bare hands.

Loki: I thought she was the only one who’s being cute just for the sake of being cute. Please~

Girl 2: You are rude~

Loki: *sigh*


Loki: Who here has brothers and sisters?

Kids: *raise hands*

Loki: Well do you have brothers?

*Both boys put down their hands*

Loki: Do you fight with your brother?

Girl 1 (left): No, nope!

Loki: *turns towards girl 2 on the right* Now did he ever wrongly imprison you after intercepting your plans for global domination while foiling your attempts to rule the human race as their king?

Girl 2: No… I just needa go to the bathroom…

Loki: *sigh*

Loki: Oh for heaven’s sake, are any of you adopted?

Kids: *shakes head*


Loki: Now, I’m gonna hold up some photographic illusions, and I want you to say the first word that comes to your mind.

*Shows Thor’s “photographic illusion”*

Kids: GOOD!

Loki: You don’t know him like I know him.

*Shows Loki’s “photographic illusions”*

Kids: BAD!

Loki: I would’ve gone for insanely smart and incredibly good-looking!

Boy 1 (left): Thor’s a hero!

Loki: Seriously? You’re just gonna buy into that whole blonde and muscle-ly myth?

Boy 2 (right): You have a scary face.

Loki: You have a scary face.

Boy 2: No you are.

Loki: You are times infinite~

Boy 2: You are infinite times two!

Loki: That’s not even a thing~


Loki: Who’s the most powerful superhero?

Girl 1 (left): Ironman!

Loki: Wrong!

Boy (left): Grilled Cheeseman!

Loki: He’s not even a superhero!

Girl (left): Banana head Fartman!

Loki: I’m pretty sure you just made that up!

Girl (right): The Mighty Thor~

Loki: I’m pretty sure I prefer Banana head Fartman…


((Yupp, definitely prefer Loki more ^^ Lol))

morgamiester  asked:

My new favorite background characters are the goth girl cosplayer and the "no job, no hope" guy. How'd you come up with them?

The goth is a patreon donator. For every month someone supports me with $25 or more, their character appears in Loki IRL. They just need to email me it on RebelTaxi@yahoo.com

The guy with the shirt is a Miniature Colossal Titan. I thought it was funny how it was proportioned on the model sheets of AoT, so I gave it a long winded Slogan T shirt