a new job for pearl

everyone: i had a dream that the next steven universe episode was out and i watched it and this is what happened in it. amethyst managed to capture peridot, and as congratulations for a job well done pearl got her a new?? dress??? it was like a super generic frilly dress but ame liked it for some reason idk. after that steven followed amethyst around without her knowing bc he was trying to get her attention about something, and you see that amethyst has snuck into the room where they’re holding peridot, and it’s revealed that peridot has held onto a version of jasper’s weapon?? somehow. then peridot just kind of. leaves lol and amethyst gets curious and goes to grab jasper’s weapon but when she does a communication network opens up to homeworld and it’s this huge thing like were about to see who sardonyx is and what she looks like but then the dream ended, of course. i woke up with my heart pounding lol