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A colorful array of lights flashed, darted around, and spun as they lit up a boisterous room full of rowdy characters dancing wildly on party floor below a DJ stand. There were neon signs that flickered and glowed in every corner of the stylish room, and the DJ set-up was more than alive as the records spun around, creating loud music that fueled the party animals. However, no one was at the stand. A short silhouette of a koopa was able to slip by the massive crowd and sneak up the glittering steps that lead to the turntables. They grabbed a pair of headphones that were laying on the turntables. The headphones had the unmistakable, light blue star of Larry Koopa on the sides of its speakers, and the figure put the headphones around their neck. The shadowed koopa cleared their throat and looked out to the bunches of koopa troopas, shy guys, and goombas that were gathered near the DJ stand.

“Ahhh, it feels good to be back, everyone! And boy am I-” The high voice of the silhouette was cut off as the music blasting in the club drowned out their voice along with the cheers of the crowd.

The koopa huffed and shouted, “hello!?”

When there was no acknowledgment, the darkened figure bared their pointy, white teeth with frustration. They slammed their hands down on a bright red button that was flashing beside them. The whole room went black and the music that had once been blaring was put to an end. Almost immediately, the whole club went silent and looked up to where the DJ stand would be. Two white lights above the stand suddenly turned on and shone onto the koopa, creating a big entrance. The koopa had a tall and light blue mohawk, icy blue eyes, and the signature blue star on the side of their head. It was none other than Larry Koopa. He stood with a mischievous grin on his face as he looked in amusement at everyone’s jarred expression.

He laughed, “now that I have everyone’s attention,” he paused for dramatic effect, “Larry Koopa is now officially in the club! So let’s get this party goin’!” He yelled with glee as everyone below him cheered with excitement.

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