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For anon…this was a really interesting prompt to me. This is so long though. I hope you enjoy it!

“Anakin,” Y/N cheered happily while hurrying to meet him.
Despite his beaten body, he smiled. “Y/N. How have you been?”
She gripped him tightly, causing a wince. “Sorry,” she apologized, “We can go through pleasantries once you’ve been treated.”
“That’s what I kept telling him,” Obi Wan said playfully, “It seems he just won’t listen to me.”

Anakin smiled shyly as Y/N chuckled. The trio continued on toward the medical facility. Y/N and Obi Wan continued to tease him. Anakin just smirked as they hobbled through the hallways. He was just happy to see his best friend again.

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For anon…enjoy!

You bit your lip as you scratched the back of your neck. Luke, your crush, and Leia were making their way to you. The pair were laughing about something. You couldn’t quite tell what.

Glancing away for a moment, you attempted to lock those feelings down. Luke had a right to like whomever. You had no place to say any different. For the sake of his happiness, you swallowed the heartbreaking feelings.

You returned your gaze to the pair just as they reached you.

“Hey Y/N,” Luke greeted.
“Hey guys. How are you two killing the time?” you asked with a smirk.
Leia chuckled. “Unfortunately, I have a few meetings I have to attend.”
“The duties of a general,” Luke added.
Leia grinned. “Yeah. I’ll see you two around.”
She rubbed Luke’s shoulder before heading off. Luke smile softly.
“Bye,” you replied simply.

You bit your lip with slight nervousness. It was just you and Luke…alone. You always had trouble hiding your feelings for him when you were alone together. You cleared your throat.

“So, no Han today?” you asked while turning to walk.
Luke shook his head while stepping in line. “No. He said something about someone owing him.”
You smirked. “Sounds just like him.”

Sucking slightly on the inside of your cheek, you moved your gaze away from the pilot. You feigned interest in the things around you.

How pathetic? you thought, I can’t even look at his face without giving it away.

Luke grimaced as he noticed your behavior. He had noticed you grow increasingly quiet the more time the two of you spent together. The two of you used to be so close. He had developed quite the crush on you even. But, it didn’t take him long to notice you distanced yourself more and more from him.

“Y/N, can I ask you something?” he whispered just as the two of you reached a more secluded area.
Gulping you nodded. “Sure. Anything.”
“Do you hate me?”
You halted in your tracks, eyes wide. “No, Luke. Of course not. I could never hate you.”
He knit his brows. “Then what’s been up with you? We don’t hang out as much anymore, and anytime we do you just look at anything but me. Did I do something wrong?”
You lowered your head, shoulders slumping. “No. You didn’t do anything. It’s just…me. Don’t worry about it.”
Luke huffed. “I can’t not worry about you, Y/N. I care too much for you to let you out of my life.”
You blinked with surprise. “What was that? Did-You care for me?”
Luke blushed but nodded. “Yeah. That’s why I always want to hang out. I, uh, really like you.”
“And Leia?”
“What about her?”
You sucked in a breath. “Do you like her too?”
Luke sighed, but chuckled. “Not like I care about you.”

With a flush of relief, you quickly pecked his cheek. They burned brighter as your grin broadened. He slipped his hand into yours.

“I like you too,” you told him.

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