a new friend for pepper!!

“Dave Navarro had joked that some days he was more concerned with how his hair looked than what his guitar sounded like. Frusciante was the exact opposite, joyously consumed with rediscovering his instrument while content to resemble a scrubbed vagrant.”

Q, February 2011

Death Be Not Proud - Tony Stark Post IM 1 till the beginning of IM2

I finally took the time to read the MCU tie-in comics today and by my good luck, came across Iron Man 2: Public Identity, the prequel/tie-in between IM1 and 2. It’s a three issues comic and is worth every single frustration we’ve felt about MCU, just for its brilliant characterization of all the characters. Since I did read it completely, I decided to make a meta post about it.

For the purpose of this essay/meta, I’m dividing it into five categories:

~  Memories and Masks

~  Loyalty and Landmines

~  Families and Forged Iron

~  Recklessness and Radioactive Signatures

~  Selfishness and Altruism 

(long post, please watch for the break)

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Sparks Flew - Chapter Ten

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

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You know the fanon that Tony invites everyone to stay at the Tower because he’s lonely when Pepper and Rhodey are busy? What if everyone comes to live there for that reason, and it doesn’t quite work according to plan?

I mean, he has friends around. So many friends! All the time! It’s great! Go team!

Except Pepper is waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to do yoga with Bruce. Or Rhodey and Thor are deconstructing battles instead of watching the movie Tony chose. Or Pepper and Steve talking about art when the whole reason Pepper picks out Tony’s art is that Tony doesn’t care, okay, this is not Tony’s interest. Even Rhodey and Clint discussing the finer points of barbecue- no, not with any robot help, just fire and a grill. It’s not that Tony isn’t invited, it’s just- his life has a very set order. Things are supposed to revolve around him! WHY ARE THINGS NOT REVOLVING AROUND HIM.

He hadn’t realized new friends at the Tower meant new friends for EVERYONE, this is like when Pepper and Rhodey discovered they both liked Walking Dead even though Tony wasn’t into it at all but times like a million.

Some nights, when Tony needs a break from his experiment but Pepper and Natasha are out for drinks and Rhodey and Sam are bonding over being the only normal people in the tower, Tony finds himself hanging around the common room of the tower with Bucky, both of them sulking (although both would fervently deny it), no one talking, no one even acknowledging the other.

JARVIS helpfully plays children’s programs about learning to work together on the television. Neither of them dignifies it with a response.


We’re getting a bunny.

I am so excited, next Thursday, we’re going to pick up Lucas’ first pet.
This is pepper, pepper is a 6/7 week old, boy bunny and the runt of the litter, he’s tiny, cute and a dream.

We’re excited to go and get him, to watch Lucas bond with his new bunny friend and spoil the cutie pie.

Eeeeeeeeee BUNNY!
How cute is pepper?

thewriterchick  asked:

Steve x Darcy (Or Steve/Darcy/Bucky, your choice): all boys boarding school AU :)

I know this isn’t quite the prompt, but I hope you like it! Apologies for any typos and spelling mistakes.

If her parents could see what she was about to do, they’d seriously rethink the fancy boarding school they’d banished her to. Oh, they said it was for her own good, of course. They wanted to “save her from herself.” If she thought about it, she really couldn’t blame them. They’d sent her to Sacred Heart after a series of disasters they not-so-fondly referred to as the Foster Fiascos, which had culminated in a brief arrest for trespassing at the local observatory. It was the last straw for her parents. They were not impressed by the fact that she’d talked the police into letting her and Jane off with just a warning, and they hadn’t been convinced that Darcy was finally taking an interest in her own education. They were adamant that they needed to separate her from Jane if they didn’t want Darcy to end up in prison.

Like Darcy needed Jane to make terrible decisions. Clearly, her parents didn’t know her very well. If they did, they’d have known that while Jane was the brain behind the science, Darcy was the one who knew how to get in—and out—of trouble.

And the trouble potential tonight was very, very high.

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Poison Ivy Being Recast For Gotham Season 3

The Ivy Pepper that you’ve now seen for two seasons will be no more. Clare Foley, the young actress that currently plays plant interested Ivy Pepper will not return for the third season due to Gotham’s producers recasting. According to an exclusive in TVLine will be looking for an older actress to play Ivy Pepper aka Poison Ivy. “Casting is underway for an actress in her late teens to assume the now-series regular role of the would-be eco-terrorist.” Ivy will also be having a larger role in the series which is also casting several more actors for it’s upcoming third season. Clare Foley has also starred in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black as a younger Piper, but outside of Gotham she’s likely most known for her roles as Ashley in the 2012 horror film Sinister and as Alice in Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw. In other casting news for Fox’s Gotham they are reportedly looking for a Vicki Vale, who was originally portrayed on screen by Kim Basinger in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. The character is described as “an ambitious young journalist” and in her late twenties. Finally it looks like Dr. Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter will be committing haberdashery in the third season. Ed Brubaker once said of the Mad Hatter “Jervis is obsessive-compulsive, and highly delusional. He’s got an immature self-image, so he identifies more with children than adults. Oh and he’s a genius, too.” If they continue down that line - it looks like the young Bruce Wayne might have a new “friend.”


Penny & Pepper: Week One

Penny is a 3 year old rescue Harlequin Great Dane. We don’t know much about her past except that she was abused and used for breeding in a puppy mill. The first month we had her, she was a shaky, scared mess who couldn’t handle sudden movements or large groups of people. A year later, she’s happy and adjusted and just got a friend– our new Dane, Pepper (most these photos are just of Pepper). We got Pepper from a rescue in California that helps remove dogs from irresponsible breeders. She was very black and white at first (Harlequin) but is now presenting as a little salt-and-pepper (Merlequin). Yay for happy Danes!

hey this is pretty important but it’s also really long so it’s under a cut. if you follow me (especially if we’re mutuals) you should probably read it ♡ thanks and happy new year!!

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