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Trump just banned EPA employees from posting on social media

  • Trump has instituted a social media ban for employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, the AP reported on Tuesday.
  • EPA employees are now banned from posting updates on social media or giving updates to the press.
  • News broke on Monday that the EPA is under orders from the Trump administration to freeze its grant programs, which include funding for education, water testing and air quality monitoring.
  • The Huffington Post reported on Monday that it’s unclear whether the freeze will be indefinite. Read more

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It has been said that for every person who “wakes up”, 1,700 more also “awaken”. Energy expands exponentially throughout the entire Universe. Know with absolute certainty that YOU are changing the very fabric of the cosmos. And you are essential to the evolution of absolutely everything.

It turns out that there’s actually a scientific reason behind why people don’t sleep soundly in an unfamiliar place. 

 According to a study conducted by Brown University, the first night that you sleep in a new environment the left hemisphere of the brain stays alert while the right hemisphere rests. The biological trait is thought to have allowed early humans to respond to nighttime threats. “When we’re sleeping in a new environment and we don’t know how many predators are around, it would make sense to keep half the brain more alert and more responsive to bumps in the night,” said Niels Rattenborg, who led the study. 

The evolutionary advantage this brain traits provides is probably less useful to modern humans — making us experience less restful sleep when we spend the night at a hotel or friend’s house, for example — but in the animal kingdom, this trait still helps marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, and seals respond to threats during their slumber.

Yuri warms up to Victor a little faster than Yurio, but that’s just a cat thing. It takes cats about 2 to 4 weeks to grow used to a new environment. Victor just happens to have the softest blankets to sleep on.

Victor is ecstatic when Yuri starts to warm up to him! He wakes up with Yuri snoozing away at the foot of the bed and just internally screams while reaching for his phone for photos.

Victor’s definitely the type of owner who, if Yuri were to curl up on his lap, would think “I can’t move for the rest of my life” and probably be happy with that decision.

Yurio warms up to Yuri with a stubborn “fine asshole I’ll just ignore you” attitude. But then it becomes apparent that the new cat is soft, and actually really nice. Also Victor likes him, and bengals are nothing if not super loyal to their families.


Department of MysteriesThe Entrance

Everything in here was black including the floor and ceiling — identical, unmarked, handle-less black doors were set at intervals all around the black walls, interspersed with branches of candles whose flames burned blue, their cool, shimmering light reflected in the shining marble floor so that it looked as though there was dark water underfoot.

– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I saw a post today about “thank god modern fandom culture didn’t exist when homestar runner was popular” and it’s taken me until now to respond to it, but:

  1. “Modern Fandom Culture” has existed for longer than you think it has and it has always been exactly as awful as it is now, it sprung fully-formed from the advent of internet forums and has barely adapted to new environments, every terrible fandom today has pretty much the same problems as every terrible fandom from the 90s and 2000s except now you can access those problems faster and in better resolution
  2. You didn’t see the horrifying homestars and strong bads I saw on deviantart so frankly I don’t wanna hear it

mbti moodboards 

➥ INTP (the architect)

[INTPs] are introspective, logical, rational, clear-headed, informative, and attentive. The scientific systemization of all knowledge, or Architectonics, is highly developed in Architects, who are intensely curious and see the world as something to be understood. Their primary interest is to determine how things are structured, built, or configured. Architects are designers of theoretical systems and new technologies. Rearranging the environment to fit their design is a distant goal of Architects.

Architects are logically and verbally precise. They tend to analyze the world in depth. They prefer to quietly work alone and they may shut other people out if they are focused on analysis. This, coupled with the fact that Architects are often quiet, makes it difficult for other individuals to get to know them. (x)

A temple. My body is not a temple. I am not pure I am not holy in my mind nor spirit. I am wrathful. Vain- and I do not know any other way of being. That’s acceptable. My body, is a studio apartment of a 25 year old aspiring artist. I’ll move things in and out as a please. New environments surrounding to inspire me as I go. I’ll paint the walls. Sometimes clutter will fill me to the brink as I struggle to even walk in and out of my bathroom. On certain occasion, pristine. I will be perfect and pristine and I’ll invite people over and maybe we will have a party and then - mess and chaos. But that’s how I work. Maybe your body’s a temple, and I’m glad it is.

New Zealand river first in the world to be given legal human status - BBC News
The Whanganui River, revered by the Maori, is the first in the world to be seen as a living entity.

This is great news for conservationists world wide, and provides and example for hope for the future of our ecosystems across the globe!

Way to Go New Zealand!



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Carlo Prada’s home

Journalist and art collector Carlo Prada lives in Milan. His apartment, housed in period building, has two different souls: the atmosphere of traditional spaces, defined by original stucco ceilings and carved parquet, and the contemporary feel with new more fluid environments and new areas highlighted by concrete floors in the shade of Gio Ponti light blue. The apartment was renovated by architect Hans Peer who created a perfect balance between past and present: classic heritage, modern elements, contemporary art and masterpieces of design. 


New Mountain Valley pipeline threatens stretch of the Appalachian Trail

  • In West Virginia, the Mountain Valley Pipeline now threatens a swath of the Appalachian Trail and surrounding forest.
  • According to the Wilderness Society, the pipeline’s proposed route would stretch about 300 miles, transporting natural gas from northwest West Virginia to southern Virginia.
  • It would also cut across 3.4 miles of the Jefferson National Forest and require the clearing of a 125-foot-wide land corridor that should be protected under 2001’s Roadless Rule,
  • The rule guards against construction and road-building on 58.5 million acres of National Forest System land.
  • Opponents have voiced concern for the immediate environment and its wildlife, and also for the precedent the pipeline’s construction might set in allowing logging and energy companies to build in areas that are technically off-limits. Read more

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