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Name: Betka
Age: 16
Country: Slovakia

I love nature, books (mostly classic literature and fantasy, but also YA and sci-fi and basically everything), writing, flowers, learning new things, talking, languages, cultures, poems, art, indie bands, food, scouting, helping, love and people.
I’m scout, vegan, red cross volunteer, ENFP and my zodiac sign is scorpio.
And I love aesthetically pleasing things. Am enthusiast for things in general.
I’m also big TV show (Sense8, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Riverdale, Class, Shadowhunters and more) and anime (Yuri!!! on Ice, Kurishitsuji and more) and 1D and Dan and Phil trash, just so you know.
I speak fluent slovak, english and kind of also czech and am learning german.
Also, I would love to be sending letters with someone!
I’m looking forward to your messages, xoxo

Preferences: If you’re homophopic, biphopic, racist, sexist, xenophopic or hateful in general, please don’t contact me.

A Tale of One Hoax - Page 10

Wild UPDATE appeared! Demona used UPLOAD! It’s super effective!

No, but seriously, I apologize for the long wait. Let’s hope this motivation I have now stays longer :D

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