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Story of Another Us // 5 Seconds of Summer

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I felt like a lot of stuff in my life has changed and not at all because of my career but just because stuff changes as you get older and I found myself yearning for my past, for no reason specifically other than… it had gone. It had happened and I missed elements of it. I didn’t want to be back there - I just missed elements of it. And it felt like all of us were moving on, like with our own things and its not about a love relationship, like with an ex, its about my relationships with everyone that I love. And I miss a lot of those people. It’s not that we’ve fallen out or anything, its just that we’ve all got our own lives going on.
—  Adele on what inspired ‘Hello’
The signs as Blink-182 lyrics
  • Aries: "I am as bright as the sun, I burn up all that I choose"
  • Taurus: "I laughed the loudest who'd have known"
  • Gemini: " I think I'm falling asleep but then all that means is I'll always be dreaming of you"
  • Cancer: "Cause good girls they like to sin"
  • Leo: "No one should take themselves so seriously"
  • Virgo: "The start was something good, but some good things must end"
  • Libra: "There is desire to fight, but I have nothing to prove"
  • Scorpio: "Buy some candy and cigarettes and we'll get in my car. We'll blast the stereo and we'll drive to Madagascar"
  • Sagittarius: "I'll never ask permission from you, fuck off I'm not listening to you"
  • Capricorn: "I reached for a shooting star, it burned a hole through my hand"
  • Aquarius: "I'm a little bit shy, a bit strange, a little bit manic"
  • Pisces: "My mind wanders as I'm trying not to fall in love with you"

eric’s marriage + thoughts

A prerequisite to this post is that at the end of the day Eric wanting to get married is not and should not be an issue. I am happy that he will be starting this new chapter in his life. I just wanted to share some thoughts I have been having about the current situation.

I have only been a Shinhwa Changjo for only 2 years now. In the context of Shinhwa’s career that is a minuscule amount of time. Regardless, Shinhwa are a group that I love deeply, and I have never felt such a strong sense of attachment towards an idol group before. I have had an interest in K-pop for about 6 years, and I have of course liked other groups in the past. But Shinhwa are different, my love for them is much deeper.

In the back of my mind I had always known that they would get married eventually, they’re in their late 30s after all. But, I had a tendency to brush it off, dismiss the idea. After seeing Eric’s post about his marriage I was shocked, somehow I wasn’t expecting it. Even after hearing the news of Eric and Na Hyemi dating, and that they’ve been together for over 3 years. It still caught me completely off guard.

That being said, Eric’s marriage announcement isn’t the first I have been through. Back in 2014 Super Junior’s Sungmin released the news that he was getting married. The two cases don’t hold much similarity to each other, other than the fact that Eric and Sungmin are both active idols. But, I still would like to mention it because of the contrast. I remember the havoc Sungmin’s announcement wreaked within the fandom, both domestically and internationally. Fansites closed, people left the fandom and there were even petitions for him to be kicked from the group. Even now after over 2 years, whenever Sungmin is mentioned in the media, these sentiments still ring true to some. The fandom (especially within Korea) seemed to turned their backs on Sungmin. It was scary to see people who had been his fans for years suddenly lash out, and say they felt betrayed. The situation of which the marriage was announced wasn’t well timed. Fans were also angry that they only heard the news through the media. The other members later mentioning that there was miscommunication between him and the members regarding his marriage. There is a lot more to Sungmin’s case that I won’t mention here. If you’re interested, you should read into it yourself.

Shinhwa Changjo’s should be thankful that Eric announced it himself. I’m thankful that Eric isn’t receiving the same backlash, because as I previously mentioned, it was scary to watch. The vast majority of Shinhwa Changjo’s as a whole seem to be taking the news well. Sadly, at the same time the announcement has instilled fear regarding the future of the group. Shinhwa has continually promised that the group will stay together for many years to come. They’ve had many instances were disbandment could have occurred, but they were able to survive. Next year will mark their 20th anniversary, something that many groups can only dream of. I hope that between now and then (and beyond that!) Shinhwa Changjo’s will keep supporting Shinhwa and Eric. It’s sad to see fans leave over something like this. We need to trust them to keep their promises.

I won’t argue with fans who are somewhat disheartened by the news. It’s understandable. To fans of Eric, you’re allowed to feel a bit sad, it’s completely natural. I myself, will probably be exactly like you (probably in a worse state tbh lmao) if/when Junjin announces his marriage, and I know other members’ fans will feel the same when it’s their time too. I feel like we need Dongwan to gather us all together and nag about Shinhwa not being responsible for our lives, because sometimes we forget (sorry oppayam ^^;;).

The fandom seems quite spooked at the moment, fully expecting the sudden influx of the remaining 5 announcing their own marriages. The only advice I can give is that we, the fans, need to stick together. The one thing we seem to need as much as Shinhwa is each other. (*insert We’re All in This Together - High School Musical OST* lol sorry the was cheesy) I know the fact they’re getting married is scary and a little bittersweet, but we need to keep supporting them.

This isn’t the end, but a new beginning.

♡   ❤   ♡  신화 화이팅! 신화창조 화이팅!  ♡   ❤   ♡

quick song rec; IU - Heart

The song lyrics seem to fit quite well for an idol-fan relationship, and I was reminded of it after the announcement came out. So I’d like to dedicate it to my fellow Shinhwa Changjo’s out there. You are not alone, everyone’s feeling at least a little uneasy right now. Let’s put on a smile and support Shinhwa til the end~!

When You Discover a New Band
  • In the beginning: Hmmm…
  • 10 Hours Later: *sings along to lyrics loudly*

How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me? // Leonard Cohen.