a new and not unattractive customer

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OC x Jungkook (waiter!au)
Length: 2k of just.pure. fluff. 
insp: “you’re co-workers and he’s this idiot that gets all the girls swooning over him that you get grumpy in discrete thinking he doesn’t know but he actually does and he finds it so cute so one night when the both of you are closing down, you’re a bit cranky at him and he starts to fess up like ‘look i know you’re jealous at all those other girls but know they mean nothing because i only like you and holy fuck no did i just say that’ and ensue awkward confession and date asking.” - @an-exotic-writer
(1/3 of waiter/waitress!au that has kicked me out of the house) 

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Leaning over the damp table with towel in hand, you’re no doubt unattractively bent over the surface as you clean it of any left over food when the familiar ding of the door notifies you of a new customer. Picking up the dirty plates in your hand and balancing the last one on the center of your forearm, you straighten and turn to greet the customer when the usual screech of,

“Kookie!” nearly makes you drop the aforementioned pieces of porcelain. Luckily the plates are safe, the only damage done was to the smile you painstakingly plastered on.

Not bothering to meet her gaze—she doesn’t want you to serve her anyways— you shuffle through the white double doors towards the back. Rushing inside the kitchen with a huff, you dump the plates into the dirty bins with a crash and hunt down the boy who is the root cause of your daily suffering.

“Yah, Jungkook.” you grumble towards the figure bent over the ice machine, “your daily is here and I’m not about to piss her off so you go greet her.”

He straightens with a smirk, bringing the bucket of ice with him and easily filling the soda machine as you watch his muscles flex under this black dress shirt. You throw his apron towards him and waits as he plucks it out of the air and ties it wordlessly around his waist as he makes his way out of the swinging double doors with a wink.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.”

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Anti-Marketing and the Teen Wolf fandom

The good people over at the Geekiary are running a little poll right now on favorite summer shows. In The Flesh is in the lead, as it deserves to be, but the Geekiary writers have noticed that the Teen Wolf fandom is conspicuously absent.

Why might this be? At first, I thought that Teen Wolf PR might just be inept, but as the last couple of seasons have progressed, I’ve changed my mind. It looks like the fandom is the victim of what professionals sometimes call anti-marketing, defined as a set of techniques used to get rid of undesirable customers. Usually, it’s only deployed against customers who are either a) very unprofitable or b) a huge hassle to deal with, and usually only used against a very small number of customers. Occasionally, media-heavy companies will decide to use it to reshape their customer profile, when it isn’t enough add new, desirable customers, you have to get rid of the old ones.

It’s a very risky move. Abercrombie and Fitch is notorious for trying to anti-market to overweight teenagers, “unattractive or uncool” job applicants, and older customers. The strategy blew up in their face a few years ago, and I’m not sure whether their profitability has recovered yet. If you get caught doing this, your brand becomes toxic, and the people who could have saved you by buying your product no longer want to have anything to do with you, while not enough of the new profiled customers now buy from you.

If someone wanted to try to shift the core s1&2 Teen Wolf viewing audience from women over 25 and gay males (aka Team Sterek) to better fit with MTV’s target demographic of women under 25 and (second choice) straight men under 25, how would you do it? Lose the gay subtext and slashiness (anti Sterek, missing Danny, check). Dump the warrior woman (kill off Allison, check). Replace with new stock characters in new core demographic (Malia, Liam, check). Annoy, belittle and insult the undesirable segment (check).

In short, I think they’re not ignoring you at all. I think all of this awfulness has been carefully laid out. What they didn’t plan for is the slide in ratings that this strategy has produced. This show is never going to pick up new viewers fast enough to replace the departing ones.

Tell me I’m wrong.