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The Message is More Important Than the Messenger

“Focusing on a particular messenger (teacher) takes away from the importance of the message. The Message is everything.” ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

“Be responsible for spreading color into someone’s life…not for darkening it.”-Alura Cein

“The only imagined barrier that lies between you and the Divine (God) is the false identification with the body-mind (separate self).”  –Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

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  • In recent weeks I note that my insomnia has evolved from what used to be a fairly standard variety of being wide freaking awake between 2:00 and 4:00 into something more like a twilight level of consciousness which lasts all night. I’m horizontal and sometimes asleep-ish, but never deeply. No REM, no delta, no dreams—no rest. This development has the dual disadvantages of 1) losing a couple hours of quiet thinking/reading time per night and 2) leaving me even more exhausted every day.
  • My dad is starting to have some health challenges now. Nothing major, yet, but he’s 77 and at that point minor things tend to evolve quickly and unpredictably. I have an ominous feeling that managing his health will be an increasing part of the landscape in the coming months. Adding color: he’s a trying patient.
  • In the next week or so, I need to have an extremely difficult conversation with my de facto boss who also happens to be my sister’s husband. It’s one of those things that’s obviously the right thing to do, yet has almost unlimited downside in practical terms. Adulting is a horror movie without end. If any of you are thinking about working for/with family, let me know and I will stop you by any means necessary.
  • Coaching baseball isn’t like running marathons, but it is constant, daily activity. 25,000 steps a day if you’re into counting. And after just one week of not doing it, I have conjured a Homer Simpson belly. I’m so jealous of people who exercise regularly and have something positive to show for it, as opposed to just an absence of negative, which is the best I can hope for, apparently. I imagine at my current trajectory even that will soon be too much to ask.
  • And a whole bunch of Feelings that I’ll leave unwritten, obviously.

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I feel that right now what our generation needs is to do the art that’s in our hearts. Do it to the fullest and try to help other people find out that thing that makes them happy. The more people that are doing what’s in their hearts, the more that heart vibration is going to start spreading around the world, and the more people will start thinking, “Wow, maybe McDonalds isn’t what I should be eating, maybe the way they’re teaching me in school is depressing me, maybe I should be climbing trees and meditating more than I should be listening to my teachers telling me that everything I’m doing is wrong.” So it’s taking those little steps towards awareness.
—  Willow Smith

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how can Satanists be atheist? I don't really know much about Satanism but I thought it was considered a religious belief, so I don't quite understand how one can be atheist and Satanist. Thanks so much for your time, and I love your blog!

Hello my friend. Thank you for asking this question, it’s definitely not a stupid one! This actually highlights something a lot of people are wondering: if you’re an atheist, why would you bother putting on the mask of Satan?

It might help us answer this question if we think of Satanism as a general philosophy or perspective before we think of it as a religion per se. In other words, Satanism is a spiritual philosophy which derives its values from interpretations of the literary/religious figure called Satan. When we look at literary depictions of Satan, we see that she is rebellious, the overturner of an oppressive (Christian) government, and an usher to a new age of egalitarian values. Truth, justice, equity, and courage are virtues historically associated with Satan. This is one reason someone might be compelled to investigate him further.

“But,” you say, “those are all virtues associated with secular humanism. Why not just be a secular humanist? Why bring Satan into it if your goals are already captured by a political rather than spiritual movement?”

There are a few reasons for this. One is that the adherent actually truly believes in Satan as a literal demonic entity. Satanism for them transcends the political virtues and offers both a metaphysical and an explicitly spiritual practice. As of now I believe these kinds of Satanists to be (comparatively) rare, but they do exist and in my opinion their number is growing.

Or, and this is what you are interested in, atheistic Satanism offers the aforementioned political virtues in addition to an explicitly anti-Christianist weapon against the harmful cultural and political effects of Christianity. Christianists– not simply Christians, but people who believe that we all must be Christian, that our lives must revolve around Christ, and that to do otherwise should be punished by law, ostracism, or death– are not afraid of liberals. They’re not afraid of secular humanists. They’re afraid of Satan. The people who think evolution is a lie, that abortion is a sin and should be illegal, that demons cause mental illness, are afraid of SATAN. These people subject us to oppressive legislature and they are afraid of SATAN. There would be no reason to be Satanist outside of a religious context if it weren’t such a powerful tool against the Christianist ideology. The Satanic Temple is basically just the ACLU for this very reason: they are specifically interested in undoing damages caused by Christianist ideology and preventing them from legislating any more.

So why would an atheist be a Satanist? Because Satan is the biggest enemy of oppressive Christian rule, and the Satanist is invested in that more than general humanist values.

I hope this clarified some things for you. Please feel free to ask me anything related to Satanism. I very much appreciate your contributions.

“Inner peace only flowers when you have fully embraced the totality of life/existence as one, indivisible whole.”  ~Anon I mus