a neat and tidy place

Bishies the signs remind me of and why~

Aries: Sebastian Michaelis

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Sebastian is easy to anger, but hides it behind a charming smile. Terrifying when upset, he has a brute strength that can destroy anything. Arrogant and egotistical, he is passionate and charismatic about being the perfect butler.

Taurus: Tomoe Mikage

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Tomoe does his chores and duties as a familiar without complaint. He makes sure the place he lives in is neat, tidy and homely. He enjoys self-indulging including alcohol and women in the red-light district. His love and loyalty is persistent.

Gemini: Izaya Orihara

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Izaya has many identities and sides to himself whether it be in person or online. He is unpredictable and unstable. He loses interest quickly, is flighty and dangerously charming. He hides his insecurities and jealousy with rabid behavior. 

Cancer: Yato

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Yato is emotional and is quick to be moved to tears. He is protective and treasures Hiyori and Yukine. His dream aside from being a God is to live in luxury and build a nice family including a wife for himself.

Leo: Tooru Oikawa

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Oikawa is self-assured and flirtatious. He is a hard-worker for what he is passionate about and cannot stand to lose. He hates talented people and is sore to anyone ‘better’ than him in volleyball. 

Virgo: Sesshomaru

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Sesshomaru is prideful, taciturn and a perfectionist. He seeks to be the most powerful and in battle, still continues to keep his appearance immaculate despite everything else. He is condescending towards most people especially humans. 

Libra: Shuu Tsukiyama

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Tsukiyama likes quality food and fashion. He likes everything he experiences to always be in style. He is flirty, complimentary and knows his ways around the ladies.

Scorpio: Hisoka

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Hisoka is focused and manipulative. Once he sets his eyes on a prey, he will walk to the ends of the world to track them down. He has no problems manipulating those around him like chess pieces to reach his goals. 

Sagittarius: Shogo Makishima

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Makishima is philosophical and rebellious. He has no respect for the Sybil system and seeks to eradicate it for humans to think for themselves as well as to satiate his bitterness. He reads many books to adjust his sense of awareness. 

Capricorn: Levi Ackerman

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Levi is cool, seemingly detached, ambitious and always takes the initiative to get things done. As a captain, he is a powerful and authoritative leader who is a great guide to his followers. He has a very practical mindset. 

Aquarius: Shinra Kishitani

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Shinra likes the unknown, a bit odd and likes to explore strange inhuman subjects through and through. This is highly evidenced by his strong infatuation and love for Celty. He has little contact with human life.

Pisces: Haruka Nanase

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Haruka is neutral and balanced. He always has a dreamlike or dazed demeanor to him when he isn’t swimming. He is hard to get riled up and is always at home beneath the water.

@paddedroomprofessor | continued from here

              “You called that organized?”

That was almost offensive. Now it was far more tidy. He put the papers in a neat stack. The place looked almost livable in his eyes now. Of course… that’s his opinion. Stein might not agree.

               “All of the papers are neat and orderly now.
                                              You should be thanking me.”

ok but what if alec is a tiny bit of a neat freak; so far we’ve seen him tidy up magnus’ place (picking up papers while talking to clary/ scrubbing off werewolf blood from magnus’ couch) and also jace’s joke about alec putting his leather jacket in the washing machine AGAIN (hence it has happened before. double hence he does laundry..and apparently not only his own?) 

imagine alec running around the institute doing dishes, tidying up isabelle’s probably messy room. trying to teach max the importance of folding your clothes properly. alec making his and magnus’ bed every morning. just tidy!alec