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Tear In My Heart (Erik Durm Imagine) (x)

It’s not that Erik hated visiting children’s hospitals. In fact, out of all the players in Borussia Dortmund, Erik was the last person people expected to protest charity functions or other appointments in that nature. Maybe it was the porcelain walls that confined each depressing hospital room, which seemed to incubate Erik’s somber sentiments. Or maybe it was the fact that those children were deprived of every single ounce of a decent childhood, and Erik was left powerless to help their situation.

“You ready?” Marco inquired, gently nudging Erik’s shoulder as the bus steadily encroached upon the hospital entrance. Erik gave a slight nod in acquiescence, as the rest of the team began to boisterously rise from their seats, chattering happily to each other.

“I just don’t get why they’re so happy,” Erik groaned as Marco stood up from his seat. “They do know that we’re going to a children’s hospital, and the probability of even half of these kids living is pretty slim, right?” he rationalized despite the blonde’s failure to even take out his earbuds. As the team began to meticulously began to file one-by-one out of the bus’s exit, they were enthusiastically greeted by a team of nurses who worked individually with the patients. As you began to brief the men, decked out in yellow and black, of the children’s conditions, you noticed a pair of blue eyes gazing at you attentively.

“Each group of five players,” your boss authoritatively barked at the innocuous players, while pacing back and forth, “Will be supervised by a nurse. So get with your assigned nurse.” Instantly, the assemblage of footballers dispersed at your boss’s order, while you hastily scanned the names on you clip board.

“Marco Reus, Erik Durm, Christian Pulisic, Marc Bartra, and Roman Burki,” you hesitantly called out as the five figures began to part eagerly in your direction. You reluctantly smiled to yourself as you watched the earnest royal-blue eyes stride shyly over to you.

“All here and completely at your service,” the six foot swiss conceded with a cheeky wink, causing your cheeks to flush pink. You tossed your hair over your shoulder confidently, and grinned at your audience as Marco rolled his eyes at the goalie’s suggestive comments.

“Don’t worry about Marco or Roman,” you heard a cheerful voice resonate from behind you, as you led your group into the ward. “Roman’s just a big ole’ teddy bear and Marco is like a big brother to him,” the Pennsylvanian accent stated happily, engendering a chorus of groans. “But Erik and me are pretty accommodating, aren’t we Erik?” he boasted while wrapping an arm around Erik shoulder. Erik’s gaze shyly shifted towards the ground, as he bit onto the flesh of his lip and nodded in approval.  

Upon entering the pediatric cancer ward, you carefully watched, out of the corner of your eye,  Erik’s patterned inhales and exhales become increasingly steady, “I’m sure they’ll love you,” you whispered into Erik’s ear as you brushed past him to swipe into the division. Not even two minutes later, Roman was laughing happily as each of his muscular limbs were being used as a human jungle gym. Marc was effervescently grinning from ear to ear, as he was drawing pictures of princesses with several of the young girls, while Christian and Marco were competitively participating in a fifa tournament with the rest of the patients. Your eyes frantically searched the ward to discern Erik’s location, as you noticed a patient’s room with the door half open. You crept up behind the door surreptitiously, and watched in silence, as Erik sat perched next to Anna’s bed, conversing with her about his different tattoos.

“The cross is very important to me,” he explained. “I’m very religious. And this one,” he continued as Anna beamed up at him, “Is for my mom and dad.”

“I have a mom and dad too!” she interjected with so much enthusiasm, that it emanated into one of her coughing fits. Erik began to worriedly search the room for relief, as you swooped in and rubbed circular patterns on the back of Anna’s hospital gown.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Erik said abruptly, looking between you and Anna, as he exited towards the restroom across the hallway.

“Don’t mind him,” you remarked happily, as you approached her window. “Do you want to listen to some of your favorite music?” you suggested. The four-year-old’s pixie face lit up with boundless excitement at your offering, as you turned on her pink boom-box, and slipped in one of her favorite CDs. “I think this is someone’s favorite song,” you hinted ebulliently as Anna giggled and reached up for you. The two of you waltzed happily, accentuating each rhythmic beat of the instrumental version of “Hip’s Don’t Lie,” by Shakira.

Through the cracked opening of the bathroom door, Erik watched the two of you twirl and laugh jovially, while carefully measuring the sound of his every movement. He didn’t want to spoil this moment. It was too beautiful. Every lighthearted giggle the two of you shared and each measured twist of your body that supported the young girl’s weight, only further incited his desire of wanting to get to know you. Erik savored each second in the three minute song, but at its conclusion he gradually began to emerge from his position, waiting patiently by the room’s entrance.

“You missed a dance party!” Anna cheered out enthusiastically while burying her face into your shoulder triumphantly, causing your skin to burn with self-conscious demure. The blue of Erik’s eyes simperingly toyed with your’s, as he broke into a sincere grin.

“So it seems like I did,” he taunted contentedly, while shyly walking over towards the two of you. “But maybe,” he began while biting onto the flesh of his lower lip apprehensively. “With Y/N’s permission, I can arrange a date between the three of us, and we can have all the dance parties you want,” he concluded while nervously looking between the both of you.

“I think we can somehow arrange that,” you reckoned blithely, giving him a slight wink.

Surprising Her

Long distance relationships really sucked. The worst part of them would have to be birthdays and anniversaries. Those were days that no one wanted to be by themselves, everyone wanted to be with their special someone. Unfortunately for you, there was nothing you could do about that. It was your and Erik’s third anniversary and the two of you were on two completely different continents. You being in North America, Seattle to be exact, and him being in Dortmund.

Ever since you and Erik were younger the two of you had always been really close. Your families had been really close so it had seemed normal that the two of you had grown up best friends. As you grew older however, that friendship had turned into a crush and three years ago on this date, the two of you had begun dating one another. Since last year, the two of you had gone from seeing each other every day of your life to not seeing each other at all. For the past year, you had been in Seattle studying to get you Master’s degree while Erik had stayed in Dortmund.

For the past year, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, and FaceTime had been your life. But even then, today it didn’t seem like social media would be enough. Nothing could beat having the person in front of you. This morning, you had spoken to Erik, you both had wished each other a happy anniversary and told each other that you loved each other but your conversation had been cut short. Erik had been in a bit of a rush and so you hadn’t wanted to keep him too long. Making the promise of talking later, the two of you had hung up. It was now 11 o’clock at night and Erik still hadn’t called you back. You were a bit disappointed but what could you do?

Shaking your head of the depressing thoughts, you turned your focus back to your computer in which you had been writing your English paper. In the last two hours that you had been working on it, so far you had managed to get two paragraphs. Sighing, you knew you wouldn’t be able to get anything done today. Deciding to give up, you shut down your laptop and just as you were about to get up and move away from your desk, which was situated in the living room, and towards your bedroom you heard a knock on the door.

Who the heck would possibly be visiting you at this time? Walking towards the door, you looked through the little peephole. Who you saw outside astounded you. What the heck was he doing here? How could he be here? He was supposed to be in Dortmund right now. And yet, here he was, standing outside your door, Erik Durm.

Once the initial shock had worn off, you opened the door to see him outside with a huge smile on his face. “I believe that this belongs to you.” Held out in front of him was a small box wrapped in gift wrapping. “What are you doing here? When did you get here? How are you here? I know that I’ve dreamed of this scenario before but you’re really here this time right?” The rapid fire of questions which came from you seemed to have no effect on Erik. He was still smiling as you interrogated him.

“I came here to see my girlfriend, I got here about an hour ago, I’m here because a plane flew me here, and you’re definitely not dreaming. I think that about covers all the questions, now, why don’t you seem excited to see me?” You were still a bit shocked but realizing that you both were just standing there in your apartment hallway, you stepped aside to let him in. “I’m happy to see you, I really am, I’m just really shocked.” Erik stepped in and you shut the door behind him. Once he was fully inside, he turned around to face you and without waiting for anymore words to be passed, he pulled you close to him and wrapped his arms around you. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you. I’ve waited much too long for this moment. Happy Anniversary.”

You buried your face in his neck, inhaling in the smell of him. You had missed this comforting scent so much. A year had felt like forever. “I missed you to. Happy Anniversary.” As soon as you said that, the alarm in your room had gone off signaling that the clock had struck twelve. The clock had originally been set as an effort to go to sleep at a moderate time but now, it had served a bigger purpose. It had reminded you and Erik that even if you hadn’t spent all of your anniversary together, you had spent a few minutes together and those few minutes were absolute perfection.

When you both pulled away, you both were grinning like idiots. “You still have yet to open your present.” As soon as he mentioned the word present, you frowned. “If I had known you were coming, I wouldn’t have sent your present in the mail. Now you won’t get it until you get back home.” Erik smiled seeing the pout on your face. He titled your chin to make you look at him. “That’s okay, I’m sure I’ll love it, regardless of what it is. Now, just open this would you.”

You took the wrapped box from him and carefully peeled the paper.

Inside was the most beautiful pendant you had seen. In the center of the pendant there was a leaf and surrounding that leaf was two wings. You had never seen anything like it before. The intricate design, the colors, all of it, simply left you astounded. “Here, let me put it on you.” He took the necklace and gently placed it around your neck while you held your hair back. Once the clasp had been fastened, Erik placed a small kiss on the back of your neck and walked back. “It looks nice.”

“Erik, it’s beautiful, you know, I didn’t know you had such good taste.” Erik rolled his eyes. “Oh, ha-ha very funny.” You smiled. Teasing each other was something you had always done. It was one of the perks of having been best friends your whole life. “Now, since I’m here for about a week, how about you be a good girlfriend and clear your schedule to spend time with me.” That was something that he didn’t even need to ask. No matter what happened, you would always have time for him.

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Stupid Reason

Things between you and Marco had been strange lately. Whenever he was around you, Marco would freeze up. He was going out of his way in order to ignore you. At first, you did your best to ignore the change, assuming that it might just be pressure from work, but as time went on it became harder and harder to believe it. As Marco seemed to drift farther and farther away from you, it seemed to become harder and harder to delude yourself into thinking that nothing was wrong, that the two of you were just as happy as you had been when you started dating.

You began to think maybe he was getting bored of your relationship, in fact, maybe he had never been as interested as you had thought he had been. The two of you had been together for about six months now and in that time, you had never met any one of Marco’s friends or families. The two of you had decided to keep your relationship on the down low when you had begun dating but you hadn’t thought that meant not meeting anyone that was important to Marco.

The feeling of keeping your relationship a secret had seemed like a good idea at the time, but lately, it just left you with a bad feeling. You loved Marco, you really did, but you couldn’t be his dirty secret. Maybe the fact that he never introduced you to anyone that is close to him was because he knew that he would eventually get bored with you. Whatever his reasons had been, it was obvious that he no longer loved you, if he ever had, and you couldn’t take it anymore.

You had decided to confront Marco about his behavior. You were sick and tired of being ignore. Every time it happened, the whole in your heart just seemed to get bigger and bigger. You were worried that at some point the pain would consume your heart and nothing would be left. A solution needed to be reached to your relationship and by Marco’s behavior around you it was obvious that he wasn’t going to be the one to do it so it would have to be you.

When Marco reached home one day, you decided that that would be the best time to talk to him. The whole day you had practiced what you were going to say. First you would demand an explanation for Marco’s behavior and then you would explain to him how you were tired of keeping your relationship a secret. You really hoped that this conversation would end well.

“Marco, can I talk to you about something?” You had waited until Marco had gotten home from training, taken a shower, and then decided to talk to him. He looked reluctant to talk but in the end he took a seat opposite where you were at the dining table. The look on your face had told him that whatever you needed to discuss was serious.

You let out a huge sigh once he had settled into his seat. It would be best to just get to the point, there was no point in talking in circles. “What’s going on?” Marco opened his mouth, however, you cut him off. You knew what he would do. He was abut to play dumb. Marco would ask you what you were talking about and then find some way to divert the conversation. You couldn’t let that happen. You needed to take charge of this conversation. “Why have you been ignoring me, and don’t tell me that you haven’t because it’s obvious that you have.”

Marco sighed. He rubbed his face with his hands. He had been wanting to avoid this conversation for as long as he could. “I think we should break up.” His words made you freeze. You had thought that you were mentally prepared for this, you had known that he might say that, it had been obvious that he didn’t love you anymore. Then why was hearing him say those words hurting so bad?

You held back the tears that threatened to break through. The last thing you wanted to do was cry. “Can I at least ask why?” Marco hesitated. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt you. But at this point, it seemed as though that was inevitable. “I just don’t think it’s working out.”

His reason for some reason really pissed you off. What kind of a reason was that? “You know, if you don’t like me, you could just say it, I’m not some meek little girl, I won’t break, you can be honest with me.” Marco seemed to be stunned by your outburst. He had never seen you react like that, not to anything. What surprised him more was that you though that he didn’t love you. 

“How could you think that I don’t love you, I do love you, that’s what makes this so hard.” Now it was your turn to be confused. “If you loved me than you wouldn’t keep me a secret from everyone. You wouldn’t consider me an embarrassment.” Marco looked stunned by what you just said. He had never thought of you as an embarrassment. 

“I never did consider you one.” You scoffed. For some reason, that was hard to believe. They way that he had been acting made it hard to believe. He had to make you believe that for him, you were never an embarrassment. “I didn’t, the only reason that I never disclosed out relationship to anyone was because I didn’t want you to get hurt. My career causes me to always be in the limelight and I knew that if I told anyone about you that you would be thrust into it too. I didn’t want that to hurt you. I didn’t want my career to be the reason that you were hurting. That was why I wanted to break up, not because I don’t love you but because I love you too much to let my career and everything that comes with it destroy you.”

The whole room was absolutely silent after Marco had finished talking. You were just letting what he said sink in. He had been trying to protect you? He was breaking up with you because he loved you? To you, that seemed like a ridiculous reason and you knew, at that moment, that you wouldn’t let him break up with you. You would do whatever it takes to preserve your relationship.

You walked around the table towards where Marco was and sat in his lap. His hands automatically went to your waist as a habit, it was something that he had always done whenever you had sat in his lap before. You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with his hair. It had always helped both him and you calm down. “Marco, I knew what I was getting into before I started going out with you. I knew that I would be put into a limelight but you know what, I was willing to do it for you, because I love you. I love how you make me feel, I love how you always try to make me happy, but you know what, most of all I love the fact that you try to protect me. But right now, that protectiveness is hurting me. Marco, when I accepted you as my boyfriend, I accepted your career as well, I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t get much privacy, and I’m okay with that.”

Marco looked at your face, as if trying to figure out if what you said was the truth. You leaned down and you placed a small kiss on his lips. He was quick to deepen the kiss. You knew that he had finally seen reason. When you both pulled away, the two of you were breathing hard. “So, is it okay if we tell people that you’re my girlfriend, cause you have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to show you off." 

You laughed at what Marco said. Placing your forehead on his, you felt truly happy. Things were finally starting to look up once again. "Sounds good to me, only if I can show you off as my boyfriend as well.” Marco placed a small kiss on your lips and when he pulled away he was smiling. “Deal.”

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Yuzuru Hanyu + 2009 Japan Nationals FS Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini


This was not shown on TV ever (well before this), as he was 13th after short programme and thus not in the final group (which was the only group whose performances were aired). There was only 1 camera (so a lot of the shoots weren’t very good *cough*) and no commentary, it’s amazing he became the National Champion two years after this :)


[listen] cursed from the start; a lagertha & ragnar fanmix

01. i love you - woodkid / 02. how - the neighbourhood / 03. waiting game - banks / 04. prayers for rain - the cure / 05. cupid - hurts / 06. dark paradise - lana del rey / 07. lurk - the neighbourhood / 08. graceless - the national / 09. sedated - hozier / 10. if i had a heart - fever ray

      secret agent girlfriends taking on the underworld

01. BLACK SHEEP gin wigmore 02. TALK TALK snsd 03. FEMALE ROBBERY the neighbourhood 04. CROWN ON THE GROUND sleigh bells 05. EDIT regina spektor 06. VICE VERSA puer kim 07. TEMPTATION clara bakker 08. BOND GIRL rhythm power 09. SEVEN NATION ARMY teemid (holly henry cover) 10. KILL BILL brown eyed girls 11. DO IT LIKE A DUDE jessie j 12. EVERYBODY HAS SECRETS iu & gain 13. UMA THURMAN fall out boy 14. KISS ME TWICE parov stelar 15. JAMES BOND THEME tokyo’s coolest combo

Avatar - 30 Day Challenge

Avatar - The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra

01 - All time favorite character
02 - Favorite TLA & TLOK character
03 - Least favorite TLA & TLOK character
04 - Favorite TLA & TLOK episode.
05 - Favorite TLA’s kid.
06 - Random dialogue that amuses me
07 - Minor character who I wish I could see more of
08 - Favorite nation
09 - Favorite element
10 - Favorite spirit
11 - Favorite pet
12 - Favorite TLA & TLOK villain
13 - Favorite city/location
14 - Favorite past Avatar
15 - Favorite non-bender
16 - Favorite TLA & TLOK fight
17 - Favorite comic arc
18 - Favorite TLA Book Season
19 - Favorite TLOK Book Season
20 - Aang or Korra
21 - Airbender family or Beifong family
22 - Favorite weapon
23 - Favorite quote
24 - Favorite minor character
25 - Favorite hairstyles and outfit
26 - Favorite pairing
27 - Least favorite pairing
28 - Favorite master
29 - Episode that makes me cry
30 - Episode I can watch over and over again

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This is a playlist compiled for those road trips with your lover, best friend or family. Or even just for those drives where you have no real destination and you like it that way. It can be background noise to the memories that you want to create or it can be words that fill the comfortable silence while you drive along the roads.

01.preacher - onerepbulic // 02.atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich // 03.chasing pavements - adele // 04. big jet plane - angus & julia stone // 05.charlie brown - coldplay // 06.fall back down (cover) - lights // 07.good life - onerepublic // 08.graceless - the national // 09.stay (bootleg remix) - branchez // 10.it’s too late (ride on) - evermore // 11.just one day - mighty oaks // 12.lanterns - birds of tokyo // 13.put your records on - corinne bailey rae // 14.say you’ll be there (cover) -  // 15.she walks away - the icarus account // 16.until we bleed - kleerup feat. lykke li // 17.young - mike dignam //


- Nat xx

(photo is not mine)