a n t i d o t e

  • England: This is not some simple task such as say, riding a bicycle, or cracking an egg, or c o m m i t t i n g p r e m e d i t a t e d m u r d e r
  • America: Wait, what was that last one?
  • England: Cracking an egg.
Facts With Shy #16

*puts on headphones* I n-need to be able to l-listen to music everyday! I’ve went so m-many times w-with choking silence, m-made me feel insane. Especially i-in the psych w-ward…we o-only were allowed t-to listen to music f-for about 30 minutes, t-then the rest was j-just silence a-and screaming, every…single…d-day. I s-share this, because I t-trust you all!…….So n-now I c-constantly try to listen to music!~ E-even when I sleep!~

Feuilly and Bahorel competing for Who Can Be The Most Productive And Healthy. For example, who can drink more cups of water, who cleans the house more frequently, who eats the salad first, who exercise more, who laughs more, who is the kindest… the list goes on. They actually have a white board in their fridge that keeps the score. In the end of each month, the winner gets a day off and breakfast-in-bed treatment.