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remilia pops in like "hey!!! i saw you were wanting kisses so i brought this huge bag of kisses!!!" but it's just a bag of hershey chocolate kisses poor g i r l

   She stares intensely at the chocolate.

      “FUCK YEAAAAH!!!

Remember when Sanji called Nojiko as “sister”??? That’s when Nojiko tried to protect Sanji from Hacchan.

Oh wait… Look who is older sister never protecting her younger brother?

Oh wait… That’s not the first one. Before it’s happened, Sanji has called Nojiko a “sister”

Well, that’s after he listened to Nami’s past, right? So he must learned these things:

Nami had a poor but loving family (parent & sibling), although they aren’t blood related. 

but, Sanji had a rich but an abusing family (parent and sibling), even if he was a blood member.

What point I throw you are:

  • Alright, at first we thought Sanji called Nojiko a “sister” because he’s in love with Nami so Nami’s family is his family too! But, what if it’s deeper than that? Because he really views Nojiko as an older sister he never “had”?
  • Well with Bellemere’s sacrifice, Nami had realized that even though she’s poor and unrelated blood family, they’re loving her. But still, I really… really want her to learn Sanji’s past. How contrast it is!

PS: Is it just me or I see Reiju’s design is similar to Nojiko?

Walk Your Own Path

‘There is no form that in and of itself is closer to God. All forms are just forms… not better to stay single or to marry; not better to marry or to stay single. Each individual has his or her unique karmic predicament: each individual must therefore listen very carefully to hear her or his dharma or way or path. For one person it will be as a mother, or for another it will be Brahmachary or celibate. For one it will be a householder, for another to be a saddhu, a wondering monk. Not better or worse. To live another’s dharma, to try to be a Buddha or to be Christ because Christ did it, doesn’t get us there; it just makes us mimickers. This game is much more subtle; we have to listen to hear what our path through is, moment by moment, choice by choice.’

- Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill.



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do u know of any good Dvorak choral works? I only know of his mass in D major n I need something new to listen to. Thanks again!

Umm I’m really not a singer or anything like that so I don’t usually listen to choral stuff. The only thing I can recommend is his requiem which is probably the only choral Dvorak I’ve heard but I listened to the whole 1hr 45mins so it must have been good from what I remember. Sorry I couldn’t help out more

okay so whenever will solace is relaxing in his cabin or around camp he always has his headphones in, so campers just assume he must be listening to some happy generic pop songs

but one day someone goes up to him like “watcha listening to will?” and will straight up says “oh just an audiobook about america’s most notorious serial killers :)” and it turns out he’s actually been listening to scary stories and shit about serial killers and just horror this whole time 

and when people ask him why, he’s like “idk I’ve just always rlly liked creepy stuff lmao” 

and suddenly his relationship with nico made a little more sense 

So, imagine Cecil is doing the show, like normal, but at one point we hear his phone buzz on the desk. And then we just hear “oh! Umm…. Um, okay… Listeners, something serious has come up, and I must leave right now, immediately, so here’s the Weather!!” Then a sound of frantic running out the door and it shutting behind him and the Weather comes on.

Then after the weather, we just hear Cecil panting, and he’s like, “s-sorry, listeners, but intern Kareem told me a Lucario was sighted by Big Rico’s Pizza and I wasn’t going to let it get away AGAIN.”

Monopoly With the Derps
  • Chilled:God...god if you're there give me a Four.
  • GaLm:Give him a Five God.
  • Smarty:*lowly* five, five , five
  • Dice:4 & 1
  • GaLm Smarty and Ze:*Laughing at Chilled's pain*
  • Chilled:*Does not look pleased*
  • Game:Don't give up. Persistence is the key to success
  • GaLm and Smarty:*Still Laughing*
The trick is to fall without hitting the ground.

The night asked me to tell
a love story, so I told the
stars your name & the earth
must have listened because I

feel your broken smiles in the
raindrops & weighted thoughts
in the breeze. It’s not the color
of his eyes, it’s how you describe

what you see behind them; we
hurt ourselves to take away the
pain & tomorrow may still be
the loneliest place without
you, but you cannot hurt

what’s already been dead.

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THERES A CUT SONG CALLED CONGRATULATIONS AND ITS ANGELICA TOTALLY DESTROYING ALEX AFTER THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET. Also there's original copies of songs. 'One Last Time' was originally 'One Last Ride', and 'The World was Wide Enough' was originally 'Ten Things One Thing' (which is so much sadder in my opinion. Also 'Dear Theodosia Reprise' made me cry like a little bitch.




finally got chance spy on my lovely colleague again. the story is like this. one day, one of my colleague ask her go his table place chit chat for something about work stuff, and so she standing right beside me, and she so concentrated listening. i must seize the opportunity to spy on her, want to check does she always wearing white panties again so pure, the answer is yes. and another chance is coming. my colleague told her find document, she squat down open all the drawer in cabinet. she squat down angle position just in front of me, could see her already wardrobe malfunction, that time my dick is getting hard…