a muslim in hogwarts

why don’t we talk about muslim kids in hogwarts during ramadan? imagine waking up at 3 every morning and walking down for suhoor, to find the house elves have prepared a feast for them. imagine the kids having an extended curfew, so they can go and eat iftar at 10, where the house elves once again provide a ten course meal, topped with dates and traditional delicacies from around the world. imagine the kids being allowed to go into the kitchens in the middle of the night if they were still in the mood to eat. imagine the kids being allowed to leave class to do their prayers, and spending lunch times to read the quran. we need to talk more about muslim kids in hogwarts.

let’s talk about muslims at hogwarts

  • being able to excuse themselves during class to go pray
  • there are multiple rooms around the castle designated for prayers
  • taking a few days off school to celebrate eid with their family
  • teachers allowing students to be out after curfew allowing them to pray isha
  • most of the food in the great hall is halal (and if something isn’t, it’s labeled)
  • muslim student association of hogwarts
  • a halaqa every week/two weeks
  • even non muslims attend a halaqa with their muslim friends
  • women setting their hijab with a flick of their wand
  • islamic awareness week where they set up stalls for trying on a hijab, tasting different types of food from different islamic countries, getting mehndi done, and a stall for information about islam

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Headcanon about a muslim witch

Emily asked me to do this a while ago, and I’m sorry I didn’t respond before! (Adiba)

  • the hijab spells?? amazing. no words tbh. so many styles and REPAIRING SCARVES IS NOW THE EASIEST THING EVER and pins?? what do you mean pins?? no need
  • using a spell to flip the pages of the quran
  • using a spell for arabic translations
  • creating muslim student association at their schools/in their countries
  • upperclassmen defending the younger students from islamophobia
  • being a part of leadership clubs and diversity projects
  • going into law, human services, med, arts, media, mathematics, social studies, teaching, science, women’s studies or arabic
  • volunteering locally and organizing students
  • fighting back against islamophobia with marches and protests
  • muggleborns uniting with purebloods to do all of the above
  • breaking stereotypes about the hijab 
  • making whatever you wear for eid glamorous with them fashion spells
  • using spells like the one queenie goldstein used with that strudel for iftar (it makes life easier tbh)
  • passing legislation in magical muslim governments to punish sexism
  • fixing those cute tops that you wouldn’t be able to buy without the aid of ~magic~
  • defending being magical and muslim especially as a muggleborn

There’s no way there wasn’t a fucking HUGE MSA (Muslim Student Association) at Hogwarts.

Imagine the Room of Requirement providing Quran, and the Qibla, and the huge Eid prayer every year

Imagine Muslim kids waking up suuuuper early for Suhoor, and the house elves have prepared a fucking feast

Imagine them being practically vegetarian the first year, because they’re too shy to ask if the meat is halal

Imagine the house elves finding out and going out of their way to prepare halal meals

Imagine hijabis wearing their house colours

On that note, there must be a spell so you can keep your hijab in place without pins

And all this is great but now I’m getting sad because

Imagine a Muslim muggle born who thinks they’ve escaped racism only to find she’s not only a terrorist here, but also a ‘mudblood’ whatever that means

Imagine her putting on her hijab as a statement to all the bigots

Imagine all the muggleborns hanging out together and she’s the odd one out

Imagine racist muggleborns pulling off her hijab

Imagine her taking it off completely because it’s not worth it

Imagine her slipping away from her faith and being terrified of that

Imagine an older girl/boy see this and pull her aside and tell her about the MSA

imagine the MSA doing weekly halaqa

Imagine her in 5th year putting her hijab back on because she understands it now, and loves it

Imagine her never being ashamed of her faith again

Is it weird of me to enjoy the fact that thecompleteillustrated noticed that I thoroughly enjoy A Muslim in Hogwarts as an idea? Because it was a mild ‘senpai noticed me’ moment.

I wouldn’t even call myself a member of the Harry Potter fandom, but I just think it’s amazing. I want to read it, for sure.

Is anyone else doing this kind of thing - writing fantasy work, fanfiction or not, Harry Potter or not (but fo’ real tho, Harry Potter fics pls) with PoC included?

I want to see all of the things. I want to share all of the things. I want Tumblr to know that this is a big deal and I have a lot of love for:

  1. young writers on Tumblr, and 
  2. people who tell the kinds of stories we have spent so long hoping for.

So all of the things - any kind of story, written or even drawn or narrated, anything that puts less of the same in this genre - I would so love to see those works get praise; and their writers, too, especially if those writers are young.


“You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil.”

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Muslim, Jewish, and other students that celebrate different holidays are allowed those days off and any accommodations they need are made. Besides taking care of their dietary needs, the house elves will often cook exquisite comfort foods specific to their culture to make them feel more at home. (Ex. Latkes)

Is A Muslim Magical Girl Offensive?

Anonymous asked:

Question!! mod kaye, i know you touched a little bit on the topic of magic being taboo for muslim characters… i wanted to write a magical girl story in homage to a genre i love, with a diverse cast of young women, including a hijabi muslim character. now i’m wondering whether this is sketchy. the magical girls’ powers, in-universe, don’t derive from “magic” but from alien technology/quantum physics/something like that, and to separate her further from anything fantastically “magical”, the muslim character’s powers incorporate electricity and computer technology (as one of her mundane hobbies is programming, this is amplified as a source of her power). is it still inappropriate to create such a character or expect her to be received warmly by muslim audiences? should i consider rewriting the character as a non-magical ally or just scrapping her? i don’t want to lose her, since i like the character and i think the magical girl genre should celebrate all kinds of girls and girlhood. but i want to check myself and be cautious. (i’ve seen artists on tumblr draw hijabi magical girl fanart and stuff too, but i know it’s different when it comes from an outsider/oppressor.)

Hello there!

First of all, may I just say how lovely it is to have a question written to me and so sweetly? Thank you just for that and for your concern about writing a Muslim character correctly!

Like every mod has noted before, no people are a monolith, and as I’ve noted before, Islam is understood and prescribed and practiced in different ways by different people. I’ve said before that even more liberal Muslims I know don’t like the idea of magic as it is used by a Muslim character.

Even with the Beauxbatons headcanon, sorting into Hogwarts houses and – as you pointed out – the new obsession with drawing hijaabis as magical girls and even magical creatures (that, I must note, is not always done respectfully or with the idea of proper representation beyond that hijaabi being used as an “exotic” change) – I still often see a consensus of leaving magic alone when it comes to Islam or else treading carefully, and I think we should respect that.

Of course, in the same vein, there are Muslims who don’t have a problem with it. We’re not a monolith and I’m just noting that so that I’m not erasing them.

(In Islam as I’ve been taught it, magic is viewed as having repercussions of evil and only used for ill purposes. There are several stories where someone was taught magic as a trial of faith, and when they proceeded to abuse it, as expected, they lost their faith and were led astray.)

But, to be entirely honest, I also have a magical girl story, and – in the name of representing the girl in me who loves her magical girl animes – there is a Muslim girl who is a hijaabi. I’ve written down this idea as being possibly magical realism, which would then make the entire world have a dream-like state that, I would hope, would cancel out the whole onus of magic being focused on that one Muslim girl character. It’s definitely still a work in progress, and even as a Muslim girl, I want to do the best by my faith and by my own heart.

That might be one possibility to circumvent any problematic aspect, and I think you’ve already done that: playing around with the atmosphere of the world at large. Reading through your idea, I don’t see anything innately problematic about the idea of this Muslim magical girl and her particular talent. If anything, it reads like a superhero origin, and we all know Muslim superheroes that are accepted and do quite well with Muslim readers.

Personally, I often see magical girls as a brand of superheroes. If we can have Kamala Khan – who, as a side note, is wondrous – wearing her suit and transforming and being awesome as a Muslim heroine, I’m pretty sure there’s a way that we can have our magical girls, too.

I agree with you that the magical girl genre celebrates girlhood and I appreciate your concern with representing different girls, so I hope that in some way, this answer helps you. If anything, my primary suggestion would be to continue to write with an eye for making that Muslim character as full-fleshed and real as you can and keep asking respectful questions from people of the Islamic faith when you need to. If you feel you’re stepping away from the more superhero origin story,

I wish you the best of luck! (And if you ever want to talk magical girls, now you know which mod to look up!)

- Kaye

Generally, I would stay away from Muslim characters doing magic unless it’s established that magic is a norm in the universe you’re writing? Like in Harry Potter, it’s just something that exists and I personally (just me here, not trying to speak over anyone) think there’s nothing wrong with, for example, having Muslims at Beauxbatons. I mean, I actually did like that headcanon, and I was thinking about how it would mesh with them being Muslims. I thought maybe they just wouldn’t do divination because knowing the future seems like it would be something that’s haram no matter what? I don’t know - I mean, I’m a revert and even though I’ve studied Islam a lot, there’s still a lot I don’t know. 


I think the gaining powers from technological incidents is a really cool idea and circumvents the magic thing but still gives her powers, and if playing around with technology was a hobby of hers, all the better! - Yasmin

okay but don’t stop at a simple transfiguration that magically /fixes everything/ for trans wixen

give me trans witches dropping into moaning myrtle’s restroom for privacy to pull up their leggings dammit, give me trans wizards mumbling spells to adjust their binders under their breaths, give me wixen changing their presentation midday and their friends not batting an eye, jewish trans wixen saying shechechyanu before performing glamours that get them through the day, covens of trans lesbian witches in forests and glens across the world, give me trans witches who proudly fit the hag stereotype, give me nonbinary veela that show transphobes their beaks

write nonbinary witches who want to stop being catcalled so they wear baggy robes. when ron changes into Girl Robes for the first time and she is like, i love the dress, it feels right, maybe she like, likes it a lot u know, maybe the breeze up her skirts feels good, maybe it feels good to be free. hagrid is an intersex girl with pcos. maybe theres like rules about who can use what spells when they arent in classes, right? so maybe they have to use human tools to “transition” like, human potions u know, hormones. 

oh man! the mirror. u know the one. the mirror of erised. kids realize theyre trans when they look in it! boggarts? trans kids see a past they don’t want to go back to, so their friends step in to shield them from it. what if hermione was bigender and switched presentation during the re-doing-time time when she time-turned and she did half her classes as another student? harrys invisibility cloak is rad for dysmorphia perhaps

give me nonwhite trans wixen decolonizing gender, decolonizing magic. give me trans girls padma patil and lavender brown getting together at the yule ball after ron snubs padma because she was busy moping about hermione. give me trans jewish and muslim wixen with genders more ancient and steeped in magic than hogwarts itself. give me trans girls naming themselves after their favorite founder, helga hufflepuff, the trans mother who took them all when gryffindor and slytherin ran their rivalries high. 

give me networks of adult trans wixen who do spells to help trans kids maintain their presentation over the summer since they can’t use magic when they’re underage, give me magical trans prides with signs that glow with thousands of spells, give me trans houses that are open yearround to folks who need a space to figure things out, or just, y’know, get away from shit, trans wixen with chosen families, trans wixen of color with magic in their blood rediscovering almost-lost ancestral magic in rare books, gender magic that comes easier the more time you spend with it

give me transgender autistic hermione granger who goes from wanting to join the DMLE to wanting to tear the broken system down, give me nonbinary parvati patil who knows where to get /all/ the andro fashion stuff, give me trans man draco malfoy who’s always been a little been a little too much of a meninist and the world only barely tolerates it

give me trans kid wixen whose first acts of accidental magic are pulling themselves towards other trans kids or altering their hairstyles, give me kids compiling lists of spells to alter presentation and notice-me-nots against clocking because magic schools don’t even cover basic sex-ed, much less any of this. give me variants of the cheering charm used in small doses to alleviate dysphoria, give me trans wixen banding together in the face of bigotry of all sorts. give me an alternate knight bus, the down with cis bus. give me trans magicals in memes and in the most tangible, serious sense! give it to me and to my friend who contributed about half this post, give it to all of us trans nerds!

Okay now that I’m thinking of Muslims

Where are the Muslim kids at Hogwarts? Where are the older students leading the first years to the Room of Requirement so they can all pray facing Mecca and don’t have to worry about figuring out directions bc shit man the Room has them covered?

And you bet your hats McGonagall would crack down on any student using ignorant foul language towards the Islamic students. Like someone write or draw smth like this I need this to grow

One of Donald Trump’s latest critics is “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling and she may have some of the harshest words yet for the Republican front-runner’s controversial policy proposal for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.“ http://cnn.it/1YWpax8 

"How horrible,” tweeted Rowling, along with a BBC report on Trump’s call to ban Muslims. “Voldemort was nowhere near as bad,” she added.

Hogwarts is actually very welcoming of folks who are different religions, especially during the holidays, Harry just never noticed because the Dursleys never taught him about different religions. 

So he assumed the Hanukkah menorahs set around the castle were particularly festive candelabras and the small gatherings of students from all houses, just before sunrise and just after sundown in the great hall towards the end of the school year, was part of an inter-house club rather than the breaking of the fast.

Rowena Ravenclaw herself was Muslim, and Godric Gryffindor was Jewish and since the founding of Hogwarts there have been rules set in place that no anti-religious bullying will be accepted in the school, and they even helped set up special areas of the kitchen specialized in Kosher and Halāl food preparation.

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