a muslim in hogwarts

I love how there’s a simultaneous Hogwarts as Yeshiva and Muslim at Hogwarts things going on

and how they’re completely different in terms of concept (one is a total rearrangement, one is adding to the world we already have) but they both are taking much loved media and *inserting* ourselves into it. And I love how 3gees story has Jewish injokes (and I’m sure the Muslim @ Hogwarts will too) but still anybody can read it and love it and emphasize with the characters and the world because it’s a world we all know and love because HARRY POTTER  and just ….I gotta get back to hogwarts, ya know?

Is it weird of me to enjoy the fact that thecompleteillustrated noticed that I thoroughly enjoy A Muslim in Hogwarts as an idea? Because it was a mild ‘senpai noticed me’ moment.

I wouldn’t even call myself a member of the Harry Potter fandom, but I just think it’s amazing. I want to read it, for sure.

Is anyone else doing this kind of thing - writing fantasy work, fanfiction or not, Harry Potter or not (but fo’ real tho, Harry Potter fics pls) with PoC included?

I want to see all of the things. I want to share all of the things. I want Tumblr to know that this is a big deal and I have a lot of love for:

  1. young writers on Tumblr, and 
  2. people who tell the kinds of stories we have spent so long hoping for.

So all of the things - any kind of story, written or even drawn or narrated, anything that puts less of the same in this genre - I would so love to see those works get praise; and their writers, too, especially if those writers are young.

why don’t we talk about muslim kids in hogwarts during ramadan? imagine waking up at 3 every morning and walking down for suhoor, to find the house elves have prepared a feast for them. imagine the kids having an extended curfew, so they can go and eat iftar at 10, where the house elves once again provide a ten course meal, topped with dates and traditional delicacies from around the world. imagine the kids being allowed to go into the kitchens in the middle of the night if they were still in the mood to eat. imagine the kids being allowed to leave class to do their prayers, and spending lunch times to read the quran. we need to talk more about muslim kids in hogwarts.

One year in Hogwarts, Fatmeh walks off the train onto the castle grounds wearing a hijab spelled to reflect the sky just like the ceiling of the Great Hall. The corner of her mouth curls into a satisfied smirk because she knows all the other hijabis at Hogwarts are clamoring to get a good look over the crowd, wondering where she got it. But she’s nice, despite the still lingering bad reputation of Slytherin, so by the end of the term every Muslim girl at Hogwarts has a plain cotton hijab spelled to reflect the sky, or the sea. Friday Prayers start to look like they’re being held outside.

Okay now that I’m thinking of Muslims

Where are the Muslim kids at Hogwarts? Where are the older students leading the first years to the Room of Requirement so they can all pray facing Mecca and don’t have to worry about figuring out directions bc shit man the Room has them covered?

And you bet your hats McGonagall would crack down on any student using ignorant foul language towards the Islamic students. Like someone write or draw smth like this I need this to grow

One of Donald Trump’s latest critics is “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling and she may have some of the harshest words yet for the Republican front-runner’s controversial policy proposal for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.“ http://cnn.it/1YWpax8 

"How horrible,” tweeted Rowling, along with a BBC report on Trump’s call to ban Muslims. “Voldemort was nowhere near as bad,” she added.

Hogwarts is actually very welcoming of folks who are different religions, especially during the holidays, Harry just never noticed because the Dursleys never taught him about different religions. 

So he assumed the Hanukkah menorahs set around the castle were particularly festive candelabras and the small gatherings of students from all houses, just before sunrise and just after sundown in the great hall towards the end of the school year, was part of an inter-house club rather than the breaking of the fast.

Rowena Ravenclaw herself was Muslim, and Godric Gryffindor was Jewish and since the founding of Hogwarts there have been rules set in place that no anti-religious bullying will be accepted in the school, and they even helped set up special areas of the kitchen specialized in Kosher and Halāl food preparation.

—  Submitted by anonymous

Driven by an almost careless bravery, endless curiosity, and a constant restlessness that had plagued her since a she was just a child, she started to explore the entire castle typically accompanied by Padma, often with Anthony, Michael, and Terry, and slightly less often with students from other houses.

There was the time Filch almost caught them making their way down to the southern armory. Then the evening they got lost in the especially nebulous halls of the ninth floor of the northern wing where they wandered until dawn, a part of the castle only Angelina Johnson would ever be able to find again. And on one especially clear night they snuck off into the Forbidden Forest where they watched a small flock of jobberknolls rise in graceful silence up into the dark star filled sky. And though these explorations would always be the source of many of her most fond memories, there were also the times when she would steal away on her own.

It is hard to pinpoint the origin of her strange claustrophobia, but sometimes she would find herself possessed with a shivering anxiety, a desire to rise up above the castle. Sometimes it could be relived simply by resting in the deep blue armchair by her favorite window. She would look out across Hogwarts, silent and peaceful, in the shifting light, in the gentle draft coming from the window. Sometimes she would have to climb up to the astronomy tower, where she could see the mountains fade away into the misty blue of the horizon.

But best of all was when she could sneak off on her broom and fly out onto the cold air to look down at the gentle slopes of Hogwarts, over the shimmering lake, the deep, black woods, and over to those endless mountains. It was when she was alone up in the mists that she was happiest, the world, already so grand, was so much more than she had imagined, was so vast, so complex, so mysterious, and all just waiting for her to go out and explore it all.

Right, so I know that writing is hard and all that, very time-consuming and difficult to pull of perfectly - trust me, I know - but when I see things like this I want the people who thought them up to actually draw them out, make them fully fleshed-out things so I can pour myself a cup of tea, read them slowly, and marvel at the fact that there are so many imaginative, talented, and most of all really considerate young people on Tumblr who think a lot about the stories they consume and the things they mean or could mean. 

(Maybe I should send them something about a Trinidadian wizard who is genderfluid; and is adept at both traditional British magic and obeah since his mother, grandmother, and older sister all taught him; and he’s really upset that Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them doesn’t have a page on the Lagahoo and even more upset when people think it’s just a werewolf or a boggart; and speaks perfect English but doesn’t like it and would rather Trinidadian Creole so he slips back into it whenever he’s scared or excited…)

thecompleteillustrated-deactiva  asked:

i saw your loong psot about you much you enjoy the muslim in hogwarts idea so thanks :D :D

No, thank you. I have long held the notion that fanfiction that introduces people and ideas that haven’t been in the original work is revolutionary, and I admire the fact most of all that such ideas are coming from young people like yourself and your peers.

So keep doing the thing, you guys. I’m behind it 100%, want to see it grow in popularity, and wish you all the best in its execution. (In fact, I think I speak for a lot of other folks on Tumblr when I say you’ve inspired me to think about how other cultures would look in the Wizarding Wixen World, and maybe have even tempted me to genuinely explore them.)