a music legend was born


“…what Streisand accomplishes in Funny Girl is at once a redefinition of what a musical star can look like as well as a reconfirmation of what so many of us return to the movies to find: pristine encapsulations of talent in motion. Such talent, as exemplified in Streisand’s performance and throughout her peerless career, is indeed, as Kael declared, its own form of beauty. But with the lights low and the screen bright, it can also be its own elusive form of magic, as pure and pleasurable as any ever captured on film.”

On her 75th birthday, here’s how the singular and supreme Barbra Streisand broke out her own way with an unconventional movie star presence in Funny Girl, by Matthew Eng


Remembering Jazz vocal legend Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan in Baltimore, MD) - April 7, 1915 – July 17, 1959

Dad: are you OK?
Me: *no, I’m not OK because of David Bowie ’s death. Because he’s dead and I will never have the chance to see him, to meet him and to say to him how important he is for me. I was born 21 years ago and he was one of the most influential artist in this world. I grew up with his music, with his legend. I was born when Freddie and Lennon were already dead, so I haven’t felt the pain of losing an idol -i was sad about their death, but it’s not the same pain ; I was too young when George Harrison died, so I didn’t realise what was happening. But now it happened that I’m conscious of the fact that yesterday he was alive and now he’s gone and I’m listening to his songs and I’m crying because I hoped to meet him one day because he was my idol. And now I’m afraid of the day when Paul and Ringo will die. What am I supposed to do now?*
Me: yes.