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Let’s get this straight...

Being a canon muse doesn’t make you better than an OC muse and vice versa

Being a single-ship blog doesn’t make you better than a multi-ship blog and vice versa.

Being a blog in a big fandom doesn’t make you better than a blog in a small fandom and vice versa.

Having hundreds of followers doesn’t make you better than someone with ten followers and vice versa.

Writing with anyone and everyone doesn’t make you better than someone who is selective/mutuals only and vice versa.

Speaking/writing English as your first language doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t and vice versa.

Having been RPing for years doesn’t make you better than a new RPer and vice versa

Being a single-muse blog doesn’t make you better than a multi-muse blog and vice versa

Writing super long replies doesn’t make you better than writing dialogue only and vice versa

Formatting your replies doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t and vice versa

Being an older writer doesn’t make you better than someone who is younger and vice versa

Not writing smut doesn’t make you better than someone who writes it and vice versa.

Being exclusive doesn’t make you better than someone who writes with duplicates and vice versa.

Using icons doesn’t make you better than someone who doesn’t and vice versa

Literally none of this stuff matters. Nothing makes one RPer better than another. All that matters is that you treat other people with respect. Respect how they run their blog, respect how they play their muse, respect how they write. 

razensky  asked:

☯ ☀️

Questions for the mun: accepting

☯ Is there a muse you’ve always wanted to play?

Hmmm…not really…although I’m tempted to play as Nick Valentine from Fallout 4. But I am holding it off because I already have 2 detective muse blogs that I can’t even manage to bring to life lol *sob* (My Booker DeWitt blog, and my FBI agent OC if ya’ll are curious)

☀ What’s an FC that you desperately want to play with? Why?

Uhhhh…I’m not really that desperate. I can think of one, maybe, but I kinda don’t wanna say because the reasons would be shallow lol (*whispers* because he’s hot that’s why lmao). Although this goes for all face claims…

OKAY so maybe on a less shallower note, one that I can admit is *whispers seductively*
H U M P R E Y  B O G A R T

Because I need a Sam Spade in my life OK I need that hard-boiled hard-ass 2 do some film Noir-y things w/me

               when MULTI-MUSE ACCOUNTS ask to SPECIFY A MUSE       ;        it’s NOT because they want to be ANNOYING.          it’s to make it EASIER FOR THEM           but also EASIER FOR YOU.          by SPECIFYING A MUSE,            you will AUTOMATICALLY help them think of AN ANSWER   //     STARTER    //      IDEA on how to say certain things INSTEAD of having them think CONTINUOUSLY on who they should pick OR if they picked the right muse.             A MULTI-MUSE BLOG isn’t easy maintenance             &             sometimes THE MUN behind ALL THE CHARACTERS  needs a LITTLE BIT OF HELP  with choosing who to pick.           so BE HELPFUL        &          SPECIFY A MUSE WHEN ASKED.

Some books are so damn important that they turn everything you know upside down.

The books you want to read steal your mind.

The books you crave to read steal your heart.

The books you need to read steal your breath.

I hope you all enjoy at least one of these books in your reading experience.

Starters: Things I Have Said While Playing Video Games
  • “I will shove your throat down your throat.”
  • “Oh. Oh, you have just called up the devil. You will tremble before me, and beg for mercy, and I’ll laugh in your stupid face because FUCK YOU.”
  • “Oh, suck my left nut.”
  • “I will fucking end you. I will end you so hard that your ancestors will feel shame and your family will weep upon your grave.”
  • “I mean, he is only avenging his dead brother. You can’t really begrudge him that.”
  • “Are you fucking sweating on me?”
    “Oh. Veeeeery clever, you massive cockmuffin.”
  • “Everything is pain and I regret going down this path!”
  • “Oh, great, more naked people.”
  • “I’m sorry for invalidating your gender identity!”
  • “What?! That was my fucking money! Fuck you, secret police.”
  • “I hate living in a communist country.”
  • “Okay. So. We had to kill your uncle to make life easier for all of us.”
  • “I show up, and everything’s on fucking fire. For the love of God, how? And why?”
  • “Oh joy. More tedious drudgery.”
  • “If I were a lesser man, I’d be shitting myself right now.”
  • “He might actually be gayer than me. Unlikely, but possible.”
  • “Sigmund Freud would have a goddamn FIELD day with this.”
  • “Nice try, sugartits.”
  • “I appreciate you inviting me to your strip club.”
  • “This was supposed to be a stupid joke. How did it get so real?”
  • “Do not fuck the doctor! What is wrong with you?”
  • “I want to be the spiritual embodiment of pudding.”
  • “Nothing inspires a murderous rage in me more than comic sans.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry I killed everyone you love, but can’t we talk about this?”
  • “I wish my legs were as fabulous as yours.”
  • “Oh, you think I won’t arrest you because we’re friends? Is that what you fucking think? Well you’re fucking RIGHT.”
  • “I just stabbed a bitch to death with a pair of scissors. God, I love Tuesdays.”
  • “Part of me wants to fuck you. The other part wants to laugh at you for looking like a My Chemical Romance reject.”
  • “Oh, fuck you for trying to teach me a lesson about morals.”
  • “Literally nobody asked your opinion.”
  • “Fuck you, you’re not my mom.”
  • “I want to slather you with bees.”
  • “I’ve never been so aroused and terrified in my life.”
  • “Here’s an idea: go to church.”
  • “Something about you just looks evil.”
  • “Finally! I’ve turned you gay!”
  • “Fuck me up, anthropomorphic Daddy.”
  • “I’m starting to come to the conclusion that you’re kind of a dick.”
  • “Eat one MILLION dicks.”
You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)