a murmuration of starlings

If you were to look up in the sky and see this huge black mass contorting into different shapes, you might get a little creeped out. Although it looks alien, it’s actually just a European Starling Murmuration. The birds will group together in their thousands and perform various stunts before roosting for the night. Scientists believe that they do this to intimidate predators such as falcons. And if you think the gif looks cool, watch this.


a murmuration of migrating starlings fly in a formation near the southern israeli town of rahat this week. the synchronised movement is designed to help starlings catch prey, keep them warm, and ward off attacks from large birds of prey

the gathering of starlings marks a return of the birds to the country after a massive decrease was recorded over the past two decades. but conservationists note that there has been a marked increase of late in the number of starlings migrating through and to israel. 

photos by nir elias, abir sultan, and menahem kahana


Starling Murmuration, Brighton Pier by Craig Denford
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Places for blackbirds to hide

Nestled in the secret velvet stash; in the bead box with one eye visible; in the hearts and minds of people who love blackbirds and are not inclined to interpret things literally; splayed flat against the back of the blackboard; up amongst the oncoming stormclouds; with the other blackbirds who knows how many thousands of them in the dark cellar; under the hat of the world hide and seek champion; over there no behind you no wait the other way; inside a feather pillow; in the inside pocket of the undertaker’s suit; in a starling murmuration at twilight; under the dock of the parliament of owls; in dreams; in ashes.

justatrydontworry  asked:

I just had a dream where Lexa and Clarke had a child and Lexa summoded her people and said this child is the most precious thing i'll ever have, and she asks, who'll protect this child until their last breath, who ll be her jubrota, and all her people volunteered. I got so emotional when I woke up

Awh! Omg, that sounds too precious. This little boop that means the world to her, and finding out she means so much to her people too. Omg. 

Here, this is for you. <3

You think about your heart at the oddest of times.

How it must limp inside your chest like a wounded animal, leaving behind it a trail of blood—not bright and red like what should spill from your skin when it is kissed by the edge of a blade. No, this blood is your truest life. And yours must be black with sin—thick and viscous, sluggishly coughing through your veins, barely nourishing your body. Living deep in the empty cavern that is your chest—tracing black circles around the graves in your soul. Pressing pitch colored handprints to desperately missed names etches into the crumbling tombstones.

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diurnal dreams for & yearnings of starlings’ murmurations give way to nocturnal perambulations seeking signs of the past in leaf litter. where’s the path once so clearly assigned? where are you? the stars so misaligned spell out your name; there is no changing that. so it’s day again, the day-dreams repeat: of migrations, transformations, moving further away, because i can’t trust the words & world of men, i’ll read my own auguries. a lone ornithomancer wearing feathers over wounds winds her way.