a muppet

For the first time in a decade, the classic children’s television show Sesame Street will introduce a new Muppet on the air.

Her name is Julia. She’s a shy and winsome 4-year-old, with striking red hair and green eyes. Julia likes to paint and pick flowers. When Julia speaks, she often echoes what she’s just heard her friends Abby and Elmo say. Julia has autism.

Julia, A Muppet With Autism, Joins The Cast Of ‘Sesame Street’

Photo via Zach Hyman/Sesame Workshop


don’t mind me, I’m just getting all teary-eyed over sesame street describing an Autistic girl’s stimming as “a great way to play” ;~;

all the clips I’ve watched of Julia so far are so cute, I like them much better than the book. I really hope they keep improving like this.