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Birthday Weekend

Heyo! So I’m going to try to pop some replies in the queue today, but overall I’ll pretty much be silent over this weekend, because…

tomorrow’s my birthday! :D 26 years old. Yikes. 

I’ll be spending tomorrow morning with my wee niece, and also hopefully my friend and Godson. May have some tumblr time if Victor gets in late. Then Saturday I have such an exciting day planned, ahh!! 

I’m going to Disney, having breakfast in Cinderella’s Castles (SCREAM), spending the whole day with my closest friend/big sis, and then having dinner at Ohana’s (which is so so good I DO RECOMMEND) 

This is legit the fanciest I’ve ever done for a birthday of mine lol. But It’s sort of a “birthday/going away” thing, so I’m grateful I’m able to do it!!! 

Then, on Sunday, I am going to sit back in the pool with another good friend of mine (if it’s not raining), play Undertale, and probably have a cooking adventure together. 

I’ll also, as of tomorrow, have a year to complete a publishable book, as per my goal. 

Good bye mid-20′s. You were a blast. 

Hello late-20′s. Get your pants on, we got shit to do. B) 

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cosmiczigzag  asked:

You're allowed to do whatever you want with your blog, such as adding different characters. Don't worry about what other people think, many more will support you(including me)~

see thats what ive been thinking?? but it just looks… so jarring

like i use gratuitous color to cover up my shit lineart and it really shows without it

like compare this drawing

complete with color, looks nice, yeah?

to this one that lack color

and since the dailyspheal art style kind of lacks substantial color like im used to and foregoes colored outlines for a bold, black one its hard to cover up the messy lines i keep with my regular art and side by side with beau’s simple, easy on the eyes style i feel like it not… up to par?

// Okay. I’ve now got over 100 asks in my inbox so it’s gonna close for a bit until I get a few done. Also, I’m glad you all seem to like the characters so far. I’m having lots of fun sharing them with you. <3