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Okay so someone sent in “Cala would beat the shit out of white supremacists, sexists, lgbtqphobes, and albeists”

And you know what honey you are absolutely right. You are 100% correct.

Reblog if your muse would be the shit out of white supremacists, sexists, lgbtqphobes and albeists tbh

Reblog is YOU would beat the shit out of white supremacists, sexists, lgbtqphobes and albeists tbh


{SO it’s been five fun-filled years cosplaying this frozen dork. I sadly don’t have any pictures of my colonial!Jack cosplay, but hopefully soon! For now, here is the evolution and the hardships endured all in the name of cosplay. 

I’ve stood in the snow barefoot for ages until we got the perfect picture, made a better hoodie and staff, and upgraded my wig. All with the help of friends and family. I couldn’t have managed it without them. Both my mom and my best friend have stood out in the cold taking pictures. It’s been a wild adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, thank you to DreamWorks for bringing the world of the Guardians to the big screen, and William Joyce for dreaming up that world and touching my heart with such a special gift. Thank you to my family and friends who followed along and helped to make the greatest memories.

Jack is, and always will be, my favourite cosplay, my favourite muse to play and act, and my inspiration to always feel like I’m ten years old inside. The Guardians have kept my belief alive. All those wonders, hopes, and dreams. And fun.

Happy 5th Anniversary!}

So I’ve recently come to the realization that this “one-shot” I was going to do is probably not going to be just a “one-shot” anymore. Most likely it’s going to be multi-chaptered, so to those who wanted tagged in this “Boots and Heels” head-canon between Roman and Virgil, I’ll tag you in “Chapter 1″ if you still want me to, but after that you’ll need to tell me if you want tagged in the subsequent parts.

@not-so-innocent-bi-sander, @twentyoneparades-to-panic-at, and @kaymischief25, is this system okay for you?

If anybody wants added to the tag list just let me know, same rule applies to my other W.I.P.

On the other hand, if you want un-tagged just sent me a quick message too! I promise I won’t be offended!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to those of you who followed me, expectin art and such, and have stuck around despite there not bein much of it to speak of.

Truth be told, I haven’t really had much time to make art. In fact, outside of a single doodle I did a night or so ago, I haven’t drawn anythin in a VERY long while. And this is due, in part, to a few things.

My internet was turned off at the place I’m stayin. Not just for me, but for the whole house. The bill hasn’t been payed in months, and it now costs a bit too much for any one person to pay for. So I’ve been usin the internet over at the local library and at Dunkin Donuts(Where I am right now) to get online for as brief a time I can to get my content fix before I have to go home again.

The second bein work. As it gets closer and closer to Black Friday and the majority of the holiday season, Khol’s has scheduled me more and more, to the point where I’ve only had one day off in any given week.And while this is a boon for my pay, it also takes a toll on my exhaustion and ability to rest. As I type this, I will have to go in yet again for work, in only  few short hours. Plus Thursday and Black Friday(somethin I am continuin to dread).

And on top of that, my mom and me are lookin into gettin a new appartment, and I have to be the one to lease it/put down a deposit on it. So I’ve been stressin out over that a little bit.

That all said, I’m still glad I got this job. My feet may hurt, and I may not be able to get much sleep, but it’s more than worth it now that I can pay for things. I’m gunna see about gettin a new phone/plan and hopefully will be able to get internet at my place again(even if it’s simply usin the phone as a mobile hotspot). I’m still glad knowin I can help get us a new place to live. And I’m glad knowin I get finally afford to pay off my debts. This is hopefully gunna help so much.

But again, I just wanted to thank you all for stickin by me, and I wanted to say that hopefully, once things are finally settled, and maybe after the holiday season, I’ll try to post more art. Till then, stay awesome, stay beautiful, and as always, stay frosty. ^u^/)

I can’t even type this oh my god

Uh..so I’m going through my inbox and guys..I just..the amount of support is overwhelming.

I’ll respond to them all later..I am currently leaving for somewhere haha..

Just..know that I see all of your messages and I appreciate them so much. So very, very much. You guys didn’t make my day - you’ve made my year. My life.

Thank you.

scribbled-o-scrub  asked:

Is it alright if I draw something for this blog? I just wanted to make sure before I actually do it :")

((of course its okay! Like the ‘rules and about’ page says, i love being able to inspire people to create and I fully encourage fanart! :D can’t wait to see what you make!))

AU Time!!

The Devil will sometimes have the crew ((that’s what,, I’m gonna call them now)) pretend to be showgirls at,, crude establishments so that they can hide their identities ((they travel ofc, they don’t do a lot of their bad business in Inkwell)). They normally have routines to go by that they’ve made themselves. Course, given the nature of the places they pretend to be showgirls..the routine has to be a little raunchy.

Also: Everyone in the showgirls act is - King Dice, Cala Maria, Rumor Honeybottoms, Calamarie, Baroness Von Bon Bon. Let’s,, just say that there’s a potion to give Cala and Calamarie legs when they do this. They don’t do this often btw. Everyone else in the crew - Hilda Berg, Sally Stageplay, The Devil ((@2askpip-dot6 hmu with what Dot would do - perform or:)) would play other roles to hide themselves (bartender, bodyguard, etc etc). Uhhhh bc I know you guys will ask…here’s the routine the showgirls do. It’s..suggestive.

adarkenedshadeofblue  asked:

I hope your day is well friend and that it'll end with a smile and pleasant dreams! <3

@adarkenedshadeofblue dropped this in my inbox last night //

D’awww! Thank you, this is so sweet! (I’m gonna answer in terms of yesterday since that was when this was sent xD)
But, yeah! My day yesterday was
I got re-cast in the production I’m in, to one of the BEST characters! :D
(If any of you are interested, I’m doing a production of Cats the Musical and I get to be Mistoffelees. I get to prance about the stage like a mad thing and have the
BEST dance solo! So, yeah, I’m super pumped!) So, I’m still buzzing from that! 

^I legit had to do that. I had to have several cups of tea in order to calm down xD

Anyway! I hope that your day / evening / whatever is good too! :)