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Doc did you know the SuperS movie was at one point going to be centered on Michiru and Haruka? Ikuhara pitched an idea for the movie that involved them waking up some god of Neptune somewhere called The End of the World. It was approved but it just never came together.

I’ve heard that a couple times!

On its face, obviously, it sounds excellent and I am so mad I never got an entire movie about them, after they were ignored the entire season so Chibs could fuck a horse. Not about it.

But based on everything I’ve heard about the plans for it, I’m pretty glad it never materialized. I have learned that hard way that not ALL Harumichi content is GOOD Harumichi content. Apparently the idea for it was that Michiru would be magically kidnapped a la Mamoru or some bullshit and be locked away Sleeping Beauty style in a tower and Haruka has to come rescue her by Breaking All The Rules or something and Usagi has to stop her to ~save the world~ and I’m sure there would have been a magical asspull where Usagi got to save both Michiru and the world by believing really hard.

Anyway yeah, not really here for it—what I’ve always enjoyed about Sailor Moon is how mostly it flips the script and Michiru is the one saving Haruka.

Alright, we’re doing a thing.

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1: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

     Super not at all exciting, but I really would like to see New York one day. 

2: What is your go-to movie/tv show when you’re sick or sad?

      I was sick ALOT in highschool and my go-to movie then was without fail       You’ve Got Mail. I think now though it’d probably be The Last Five Years.

3: Do you collect anything, and if so what?

      I don’t really think I do. Like, I’ve got a lot of Funko’s, but that’s like saying I’ve got a lot of books. It’s not exactly something I seek out so much as I buy them cause they’re cute and they’ve started to accumulate. 

4: What is your favourite meal?

      I don’t know…? Ham, scallop potatoes and corn?

5: What is your favourite boardgame?

     I have too many to pick, it feels like a betrayal. 

6: Do you have a pet, and what kind? If no, what do you wish you had?

      I have 2 adorable little puffballs known as parakeets (Joss and Juliet) and I have my wonderful amazing perfect baby angel of a dog who lives with my parents (Mobie).

7: What was your favourite class in high school?

      I really liked the english courses because they were basically bird courses for me. And the Drama courses, because you were guaranteed a field trip to see a major musical in Toronto every year (saw Mama Mia, Wicked, and Les Miserables), and then of course music was the best just because of the environment and the people. 

8: What is your favourite kind of pie?

      Pumpkin…. but basically just the filling. I’m really not big on pie. or pastries in general.

9: What is the view out of your bedroom window?

     Motherfucking Trees man.

10: What costume would you love to wear to a convention? (regardless of your available skills/funds/etc. Dream big!)

      I’m really cursing helping Kayla come up with this question, because I have no fucking idea man. 

11: Why did you join Tumblr?

      The year was 2010 and the majority of the Faberry Livejournal community was migrating. I didn’t want to be left behind. FUCK I’VE BEEN ON THIS WEBSITE FOR A LONG TIME.

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INFPs are the ones who...

-Won’t break a class rule but would start a revolution
-Listen for hours, even when they know that person wouldn’t let them talk for five minutes
-Always look out for the misfits and the loners
-Do their English homework, “just for fun”
-Will wait up all night just to say good night to someone
-Remember the little things people tell them like their favorite book or their best memory
-Always say thank you to waiters and janitors
-Cry when the dog dies in movies
-Write their feelings out on paper before they can find the words in their mouths to explain them
-Sit in their rooms, late at night in the dark, crying silently because they don’t want to wake anyone up
-Who apologize to the person who ran into them
-Can never pretend that they don’t care because they’ll end up crying or angry

MBTI + Why you're a bad person

ESTP: You fist-fought an off-duty police officer behind the 7/11 and when his partner came to help you put him in headlock too

ISTP: You’re a terrible dresser. Honestly. Those tight jeans look fuckin terrible you have to take them off immediately, slowly

INFP: It’s 3 am, pigeons do not have feelings STOP ASKING and GO TO SLEEP- horses do not have feelings either but let me tell you what, what they do have is the devil inside them

ENFP: You stay at people’s houses for several days just to pet their kitties and you eat all their jello that they were saving for a special occasion

INTJ: Your fun facts became increasingly condescending and then you managed to escape from the locker I shoved you into you squirrely fuck

ENTJ: You’re in Club Fed for starting a street rules, bareknuckle intern fight ring in the accounting department of a Fortune 500

INTP: You spoiled Star Wars for everyone. You haven’t even seen the movie yet, you’re just like a freakishly good guesser

ENTP: You go to church, sit in the confessional booth, and start your confession with, “Forgive me Daddy for I have sinned-”

INFJ: You’re a kind and helpful spirit but you lowkey like finding out dirt on people to exploit their weaknesses in the future you fake b

ENFJ: You run a pseudo-religious new age suicide cult in the abandoned lumber mill outside of town

ESFP: You laugh super loud which is kind of endearing but you show off pictures of your boyfriend a lot raving about how cute he is when he is about as flavorful as a whole wheat tortilla lying face down on the pavement

ISFP: You carve hearts into trees and doodle on your notebooks and take pictures in front of brick walls and hum to yourself and love hot cocoa too much and are very cute and where was I going with this

ISFJ: You head to the local prison to sweetly visit your friend. You bring snickerdoodles and you save a few for the guards, who all greet you by name. What they don’t know is that it was actually you who got rid of the body. Your snickerdoodles are a little off-tasting, but delicious nonetheless.

ESFJ: I asked you 10 times what you wanna eat and you said you don’t care and now we’re here at olive garden and you’re pouting but you better order some chicken-fucking-alfredo from this fine establishment real quick before I snap my shit

ISTJ: You get everything done right and on time and you’re making the rest of us look bad, Gary, fuck you

ESTJ: You fart in elevators and nobody ever says anything because your dad owns the company so they just breathe your hideous gases


‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society


“Just had my phone off for a while. Felt really great. I want people to start thinking about looking up more. As human beings I think it’s important to live in the moment and allow yourself to feel the human connection on a real level. Next time you are hanging out with your friends see if you can all put your phones in airplane mode or leave them at home. I have nothing against technology or social media (obviously) but moderation is a good thing. we need to allow our minds room to think. My next movie Men, Women and Children really covers this topic and this discussion. How much does technology rule our relationships.” - Ansel Elgort.

all my dates have been ending poorly. this is the structure of an average date i go on. can somebody please identify where i am going wrong

1. dress up nice
2. take date to dinner
3. compliment them lots
4. explain, uninterrupted for four hours in terrifying detail, the flaws in the established rules of the time travel system in the back to the future franchise and how things begin to fall apart most of all in back to the future 2, but also how back to the future 3 is severely underrated, and the consequences of/ arguments for and against accepting the telltale back to the future game as canon within the movie universe
5. ask them about their day

WAAAAAY Too Many YA Novels and Movies
  • Sci-Fi:In the future, people are separated into different classes, with one class ruling above them all. Until one day, a White person (with a totally made up name, but you still drag "Lakiesha") saves them all. *please do not compare to when this happens to POC in real life*
  • Romance:Quirky White Girl must choose between Pale Blonde White Boy and Tan Brunette White Boy.
  • Mystery:Teenage Upper-Middle Class White girls must solve the murder of their White Party girl friend. (Who knew actions had consequences?!)
  • Fantasy:Meet Orphan McWhiteboy, a teenager with no real friends (or even any interests, demeanor, skills, or hobbies that would attract friends towards them). We'll say he's bullied (even though it's maybe one bully and everyone else is totally cool with him), and has a low self esteem (even though literally none of his actions suggest this). Then, one day, he discovers that he's SPECIAL. HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE!!!
  • Historical Fiction:Meet Brittany Brittish, a teen girl from England juggling Victorian lifestyle. Please ignore all the racism of this era, except those three lines in the story of her treating a PoC with *gasp* respect so we know that she's a good person. This PoC will not be in the sequel.
1A dorm life headcanons

Have some complimentary headcanons about the living hell that their building is

  • People playing knock and run for nothing but honour and glory. They have a scoring system and Kirishima is winning from the time he dared to knock on Bakugou’s door.
  • Sleepovers in the communal room where the entire class just sleeps in a pile with as many pillows and blankets as Momo can provide. Usually after they’ve all been watching movies or binge watching netflix. 
  • People now have the power to go kick Kaminari’s ass at 3am for sending the rarest pepe memes to the class group chat. 
  • Iida wakes up at 6am without any trouble. The rest of the class finds it very unnerving and just not natural. Mina accused him of being a witch. 
  • Stupid truth or dare competitions against class B that ends with Aizawa banning them and posting a list of rules where everyone can see them.
  • Awful things that came from truth or dare:
    -Learning that Kaminari thought he could get a girl pregnant by holding her hand, prompting Iida to give him the talk.
    -Sero downing a jar of pickle juice because he was dared to and then ruining Uraraka’s favourite blanket with neon green vom.
    -People trading phones and sending stupid texts. Usually confessions and not so innocent propositions. Monoma was never the same after “Bakugou’s” confession about how his loins yearned for him.
    -”Nobody wants to know about your crush Mineta-” “She’s got lovely juicy huge kn-” *Jiro smothers Mineta with pillows*
  • Satou is an angel and will go out to buy any of the girls supplies for their periods if they need them. This includes as many chocolaty snacks as he can carry home for them.
  • I can jump that far” “kamINARI N O” -Kaminari as he attempts to jump from his balcony to his neighbors. 
  • Bakugou punched the wall once when he was having a Deku related hissy fit, with the way he angled his fist he ended up sinking his entire forearm into the wall and getting stuck. 
  • Uraraka don’t care how she looks when she’s been woken up at stupid o’clock, by a class president who shall not be named. She just trudges down to the kitchen to get her morning coffee, draped in her blanket before going sitting next to Tsuyu so she can grumble for five mintues.
  • All Might is weak and brings them all McDonalds when he thinks they’ve all had a bad day, much to Lunch Rushes disdain. 
  • Video game competitions where it’s usually girls v boys and every time the boys are sore losers and say they let the girls win. 
  • As a group the boys are actually decent singers and usually sing along to the radio when they’re having their showers. On occasion the girls will join in on their side. One day the entire campus got to hear class 1A singing Uptown Funk at the top of their lungs and they couldn’t help but applaud. 
What the hell?

Why are people still talking as if Rey and Kylo could be brother and sister? Why is there still people insulting the Rey & Kylo shippers and talking about incest? DID YOU WATCH THE MOVIE? Cause if you did, you surely wouldn’t say that load of crap.

-Rey was left on Jakku around 6-8 years old. At her age, she would have remembered Han and Leia. She clearly didn’t know any of them when the movie started. She had never seen themuntil Han and Chewie took back the Falcon. 

-Han and Leia surely didn’t act like Rey was their long lost abandoned daugther. Han did take a shine on her but that was just about it. There was nothing that suggested that they were related and that Rey and Ben were siblings. 

Now about Rey being Luke’s daugther….

-The Luke Skywalker we all know would have followed the strict Jedi rules. Which mean I can’t see him being married or have a kid. That’s why in my opinion, Rey is absolutely not Luke’s daughter.  

-My theory is that she was a Jedi student of Luke’s. That’s where she and Kylo met each other (cause I did feel like Kylo knew her). Somehow her parents where either from the resistance or whatever and they were killed. When all the Jedi students were also killed, Kylo couldn’t bring himself to kill Rey. Then Luke took her and left her on Jakku to “save” her, then he exiled himself cause he couldn’t deal with what happened and felt responsible for Kylo’s turning his back on the light side and the Jedis. 

I sure hope they go down the surprising road and have something special and not cliché like Rey being a Skywalker or a Solo. Cause it would be way too obvious and we already have that link with Ben/Kylo. He is both Skywalker/Solo, we don’t need another one. 

So please, STOP being rude and acting like twats with people who ships Kylo/Rey cause as far as we know there is literally NOTHING bad about it. Until something is confirmed….WE CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT!