a movie to rule them all

1A dorm life headcanons

Have some complimentary headcanons about the living hell that their building is

  • People playing knock and run for nothing but honour and glory. They have a scoring system and Kirishima is winning from the time he dared to knock on Bakugou’s door.
  • Sleepovers in the communal room where the entire class just sleeps in a pile with as many pillows and blankets as Momo can provide. Usually after they’ve all been watching movies or binge watching netflix. 
  • People now have the power to go kick Kaminari’s ass at 3am for sending the rarest pepe memes to the class group chat. 
  • Iida wakes up at 6am without any trouble. The rest of the class finds it very unnerving and just not natural. Mina accused him of being a witch. 
  • Stupid truth or dare competitions against class B that ends with Aizawa banning them and posting a list of rules where everyone can see them.
  • Awful things that came from truth or dare:
    -Learning that Kaminari thought he could get a girl pregnant by holding her hand, prompting Iida to give him the talk.
    -Sero downing a jar of pickle juice because he was dared to and then ruining Uraraka’s favourite blanket with neon green vom.
    -People trading phones and sending stupid texts. Usually confessions and not so innocent propositions. Monoma was never the same after “Bakugou’s” confession about how his loins yearned for him.
    -”Nobody wants to know about your crush Mineta-” “She’s got lovely juicy huge kn-” *Jiro smothers Mineta with pillows*
  • Satou is an angel and will go out to buy any of the girls supplies for their periods if they need them. This includes as many chocolaty snacks as he can carry home for them.
  • I can jump that far” “kamINARI N O” -Kaminari as he attempts to jump from his balcony to his neighbors. 
  • Bakugou punched the wall once when he was having a Deku related hissy fit, with the way he angled his fist he ended up sinking his entire forearm into the wall and getting stuck. 
  • Uraraka don’t care how she looks when she’s been woken up at stupid o’clock, by a class president who shall not be named. She just trudges down to the kitchen to get her morning coffee, draped in her blanket before going sitting next to Tsuyu so she can grumble for five mintues.
  • All Might is weak and brings them all McDonalds when he thinks they’ve all had a bad day, much to Lunch Rushes disdain. 
  • Video game competitions where it’s usually girls v boys and every time the boys are sore losers and say they let the girls win. 
  • As a group the boys are actually decent singers and usually sing along to the radio when they’re having their showers. On occasion the girls will join in on their side. One day the entire campus got to hear class 1A singing Uptown Funk at the top of their lungs and they couldn’t help but applaud. 

do people forget that the empire strikes back didn’t receive rave reviews? that critics had mixed opinions on it?

as time goes on, empire is hailed as the quintessential star wars movie, the one to rule them all, a hallmark of what star wars is. but when it first came out, people didn’t like it. critics were mixed on the movie that supposedly made the series.

and return of the jedi was even worse - there were entire fan communities that had their beliefs on the series jossed. people argued for years about return of the jedi, and yet, its value has increased over time.

while each installment of star wars destroyed several years’ worth of fan culture, the prequels decimated over a decade of it. naturally, the reaction to the phantom menace was overblown because of that - but as the prequels have integrated into the star wars mythos, and the older fans phase out and are replaced by younger ones, they receive more affection and attention as pieces of the star wars universe - much like how empire and jedi are looked back on fondly today.

cari28ch3-me  asked:

for the opinion thing - I think Star Wars needs to have more main characters that are not human. The most relevant I can think of is Yoda and he is not the coolest alien in the franchise at all. The animated shows do this very well (Ahsoka and Hera), so why not the movies?

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

I agree, with the caveat that (1) they have to do something interesting with them, and (2) only if the human cast is racially balanced (i.e., not all white.)

I actually love humans, and am absolutely totally fine watching a story about humans in space, occasionally interacting with aliens. If directors and producers want to trim their budget by cutting expensive and time-intensive prosthetics (the reason, I think, that animated series can have more aliens than live-action) that works for me.

UNLESS. You do something interesting with the non-humans, and your human cast is nonwhite. 

I don’t think aliens for the sake of aliens are interesting. At no point is Yoda interesting because he is an alien. (Although I’ve read that fics that write him so, enduring proof that anything can be interesting in the hands of a talented writer.) You know who’s interesting because he is an alien? Chewbacca. His being substantially taller, stronger, and different is brought up multiple times, it’s interesting and becomes a part of the character, it serves to make the character compelling. Or, to look to a far superior scifi series, the aliens in The Sparrow are culturally and socially extremely different than the humans they encounter, and those misunderstandings drive the plot forward—their difference is relevant, and therefore interesting.

If you’ve just got aliens for the sake of having aliens, or as space set-dressing, I’m bored.

Although this brings me to my second rule, which is: star wars doesn’t get to add aliens until they balance out the rest of the cast. Zoe Saldana should never have to wear full-body purple makeup, she has Done Her Time.

ok but when they inevitably make the third princess diaries movie i want them to advertise the hell out of “academy award winners anne hathaway and dame julie andrews” and just really emphasize the fact that a bunch of people with a ton of star power and talent all got together to make this smol fun family movie about ruling a tiny fake european country with heart, courage and most importantly: great hair. 

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I have mixed feelings about a movie set in Arkham tbh. In one side it practically confirms that Joker and Harley will be on it, a movie set on the Asylum without them would be a crime. But on the other there's little to zero place for the batfam on it which just sucks.

Not necessarily, I don’t think that rules them out completely.

I’d be curious if the main events are with Batman in Arkham, but he might have communication with the other members of the Batfam outside the asylum much like the games. There could be a side story that’s woven in from outside events.

I feel like the Arkham theme has a lot of room to do many different things and the games are obviously a clear indication of that. Hopefully we get more info soon :)

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1. Nickname: Robo 

2. Star Sign: Taurus (i think)

3. Height: (shrug)

4. Time right now: 3:19

5. Favorite music artist: my music genres are all over the place so i honestly dont know 

6. Song stuck in your head: i dont have one right now (thank god)

7. Last movie watched: (uhh does this count as a movie) hot and fluffy  Gabriel Iglesias (hes a latino comedian)

8. Last tv show watched: (i dont remember)

9. What are you wearing right now: a black and white striped tank top with blue wale shorts (why is this a question)

10. When did you create your blog: maybe at june or july (i cant remember clearly)

11. What kind of stuff do you post: voltron, overwatch, pokemon go, etc (i cant keep track)

12. Do you have any other blogs: no (if @32spacekids count then yes i plan to make more in the future if i get more popular) 

13. Do you get asks regularly: no ;-;

14. Why did you choose your URL: uh my deveanart’s name strangerobot  but the name was taken so i just went with draws (originally does things but i changed it it was too long)  why strange robot is because i was in a stage were i liked caravan place and robots so thats why i have the name but anyway)

15. Gender: female 

16. Hogwarts House: i dont know hufflepuff?

17. Pokemon team: INSTINCT (i dont have pokemon go but if i did i would probably pick instinct just maybe)  

18. Favorite color: all (cant pick)

19. Average hours of sleep: none (i dont know like 6?)

20. Lucky Number: dont have one (bummer right)

21. Favorite Character(s): aaaahh i have too many 

22. How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 (for now) and A LOT of pillows (its always really warm where i live)

23. Dream Job: artist (any kind)

24. Following: 102 ( im shameful)

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My uncle works closely with a lot of celebs, and I've asked him about approaching them. His basic rules are: no crowded places (concerts, sporting events, movie theatres, etc), not if they're with more than 2 people, not if they're drunk, sick, high, etc, not if they are with their significant other, and not if they are engaged in some other activity. Obviously do your best to gauge the situation, but other than that they are usually perfectly happy to spend some time giving back to fans.

This seems like good advice, anon. It’s the minimum guidance, at least. (As in, leave them alone at least in all these situations. Some people probably have even more limitations for themselves.)

So lets talk about the now infamous food orgy at the end of Sausage Party.

Im seeing a lot of people complain about it. And im sitting here and making note of how painfully obvious it is that these people only take things for base value.

What I saw? I saw an entire movie full of characters realize that their entire life was a lie. That the religion and beliefs that they clung to, that gave them rules and order to live by, was all a manipulation to keep them in line. So what do you do when the rules you live by mean nothing and there is no meaning to life?

Food orgy

anonymous asked:

There's this hate blog that keeps showing up in the tags and it's really bumming me out.

Aye my friend, see this is an absolute rule of fandom. You can enter the fandom of the most innocent, positive game/show/movie and lo and behold you will find someone that will find a reason to be hateful. I suppose that’s how humans work overall; you will always find someone who is cynical and hateful no matter where you go.

The best thing to do with such blogs is to not give them any attention and block them. After all, the purpose of their hateful posting is to get a rise out of others, so ignoring them denies them this power. And of course, remember that for every hateful post or blog there are ten or so others posting positive and wonderful content for the tag, so focus on them! Don’t give haters power by allowing them to get to you and ruin something you enjoy.

Sending you positive vibes my dude. Don’t let petty people let you down, because they are just that; petty!

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A few weeks ago I reached this small, but significant milestone and am so grateful for every single one of you, who one day looked at my blog and thought: “ah, that one. that one is worth a follow”. You make me extremely happy, please know that!

So, in order for it not to go unnoticed, I decided do throw a little something for you guys: user moodboard! These are the rules:

  • mbf this fangirl mess
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count, but you can always bookmark it, of course!)
  • send me an ask with a list of your favorite (color, season, animal, book, song, show, movie, band, artist, anything goes)
  • i’ll try to do it as they come; some might take a little longer than others, but i’ll definitely do them all)

It’d be so great for all of you to join the party, because without you, this milestone would have never been possible. Thank you all so much!  

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Hey so I don't really know to describe what I'm trying to say but like I've been getting into the whole daddy/little kink lately but I'm not really sure if I'm really into it fully? Sorry I'm like the most awkward/nervous prison ever lol I like the all the sex parts of this like I'm really adventureful with my sex life but I can't be a little during the day because i have a child so I have to be a my child's mom all day everyday you know? But I lovee this whole rules/punishment stuff idk 😞😞😞

You might just have a soft spot for the kink but what you’re saying is you can’t be little around your child?! Yes you can colour with them watch Disney channel movies eat cute foods and play with their toys too!! They will take you as a 10000X better mum and you can keep your kink to yourself you have am excuse to be little and not have to explain why you ordered 20 dolls/action figures online cause they for your child and the punishment part can always be done by your lover

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What would mcmartinski favourite to series-movies be? And do you have any headcannons of stydia watching their favourites together?

I think they’d like

  • Chuck
  • Pushing Daisies 
  • Parks & Rec
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • The new Star Treks (Lydia would not-so-secretly hate this) 
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Friends 
  • Probably GOT
  • Brooklyn 99 omg they’d love Brooklyn 99 it has something for everyone god bless B99
  • Marvel movies (Kira got them into it)

They’d probably just do random best friend stuff! Blankets, popcorn, all piled onto the couch together hanging out :) Good shit. Stiles and Lydia have to take a shot every time they accidentally spoil a plot point because they’re being little shits– a rule that was developed out of necessity. 

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1. Favorite Eeveelution?

all of them. dont make me choose

2. Any pets, what’re they like?

a dog and a cat. my dog loves everyone and my cat is scared of anyone beside my mom, my twin and I

3. Do you speak a strong dialect in your native language?


4. Favorite tv/internet series?

voltron atm

5. Worst movie you’ve ever seen?

the cabin

6. Birds or lizards?

7. Dream job/best job so far?

i wish to be an actor or something like that but i have v bad anxiety lmao

8. Last book you read?

broken record

9. How many people do you follow?


10. What’s the best kind of candy?

whichever has a strong taste

11. Have you got any hobbies?

does wasting my life count? 

my questions:

1. Fav color

2. best book you have ever read

3.cats or dogs

4.do you want to live alone or have a room mate?

5. what are you scared of?

6. what countries have you visited?

7. where are you from?

8. how many languages do you know?

9. how many would you want to know?

10. is there something that you would give anything to have?

11. best place in the world is?

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1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Spending the night at my childhood friend’s grandmas house with her and her cousins, and us throwing the ultimate Pokemon party with tons of movies, toys, and of course the games.  I miss them all a lot.

2. Do you have any pets? If you dont have one what kind of pet would you want if you could have one?

I have three cats and two dogs.  I would LOVE a Salamander or Bearded Dragon someday.

3. What kind of shoes do you wear the most?

In the winter it’s combat boots, the summer it’s flip-flops, and the inbetween seasons is a mix of the two.

4. What is your favorite book or comic?

My favorite comic ever is Tank Girl!  Closely followed by Jeff Smith’s Bone.

5. What is your favorite mythical creature?

The Jersey Devil.

6. What is your favorite store?

2nd and Charles is a used video game/toy/music chain store that I could spend HOURS in.  And I usually end up doing just that.

7. What is your favorite video game or card game?


8. Have you ever had an experience with a ghost, or anything thats scared the living shit out of you?

I have personally never had any supernatural experiences.  But as a kid I had a friend try to physically strangle me over a McDonald’s Hashbrown, which certainly scared the shit out of me.

9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

…I have nice hair??…I really don’t have any redeeming qualities next question

10. What is your favorite movie?

Joe’s Apartment.  If you have never heard of it, which is more than likely, look it up.  It is a really cheesy fun time with singing, badly CG’ed cockroaches.

11. Do you have a favorite article of clothing, for example, a shirt or hat that you wear all the time?

I have a “Jurassic Punk” shirt that I love to wear whenever I can, even if it’s too big for me.


1. What do you look for in people the most when seeking friendships or relationships?

2. Favorite vacation spot?

3. Top 5 favorite music artists/bands?

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

5. Favorite video game?

6. Favorite video game system?

7. Describe yourself with one word.

8. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

9. Favorite cartoon now?

10. Something you are really passionate about?

11. If you had a million dollars, what is the first thing you would do?

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1) What’s your least favorite movie genre? Love 

 2) Do you have a phone case? Decorative or practical? Ye, kinda both Decorative/practical, i wanted a flip phone case and my dad got me one that is really good protection wise 

3) Fictional character you identify with the most? Either Scott McCall/Lance/Shiro?? idk there’s aspects in all of them that i can really relate to 

4) Do you have posters up in your room? How many? Not at the moment but i do have one from Arkham Knight that i need to put up

5) What was the url you had before this one? Ave-malia

6) What song never fails to lift you up out of a bad mood? Super Bass by Nicki Minaji

7) Marvel or DC? Star Wars or Star Trek? DC GONNA OWN THIS ASS TILL THE DAY I DIE, and Star Trek, that was like my middle school obsession 

8) What do you consider your biggest talent? Caring too fucking much

9) Do you like getting tagged in things like this? fuck yeah

10) If you could meet one celebrity currently alive right now and tell them anything, who and what would that be? TYLER POSEY, and just how he helped me through some rough times my junior year, he and his character Scott were like a focal point, and both were so inspirational to me

1) Do you have something that you’re fond of just because it’s one of your parents’ favorite things? 2) Favorite game? How many times have you replayed it? 3) Do you have an OTP in an old fandom that you’re still fond of and revisit sometimes? 4) Do you have a favorite fic that you come back to throughout the years? 5) Ever had a rair pair for an OTP or liked an unpopular character in the fandom? 6) Do you like flowers? or are they just kinda there for you? 7) READY FOR HALLOWEEN? 8) Are you back in school yet? and if so, how you liking it so far? 9) Favorite time of the day and why? 10) Position you sleep in? 

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1. What drives you mad?
Hypocrite people, racist people…
2. What makes you happy?
Books, movies, traveling, learning new things, looking at the sky…
3. Do you have any plans/goals?
I really want to become a professional singer and sing in front of a big crowd, so probably that.
4. Cats or dogs?
I can’t choose. I have got two cats, but dogs are beautiful as well.
5. Which Spider-man is the best?
I love Andrew, but I think Tom’s portrayal is the best. I don’t really like Tobey’s, to be quite honest.
6. What made you start up your blog?
I was supposed to be studying for my History final and I was like ‘’hey, let’s not study and write about Spider-man because why not’’ and that’s why I ended up staying up for a whole night studying everything I hadn’t on the weekend.
7. What’s your favourite band/artist?
Tom Odell, Ed Sheeran, Adele…
8. What kind of chocolate is your favourite?
White chocolate(I can’t stand dark chocolate, but I also really like milk chocolate).
9. Dream vacation destination?
10. What’s on your lockscreen?
A picture of Tom Holland holding a baby because I’m #tomhollandtrash
11. Have you smiled today? (If not, please do! You’re awesome!)
Yes!!! I went to the movies with some friends to watch Pete’s dragon and omg, I loved it with my whole heart. 10/10!!

My questions:

1. What is your favorite book?

2. If you could swap bodies with anyone for a day, who would it be?

3. Do you prefer movies or TV shows?

4. Marvel or DC(or none)?

5. What makes you the happiest in the world?

6. Who is the person you trust the most?

7. What would you do if you had the power of invisibility for a day?

8. What language would you like to learn?

9. What power would you like to have?

10. Where would you go if traveling was free?

11. Would you swap bodies with another person(anyone you’d like) if it meant you wouldn’t remember anything about your life?

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Questions I have to answer:

  • 1. Last book you read? In full? Probably “The Grown Up” by Gillian Flynn. I rarely read actual books these days. I think being surrounded by them all day at work turned me off to them, despite me thinking the opposite would happen when I first started working in libraries about a decade ago.
  • 2. Top 3 anime husbands/waifus: Jin Shirato (the movies count as an anime, right?), Shinra Kishitani (DRRR- I need to re-watch the original season and catch up on the new ones), Haji (Blood+).
  • 3. Places you want to visit? Germany and Belgium for beer, Japan for fandom stuff and general awesomness.
  • 4. What would you eat for your last meal? Poutine maybe? Definitely junk food because it’s not like it’ll matter if it’s my last meal, heh.
  • 5. What’s your aesthetic? Casual goth in general, formal/romantic goth when I go out to club nights and concerts.
  • 6. If any show/anime could be remade, what would you want to see? Generally, remakes sort of ruin things so I’d leave most things alone. Unless the P3 movies count- a lot of improvements could be made.
  • 7. Do you decorate your laptop with stickers? (I have a ton). What’s on your laptop? Or your phone case? No stickers for me. I feel weird using stickers, especially on things like laptops that will be seen in public. For instance, I just came back from a board meeting and it would have been hella awkward to have my Persona stickers in full display. I keep them on their original sheets and tack them to my wall. I don’t have a phone case.
  • 8. Star sign? Aries.
  • 9. Which Pokemon would be your starter? Any Pokemon. Probably Espurr.
  • 10. Do you believe in fairies, ghosts, UFOs, etc? Nope. Well, UFOs are different because that can be literally any “unidentified” flying object so yes there, but not in the alien overlord sense.
  • 11. Dogs or cats? CATS.

My questions:

  1. What’s your dream job?
  2. What do you like best about the Persona fandom?
  3. What piece of (any) fandom merch do you really have your eye on?
  4. Favorite video game of all time?
  5. What’s the worst piece of media you’ve ever consumed? (Book, show, video game, anything).
  6. Do you have any special talents?
  7. What wild animal do you wish you could have as a pet?
  8. What’s your favorite art style?
  9. Which anime/video game character do you most closely resemble without altering your appearance?
  10. Favorite music styles?
  11. What was one of the best experiences in your life?

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taking a quick break from interview prep for this ask game! i was tagged by the wonderful @forcekenobi​ ^_^

 1. spell your name out with song titles

K - Kitchen Sink - Twenty One Pilots

A - All I Ask - Adele

T - Trouble - Halsey

E - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Lorde 

2) why did you choose your url?

i don’t know if you guys know this or not, but i’m a huge fan of The Hobbit

3) three favorite animated movies

  • Mulan
  • Spirited Away
  • The Lion King

4) if you could be a mythological creature, what would you be?

either a griffin or a sphinx!

5) what’s your favorite color?

this changes on a regular basis. right now i’m really into olive green

6) a song you like right now?

Castle by Halsey

7) top 4 fandoms?

  1. Tolkien
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Disney (and other animation too, really)
  4. Star Trek

8) tag 9 people

@shinysherlock, @shirehobbit, @hobbitunderthemountain, @leonardhmckirk, @captainaragorn, @elizabetbennet, @baggvinshield, @murdockmatthew, @fairyshire, aaaand anyone else you wants to do this!!