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His || Jungkook || 0.13

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Rotten Judgement - part 7

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,985

Warnings: the usual - more or less

A/N: Happy Bastille Bay to those who celebrate it! Thank you all for sticking with the story :) Hope you enjoy this part!

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

Bucky kept you against his chest and pressed his forehead against yours, begging you to wake up. Pierce threw the bloody knife at his feet and the blade stuck to the ground. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Steve, Sam and Clint outside the restaurant. The three heroes warily entered the room, their eyes scanning the area.

“I was too late to save her,” Pierce said solemnly. “He killed her.”

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And I Thought You Might Be Mine

*click through to read on ao3

Written by: Nai | @hiddenpolkadots
Prompt: Tol: is that my shirt?
Smol, wearing a shirt that goes down to their knees: … no
words: 2500

Bellamy is aware that living with Clarke was going to come with some challenges.

(Or, as Octavia put it, rather excitedly, “It’s going to be a total fucking shitshow, and Raven and I have a bet going on who would commit murder first.”)

But despite their friends utmost certainty that things were going to crash and burn within the first week, they’ve been happily living together for the past six months, so he made sure to tell them to suck it after they hit the two week mark, because he’s a responsible adult.

That isn’t to say that it’s a walk in the park either. He and Clarke still argue about every little thing, but that’s just how they communicate. Now they just add arguing about domestic things such as whose turn it is to do the dishes, or why hasn’t he taken out the trash yet into the mix as well. He maybe likes it a bit too much, but no one needs to know about that.

He’s also become privy to a lot more of her quirks which- he likes to think that being friends, or at least acquaintances, with Clarke for over four years meant that he knew her fairly well, but once they move in, it becomes a whole other story.

For example, he learns that despite being left handed, she brushes her hair and teeth with her right, she always has to keep a full cup of water on her bedside table at night, and she needs more pillows than necessary to sleep.

Perhaps the most interesting quirk of hers is that she’s always stealing his clothes, all the fucking time.

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first light

based on hotarubi no mori e (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader, taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and (mainly) angst
word count: 24.843
warnings: none

“Have you ever felt like the world is too loud sometimes?”

“No. For me it’s always quiet.”


The soft crackle of the fire is the only sound breaking the deep silence. It smoothly cuts through the murky atmosphere of the night, and the sight of its origins is just as mesmerizing: waves of blazing fire helplessly reach out towards the sky, weak and strong, the flames rising aimlessly as they sway amongst the smoke.

Sitting there, alone and surrounded by trees and the calming waves of the bonfire, is numbing enough to make time still. The temperatures are low enough for a crisp breeze to tickle your cheeks, seeping through the layers of your clothes as your hands seek for warmth against each other. You can almost pretend you’re completely on your own, that voices are not coming closer and that the sound of hearty laughter isn’t overpowering the eerie quietness of nature.

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Prank War - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: Everything’s better wet, right? This GIF literally attacked me in the middle of class which resulted in this 2k smut. As always, enjoy and send in requests if you have any. Love, J xx

Prompt: When a prank goes wrong, you and Stiles have to stay and clean up the mess and end up getting messier than before.

Word Count: 2,144

Warning: Smut and slime.

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Soulmate Au - Ong Seongwoo

Member: Ong Seongwoo // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Plot: When everyone is finding their soulmates, what if you miss yours?

Word count: 2064

“It froze!” Joohyun screamed, her tiny hands clutching her clock pendant tightly. 19 years, 4 months, 28 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes, and 58 seconds. You watched as your best friend looked around the cafe frantically, before meeting eyes with a cute boy, his own eyes rounded with shock. “Is that really you?” You almost laughed at her amazement at finally meeting her soulmate. You two were both late at encountering The One, but clearly she was faster than you. You nudged her towards him, and he sent her a bashful smile.

“I’m Kim Jaehwan, a university student who’s majoring in music and composition. And you?” You sat down, muting their conversation. You did not want to impede on their privacy any longer than necessary, and instead fiddled with the delicate silver chain that held your own clock. Now it was 19 years, 2 months, 16 days, 9 hours, 52 minutes, and 4 seconds since you were born, and your watch had yet to stop. Other friends had met their soulmates as early as birth, in the crib next to them at the hospital. You would wait patiently, you decide, and convinced yourself that it was ‘save the best for last’.

“____. Do you mind if we… uh… go out?” Joohyun interrupted your thoughts. You nodded, sending a sincere smile, before shooing them out of the cafe. You took out your sketch pad instead, and looked around. It was a quaint and quiet nook of the college town that you attended. You had promised to take Joohyun here when she visited during her break, as her university started winter break sooner than yours had, but here you are now alone. I guess I can take credit for their amazing love story when their wedding rolls around, you thought to yourself with a miserable smile. You flipped through the pages, studying your past sketches. You and Joohyun were both insistent on majoring in things you were truly passionate about; for you it was art and for her it was law. Your sketchpad was worn out and frayed, but it still contained content that you considered valuable.

You can’t remember how long you sat there, listening to the soft guitar and piano instrumentals from the overhead speakers, flinching periodically at a sudden clatter of plates and cups or scrape of a chair against the wooden floor. Instead you poured yourself into drawing the flower arrangement that decorated your table, fresh despite the frigid weather. Or at least, you had been, until a rough shove of your table knocked your hot tea onto the surface. You frantically scooped up your pencils and pad, but it was too late. A yellow stain was splattered across the top page, and your past works were mushy to the touch. You furrowed your brows, before glaring upwards. A pair of boys stood there, one with a hand over his mouth in surprise and the other stuttering at your gaze.

“I-I’m so sorry!” He stammered, before grasping at the napkin dispenser and dabbed frantically at your art. You snatched it away, gritting your teeth in anger. You pressed it downward, absorbing as much of the liquid as possible, while the boys wiped off the table top. When the mess was cleared up and damage control done, you stared at the ruined sketch pad. It was not as terrible as you had thought it would be, but it was not the perfect bundle of effort you had put in prior to the episode. You stood up, shoving your belongings into the bag. The two boys had their hands folded over one another, staring at the floor. They were clearly expecting an outburst, but instead you just shook your head.

“If you two need a table to sit at, then sit here.” You stalked away, shoving the heavy glass door open and stomping across the freshly fallen snow. It was too late to ask Joohyun to keep you company in your sour mood– she was probably hitting it off with Jaehwan. The faces of the two boys were forever etched in your mind. One had brown hair, while the one who had grabbed the napkins had natural hair. You shook your head. What was the point of being cute if you were a mess?

You dragged yourself into your dorm, plopping onto the bed. Joohyun’s bed was empty, her desk a mess of pencils and textbooks, while her clothes were strewn over the tiled floor. You picked up, folding them absentmindedly while you hummed some holiday festive tune. Perhaps you could go watch a movie by yourself, or you could take a nap to forget the incident. You sighed, before wrapping your fingers around the cold metal of the clock pendant, your eyes fluttering shut as you lay down on your mattress.

“____! Wake up!” Joohyun’s excited voice rang in your ears as you shot up from your bed. You winced at the harsh morning sunlight and stared sleepily as your best friend threw an outfit for you to wear. “Jaehwan is singing at the multi- university concert today with his friends and he asked if we wanted to come! I got us backstage passes for before the show and front row seats.” You nodded, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“What time is it?” You ask, before glancing at the clothes. White cropped sweatshirt and a denim skirt and stockings to cover up for the cold. You changed, listening to her blabber about the details of how perfect Jaehwan was. He had humor. He had the most adorable laugh. His voice was like an angel’s. The list went on and on, and you tried to not cover her mouth as you finished tying half of your hair up.

“- and I was wondering if you would find your soulmate and we could go on double dates.” Joohyun finished. You sighed at the sensitive topic. It was another day closer to 20 years of not knowing where he was. There were always rumors of soulmates never meeting. One would die in an accident. One would never fall in love. Someone would grow old without anyone at his or her side. It was tragic, and something you feared.

“I’m sure he’s out there somewhere.” You mumble, before checking your pendant. You froze, feeling tears well up. Joohyun immediately tensed, before running to your side.

“What’s– Oh crap!” It was frozen. 19 years, 2 months, 16 days, 10 hours, 37 minutes, and 56 seconds. You had seen your soulmate yesterday. “B- but who?” Your mind whirled. The two boys. It had to be one of them.

Secretly, you had wished it were the boy with darker hair. While you had undeniably been angrier at him, you were touched by his efforts to save your sketch pad. His manners softened the doubts you had about one of the two being your soulmate. The brown haired one was not a bad guy either from what you had seen; he had an adorable eyesmile that he made when he was flustered, and a Busan dialect that had started to leak as he would stammer words to his friend. Still, you leaned towards the former rather than the latter.

“What if I never see him again?” The words stuck to your throat. So close. So so so close. How could you have missed it? You normally checked after meeting any new guy. Sure, the pair had pissed you off, but you must have been stupid to not have thought about it. Hope flaired in the pit of your stomach. You would recognize the two anywhere, and you would figure out when their clock had stopped, and if it matched the time at which yours had. 

“You will. Come on, let’s head to the performance hall and we’ll think up of ways to meet him again.” You allowed Joohyun to drag you across campus, wiping away stray tears from your eyes. By the time you arrived to the sound check and rehearsals, your eyes were tinged with pink, and Joohyun was handing you her handkerchief. The image of the boy burned in your mind. 

“Do you want to see Jaehwan with me or?” You nod your head, before following her backstage. The halls were full of rooms where the performers were getting ready. Racks of clothes lined the walls, the scent of cosmetics heavy in the air. She knocked on a white door, and it opened to reveal Jaehwan’s smiling face, who rushed to embrace her. A cough strangled out of you before you could help it, and you turned away. Keep walking. Walk it out.

Your feet dragged heavily, dodging oncoming traffic as other performers rushed to finish their hair and styling. Once or twice you almost walked into props or pieces of a set for the stage. More than once people had thrown pitiful looks at your tears. You finally sat down on a chair outside of one of the rooms, not minding the rush of boys running in and out. Your eyes closed as you sighed, leaning your head back against the wall.

“Exactly 14 hours, 28 minutes, and 1 second ago, I met you.” A familiar voice startled you. It was soothing to hear, unique to the ear but comforting at the same time. You looked up. It was the boy with darker hair, the one who had spilled your tea. The one you had been waiting for.

“The one I’ve been waiting 21 years, 2 months, 7 days, 52 minutes and 11 seconds for.” He remarked, before offering a hand to you. You stood upright, mouth gaping but unable to utter a sound as you grasped his outreached hand. It was rough but warm, something like his neutral expression but his contrastingly teasing tone. He was wearing a white hoodie, with a ripped denim jacket and matching torn jeans and white shoes. It’s so similar to my outfit, you thought. He smiled at you, and a triangle of beauty marks on his cheek caught your attention.  “It would be nice if you could talk to me too. I thought I was going to be single–”

You cut him off with a constricting hug, arms wrapped around his lean but sturdy frame. He tensed in surprise, before a hand reached up to stroke your dark hair. Tears framed your eyelashes once more as you hiccuped pathetically. He laughed at the sight, and it sounded like music to your ears. You loved the way he smelled like cotton, and how his hair was messy and fell perfectly around his face. You loved how tall he was, how his tongue poked out just a little when he laughed, and how willingly he made you drop your former grudge. 

“You’re still a clumsy ass.” You mutter, and he rose an eyebrow at you. Wrong words to say. “I mean you still ruined my art and made me think I didn’t have a soulmate and I hate how cute you are now that I forgave you and I’m so glad I finally met you but I was so scared I didn’t know it was you until it was too late and–”

“You really need to breathe.” He remarked, before wrapping his arms around you. It was a warm embrace, something you had been waiting for all your life. He simply felt like home. “I never thought the first words I would ever hear from my future wife would be that I’m a clumsy ass. Colorful language. I assume my future is about to get a lot brighter.” You blush out of embarrassment, but mentally check off that it would be hard to win an argument with him. He simply had a way of making his words humorous and direct. 

“Can I at least have your name before I can agree to be your wife? I think you’re proposing a little too fast there,” you counter. He grinned even wider at this, a warm glint in his eyes as he peered into your face. He was obviously admiring it, and you blush a deeper shade of red, much to his delight. He cleared his throat slightly.

“I’m Ong Seongwoo. I’m a student who majors in dance and theatre from one of the visiting colleges. I’m graduating this year and this is my last college performance. And I’m so glad you made it.” 

anonymous asked:

96 with Jungkook. Please. HAHAHA

Prompt: “Is that…is that my bra?”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: Jungkook is your best friend’s older brother. You were never close with him, but in the past few years, you spread even further apart. Naturally, you’re a little confused when you find a certain something of yours is in his room.

Word count: 914 words

It was the last weekend before school started again. You and your best friend, Mina, were having a sleepover to mourn the end of summer.

You both lay stretched over Mina’s unmade bed, music from her speakers playing softly in the background. It was some indie-sounding song about pilots or something.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Mina asked, growing bored of doing nothing. You had rotated between binge-watching Gilmore Girls, eating, and doing karaoke for the past several hours. “I’m feeling Superbad, what about you?”

“Whatever,” you agreed easily, reaching for Mina’s laptop that was sitting on the nightstand. When you tried to turn it on, you were met with a black screen. “I think your laptop just died.”

Mina groaned in frustration, rolling off the bed to locate her charger. She pulled the chord out from under her bed and tossed it to you.

“This old piece of shit takes ten hours to charge,” Mina sighed. She reached for her phone, which was luckily still charged. “We’re gonna have to use the Chromecast on my TV.”

Mina had a small flatscreen TV attached to her wall. Her older brother, Jungkook, used to use it for gaming. He recently bought a new display, passing along the old TV to Mina. Unfortunately, Mina was technologically inept, leaving you to set everything up.

You sat up, wincing as your bones cracked after hours of inactivity. Stretching, you stood up and inspected the back of the TV. The Chromecast wasn’t plugged in. You voiced this issue out loud.

“Oh, right,” Mina said sheepishly. “Jungkook probably has it. I think he borrowed it awhile ago. Can you go get it? I’m too comfortable to move.”

You hesitated. You hadn’t talked to Jungkook very often in these past few years. You had been close when you were much younger, but the two year age gap seemed to grow infinitely larger once Jungkook had started university. He had also started working out and was intimidatingly good looking.

Mina sensed your nervousness and balked. “Oh my god, Y/N,” she screeched, throwing a pillow in your general direction. “Do not tell me you’re nervous about Jungkook. You’ve known him forever! Even back when he had that stupid haircut. And during the emo phase!”

“You had an emo phase, too!” you retaliated, throwing the pillow back at Mina. You succeeded in hitting her directly in the face.

“We all did!” Mina screamed, sitting up and flailing her arms. “We’ve seen each other at our worst! There’s no shame anymore.”

“But Jungkook’s just so hot now,” you whispered, covering your your flaming cheeks with your hands. “And he’s in university. You know, an older man.”

Mina stifled her wail with the pillow. “Don’t talk to me about my brother ever again,” she grumbled defeatedly. “We’re going to university next year. It’s no big deal. Just go get the damn Chromecast so we can watch the movie and forget this ever happened.”

You sighed and shuffled out of Mina’s room. Jungkook’s bedroom was at the very end of the hall. Taking in Mina’s earlier words, you knew you had no reason to be embarrassed in front of Jungkook. No matter how hot he was.

Taking a deep breath, you knocked on his door.

“Come in,” Jungkook called out.

Tentatively, you turned the doorknob and peeked into his room. Jungkook was stretched out on his bed, playing on his cell phone. One arm was propping up his head, and his muscular biceps were sinful.

“Uh,” you said eloquently. “Hi?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Jungkook smiled, looking up at you. He sat up and set his phone aside. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had the Chromecast,” you explained, wringing your hands to distract from your nervousness. “Mina said–”

Something hanging of Jungkook’s bedpost caught your eye. It was a Pokeball bra, shamelessly on display. It was also terrifyingly familiar.

“Is that…is that my bra?” you squeaked, incredulous.

Jungkook followed your line of vision and blushed furiously. “Oh, fuck! It’s yours?” Jungkook hissed. He snatched it from the bedpost and threw it at you. You caught it with fumbling hands. “Fuck, I swear it’s not what you think. I’m not stealing your bras.”

“Can you elaborate?” you asked, on the borderline of shrieking. You clutched your favourite bra awkwardly by your side, not sure what to do with it.

“I found it in the laundry last week,” Jungkook said, refusing to meet your eyes. “It’s too big Mina’s, so I figured a, uh, friend, left it here on the weekend. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Are you sleeping with people who wear Pokeball bras?” you squealed, slightly embarrassed by the fact Jungkook had seen your most childish undergarment. Your eyes snapped to Jungkook’s, reeling at what he just said. “Oh my god! Have you been bringing girls over the entire time?”

Jungkook shrugged, finally maintaining eye contact. “Our parents are travelling, so whatever,” he smirked. “Is it bothering you? I’m not too loud.”

“I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know,” you chanted as you backed out of the room. Turning on your heel, you hurried down the hall, back to the safety of Mina’s room.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jungkook called after you, his voice taking on a teasing quality. “It’s a cute bra. I wouldn’t mind seeing you in it sometime.”

And if you took Jungkook up on that offer a few weeks later…well, no one had to know.

- Girl in Luv

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this imagine and want to read more, send us requests! If you need inspiration, check out our prompts page for some ideas xx

So Much

Summary: Ian is married to Mickey when he goes away for three days on a work retreat. Mickey spends some time at the Gallagher’s house with Fi, V, Debbie, and Mandy to accidentally get extremely drunk and confess some things.

Word Count: 1557

“It’s only three days, babe,” Ian says before putting his jacket on.

Mickey nods. “I’ll be fucking fine,” he tries to say convincingly, but Ian sees right through him.

Ian giggles. “A three day work retreat is not something to be so worried about.”

“Not worried,” Mickey lets out a heavy breath, and tries to avoid making eye contact with the taller man. “Just gonna miss you is all.”

Ian smiles and walks closer to his husband. “I’m gonna miss you too.” He places a hand on the dark haired man’s cheek. When Mickey finally looks up, he kisses him lightly. “I gotta go, Mick,” they lean their foreheads together.

“Okay,” Mickey tries to make his voice steady. “Love you,” he smiles.

“Love you too,” Ian says before separating from his husband. He grabs his coat and wave goodbye as he walks out the door.

Mickey stands there for a moment, but he phone cuts off the silence. He sees a text from his sister. “Gallagher house. 7:00. Don’t be late.”

OK, Mandy.” He’s glad he’ll have something to do tonight instead of sit in this apartment all alone.

Instead of doing nothing all day, he cleans for the first time in his life. Chores and cleaning were never enforced rules in his house growing up, so it’s not something he’s used to doing.

To his surprise, housework takes up a lot of time. When he checks the clock, he sees it’s 6:30 already, so he jumps into the shower, changes and starts walking to the Gallagher house.

Mickey walks into his husband’s family’s house and looks around for where everyone is. When he doesn’t see anybody, he makes his way into the kitchen to grab a beer.

Suddenly he hears the back door open, when he turns to see who it is he sees Mandy, Fiona, V, and Debbie. “Hey,” Fiona greets. Mickey tips his beer at her in return.

V starts to chuckle. “Lookin’ a little gloomy, Milkovich,” she says because she knows Ian left for his trip a few hours ago.

He scoffs. “The fuck would I be gloomy for? Who even uses the word ‘gloomy.’”

“I do,” V shoots at him. “And because your boy toy’s gone.” She chuckles.

Mickey rolls his eyes. Luckily, he knows how

to cover his emotions, but he is pretty upset about it. “It’s three fucking days, not the end of the world.”

“A lot can happen in three days, Mick,” Debbie pushes making the other three girls laugh.

He chucks the middle finger in return. “Fuck all of you.” Mickey puts his eyes on his beer making sure no one sees what he’s really feeling.

“Don’t be an asshole,” Mandy says to her brother. “We know you miss him.”

“Fuck off, holy shit,” he hisses. “Let’s eat already.”

Once the girls quit teasing Mickey, they eat their dinners. The five of them sit around the table having conversations about work, raising kids, and just some pointless, silly stuff. After they are done eating, Fiona brings out more alcohol. Mickey rolls his eyes at her and claims he’s ready to leave, but the girls insist that he stays with them instead of being alone.

Unsurprisingly, V is the first to get completely trashed, but to everyone’s amazement, Mickey is just a drunk as her. Mickey can hold his liquor, so they were assuming he had drank much more than them. Instead of drinking with him– Mandy, Debbie, and Fiona decide to joke with him when they see him staring at the wall, deep in thought.

“What’s on your mind, Mickey?” Debbie prys with a grin.


“What about him?” The girl’s notice that his guard is down for the first time in forever, so they crowd around him.

“Miss ‘im. Miss him a lot,” he sighs. “He’s the best, y’know?” Mickey smiles when the others agree with him. “The fucking best.”

The girls giggle. “What do you love about him so much?” Mandy asks before taking her cell phone out to videotape the response.

Suddenly Mickey’s eye widen. “Oh shit. That’s a loaded fuckin’ question.” He pauses. “You want everything, like how and why and when,” he asks confusingly, “or just like the things I love in general? Like all his little freckles and the bright green eyes and shit like that?” No one can believe what they’re hearing– Mickey’s actually going to be sincere for once in his life.

“Ummm, everything. How and why and when– whatever that means.”

He grins. “Here I fucking go,” he prepares himself. “Back when I was seventeen and he stormed into my bedroom with that rusty ass crowbar to try to get the gun I stole from Kash. He was so fucking fearless, and that’s when I knew.”

V raises her eyebrows. “Knew what? You were too fucking stubborn to know anything.”

“No. I knew he’d be the one I loved from that day forward which is why I was so fucking stubborn. It scared the shit outta me, I’ll tell ya,” he snorts. “I wouldn’t kiss him for two years– literally every time he tried I threatened to ‘rip his fucking tongue out.’ The day I did though it really made me know that he was it for me. That feeling we had between us– I was fucking gone for him. I got shot that same day,” he raises his eyebrows. “Why do I always get fucking shot because of him? What the fuck?”

Fiona laughs. “Okay, get back on topic.”

He nods and takes another swig of whiskey. “Then the day when DCFS came and he got sent to that group home,” he starts. The girls give each other the same shocked expression because they’ve heard bits and pieces about this day, just not everything. “That day I invited him to sleepover. He was so happy when I asked– God, that cute fucking laugh he had,” he shakes his head. “Anyway, he came over after work and we watched movies and I made food for us, it was nice, which I’d never have admitted back then, but it was, I always thought so. We talked, we kissed a little, we fucked–” he pauses and gets a terrified expression on his face. “Then Terry walked in.”

“Mick,” Mandy says under her breath. Though she wants to hear what happened, she nervous to hear the story.

“He fucking caught us. That fucker went straight for Ian. He started punching him, almost knocking him unconscious, but I jumped on his back and screamed for him to leave Ian alone,” he shutters. “That’s when he started on me. Beat me until blood covered my whole face, and after that he was about to head for Ian again. Thank God I found enough strength to hit him again, causing a distraction because I don’t know what he would have done to him. Eventually though, he pistol whipped me and I don’t remember anything from then to until Svetlana came and Terry forced her to rape me–”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Mandy says harshly.


“About Svet?”

“How do you think the bitch got pregnant? Terry forced her to rape me and Ian had to fucking watch,” he says coldly. It was a terrible day for them. “Then after Ian was gone, he said I had to marry her or else he’ll kill Ian. So I did what I needed to do– should’ve told Ian right then though. Maybe he wouldn’t have left.”

They all look at him with sorrowful and shocked eyes as he pauses.

“When I found Ian though– after he left– I knew I couldn’t let him leave ever again. I’ve never needed anyone before, but fuck, I’ve always needed him. I could careless how fucking crazy he is, I need him and I’ve loved him in all his twisted and fucked up forms.” He starts to smile. “So what I’m saying is that I love him so much because we survived all that shit. Through all of that, he still managed to turn me into a better man and a better father to Yev. So that’s why.”

Debbie jumps on Mickey, pulling him in for a tight hug. She can’t believe the two of them needed to go through so much to get to where they are today. Once Debbie let go and Mickey looks around the room, he notices saddened and awed faces. “I also love his red hair, and that fucking smile,” he starts saying to lighten the mood. “And his abs– I mean shit,” he says with a laugh, causing all the girls’ jaws to drop. “Oh and I love his long arms and legs so much because when it’s cold he always wraps himself all the way around me to warm me up. I love that stuff so much,” he snorts. “Or when he clings onto me while he’s sleeping, I love that too.” He smiles. “He’s fucking perfect.”

“Man, you’re gonna hate that we got you this drunk tomorrow,” V laughs as the everything lightens again and she thinks about how Mickey is going to react to the thought of this conversation once he sobers up.

“Well, I’d appreciate me being drunk like this while ya can, ladies,” he laughs and then passes out, leaving the girls to drink by themselves.

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Originally posted by canonspngifs

Request: I was wondering if I could request a Dean x reader where Bobby takes her in after he has to kill her parents and dean and sammy get really protective and we see a little of sammy as a big brother? It can be as fluffy or smutty as you want :) (also maybe a little cas if it works ) 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,800ish

Warnings: language 

A/N: Such family vibes going on…

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Cinema (M)

Originally posted by fawnave

Genre: Smut

Summary: At a movie premier you meet your ex / good friend, Jin. As complicated as your relationship with him is, it get even more complicated when he convinces you to ditch your date and spend some time with him. (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)

None (unless you scared of big dick Jin)

Word Count: 4,352

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

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princess-of-luxury  asked:

Omgggggggggg hey bae can you please do a best friend thing with Christian Yu like you did for joonie 😎😎😎 please and thank you 😘😘

Sorry it’s been forever. But I’m finally doing this.. A year later lmfao. And I don’t remember for the life of me exactly how the Namjoon one went so this is close to it, just with knew ideas. I hope you like it<3 

Friendly Competition(AMBW):

“Get your damn hand off my face!” You cried out trying to squirm from behind the large hand that was covering both of your eyes. 

“That’s what you get for trying to cheat.” Christian replied calmly as he lifted his hand from your eyes going back to gripping his controller with both hands. He looked ahead at the screen laughing to himself while you fumed out beside him against the floor. 

It was a typical day between you two when he did actually come over. You would watch movies together and cuddle, or you would play video games until one person lost and had to buy the other food. It had been some time since you saw him but now he was here, and you planned on kicking his ass in every game possible until he brought more food. It was harder now that he was promoting himself now trying to get out there to get a job. But you had to remind yourself he was trying and that was better than nothing. 

“Shut up, I’m better without trying to cheat- I’m better than you at a lot of things actually.” You said pretty haughtily sticking your nose in the air, as if you had said something that blew his mind. 

“Oh really now?” He asked you with a smirk never taking his eyes off the screen. You should’ve knew then this was going to go south but you weren’t one to loose. Especially when the competition was against him.

“Yes really!” You shouted crashing your car into his, it caused him to furrow his eyebrows and growl at you, but he only spared you a quick glance before going back to his controller and the TV screen. 

“Please elaborate more and tell me any times I’ve ever lost against you.” He was curious and teasing all at the same time, you could tell by the tone in his voice. Sitting up some, your shorts bunched around the insides of your thighs as you quickly pressed your thumbs down on the buttons to steer the car into one more lap. 

“Ok-ok there was that time in summer camp I beat you swimming to the pole and back!” You cheered nodding your head as you thought of old stuff. 

“That didn’t count I got a cramp AND you once again cheated by splashing water in my face.” He countered rolling his eyes. 

“Alright, what about a month ago when I ate my ice cream faster than you because you got a brain freeze?” You questioned growing agitated with the male. 

 “I was trying to impress the curly haired waitress you know that. Besides I beat you eating all the meat. You couldn’t even fit it in your mouth.” He smirked winking. It caused a dark glower to dust your brown cheeks as you glared at him. 

“Bragging about having a big mouth?”

“No more like proving a fucking point. Don’t get mad and take your eyes off the road princess. Not my fault you can’t swallow.” He said with a dark chuckle laughing as your car hit the wall and staggered into on coming traffic. 

Quickly your eyes darted back to the screen as you got offended by him just running your mouth at this point. “Shut the fuck up you don’t know what I can and can’t do.”

“Oh really says the girl who told me one guy called you back because you kept choking on his dick because your gag reflexes hadn’t kicked in yet. But lucky for you he liked that shit. Didn’t you say your makeup also got ruined you cute little button?” He asked using one hand to squish your cheeks together with his index finger and thumb cupping it so hard you winced jerking back as he blew a mock kiss chanting because he was close to the finish line. 

“I have gotten better! And you were never supposed to repeat that Christian! It doesn’t matter, you talk so much shit but yet who was the one who first ever turned you on in the matter of minutes huh? Who was the girl who took your kiss and got your little dick all hard-”

“LITTLE?! LITTLE! You’re funny!” He roared pausing the game turning his body halfway to face you. “Alright, let’s go there then princess. Who was the fucking one grinding against my ‘little’ dick like her life depended on it? Who was the one that I got to scream out daddy before I even hit the official age of twenty one huh? i got your pussy wet just by a couple of words I didn’t even have to touch you.” He growled glaring at you clearly offended by how you shut down the size of his dick. 

“Look whose offended now.” You said simply shrugging as you looked back at the screen about to press play. You wouldn’t tell him he was wrong, because he wasn’t and you remembered everything about that day, sometimes wishing that day would happen again. So much had changed over the course of three years and he looked better now than he ever did. Your fingers were moving to press the play button before he grabbed your hand again yanking your remote control from you.

“Then how about a little game now? You’re so set on beating me and since we are best friends we can do anything right?” He asked with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes, his hand reaching up to comb a string of hair behind your ear. 

“Yeah, sure Christian whatever you want.” You were getting fed up and honestly anything to shut him up worked with you.

“Handjobs.” He said simply. 

“Excuse me?!” You practically shouted watching him. 

“Hand… Jobs. Like you know using your hand on private parts? Things you do to get off?”

“Christian I know what the fuck a hand job is, but really out of all things?” You asked him shifting in your spot, because damn that thought got you worked up.

“Are you scared? Come on, I know you’re attracted to me. And I’m still attracted to you. This way we can fuck around see if we like it or want to stay friends. No harm no foul right?” He asked kissing your nose. 

“Fine.” The answer came out quicker than you would like but it didn’t change the fact that you wanted it, and your body wanted it bad. You were more than sure your panties were ruined at the moment. 

“Good. This is how it works. We can kiss. We can use hands. That’s it. Loser has to do what the other says without protest.” Christian said simply shrugging. “Are you ready?” He asked scooting closer to you, and you were so nervous you wanted to scoot back but instead you stayed in place and nodded your head.

“Aright.” He said gently, his hand coming up to pull you even closer to his body with his fingers on the waist band of your shorts. Your leg lifted up so that you could place your feet against the floor a position you always sat in when playing your game. He leaned forward to brush his lips against yours igniting a kiss between the two of you.

His lips were so soft like you imagined, and much more plump to kiss. His mouth seemed to mold against yours in a perfect way. His hand lifted up to rub down between the valley of your breast and down your stomach until he was pushing his hand inside the confines of your panties smirking against your lips when he rubbed your wet folds. “I fucking knew it.”

His husky voice came out a bit deeper, he wasted no time rubbing two of his fingers against your clit, his eyes watching you with burning desire. Soft moans echoed throughout the large front room, while your hand made its way to unzip down his zipper on his pants and shove your hand in his boxers to grip as his hardening flesh. He gave a tiny hiss and a smirk was now on your face as you watched him. 

“Why are you smirking?” He asked rubbing harder and faster, the slick wet sounds of his fingers pressing against you starting to produce while you panted and slightly squirmed matching his pace. “Kitten likes that doesn’t she?” He asked leaning down to bite on your earlobe sucking on it with his teeth. 

“Y.. Yes daddy.” You said shakily feeling your hips tremble and buck against his hand.

“Good girl.” He purred out using his same two lubed up fingers from your juices to slip inside of your pussy. He groaned at the tight warmth wrapping around his digits starting out slow he let you adjust, but the pure want and lust written on your face almost made him take you right then and there. 

“Fuck-” You started but couldn’t finish. It felt better than your own tiny fingers rubbing hard as you thought of that man. He had you gone, and you knew the game was already over the moment he touched you. Curving his fingers he started to thrust them in and out of you at a slow pace, his eyes trailing down to your hardening nipples that were showing through your shirt. He used his fingers to go faster pressing them every way he could trying to find your spot. 

“See baby.. You should’ve been careful telling daddy all you liked.” He said, his own hips snapping against your hand. You did good to keep up his pace matching him, your thumb gliding over the tip of his slit playing with it smearing the precum on the head of his shaft as he finger fucked you. 

“I don’t even care about the game- Barom fuck me!” You whined slightly grinding your hips against his hand in a needy manner. Your head hung back as your stomach tightened, his pace becoming faster as he would scissor you and stretch you out. 

“Do you want it?” He asked knowing the answer. The nod of your head wasn’t enough.

“Say it. Say I won. Say you want daddy Yu. Say his dick isn’t small.” He pouted playfully letting his fingers press against your spot as his thumb rubbed your clit. And those were the words you repeated not even arguing with what he wanted. 

It took him mere seconds to have your shorts and panties thrown off and to the side of your boxers, while he hastened to pull out his dick from the rest of his clothes not even taking them off fully. One hand held onto your hips guiding you down as the other gripped at the base of his shaft. 

He moved your shirt up a bit so that you both could see him when he finally stretched you out for the first time. Your head rolled back eyes closed and lips parted as a content moan left your lips. A grunt of pleasure ripping from his throat as he pushed himself inside of you deep. Your hands moved to his shoulders, holding onto him you started to bounce yourself up and down letting him stretch you out more. He gripped your hips with both of his hands slamming you down onto his dick over and over again. 

His feet planted into the floor as he pushed up into you, hands going down to grip at both of your ass cheeks instead where he would pull the cheeks apart and slap your ass only to bounce you harder and faster on his dick. The wet sounds could be heard mixed in with your cries for him to go faster or fuck you deeper. Your juices trailed from your pussy down to his jeans that he still hand on and some making it to his balls, the wet feeling causing him to groan. He leaned up to kiss you again shoving his tongue in your mouth while you both kissed fighting for dominance. 

The rough fucking felt good and you knew your ass would be sore as soon as this was all over. He continued to slam you down, gripping so hard his nails dug into your ass cheeks over and over again. 

“I’m close!” You warned out panting when he broke the kiss. 

“Cum for daddy.” He grinned lazily, his dark hair sticking to his face as one of his hands moved to rub your clit giving you extra stimulation. Nodding you keep your eyes on him until your walls were clamping around his dick and you were cumming on his shaft crying out his name. After a few more thrusts and making sure he fucked you thoroughly he released inside of you holding you close and slowing down to ride out your orgasms. His hands wrapped around you as he held you to his chest. 

“Well.” He stated after sometime. “What do you have to say?”

“Be mine firstly. And secondly, loosing never felt so good until today.”


Hope it didn’t suck too bad love <3 

Looking at you (Part Eleven)

Lots of healing in this Chapter. Tony is finally on the upswing of things, and the team is pulling back together.

This is the second to last update, so catch up on Chapters 1-10 HERE so you don’t miss anything before chapter twelve!

Enjoy :)
It seemed like forever, but things slid back into a semblance of normal at the compound.

The once a week nights at the hotel helped a lot.

Sometimes Tony held tight to the cool metal arm, shaking, screaming his pleasure into the dark as Bucky took him apart slowly, carefully, expertly. Other times the soldier was the one shuddering, groaning, crying out as he came with Tony thrusting deep inside him. And then some nights they would just lay together and talk about their days, with the lights off and the covers pulled tight around their shoulders and their foreheads touching, their hands roaming gently all over each other.

But no matter what they did, it all helped.

Tony still jumped if someone startled him, was still much quieter than he used to be, but he wasn’t running from the room every time the team argued. He didn’t flinch away when Steve spoke to him. The lab had music playing again, even if it was much softer than it had ever been before.

When Natasha sat next to him on the couch now, Tony didn’t automatically get up and leave. He could sit with her to close to half an hour as long she didn’t expect too much conversation.

Sam made a point to come and eat breakfast with Tony every morning, even if Tony was only having juice, and they could talk over breakfast for several minutes before Tony started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Wanda had started doing things like levitating items over to him, and flicking a door open any time Tony needed it, He’d nearly fallen over in fright the first time his office door shot open and banged against the wall to let him out, but he had managed to smile at her anyway, and she had absolutely lit up, thrilled to be doing something for him.

Vision flitted in and out, as he usually did, ending his day with a visit to Tony’s lab to wish him goodnight, and to reassure Tony that he was there if he ever wanted to talk. Tony had stopped grimacing every time Vision spoke, and the (being?) man took that as a personal victory.

Eventually, even movie nights started again. The team certainly didn’t dogpile on the couch like they used to, and Tony still sat closest to the door, but he smiled along with the comedies, and discussed plot points during the dramas, and didn’t leave before the movie ended, content to stay with the team until everyone was heading to bed.

It wasn’t perfect.
But it was better.
And he hadn’t had a panic attack in weeks.

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The Face Off

Summary: All alone in the television room Sam brings you to an intense orgasm. So of course you decide to return the favor, and then some. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader, OFC brother

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Fingering, blow job, smut, NSFW, having sex with others home

Word Count: 2,340

A/N:Thanks again @attractiverandomness you’re a friggin trooper! Loved writing this, I couldn’t freaking stop!

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

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A Way to You Again: Part 11

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1335

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! The conversation about pain/suffering between Bucky and the reader is something I’ve learned over the last year after losing my mom <3. 

I always love hearing from you guys! <3

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“I can’t imagine someone wanting to do something so stupid,” Bucky muttered to himself sometime later.

“Hm?” I whispered sleepily as I looked up at Bucky. He had been playing with my hair which had caused my sleepiness to progress throughout the movie.

“I just… I mean… To willingly allow someone to mess with your mind. To take your memories away… I don’t get it,” he scoffed as he continued staring at the television.

“Some people have to forget – the pain is just too great for them,” I shrugged as I sat– allowing me to get a better look at Bucky. He swallowed hard at this – peeling his eyes away from the television to look at me.

“Do you feel that way?” The question was almost inaudible he spoke it so softly.

“There have been times,” I nodded my head as he stiffened at my response. “But the way I look at it is pain is just the absence of the thing you loved. It’s the plight of being a human. In the end we feel pain and we cause pain, because we aren’t permanent. Nothing lasts forever. The more we love – the deeper the joy – the deeper the pain. Every single one of us knows this to be true, but we still try to run from it…. We still try to prevent disaster and by doing so…”

“We create our own pain,” Bucky muttered as he looked at me sadly.

“Precisely,” I agreed as I laid my head back on my pillow. “But for what it’s worth – I’d always take the pain for the happiness I’ve had in my life,” I added and I swore for a moment I could see a grin begin to spread across Bucky’s face.

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered softly into my ear.

“Mmm,” I exhaled. His breath was warm on my cheek – making my tired mind swirl in different directions. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips to mine. It was at this moment that I woke up enough to realize what I was doing. My arms fell from Bucky’s neck and he immediately pulled away from me.

“I… the… um… the movie is over. I know how you hate sleeping on the couch so I… sorry,” he answered flustered. It was clear that the entire exchange had caught him off guard. I could feel my face flush as I sat up quickly.

“Oh… um… yeah… well goodnight then,” I rambled awkwardly before quickly getting up from the couch and stumbling down the hallway. Bucky followed at a leisurely pace behind me. I sighed as I reached my door – I needed to sleep and forget this had ever happened – or die from embarrassment. I didn’t really care which happened at this point.

“Y/N, wait,” Bucky said hesitantly as my hand hovered over the doorknob.

“Yeah Buck?” I asked – a little flustered from my actions.

“I was wondering if you were free tomorrow… I wanted to take you somewhere…”

“Um… let me think about it and I’ll let you know,” I whispered before opening the door and stepping inside. “Goodnight, Bucky,” I whispered softly.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” he replied before I shut the door. I sighed as I made my way across my room – shedding my clothes as I went. I couldn’t believe that I had kissed Bucky. After everything that had happened my mind was able – during its most vulnerable time – to reach out to him for comfort. The worst part was I wanted more, but I was still angry at him and even more angry at myself for my reaction towards him. It had been just this morning when he had brought me to tears as he stood motionless after I had told him I loved him. I huffed angrily at myself as I removed my bra and flung it towards my dresser before retrieving my robe. I froze – completely naked – in terror when the sight of the gaping hole in the wall broke my internal monologue. Through it I could see Bucky – frozen in place as he watched me. It was clear that I had gotten his attention. I quickly covered up before heading to my bed and burying myself under the covers. How could I forget about the huge fucking hole in my wall? I sighed as I turned on my side – taking the opportunity to peek from under the covers towards the hole where I could clearly see Bucky laying on his side staring at me. I smiled at this and he smiled in return. I kept my eyes on fixed him until I finally drifted to sleep.

“Y/N,” a gentle voice called to me. I muttered uneasily as I tossed back and forth. My chest felt as if it was weighed down by lead, and I panted for air. With a sudden surge of panic, I woke. “Shh… it’s okay – it was just a nightmare,” Bucky soothed quietly as he smoothed my hair away from my face. I looked around the room wildly until my eyes met his. I wanted to only feel comfort when I saw him, but I still felt gnawing anxiety racing through my body. I blinked as I stared at him wearily.

“What time is it?” I whispered.

“Early morning— I couldn’t sleep, and I heard you so I just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he answered wearily as he began to rise to his feet.

“Wait,” I whispered hesitantly as I slid my hand over his. “Would you…. Stay?”

“Sure, doll,” he whispered as he slid into the bed bedside me.  He gathered me in his arms like he used to do every night. The sudden wave of comfort was almost overwhelming. With my head on his chest I could hear his heart racing – the proximity of our bodies to one another was having an obvious effect on him as well. The sound made me smile into his chest.

“Goodnight Bucky,” I whispered softly as I closed my tired eyes.

“Goodnight, doll,” he whispered into my hair before planting a soft kiss on the top of my head.

I stretched wearily as I opened my eyes to be greeted by the morning light. As I turned I half-expected to see Bucky laying beside me— instead the bed was empty. My heart sank. Maybe I had been riding such a wave of emotions yesterday between our fight, and some-what reconciliation that I had misunderstood what it meant. When I had fallen asleep last night I was sure that something had rekindled between us. I sighed to myself in frustration as I stared at the ceiling. I reminded myself that it was probably for the best as I began to sulk in my self-imposed misery.

“You’re awake,” Bucky’s voice drifted from the door. I looked over to see him leaning on the doorway as he watched me.

“How long have you been there?” I asked skeptically as I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Long enough to know you were mad that I wasn’t still there,” he added playfully with a smirk. “But it’s all for good reason. How do you feel about a bit of an adventure today?”

His levity caught me off guard and I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Sure,” I agreed as I sat up and stretched wearily again. Bucky’s eyes suddenly darkened. “What?” I asked as I stifled a yawn.

“Doll, you better close up that robe before I help you take it off completely,” he chuckled as he shook his head. Red crept up my cheeks as I looked at my somewhat exposed chest before pulling the robe tightly to me. Bucky continued to chuckle to himself as he turned and left the room. Once he was safely out of earshot I let out a soft chuckle – maybe today would be the start of a new chapter. He certainly acted as if it was a possibility, and I found myself hopeful for what the day had in store for us.

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“Ready Chuuya and… action!”

“This is a view rivaling even the most priceless painting.” Chuuya smirked as he stood on the stairs. “Eh, Dazai?” Chuuya shifted his foot, causing him to slip and fall down the fake stairs. “Oh shit.” He said before face planting.

“Pfffftttt.” Dazai began to laugh, before bursting into loud laughter. “There are tears coming out of my eyes ahaha!”

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Chapter Three [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: As graduation grows closer, so does your relationship with Lin. 

Word Count: 1,626

Warnings: Slow burn, but y’all are used to it by now, right?

Authors notes:  Ren - Do you guys know how much I love sister dynamics? A lot. This chapter was really cute to write, hope y’all enjoy!

Sab - Things are moving/shaking, we’re getting into the nitty-grtty, basically it’s all very domestic and I’m in love. Please give us feedback we live off of #validation.

askbox | masterlist | previous chapter | next chapter

“Lin, how do you spell disseminate?” your voice echoed in his messy living room, his answer coming almost automatically.

“Why do you need to know this word anyway?” You looked up from your laptop, watching his efforts while writing in a notebook on his desk.

“Fancy words make me look smart,” you shrugged.

“You are smart.”

“They don’t know that.”

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Relationship: Bucky x Reader

“Hey can I request something? x Could you maybe write a bucky x reader oneshot/series based on Liability by Lorde it can end angsty or fluffy i dont mind but i really like this song and i love your writing❤️” [Anon]

A/N: It’s an angst and I suck at angsts. Based on this song which I hadn’t heard before but I actually like it. Not sure if this is what you wanted but it’s where my mind took me when listening to the song.

Warnings: None, I don’t think I swore which is shocking.

Words: 1488

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

No relationship is perfect. They have their ups and their downs. But, just like every other relationship, this one seemed perfect and you let yourself believe it would work.

But, just like every other time, you’re watching your heart be crushed in his hands as you spew words just as venomous as his. Every word chips away at your soul.

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The House of What’s Left

Summary: You had always loved Jungkook, but he never knew what he had until it was far too late. 


For the anon who requested this: “Angsty Jungkook scenario?? Maybe where he says he doesn’t love you anymore and you leave him, but then he feels his world is falling apart and you know?”

Writer’s note: I hate this. I hate this so much. OMFG I’m so sorry that I’m even posting this but oh well. 

For the past fifteen years, you’d loved a man named Jeon Jungkook.  For fifteen years, you were with a man you considered your soulmate. He was the one man that beat out all the rest for your affection, and in return, you were the one woman who captured his attention with just the power of your voice and the look in your eyes. You thought that he could make you happy, that one day you could have a house where children padded barefoot and squealed when you tried to give them baths.

For ten years, you’d spent your life with his ring adorning your finger. For ten years you’d kissed his cheek before work and again when you came home from your own job. For ten years you’d made dinner for him or picked it up on your way home from the office. For ten years you sat curled into his side on the couch while the two of you had your weekly movie night sessions. For ten years you wrestled with him when you decided you wanted the remote and he wasn’t willing to give it up. For ten years you laughed with him, dreamed with him, and held his hand while he cried from the emotional success of his career. For ten years, you clung to a man who had promised to love you forever and always.

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Genre: ??

Pairing: Namjoon X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: Nobody knows how to cheer you up better than, the person you love the most. It just so happens he also seems to have an answer for just about anything as he was always willing in engage into some philosophical conversation.

(A/N: A story with no plot but something that came to mind.)

Originally posted by warmth-and-wishes

The two of you sat on the steps of an old coffee shop the both of you frequented, unaware of it’s sudden but not surprising closure. Thankfully the tarp above your heads kept you dry from the warm summer rain and the street lights illuminated the early afternoon darkness. You had asked your best friend to meet you all the way out here because something was bothering you, bad. Something you kept pushing down because you were afraid of how it might come off to the other person. You took a glance over at Namjoon, watching his face as he watched those passing you by. In his hands was the small black book you had bought him for his last birthday as he jotted down small little phrases that came to his mind. He’d get inspiration from things you couldn’t see. The sound of the cars would replay a memory in his head, triggering a flow of words to write themselves onto his notebook. It was how he relived stress and emotions he couldn’t say otherwise, a hobby and a talent. You wondered if picking up such a thing would reflect as helpful for yourself but you knew you wouldn’t make it as nowhere near as successful as he had become. A hobby would have been all it was. It was something you also envied about him.

“Are you finally going to tell me what’s going on? I know the coffee house was a bust but we might as well talk since I already snuck out.”

Your train of thought collided with reality when his words had snapped you out of it.

“Joonie, do you think everyone should have ambitions?”

He shrugged. “Depends. I find it kinda admirable when there’s someone who’s so young but so willing to take on a challenge for the sake of their dream. But , I think everyone has a dream at some point or another. It doesn’t have to be something huge.”

You rested your hand on your cheek, sighing out loud. 

“I did have dreams but it seems so….uninteresting now? As I got older I felt like I was being practical by ignoring those passions but now- I feel like I wasted my time when I could have been improving those skills.”

“It’s part of growing up, Y/N.”

“But it doesn’t have to be that way. I know you guys represent it a lot but what is youth really? I feel like the entire time I worried about becoming an adult and made constant mistakes. I want that dumb movie bullshit. I want the happy ending I felt like I was promised my entire life. I’m not good at school, I don’t have a talent, and I’m not even good at communicating with people.”

Namjoon was the one to sigh this time, not in an annoyed way,but more in an understanding sounding way. 

“Everyone thinks like this. Trust me, I’ve been there and there’s no quick fix. You just have to let yourself feel this way until your mind clears up. Here, there has to be something positive happening, right?”

As your arms rested on your knees you covered your face, not wanting the confession to be too loud. 

“There’s a guy I like.”

“See something good could come out of that-”

“He doesn’t know I exist. I’m in love with someone who doesn’t even know my name. Sometimes I even think about what I would say to him if he was mine or things we could have done together. It’s so stupidly hopeless but for a second, I actually start to feel happy as pathetic as it sounds.”

Namjoon shook his head, silently. He faced the road in front of you both, focusing on the people once more. 

“I don’t think it’s pathetic.” He let out.

You still avoided to look in his direction, just listening to what he had to say. 

“I think he’d be lucky to have you.”

You groaned, hearing the words.

“I wish people would stop telling me that. If anyone would be lucky to have me why am I still so alone?”

Namjoon’s hand rested on your leg in attempt to comfort you but for some reason you didn’t even flinch as if it was expected. Everything felt like a story you already knew the ending to. It was ominus and hard to shake the feeling but you tried to focus on the conversation at hand.

“You think i’m not alone? Loneliness has been the fuel to my music lately and as much as it sucks it’s apart of who we are. This feeling is what makes us still feel human.”

“Maybe we should just be together.” You scoffed, “I sure made this night one hell of a pity party.”

Namjoon let a small chuckle past his lips, giving you a light smile.

“It really is but who said we can’t feel sorry for ourselves?. It’s not like this could have been prevented, you’re always holding things in. I’m glad when you finally let it out and talk to me.”

“Yeah, I’m glad too. I’ve always wanted someone I could rely on and talk to sometimes. You’re probably the first person I’ve trusted in so long.”

You watched his tall figure finally stand up from the curb, lending you a hand. 

“Let’s head back to the subway so I can take you home. It’s already getting late and I can already see you getting tired. I’ll even hang out at your place for a bit, sitting next to you on your bed until you fall asleep. I know that helps you sometimes when you’re anxious.”

The warm feeling in your chest felt like a rarity, watching the smile on his face. You wished the feeling you felt right there would last forever since happiness wasn’t coming around too often anymore. He always had a way to make you feel like this whether it was the words he said or the smile on his face.

“Yeah. Thanks, Joonie.” You answered, smiling back at him as you grabbed his hand to stand up. 

As the two of you start to walk back there’s a long silence but not an uncomfortable one. You both were just sort of taking in the environment and enjoying the company of walking alongside of someone else on the humid summer night. 

At some point you managed making it to the subway station, ending up in Namjoon opening his mouth for the first time is minutes.

“Hey, Y/N?” 


“If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?”

You took a few seconds thinking about the question fully. You didn’t want ot answer the question with fame or money but for a split second you thought about love. It wasn’t until Namjoon had stepped onto the platform of the subway, looking back at you while you still stood on the concrete on the station, that you thought about the boy who didn’t know your name. That boy stood in front of your eyes this whole time and just as soon as he appeared, he was gone just as fast. 

You woke up in your bed, being greeted by the intrusive sunlight in your bedroom but still being able to see the surroundings that looked oh, so familiar. Tears formed in the corners of your eyes until it became too blurry to see the poster of your favorite artists on your wall. 

“I wish I wasn’t so alone.”

Love Bite

Harry had been gone for weeks. 

And while you knew that would be the case going into the relationship, that didn’t mean it was easy and you certainly never got used to it. Of course it was more manageable the longer you’d been together, especially when you kept busy and stuck to your routine, but whenever it got nearer to his return home…that’s when it was hardest.

Usually about a week before he was due home, you’d send him a few extra texts throughout the day. Just a couple more ‘love you’s. A dab of ‘I miss you’. Sometimes pictures of the neighbor’s cat with its face pressed up against the glass window; ‘Boots thought you’d be home by now’. 

And your goodnight calls–which were more like good mornings for Harry–grew longer as the time apart grew shorter. Just a few more minor details about your day shared. A hint of ‘don’t go’ before hanging up. Occasional tears dried with ‘I’ll be home soon, muppet’. 

The day before he’s due to arrive home has you absolutely jumping out of your skin. It’s utter torture waiting for the morning to crawl by, but it’s comforting knowing that it’s agony for Harry too.

Only 36 more hours, love.

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