a mouth full of song

Jossam Week Day Six - A Song You Associate with the Pair

Wander or leave
Turn into winter lights
Keeping your strength
When it gets dark at night

Masterpiece (Part 6)

Okay so its been 4 months since I’ve updated and I’m so happy to finally be writing this again! It was a bit of a struggle to get back into the swing of it but I had so much fun with this chapter! A huge thank you to @angellecookiewingz, @krzed and @sugar–pie for being my Nathchlo friends. I couldn’t of done this without your support! I hope you all like enjoy it!

Part one: https://vanilla107.tumblr.com/post/145967766370/masterpiece-part-one

Read on A03: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8286893/chapters/18984242

Song used in this chapter (oh my word it’s beautiful just listen to it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNGq16nHr-Q


Chloe woke up with a light feeling in her stomach and smiled.

She hadn’t felt so happy in ages. With happiness she jumped out of bed and stretched.

Everything just seemed…right.

She could hear the sounds of the cars driving down the street below her, and smell the faint fragrance of roses.She changed into her waitress uniform and took a deep breath.

“You’re gonna make it Chloe. Today is a good day.”

She applied a light amount of makeup (there was no harm in still looking fabulous, right?) and made her way to her door. She paused. Nathanaël said that breakfast was important….but skipping one day wouldn’t hurt. She opened her door and screamed in surprise.

“Nathanaël! Don’t do that!”

Nathanaël burst out laughing. “I’m sorry! I was just about to knock!”

He ran his hands through his damp hair and grinned.

“You on your way to work?”

Chloe nodded and smiled. “I actually haven’t felt this happy in a long time…it feels good.”

“Everyone needs a rest every now and then. I think you just needed one,” he said, noticing how much brighter her face looked. “Well, I gotta get going-” Chloe started but she stopped when she saw his face. “What? What’s wrong? Is there something in my teeth?” Chloe asked getting impatient.

“Chloe, it’s seven in the morning.”


“The restaurant only opens at 9. Why are you up so early?”

Chloe felt her stomach tighten. “Well…um…I usually go early so that I can get the place ready for customers…I get more money that way.” Nathanaël raised an eyebrow.

“And how much more do you get paid?” Chloe averted her eyes.

“It depends….”

She felt Nathanaël’s hands on her shoulders.

“Chloe. Stop lying to me.”

“Okay! I may of….gotten into a fight with Gabriella, one of my awful co-workers and…poured juice all over her. And as punishment…I need to clean all the floors before the place opens for a month.”

Nathanaël stared.

“Well, if you’re gonna do that, then at least join me for breakfast. I assume you were going to skip?” he asked raising an eyebrow. Chloe’s stomach growled and she groaned. “Okay, I didn’t eat but-” “No buts. C'mon, I’m sure you can spend just a half an hour with me.”

Chloe knew he wasn’t going to give in.

“Okay, fine!” she groaned but she smiled as she followed him to her apartment. “I made scones so feel free to put whatever you want on it,” Nathanaël said as he opened the door.

The smell of warm scones assaulted Chloe and her eyes got watery. When was the last time she had scones? A couple of months ago? The fresh scones were on a cooling rack on the marble counter-top with little bowls of cheese, strawberry jam, cream and butter surrounding it. Chloe didn’t waste any time in grabbing three scones and putting cheese on the one and cream and jam on the other two. She sighed in contempt and caught Nathanaël humming a song as he buttered a scone for himself. Chloe felt her chest tighten.

It was the same song he had been playing for months after he and Marinette broke up.

“Nathanaël…why do you keep listening to that song?” she managed to say with a mouth full of scone before swallowing. Nathanaël froze bit his lower lip nervously. “Well, it’s only fair that I tell you, I suppose-”

“It’s about Marinette isn’t it?” Chloe blurted out and slapped a hand over her mouth.

Nathanaël gave her a confused look. “Why would it be about Marinette?” he asked.

Chloe was slowly dying inside.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Why would you blurt about his ex-girlfriend like that? He probably thinks you’re desperate now! Ugh, come up with an excuse!

“Um…because the lady has long, dark hair in the song and…it reminds you of her?” Chloe squeaked.

Nathanaël burst out laughing and ran a hand through his red hair.

“Wow, you are a really bad liar,” he chuckled and Chloe could feel the embarrassment radiating off of her.

Can’t the floor just eat me now? she thought.

“If you wanted to know about my love life Chloe, you could’ve just asked,” he grinned, his eyes full of mirth. Chloe slammed her hands on the table and looked at Nathanaël, who was clearly enjoying how flustered she was getting.

“That’s not what I meant Nathanaël! Gosh, why do you have to be so blunt? I was asking about the song because you sing it all the time, not about your love life! And besides, you and Marinette broke up so why would I want to know about it?”

There was silence and Nathanaël raised an eyebrow as he absorbed all the information she was telling him. “Are you done?” he asked still grinning.

Chloe groaned and put her head in her hands.

“Okay, to save you from any more embarrassment I’ll explain. Marinette and I were never dating.”

Chloe’s heart stopped and her eyes grew wide.


Nathanaël nodded and took a bite into his scone which he had spread a generous amount of cream and jam on.

“Marinette was helping me find inspiration for my paintings, which resulted in the two of obviously spending more time together. Since Mari is one of the hottest up and coming designers, naturally she would have paparazzi tailing her. I was with her quite a lot and the tabloids went wild. No one even bothered to find out the true story.”

Nathanaël took another bite of his scone and swallowed.

“Adrien and Marinette were dating in secret because she didn’t want her relationship with Adrien to seem forced because she was working with his dad. When they finally revealed that they were together…well the media jumped to conclusions that Marinette had broken up with me even though we were never together.”

Chloe was dumbstruck. She couldn’t believe she had jumped to such conclusions.

“But…didn’t you have a crush on Marinette in high school?” she asked as she took another bite of her scone. Nathanaël nodded.

“I did but it was pretty obvious how Marinette felt about Adrien. Thank God that they confessed to each other before we graduated. I don’t think I could imagine those two without each other…they truly love each other.”

Chloe felt uncomfortable talking about Marinette and Adrien.She hadn’t encountered them since the restaurant incident last Friday, and quite frankly was okay with never seeing them again. She was still good friends with Adrien but she never really buried the hatchet with Marinette. She had always been cruel to Marinette and for her own reasons didn’t want to think about it right now.

“So what about that song that you keep singing? You sang it all the time once you and Marinette ‘broke up’” Chloe said using air quotes.

Nathanaël smiled sadly.

“Marinette actually told me about the song. That song reminds me of how people just judge one another without getting to know them or the circumstances they’re in. It’s sort of my new inspiration for my paintings right now. The song is really a twist on Rapunzel but it ends tragically.”

Chloe snorted. “I’m aware of that. You played it so often that I know all the words.”

Without warning Chloe began to sing the song that had stuck in her head while she worked what had woken her up every morning and had tormented her in her dreams.

A man came across this old tower one day

It was straight like from a book he once read

He lifted his head up and saw this young lady

And here’s what the lady said:

"Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

Chloe was about to sing the second verse when Nathanaël surprised her with his velvety tenor voice and watched in awe as he sang.

The man was so scared he could only run away

He ran to the town and then said:

“I just saw a lady with the longest dark hair

And I think she’s a living dead!”

The people, so scared, took their guns and their swords

They ran to the tower and then

They saw the pale lady and felt a great fear

When they heard how she said it again:

“Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

She joined in with him for the last verse and felt lightness build up in her. It felt right singing with Nathanaël.

The people, they knew what this all was about:

She was clearly a demon from hell

They decided to set her long hair on fire

In the end it would burn her as well

But the lady was no demon she was a lonely soul

Just like in that book they once read

Still waiting for her prince while her hair was on fire

The one last time she said:

“Moi je m'appelle mademoiselle Noir

Et comme vous pouvez le voir

Je ne souris, ni ris, ni vis.”

Et c'est tout ce qu'elle a dit

The apartment collapsed into silence and Nathanaël looked just as surprised as Chloe did.

They had just sung with each other.

Something neither of them thought they would ever do.

“Well…that was…wow,” he said breathlessly. “Y-yeah…I-I didn’t know you could s-sing.” Chloe stuttered.

Chloe looked at the clock hanging on the wall and nearly feel off her seat.


Chloe finished her scones and grabbed her handbag. “No no no no no no. This can’t be happening. Not today,” she groaned as she tried to open the apartment door.

“Chloe, relax. I’ll walk with you there and explain everything,” Nathanaël assured as he helped her with the door.

They walked down the long corridor and down the stairs, Chloe still fidgeting nervously. Once they had gotten to the restaurant, the doors were already open and Mr. Shelley was already looking mad. Thankfully there were no customers, which meant no humiliation. His frown deepened when he saw her.

“Chloe! Why are you late? And why are the floors not mopped? I have every right to fire you for tardiness and failure to keep the hygiene levels of this establishment high-!” Mr. Shelley stopped yelling once he saw Nathanaël at Chloe’s side.

He immediately put a smile on his face and wiped some sweat off of his forehead. “Chloe, who is your friend over here?” he asked so sweetly that Chloe could feel the bile rising in her throat.

“This is Nathanaël my-“

“Boyfriend,” interrupted Nathanaël.

{Uploaded 10th April 2017}

In the poem, no one is suffering, and we’re both writers so we like it that way. My hand is a stand-in for my heart. The sky, a symbol for the enormity of our want. ‘It’s a metaphor, see. The way I live without living.’ Begging for kindness in a mouth full of gravel. The same song plays on repeat through the day, something about flying, something about being high. And still, we are still. Passing ships, darkest nights, ‘don’t look at me. Don’t look at me and not love me, I can’t take it, I can’t.’
—  excerpt from “Northwest Michigan Dream Sequence” by Irene Vazquez

I don’t know if he’s trying to shade their management or not, but those lyrics leave a bad taste in my mouth. Of course I’m going to wait for the full song, but I hope he doesn’t expect us to sing that part.

On the first day of #PAIN fic...

12 Days | WYCH Part One | Masterlist

A/N: Hey, pals! Welcome to the 12 DAYS OF #PAIN FIC! You may be wondering: what is this? What is Team GTNW doing? Are they truly insane? (the answer to that last one is definitely yes but let’s not dwell on it)

Basically, we dropped part two of WYCH on you yesterday… but we’re terrible people and don’t want to give you part three too soon. (side note: we’re so grateful for all of your amazing comments and messages it’s overwhelming holy moly. we promise we’ll answer your asks eventually, our inbox is just crazy full of yelling right now)

So what is 12 Days? First of all, it’s how long you’re gonna have to wait for part three… BUT DON’T WORRY, because each of these twelve upcoming days is gonna bring you a new headcanon or drabble or short story from the WYCH universe that we both love but just weren’t able to make fit into the flow of the story. 

So, without further ado, DAY ONE!

Word Count: 1,707

“So, what color is your dress?” Lin leaned against the counter of the small bodega, watching as you poured him a to-go cup of coffee.

“What?” you turned to look at him, a quizzical expression falling on your face as you dumped sugar packet after sugar packet into his coffee.

“Your dress. What color is it?” he insisted. “My mom says that apparently my tie is supposed to match or something– I don’t know, she just told me to find out.”

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Birthdays(Sam/Dean BSM)


Originally posted by jared-and-jensen-winchester

“Wake up!” A pillow hit you smack in the face. Your eyes snap open, and you find Dean standing there with a smile. “Happy Birthday!” 

You roll your eyes in annoyance, “Dean, why do we still do that tradition?” 

“Cause its your present to me.” He kisses the top of your head. “Come on,” He rushes out the room. 

“I have to get ready for school!” You call. 

“We’ll call in sick later!” Dean yells back. Sighing, you stand, heading to the bathroom first, then joining your big brothers in the kitchen of the bunker. 

“Morning Cas,” You smile to your angel friend. 

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” He says back, slightly unsure. 

“Thanks, Cas.” He gives you a quick hug. 

“Happy Birthday, little sister!” Sam says pulling you into a bear hug.  

“Thanks, Sam.” You give him a soft smile, grabbing the cereal. 

“We’ve got a surprise for you!” Dean says in a sing song voice. 

“Can it wait?” You ask, mouth full of cornflakes. 

“Nope!” Both brothers, grab on each of your arms, pulling you away from the food, with Cas trailing behind. “Surprise!” Your eyes widen. “Told you she’d like it, Sammy.” Dean grins proud. 

“Remember this stuff, Y/N? Its everything you loved when you were little!” Sam says, pointing over the the table that had a small tea party set, and replicas of your old stuffed animals. 

“Yea, I remember,” You mutter, completely mortified. “What is this?” 

“Its your birthday!” Dean chuckles, “Why?” 

“No reason,” You voice goes high. 

“Come on, we’re gonna watch that old movie you like, ‘High School Musical’!” Dean grins, pulling you the TV room, where Cas was already seated, with popcorn. 

“High School Musical?” You raise your brows. 

“Yea, we’ve got all three movies!” Sam says excitedly.

“Okay that’s it,” You mutter, shutting the TV off. 

“What?” Sam looks at you confused, “We thought you loved ‘High School Musical’?” 

“Guys, what the hell is all this?” You fold your arms, looking pissed as hell. “I love you three, like crazy, but I’m (Your Age), this is embarrassing!” You exclaim, throwing your arms in the air. 

“Well, we just thought-” Sam tries. 

“Well you thought wrong! Will you guys just quit it? You’re treating me like a four year old!” 

“Now just a minute,” Dean attempts. 

“No! I can’t believe you! When are you gonna realize I’m getting older, I’m not a baby anymore and you two have to stop treating me like one!” You exclaim storming out of the room. 

“Y/N, come back! Where are you going?” Sam asks. 

“School!” You yell, slamming your door shut and rushing to get ready. 

“That bad huh?” A friend asks as you stand by your lockers. 

“Worse.” You complain, adjusting your uniform. “Its like they refuse to realize that I’m not a little kid anymore.” 

“Well, Y/N, to be fair, you are their sister.” (Y/F/N) reasons, “You’ll always be their little sister.” 

“I know,” You sigh, “Its just, I want more respect and everything to be more fair, when they were my age they did some crazy shit.” You chuckle, knowing that she’d never know the half of it. “And its like they won’t let me near anything that could challenge me out of fear that’d something would happen to me.” 

“Can you blame them? I mean, Y/N, you’ve got no Mom or Dad, its just them. And you’re their’s, you can’t be that mad. They’re just doing the older brother thing, and protecting their little sister.” The bell rings before you could answer, and they two of you wave goodbye and scurry off to your separate classes. 

For the rest of the school day, you thought about what (Y/F/N) said.

Part two

Sleepy (Phil x Reader)

Character: Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Fandom: Phandom

Title: Sleepy

Summary: Trying to finish an essay for college, Y/N stays up really late. Phil notices and tries to get her to go to sleep already.

College was the worst. I had been struggling with this one subject for two years, no less.

But I had enough; I was determined to pass it this time. I had done the exam, and it turned out pretty well. All that was left to do was this freaking essay.

I spent the whole night doing it, because I always left it all to the very last second and had to send it to the teacher before 8 am. Dan would be proud of my procrastinating skills.

“Y/N?” Phil’s voice called me from the door.

I turned around in my chair and looked at him. He looked back at me through squinted eyelids, his hair messy and his glasses on. He just woke up.

“You’re still up?!” He exclaimed in utter awe.

Phil came into my room and stood behind my chair, looking at the computer screen in front of me.

“I’m almost done” I mumbled as I tried my best to keep my eyes open. My voice sounded really sleepy.

“It’s half past six in the morning” Phil placed his hands on my shoulders, his thumbs rubbing small circles on my skin.

“What?!” I exclaimed, opening my eyes wide. I only had another hour and a half to completely finish it and revise it before I sent it.

I started to frantically type on the keyboard. By that point, I was making things up. Had been for a while now, to be honest.

“You need to rest” Phil said in a serious voice. 

He was a great boyfriend, always looking out for me.

“It won’t take much longer” I assured, hoping for my mental health that I was right.

“Y/N…” He insisted, but I shook my head, not allowing any complaints.

“I need to finish this”

Phil sighed as he left a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Fine, I’m going to have breakfast. And if you’re not done when I get back, you’re going to turn it in even if it’s not finished”

“But Phil…” I whined, taking my eyes off the screen for a moment.

“No buts, you’re exhausted”

I smiled a little, watching how concerned he was. Phil was so sweet.

He hugged me from behind before he left and I resumed writing the damn essay.

I was close to reach my limit and fall asleep on my keyboard, but I had finished it and sent it. I was finally free.

“Are you done?” Phil stuck his head at the door once again, not looking so sleepy as before.

“Thankfully” I sighed in relief as I slowly stood up from my chair.

I had been sitting on it for so many hours that I felt a little numb.

I stretched out and yawned loudly, Phil chuckling at the sight.

“Come on, I made you breakfast” Phil took my hand and walked with me to the lounge.

There, Dan was already sitting in the sofa with his laptop in his browsing position, most likely on Tumblr.

“She lives!” Dan jokingly said, watching as Phil sat me in the sofa and let go of my hand.

“Barely” I mumbled as I got comfortable on the cozy seat next to Dan.

“I thought you would never finish, Y/N” My boyfriend said, picking up a bowl from the table.

He gave it to me, and I realized they were my favourite cereals. Lion Cereal, which also reminded me a lot of Phil everytime.

“Aww, thanks, Phil” He plopped down next to me and snaked his arm around my waist, showing me a grin.

I lazily ate a few spoon fulls of my cereal. Even though I loved them, I wasn’t hungry. On my body there was only room to be tired.

“Who’s up to see some Buffy?” Phil suggested, looking at us.

“Why not?” I mumbled, stirring the cereal instead of eating more.

Dan stood up and set the TV for us. He casually plonked down next to me again once he did.

“Aren’t you going to eat it?” He asked me, pointing at the bowl.

“No…” I sounded like a little girl, which made him laugh a little.

Knowing he would want them, I handed it to him. A big smile spread across his face, making me laugh a bit.


“But you should eat something” Phil nudged me a little, but I just shook my head and snuggled up to him, hiding my face in his stomach.

“What she should do is sleep for a whole week” Dan mumbled with his mouth full of cereal as the Buffy theme song played.

“I’m trying” I answered, my eyes closed as I lifted my head to rest it in Phil’s chest. “But I think I’m actually too tired to fall asleep”

“How is that even possible?” Phil wondered, leaning his cheek in my head.

“I don’t know” I chuckled, not really finding the logic either. “But I’ll just watch Buffy with you”

“I thought you didn’t like Buffy” Dan sounded surprised, but I didn’t bother to look at him. I just idly turned my eyes to the TV, not really watching the show as I couldn’t concentrate on it.

My mind was foggy and exhausted.

“Huh?” It took a few more seconds than usual for my weary mind to understand him. “I do like it, I just don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar”

Phil giggled, making me look up at him.

“You just don’t like her because I like her so much”

“Maybe…” I shrugged, placing my head back on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I like you better, Y/N”

I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his torso and happily squeezed him against me.

“I know, Philly” I mumbled on his pajamas shirt.

“She’s so cute and cuddly when she’s sleepy” Dan joked, pinching my cheek obnoxiously as I groaned in annoyance and swatted him away.

“Leave her alone, Dan” Phil chuckled, shielding me from our friend with his arms.

“Yeah, watch the freaking show and leave me to sleep in peace” I doubted they even understood my lazy voice as I slurred my words. However, they laughed.

Phil started to play with my hair, knowing I absolutely loved it when he did that. I adjusted into a more comfortable position, feeling myself slowly falling asleep on Phil with his cuddles.

The TV sounded distant, along with Dan and Phil’s voices as they whispered a comment about the episode every once in a while.

I was in that strange state where you’re awake and slightly aware of everything happening around you but still too aslept to move.

“Y/N?” Phil’s deep voice softly said over my head. “Are you awake?”

“She doze off” Dan muttered, and I felt him moving beside me.

“I’ll take her to my room” Phil told him, and I heard Dan muttering a low ‘okay’.

Phil gently picked me up and carried me somewhere.

Soon, he lay me down in a soft and heavenly comfortable bed. It smelt like him, so it had to be his bed. He knew I liked it better than my mine, I found it more comfortable. But it was all probably because it was his.

I heard his footsteps growing away from me and the door closing softly.

Lazily, I opened one eye just enough to see I was indeed in Phil’s room, lying in his bed. I rolled over on my stomach and buried my head in his pillow, feeling sleepier every second.

But I didn’t give in to sleep completely until a while later, when I felt Phil climbing into the bed with me and pulling me close to him.

Adore U(Hoshi)

A/N: OMG IT’S 1AM KELSEY WTF. Yeah I know sorry but um this is really cute and I think you guys will like it too. Have some fluffy Hoshi. You’re welcome ;) #BedtimeStory

Request: You’re best friends with Hoshi and you guys love each other but neither wants to confess. You go to a party and get jealous when he dances with other girls and you get wasted.

Genre: Angst(?)/Fluff

Word Count:1435


You can’t remember how many years you’ve been friends with Soonyoung, but you can’t imagine living a life without him. You two have been inseparable ever since elementary school, now the two of you were adults. You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t love Soonyoung, but you didn’t want to tell him. It’s so high school-esque to hide your feelings for that boy that you just absolutely love and could almost picture your lives together. Alas you were home on a Saturday night watching a cheesy romance drama which made you bitter about how “romance doesn’t exist in real life” which was completely true.

Your phone buzzes and you look down to see a text from Hoshi. Everyone called Soonyoung, Hoshi. Ever since he got into dancing and performing he created the name for himself and it just stayed. The text read:

Hey! Sungcheol is throwing an awesome party, you should go with me and we can chill :D

You smile at the screen and text back that you’re too busy trying to find out if the leads in the drama would confess to each other within the next 3 episodes. He replies:

Lame! Come on ______, you only live once!

You text him back and agree to meet him at Sungcheol’s dumb party, he throws them like all the time, doesn’t he get tired?

You get up from your blanket cocoon and get dressed in a nice yet casual black dress and some flats because you weren’t trying to kill yourself at some house party. Once you made sure your face was made up and hair was decent, you left. Sungcheol didn’t live that far from you so you walked to his house from yours. You look up to admire the stars, the little gleaming dots illuminated the navy sky. Lost in thought, you almost have a heart attack when Hoshi jumps on your shoulder from behind you.

“Give me your money!” He laughs and you almost punch him in the face when you spin around at the speed of light.

“Hoshi, don’t do that! You know I get scared easily, you ass!” You whine and punch his shoulder. The two of you walk down the sidewalk making small talk until you get to Sungheol’s house. You knock and Sungcheol answers with a wide smile.

“You came! I didn’t think you’d get her to come, Hoshi” He jokes and you glare at him.

“______, knows how to party, remember that one party last summer when…”

“OK. Should we go party it up?” You interrupt Hoshi and push past Sungcheol into the house. Hoshi follows and you bee-line for the snacks, shoving a hand full of chips in your mouth.

“Let’s dance! You love this song” Hoshi smiles at you and you give him a look.

“Dancing isn’t really my forte, Soonyoung, I’d look like an idiot”  

“It’s not about being good, it’s about having fun” He pulls your hand and starts to swing your arm. You couldn’t help but melt at how much he was trying to get you to have fun. Maybe tonight would be the night that you tell him how you feel if the night played out correctly.

You agree and the two of you are moving within a group of Sungcheol’s friends. Somehow, in the midst of dancing you lost Hoshi to some other girl. A pale girl with long black hair and her blonde friend were dancing with Soonyoung and flirting intensely. He had a smile on his face and you felt your heart sink a little bit, starting to regret even coming out you go to find something to drink.  

You recognize your old classmate Jihoon sitting by himself and drinking a beer, simply people watching. Something you could relate to. You swipe a beer from the cooler and sit beside Jihoon and give him a small smile.

“Parties, huh, I don’t get why sweaty people want to press all over each other” you say over the music and Jihoon smiles.

“Same, I only came because Sungcheol is my best friend” he yells back.

“I came for a best friend too, but he’s busy with some other girls” you crack open the beer and take a big gulp.

“Careful, don’t drink more than you can, it could be dangerous at these kinds of parties” Jihoon says concerned.

“Someone told me you only live once, Jihoon” you say raising the can in the air before topping it off. You get up and get another beer. You end up spending the night drinking beer and talking to other boys until you find yourself laying on the couch that you were sitting on at the beginning of the night, Jihoon was nowhere in sight and neither was Hoshi. Good. You didn’t want to see Hoshi, you were mad at him and if you saw him you might do something stupid like hit him or kiss him. Wait…what?

“_____-ah?” Jihoon was returning to his spot that was now occupied by your head.

“Jihoonie~! Welcome back!” You slur and Jihoon sighs, almost feeling bad for you.  

“Where is Soonyoung, I’m asking him to take you home” Jihoon asks.

“I don’t know and I don’t care! He left me alone after he told me to hang out. He’s a big fat meanie, I don’t know why I’m even in love with him!”

“Oh Jeez” Jihoon runs a hand through his hair “Come on, let’s go find Soonyoung” Jihoon helps you up and guides you through the house until you find Hoshi.

“Yah, Soonyoung!” Jihoon yells and makes Hoshi turn his head. He makes his way over to you two and he looks you up and down.

“What’s up with ______?” He asks.

“She’s drunk, you need to take her home, now” Jihoon scolds Hoshi. You pout and look anywhere but Hoshi, you didn’t want to see him and his stupid attractive face.

“Come on, ______-ah, let’s go home” Jihoon hands you over to Hoshi and you don’t say anything to him. The two of you end up leaving and on the way home you look at the stars again. Hoshi was dragging you down the sidewalk but you wanted to look at the stars, he’s always ruining your fun.

“Why are you being so slow, come on we need to get you in bed” Hoshi says concerned. You don’t say anything.

“What are you doing? Silent treatment, seriously? We’re adults, _______-ah” Hoshi sighs. You sit down on the sidewalk, head still pointed up at the pitch black sky.

“You left me alone. You told me to come out and you left me, Soonyoung, I thought we could actually spend time together” your voice starts to crack and Hoshi is crouching in front of you.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” he frowns, guilt starting to seep into his brain.

“It’s like you don’t care about me” a tear slides down your cheek.

“I love you actually, I love you a lot. You don’t know how much I love you, but I always thought that my feelings would ruin everything. _______-ah, I love you more than you love looking at the stars” Hoshi’s hands cup your cheeks and he guides your head down so you are looking him in the eyes. He wipes away your tears with his thumbs.

“I love you too, Soonyoung, I love you so much it hurts” you openly sob and Hoshi pulls you into his arms until you stop crying. He rubs circles on your back and whispers in your ear “It’s ok, you’re ok” and everything started to feel ok.

“Let’s talk more when you’re sober, ok?” Hoshi chuckles as he helps you onto his back and piggybacks you to your house. You felt very tired but you also never felt as happy as you did riding on Hoshi’s back. Knowing he loved you back made you believe in romance, even if it was just a little bit.

'A Crowded Couch' (SNK; EreJeanMarco)

Happy JEM Week! Too bad I’m only getting this posted during the last thirty minutes of the week, but between hospitals stays and family holidays, it’s been a crazy one for me. Anyway…

This set of drabbles is set in the ‘Give Thanks’ universe, and expands on that by showing what a handful of Christmas seasons were like for the JEM boys. (I just did all the prompts in one go, oops!) Hope you guys enjoy REALLY sugary fluff with your OT3…

Also, this drabble set is dedicated to the wonderful yolownly, whose birthday I missed by a mile, but whom I loved dearly & wish all the best for in the coming year. <3

Enjoy the holiday JEMs. :)

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Fishtail by the Sycamore Tree

No one saw the blade because the blade wasn’t there. No one saw the moon because my mother swallowed it whole. Some words hollow out bellies. Some words divide seas. Some words make us leave our tongues in another woman’s womb. Remember when my teeth gave birth? Remember when the trains flooded us in darkness and the darkness sweated light?  All your apologies in the cities under my fingers? All my fingers in the cave of your mouth? It’s a season of scrapes. It’s a winter of buzzcuts. It’s a woolly mammoth in my backyard. It’s what’s in your mouth or the idea of a mouth or the idea of a song. My mouth is full of moon bones. Your hands have scars and I won’t ever ask. A beautiful girl walks by and I look away. In a few years, no one will remember the shape of her lips either.


Transplant from Massachusetts, Spanish with a strong accent, poor son of a fisherwoman, grew up in a ramshackle house on a diet of lobster and cod, arrives in town with his mouth still full of sailor songs and a longing for wicked seaside storms, reads and recites romantic poetry – old volumes left behind by his dead father, with the man’s spidery handwriting still in the margins

You guys seemed to like the last one so I made another



Those nymphs of the river who never stop running, chasing fish and dreams from mountains to the sea; whose fingers are wrinkled and whose mouths are full of water-songs; whose necks are strung with ropes of freshwater pearls. 

hannily headcanons that should of been added to the show
  •  more of them living together e.g: emily yells at hanna from the other side of the bathroom door because hanna likes long and hot showers. “Hanna! You have been there for more then an hour!” And as frustrated she is, she has to wait longer because Hanna doesn’t like to be rushed   (◕‿◕✿)

  • maybe even after a long day for both of them, they just sit on the couch watching movies together and eating ice cream. But they always argue over movie to watch because emily is more into zombie horror films and hanna probably prefers something else like a drama film so she could complain over it through the whole thing because she thinks that maybe person a in the film should of been with person c instead of person b 

  • when they were dancing e.g: “Hanna, you’re doing it wrong.” A tired and annoyed Emily said towards the blond. “Em this sucks! I’m never going to win and get into college now.” Hanna says, chugging down another water bottle. “My choreography doesn’t suck, Hanna! You’re just doing it wrong!!” Emily sighs (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)ノ゙

  • “Emily what time are we going to be done?” “We just got here Hanna.” 

  • “Emily I’m really tired,” Hanna pants and drags the back of her hand across her forehead. Emily furrows her eyebrows at the blond and says, “Han! You been sitting on the floor for an hour!” (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄ฺ

  • “Em I don’t think I can make it today, lady problems.. You know.. Monthly problems.” Hanna says over the phone. “Hanna weren’t you complaining about that same problem two weeks ago?” Emily rolls her eyes. “Did I say monthly problems? Oh no I had to do a grocery run with my mom-”
    “Meet you at the dance studio at 5.” Emily cuts Hanna off. “Fine.” Hanna sighs. That’s the 6th failed lie Hanna tried to tell in two days.

  • Then after they come back from a food break. “Okay ready for the next steps, Han?” Emily turns around to see no one behind her. She looks out the school window from the dance studio and sees Hanna driving off with a mouth full of fries  (◕‿‿◕。)

  • When they are dancing to the Bang Bang song, Hanna keeps going into the wrong way so she always bumps into Emily. This happens multiple times so Hanna just smiles sheepishly at her because they’re faces get too close sometimes plus Emily always tells her its the other way but she just gets it wrong  (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)ノ゙ (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)ノ゙

  • When they bump into each other, Emily gets a little red because of the closeness but clears her throat and goes. “Okay, from the top again.” Because she’s also determined to help her wife best friend be able to go to college. ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ 

  • And once Emily is done helping Hanna, and Hanna was great and did everything perfect, Emily stands back and watches. She smiles at Hanna, who is now cheering after getting the last move right. 

  • “Thank you,” Hanna smiles, “Sorry for the stress I gave you. I would’ve gave up on me.” 
    “Nothing is going to stop me from helping someone I love.” Emily said.

@ Marlene King I just want and need happy friendship moments of Hannily please and thank you