a mountain lullaby

cauldron save me. mother hold me. guide me to you. let me pass through the gates; let me smell that immortal land of milk and honey. let me fear no evil. let me feel no pain. let me enter into eternity.
—  Sarah J. Maas-Prayer to the Mother; ACOTAR series; the most beautiful thing I’ve ever herd
Chapter 2

Normal P.O.V
Zane wakes up feeling alittle groggy and weak from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed(literally). He turns over groaning but as he opens his eyes is meet by another par of eyes"Good Morning sour candy"

Aphmau is downstairs cooking some breakfast flipping pancakes and scrambling the eggs just right. She hears a scream from up stairs with a loud slap sound. Zane comes running down only in a pair of gray striped boxers and is followed by Travis only in white boxers and covering his cheek.“Why were you in my bed…no no…Why are you in my house!!!” Aphmau leans back peeking her head around the corner again seeing them so close as Travis is holding him close to him as Zane’s face is red.
Zane moves from his grasps knowing aphmau might still be here somewhere and looks back at Travis with glaring eyes and Travis smirks with victory.

Later on that day after having breakfast with the two Zane walked out to check on the neighborhood and sees the normal day again with something different. People he hasn’t seen before are walking around the neighborhood talking with everyone he spots Kawaii-chan talking with other meif'wa who seems to have light blue hair and a black tail and ears. Katylen is talking to a man wearing a tank top and has purple hair and thrown all to one side and seemed to have a piercing on his nose.

Zane walks down the street seeing some more unnone faces and feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns meeting a white silk mask and a soft smile"Hi….you must be Zane correct" He looks at her shocked.“Oh I’m sorry I know your name cause your the leader of the neighborhood and I’m one just across from you” Zane starts to remember seeing her in the contert hall once dancing and singing something like a lullaby.

He walks with her around his and other neighborhoods “ So what’s your street called” Zane turns to the curious girl “ Phoenix Drop Avenue” Zane say to the girl as she smiles brightly “ Cool you know I went to Phoenix Drop high and I’m going to the reunion myself….did you” he nods to her and she smiles even more.

“My streets name is Villa Caisy Avenue…” They both stop seeing they hit a dead end and look at each other. Zane sees her clearly now and she has golden hay hair the shines i the sun with a long sleeves jacket showing her white shoulders with what seemed like a gray tank top underneath her jacket with some light blue sweat pants and some black flip flops too. But what really interested him was the white fabric covering her eyes. It seemed she noticed him staring cause she said “ I’m blind….” He looks at her alittle shocked and he soon felt embarrassed for staring for so long “ It’s alright people wonder why I do this if im blind but it just helps me see better with my hearing.”

He soon got to know this woman better knowing that she is the same age as Vlyad, loves to sing with alittle dancing,and lives with her little brother who is only 14 years old. “I pay the rent since he’s still so young” she giggles at something and they stop infront of her neighborhood “ See you tonight…” She smiles waving walking down her street but Zane stops her “ wait what’s your name ” The girls looks at him smiling.

“Names Lona but poeple call me lion” He nods and lets her go walking away as he too walked away back to his home and get ready for the reunion.

Night as fallen on the city making it glow with life. Phoenix Drop High was set up with banners by the high schoolers for the poeple coming to visit and once again remember the old days there. Zane pulled up in a car with his older brother and best friend, getting out of the car Zane looked around seeing no signs of Travis or Gene yet but they met up with the others in the front entrance where a senior student gave them their name tags"here you go Mr. Ro'Meave" the girl handed me my tag as I put it on my right chest showing my name for all to see.

We step in greeted by flashing lights and balloons floating everywhere high in the ceiling as if they were having a reunion too.Talbes set up with many treats and drinks for the party to continue on later with a sugar rush. People are crowded in groups talking to old friends and a familiar person caught his eye.

A woman with white long hair and purple shining eyes smiling and talking to a orange hair man who seemed to look well fit. Zane almost smiled remembering how Sasha treated him with kindness when she wasn’t around Gene and his gang.

Zane must have been standing there for too long cause he soon felt a tug on his arm looking seeing Gene but not looking at him but something next to him"I think I should have the first dance with him….“ he hears the anger in his voice and Zane turns to his other side seeing Travis smirking down at him"hey sour candy you look so sexy today” Zane turn away from both looking straight ahead not wanting any if these boys attention right now.

Zane looks around and stops seeing Lona with a light brown hair man who has a dark brown ears and wolf tail as they seemed to walking over the Aphmau.

Lona smiles at her and shakes hands with Aphmau and everyone looks at the man next to her “ Hey Balto…” Aphmau turns to the man and everyone glares at him but Lona touches his shoulder “ please forgive him….he has mature and learned his ways”
Aphmau and Kawaii-chan look at her and almost seemed to feel sad for her but something surprised us “ Aphmau I’m so sorry what I did to you back then…” we all looked shocked but aphmau smiles and shakes his hand “ it’s quite alright…who’s your new friend”

Balto seemed to blush alittle as Lona spoke “ Oh I’m his girlfriend Lona…” Zane heard Travis laugh and Zane see Gene looking at him surprised too.

After all the drama Lona and Zane were slow dancing on the floor slowing and Zane can feel Balto’s death stare on my back and Zane feel her giggle"Sorry about Balto he gets alittle jealous of when I talk about something to other guys…Zane…“ he looks down at her as her face is full of seriousness"Other streets are gonna try and cheat so watch your back…also…Gene…he’s got something up his sleeve..i know it” Zane looks around for Gene but he isn’t anywhere to be seen. The slow dance stops and everyone takes a break letting people set up the stage. We hear laughing and snickering behind me"Look remember her….“ "Yea that’s that aphmau girl”

“Omg look it’s Zane…” Zane jolt alittle hearing something about me and hear little whispers with my name in it.

I feel Travis near me and he smiles softly “Hey….come on the singers are up” He lowers his hand to my butt again and I soon feel warm but irritated so I punch his stomach. I hear him chuckle but everything soon went quiet as Laurance was up stage holding a mic.

“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back our singers Nicole, John, and Lona.”

Nicole sang a song about her love and John was singing about his life over the years. And Lona was next as she walked up I saw something amazing. Her mask was gone showing two silver moons looking far into space full with love and wonder. She stands infront of the mic. And we hear her sigh"This is a lullaby my big sister sang for me when we were young…“

A gentle breeze on Hushaby mountain..

Softly blows by lullaby bay…

It fills the sails of boats that are waiting…

Waiting to sail your troubles to sea…

Her voice i smooth with a lowness in it hitting the notes just right making my heart feel warm inside making me remember my mother and her sweetness to me and my brothers.

So close your eyes on Hushaby Mountain…

Wave goodbye to cares of the day….

And watch your boat from Hushaby mountain…

Sail far away…

From Lullaby Bay…

She holds the last note long making it fade in the silence. Everyone was quiet but i was full of warmth and love in the silence as she leaves the stage and we all see Sasha go to her and hug Lona close and they both smiled like family would with each other.

Soon Sasha and Lona were talking with each other as I went up to them."Lona….I’m so sorry about leaving you and Levin”

Lona shakes her head. “It’s alright sister you wanted to be free and roam the city” they hug and Zane back off seeing they are having a moment and went over with Travis.

Travis holds his hand as they walk out into the large football feild they once walked. “Zane remember this….this is where I first told you I loved you” How could Zane forget he was watching his big brother practice and Travis got hit with a ball again and I helped him heal again and he was talking nonsense until he say I love you and pulled me in a kiss.

We sat on the bleachers holding each other close"Zane….“ Zane looks up at him seeing his eyes full of love and lust again"Im madly in love with you….” Zane feels his heart race again and turns away but Travis puts his hand under his chin making him look at him closer.“ And I’m so proud your mine” he pulled Zane into a soft kiss making his mouth cover fall around his neck and they soon start a full on makeout as Travis pull him closer making Zane fall ontop of him. The kissed more under the stars and full moon shining down as there only witness if there love of each other.

Hoped to liked it
All characters belong to @aphmau
Lona belongs to me

One day…I’ll remember.

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Hushabye Mountain

Requested by Anonymous: The reader (maybe from earth?) sings “Hushabye Mountain” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the company one night on their journey.

I hope you enjoy, dear! Thank you for the wonderful idea!


The company of Thorin Oakenshield were a subdued group as they bedded down for the night in a small grove of trees. The rocky ground, still damp from a day of intermittent rain, offered few comfortable places to lie, and the watery soup that passed for supper had fallen short of filling anyone’s belly. You sat alone by the meager fire as a volunteer for the first watch, knowing that the dwarves, with their heavy weapons and chivalrous refusals of your help, were wearier still, and that this lumpy patch of earth would afford you little sleep anyway.

The elation of glimpsing the Lonely Mountain at last from the company’s vantage point on the carrock had faded as wretched weather set in along with the sobering realization that most of your supplies had been lost in the goblin tunnels. The bruises and welts and sore muscles that served as souvenirs of the battle to escape were making themselves felt, and there were no jokes, no songs, no hints of merriment, only dejected silence while your companions settled themselves to sleep and you poked absentmindedly at the fire with a stick.

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