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As you can see, Bellamy Blake has won the voting contest! I’m very excited to write these series, I will put a lot of effort in it :)

For the people that voted for Reggie: Don’t worry, when this series is over and you guys are still interested I will start with that series!

Important: When I notice that no one wants me to continue this series, I will put it on a break to write other things -like the Reggie series- or maybe even stop. So if you want this series to continue, let me know!!! I love to hear your feedback, it gives me motivation ♥

Prompt: The reader grew up in Mount Weather and had never seen the ground. Her best friend is Maya, and they work together. When the 48 come into the mountain, The reader is very interested. She wanted to hear stories about the ground and become friends with the outsiders. But what she doesn’t know is that the situation will change and danger is yet to come. What does she do when all of her new friends are hunted for their bone marrow? What does she do when she meets Bellamy Blake? 

Fandom: The 100

Episode(s): 2x01: the 48

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Mount weather! reader (eventually)

Word count: 1715

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-A long time ago-

“Here, you can have mine,” President Wallace said to the 10-year-old (Y/N). He handed her his chocolate cake since it was the last piece. The girl’s eyes sparkled with happiness and she smiled at the man.

“Thank you, Mister President,” The little girl said, and she sat down next to her friend in the Mount Weather cafeteria.

“You are soo lucky” The other girl named Maya said.

“You can have a few bites”  (Y/N) said, and the corners of Maya’s mouth twitched in a smile.

When they finished the cake, the girls left the cafeteria to finish their drawing.

Life was very easy in Mount Weather, everyone knew everyone and you couldn’t get lost in the outside world.

(Y/N) had lovely parents, good grades, and her best friend Maya. Her life continued and nothing changed. She could not complain, her life was good.

But there was something missing. She always felt she missed a certain feeling, but she could not imagine what.

When Maya’s mother died one day, (Y/N) knew for sure that she had to push that thought out of her mind. Her life was good, and she needed to be grateful for that. The days passed, and everyone lived on.

-Present day-

you were eating with your parents in the cafeteria, having her break from work. Your neighbor that sat on another table handed you delicious pancakes, and you sent him a smile. You put the pancakes on the table and laid one down on your plate. you grabbed your fork, but before you could bring a bite to your mouth you heard someone scream.

“Containment breach!” your head snapped up and looked at the entrance connected to the hallway. A blonde outsider you had never seen before hold your best friend, a knife to her throat. The alarms went off and you got up quickly, making your chair fell backward. The outsider let her go, shocked by what she had caused. Maya fell into your arms and people ran around like crazy.

A group soldiers walked towards the stranger with guns in their hands but the stranger didn’t move a muscle.

“Where the hell am I?” she whispered to herself, but you heard it. You looked at her with questioning eyes, still holding the heavily breathing Maya.

“Hey,” you said, holding Maya still. She had just changed her clothes and was about to talk to Clarke with the president. “It’s okay. She probably didn’t mean any harm-”

“(Y/N), she held a knife to my throat.”

“I know, but she is just desperate. How would you act when you don’t know where you are and you lost your friends? When she realizes you only wanted to help she’ll come around” you said, looking into your friend’s eyes. She nodded at you, you smiled, and let her go.

The president walked around the corner, followed by his guards and doctor Tsing. He smiled at both of you, and the guards opened the door to the medical department. The group walked in and Maya shot you one last smile before going in herself. You stayed behind, watching from a distance.

“Hello Clarke, how is your arm?” The doctor said. The girl didn’t respond; “Not much of a talker, is she?”

“A skill picked up from the savages, no doubt.” The president said, arriving at the girl’s bed,“Maya has something to say first anyway.” Your eyes focused on your friend.

“You were the next one to be cleared through quarantine” she began, and your eyes found the ground. Yes, Maya was a hard one. “Another 10 minutes and you would’ve-” she stopped when the president cleared his throat.

“I’m not pressing charges” There it was. Maya could be hard, but on the other side, she was the kindest person you had ever met. Not that you met a lot of new people in the small mountain you lived in, but that’s not the point.

“Thank you, Maya. You can get your treatment now” The president said, and the doctor guided her to an empty bed. That was the moment you turned around and left, you were about the teach the new kids about mount weather.

You found the big group of teenagers waiting in the hallway. You walked up to them and handed them all a map of the whole mountain, your home.

“Hey, I am (Y/N)” you introduced yourself to two boys.

“I’m Monty,” The first one said, and he accepted a map from you.

“Jasper” The other one smiled, and you smiled back.

“Welcome to Mount Weather”

“Your packet contains everything you need to know about Mount Weather. Which, I promise, is not as confusing as the map one page one looks” You spoke for the group, “You came from level 3, which houses our medical facility, including quarantine-”

“Clarke!” Monty called, interrupting you. You saw him ran towards the girl you had seen a couple times, who you didn’t saw come in. More people ran up to her, what made you guess she was an important person in their group.

You walked to her with another map and handed it to her.

“Welcome Clarke” You smiled at her. “If you have any questions, I’m (Y/N).

During dinner, you and Maya sat in the corner, both reading books. You shared a passion for books, so one of the things you do together is reading them. You heard laughs coming from the new guys, and you smiled over at them. You were glad they enjoyed it here. Well, most of them did.

Clarke acted very suspiciously, even when she clearly tried to hide it. She sat down nex to Jasper and Monty, putting her map on the table.

“You did the right thing,” you said, making Maya look up, “Not pressing charges”

“I guess I did” she smiled weakly at you. The boy named Jasper stood up and walked to the buffet but stopped when he saw the chocolate cake was gone. Maya noticed and offered him her cake.

“Thanks,” he said, waiting a second before storming at the cake.

“I’m Jasper,” he said.

“Maya,” she said, shaking his hand.

“Hey (Y/N)” He said to you and you smiled at him. He sat down quickly and picked up the fork.

“Sorry I’m just excited-” he said, before cramming the cake in his mouth. Moans escaped his lips and you let out a laugh.

“No chocolate in space, huh?” Maya said.

“Space sucked. What’s the deal with all this stuff, anyway?”

“This is nothing, There’s an entire warehouse with just paintings. President Wallace is the first to hang them up. Guess he figured just because we don’t have windows, doesn’t mean we can’t have a view” Maya ranted, and you saw Jasper smiling at her.

You decided to leave them alone and stood up. You walked to the buffet, grabbed another cake and turned around to look around the cafeteria. You caught sight of your mom and dad, you waved and they waved back. You smiled, seeing someone show up beside you. It was Monty.

“Hey,” He said, and you turned to him.

“Hey” you responded, “I see you guys are having fun here”

“we are,” he said, quickly looking over at his friends.

“Well, that’s what we’ve been hoping for” you smiled, and you looked at the other people in the room.

“What exactly do you do here?” he asked.

“Different kind of stuff. I work in the medical facility -I delivered your food a couple times-, sometimes I teach kids, and sometimes I help the president with stuff”

“That’s impressive” You smiled at his comment and saw something move from the corner of your eye. Maya and Jasper stood up and Maya signed you to follow her. You excused yourself from Monty and followed the duo.

“What happened?” You asked quickly.

“Clarke took my keycard”

Sirens were blasting through the whole building, followed by a women’s voice. You guys jumped in the elevator, on your way to stop Clarke. When you got out, you wondered why Clarke would even take the card.

“What is she trying to do?” You asked Jasper, hoping he knew her well enough to answer.

“She’s trying to get away,” he said, and your eyes widened. If she opened a door connected to the outside, you would all be dead.

The elevator door went open and you ran outside, entering the highest level. You saw Clarke at the end of the hall, and you ran towards her.

“Clarke! No!” Jasper yelled, and you stopped in front of her.

“If you pull that lever, these people will die. Even a little radiation could kill them” he continued. You didn’t notice, but behind you, Maya had grabbed a gun and pointed it at Clarke in front of you.

“Maya, no!” you said, and stepped in front of the gun. You turned, facing Clarke.

“Clarke” you whispered,”we can talk about this”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” She said, shaking, grabbing the lever tighter.

“Clarke” Jasper whispered, getting closer. “Don’t do this”

“I don’t believe them” She was clearly hesitating to pull the lever or not.

“Why would they lie?”  Now you stepped forward again.

“Clarke, I don’t know where you’ve been through out there. But I do understand that you’re scared. It’s hard not knowing where the rest of your friends are, I understand that ” Everyone was looking at you right now, ”But when you pull that lever, you will take a lot of lives. If you let it go, we can make a plan. We can search for your friends, in a way that won’t kill everyone in this mountain. We can figure this out together.” Clarke looked at you with watery eyes, and her grip loosened. You smiled at her, and with that, she let go of the lever.

The quiet moment was interrupted when a dozen guards came into the hall and arrested Clarke roughly. The three of you raised your hands and smiled at each other weakly.

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