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I’ve Got You (part 7)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Warnings: Smut ahead.

A/N: Who’s ready for shitty smut and cheese because I’m the worst at smut and I can’t help but put in gross flirting?

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Laying it out on the table.

I’m used to losing friends because its human nature. You grow apart from people. You stop talking. But I didnt think I would lose a friend over speaking my mind. This is the second time I have lost a friend because I was telling them the harsh reality of being a black woman in America. I love all my mutuals no matter what color you are.

I fucks with everyone if they fuck with me that’s my motto I go by. (Thanks Cardi B lmao)

But the fact people cannot understand that society has made it hard for black girls like myself to feel beautiful and attractive baffles me. The fact it’s always downplayed by some of my nonblack friends. “Oh its not that bad. All men suck” “You shouldnt seek validation in men” Excuses. All bullshit.

This is why half the time I dont say anything about this kind of stuff because I always lose friends. They refuse to believe anything I’m saying is true. As if Im being over dramatic. Its in statistics. Black women are the least desirable. 

We are going to ignore that Im a light skinned black woman for a second because yes Im lighter than alot of black women but I face the same issues.Call me a light skinned cunt or yellow/red bitch or whatever but truth is: I will be looked over for a white, Latina or Asian woman. 

Same shit.

Let me talk about my first year of college. I spent my first year chasing Black guys. Yes the racist/antiblack bitch people think I am…I was checking for black men! But guess what? They werent checking for my ass! And guess what? I’m light skinned with an ass. Shocker. Because you know we get everything apparently. 

Anyways. The black guys at the school would sleep with black girls but they wouldnt date them. They would just date mixed and white girls. From then on I realized I should look elsewhere when it came to dating.

I’m not saying its better or anything but Im glad I dont care about black guys. Because I know I will never be who and what they want. And that’s okay. 

The point is why when I speak the truth people get defensive and think I dont care about you? I’m telling you this shit because I care enough to tell you.

I’m bitter because of my bad experiences that keep happening over and over. I just dont cry as much as I do now because its the same shit.


Shout out to @kpop-sweetie because we been through alot and she understands that she’s a white woman and she is the standard of beauty verses me and she understands me when I say I dont find myself beautiful. 

Tumblr can be all body positive and black girl magic stuff all they want but its not the reality I face. 

I’ll go back to kpop now. I just wanted to lay it all out for yall.

headcanons with Neji from Naruto (I don’t have something special in mind, just write as you feel ^^)

headcanons for one of my Patreons! Thanks fam! I’m in love with Modern AU so I’m gonna do some Modern AU headcanons OKIE


•In a Modern AU, I feel like he’d be down to take someone on a date to a museum. Or like… some cafe? Quiet, calm cafes are his favorite. Honestly, Neji’s date hotspots are various, it just depends on what sounds appealing to his s/o

•Neji is kind of cheap when it comes to a s/o though, but he goes all out when it comes to special occasions. As in, sacrificing a month or two’s salary to take his s/o to a fancy ass restaurant. Like that 50$ a plate shit. You can tell he’s in pain. It hurts him to spend money. Him and his wallet. But it’s worth it to see that little smile on his s/o’s face

•Neji doesn’t watch TV very often. It’s only when Lee or Tenten force him to sit down and try to watch something new that he even bothers to sit in front of a television. Probably a sucker for some good old fashioned crime shows though

•His fashion sense is a little off sometimes. Everyone says he tries too hard. Sometimes he dresses ‘preppy’ too. These are some things he might wear vvvvvv

Otherwise his ‘casual’ outfit is just some jeans, but, he still has to wear a nice t shirt. He dresses to impress. They call me salad cuz I be dressin. His motto

•I’m really into Neji going to law school! He’d be an excellent lawyer, I think. Otherwise, he might go somewhere in the criminal justice system. Detective Hyuuga just sounds spicy yessss. Otherwise, he’d probably follow in the footsteps of whatever the Hyuuga family specialized in

•I guess I’m going for more college/student headcanons here, but Neji might volunteer as a teacher’s assistant, or, work as a tutor outside of school. Everyone pokes fun at Neji because he gets all annoyed and flustered 80% of the time around kids. 

“Yeah we know Neji, you hate kids” everyone says. 

But nahhh, he’s actually good with kids in an educational setting. He really wants the kids he tutors to succeed, even if he’s a little strict at times

•Perfect attendance. Never misses class. Even when he’s super sick and the teachers beg him to leave, he has to stay. He just pulls on a mask and endures

•Neji gets copious amounts of sleep. His sleep schedule is impeccable. He refuses to get anything below 8 hours of sleep. He even has one of those cute little sleep masks to block out the light 

•Really good at first person shooter games like??? Scary good?? Not a fan of video games, but he’ll wreck given the opportunity. gg no re

•Even if the Hyuuga fam has some money to spend, Neji 100% believes in making his own money and working toward his own goals. He gets a job as soon as he can

•Sort of angsty I guess: but Neji doesn’t realize how bad he’s stressing until someone actually points it out to him. Probably Tenten. I would venture to say Neji even has a problem. He doesn’t know when to stop working

•Realllly good at learning foreign languages? I just feel like he catches on rather fast

•I’m getting miscellaneous here, but I see Neji as the type who hates taking medicine? He just refuses. Even if he has a splitting headache, he’s like no, my body will fight it off. Like damn Neji just relax and take a Tylenol 

•ANGST AGAIN because I am angst trash. Let’s say Hizashi died in this AU too. He left Neji a watch. It wasn’t a costly or grandiose watch, but Neji still wears it every day. One of—if not his most—prized possession

•Neji hates the word bae? And most other slang. He hates ‘teen lingo’, as he calls it. Doesn’t understand it. Hits up Urban Dictionary more often than he cares to admit when someone sends him “wym” and “wbu” or “smh”. Neji is like… what?

•People (let’s be honest, mostly girls) in class who sit behind him are alwaysss touching his hair. And he doesn’t like it. He’ll let one or two girls get away with brushing it for a second, because yeah he knows he’s got some nice hair. But then he’s like ‘okay hands off cut it out’. Neji doesn’t like being treated like a doll okay

•Neji once got dragged into volunteering at an animal clinic and he low key fell in love with one of the dogs there but he won’t tell anyone. Was just such a cute dog. He’d pet it tenderly when no one was looking

•Neji is kind of big on politics. He keeps up with the news as often as possible and can debate for hourssss about the political climate (imagine how much fun he’d have with America’s clusterfuck right now)

•Neji reads a lot. He believes it’s best to always be reading a book. He finishes book after book. Sometimes he can pick one up and finish it in a day

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tbh i love how he is so Extra™, but at the same time really thoughtful and loving in his own way, he basically sent that plushie to guan shan to make him feel less lonely, so he will have something to hold when he is sad :’) or to rut against when he is horny and he tian is not there to take care of it i mean what who said that

Who’s ready to get NEGATIVE

The strength of Sly Cooper is its charming and varied characters. But they can’t all be winners. It’s time to talk about my least favourite! Why? [Grabs a nearby broom and tries to snap it over my knee, but it takes several attempts, thereby ruining any potential dramatic effect] Because I feel like it!

It’s Le Paradox. Le Paradox sucks.

There’s a lot to be said for drawing contrast between your protagonist and antagonist… when done right, of course. (“We’re not so different, you and I! >:)” “I’m nothing like you!!!! >:c”) It makes for a satisfying story. But y’know what’s more satisfying? Good motivations for villains. Cackling sadists are nicely entertaining, again, when done right - your Jokers, your Bill Ciphers, etc - but the best antagonists have a solid, understandable motivation. Something that, in their own eyes, makes them the good guy.

Personally, I’ve never liked it when the villain’s motivation is just “kill the hero”. It’s dull! The conflict is instant, but uninteresting. It’s very uninspired writing, in my professional* opinion.

(*Am I allowed to call myself “professional” if I have been paid exactly once for my Youtube videos, which, at least in part, discuss the writing of fictional villains? I hope so.)

Clockwerk has that kind of motivation, but here’s the thing; as I’ve said before, he takes that trope and runs with it. Really runs with it. Flies into the goddamn sun with it. The extent to which he adheres to that philosophy is so extreme and ludicrous that it comes back around to being interesting. It’d be like if I didn’t enjoy villains who, I dunno, use knives. And then there’s one guy who doesn’t “use” knives, he unhinges his jaw and shoots knives out of his mouth at mach speed. I respect that. It’s cool, and also fucking terrifying.

Part of the reason Sly 2 is probably my favourite is because, for once, the villains aren’t focused on Sly. They’re working on their own, morally evil plan. Sly and co get dragged into it by circumstance and stop it. Because, y’know. They’re good people.

Dr M returns to the “obsessed with the Coopers” well, but he’s drinking out of it differently. Clockwerk wanted to destroy them; M wants their wealth. Clockwerk was a distant, emotionless threat; M is a former friend, burning with jealousy. Clockwerk is unrepentant and stoic; M claims, falsely or otherwise, that he’s the victim. It’s a new take. It works. As Dimitri would say, he’s got his own flavour.

And then comes Le Paradox.

Now you can argue that Le Paradox has differences of his own. He’s avenging his dad. He… pretends to be a civilian at first. And… y’know what, no. That’s all I’m gonna give him.

What does he want? Sly’s dad screwed over his dad. Wow! That has nothing to do with Sly! At all! Probably happened before he was even born. And unlike Dr M, there’s no interesting angle. No question of whether Mr Cooper might be different to our image of him. He fits the pre-existing image exactly, because our image is “thief”. He stole something. He stole something someone else wanted to steal. Weak.

So he’s got the motivations of a lazily-written filler villain. Unfortunately, his means, methodology and supposed threat level all vastly outstrip that. For slighting his dad thirty years ago, he’s wiping the Cooper line from history itself. He is more powerful than Clockwerk. Clockwerk could only threaten Coopers one at a time, bound to our chronological understanding of time like a big metal loser. Le Paradox is going to retroactively annihilate the entire family line while instating himself as a king. That’s not weak. That’s too strong. Bigger =/= better. Just look at Season 4 of Yugioh.

His needlessly high power level and the mismatch between that and his underlying motives are both huge problems, but mostly what irks me is how they reused the same setup three times in four games. Just… let Sly make his own enemies. Give him more Neylas - people who form rivalries and grudges against him because of his actions, not his goddamn surname. It worked fairly well the first two times. But are we just gonna keep dancing this dance? Keep Sly trapped in his dad’s shadow forever, destined to clean up his messes? He’s a honorable thief. Show him being honorable. Show him go out of his way to promote good and prevent evil, instead of constantly throwing him into fights he has to take part in because he already has a stake. Show him as good.

So, yeah. Mostly I’m exhausted by what Le Paradox stands for - lazy writing, constantly returning to the same tired tropes for what should be the most interesting antagonist. That might be redeemed by his actual characterization, but sadly that’s a shallow ditch too. He’s a douche. Not an interesting douche, or a funny douche, or a “love to hate” douche.

Just a douche.

And Le Paradox is such a stupid name! That was barely funny the first time some vaguely clever kid’s show named a time travel character “Paradox”. By 2013 it was painfully played out.


… I also do not like The Grizz.

It’s been so long, it’s been so long. Maybe we’re fireproof~

BAND AU Part 3. During concerts, Haru would randomly hug Makoto from the back because, god YES, he can do this in public now that they’re out. He can actually tell the world that he loves this boy more than anything. No more hiding. Just wow. He’s just really happy. Next would be kissing Makoto in front of everyone but he’s still working on it. Baby steps. If you dunno the song “Fireproof” then what are you doing ಠ_ಠ 

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Dear Mouri Detective Agency, I am requesting your help in finding a alien. There's this kid that I know who saw a "space detective" who he says is named "Conan". When he told me his name, I laughed, but then he gave me this sketch of him, i decided to look everywhere.. and then I came to this agency because I just gave up.. after all, this agency's motto is about going through the ends of the world and universe to solve mysteries.. Please help, *name covered in ink fully*


I can explain.

I’m way too easy, the AoS writers are throwing us FitzSimmons kernels and I’m shamelessly gobbling them all up.

A quick kiss in the dark?

Implying that they are girlfriend and boyfriend?

Fighting about androids?

I swear I used to have a little dignity before those two came about.