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Written In The Stars (a MoonRiver fic)

Title: Written in the Stars
Author: @minimoosekateer
Fandom: Star vs the Forces of Evil
Pairing: MoonRiver
Characters: Moon Butterfly, River Butterfly
Rating: G
Word count: 1,251
Tags: Fluff, First Kiss
Summary: Moon receives a gift for her fifteenth birthday.
Notes: Okay, this turned out way longer than I expected. This is actually the first fanfiction that I’ve ever written. It’s fluffy as hell but I love Moon and River’s relationship, and after the Battle for Mewni, I just really wanted to write this. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is much appreciated.

★ ★ ★

Moon Butterfly stood at her balcony, looking down at the cobblestone road where carriages passed through daily. It was quiet tonight, and the only thing she could hear was the wind rustling.

Well that, and River’s deep breathing.

He was sitting on the edge of her bed, dwindling his thumbs and humming softly. Tomorrow was going to be her 15th Birthday, and River insisted that she let him stay until midnight so that he could be the very first person to grant her birthday wishes. It was a silly reason, but she also found it to be sweet.

Truthfully she didn’t really feel like celebrating. It was her first birthday since her Mother’s passing and it saddened her knowing that she wouldn’t be here to celebrate. River, who knew this, wanted to do his best to fill the void in her heart by keeping her company.

She didn’t mind. He made her smile and laugh, which she appreciated. A smile rarely appeared on her lips nowadays. It was very stressful knowing that everyone looked to her for answers. She didn’t exactly have friends aside from River, as Glossaryk was more like a mentor to her and she didn’t really look at the High Commission as her friends. She contemplated on asking Mina to hangout a few times but wasn’t sure if they’d get along—Mina had a wild side to her that Moon could barely handle during their roundtable meetings.

Moon made it her mission in life to look after the Kingdom, but wasn’t in a position to befriend any of them. So not only was River like her only friend, but the only one that she didn’t mind celebrating with.

After a few minutes of silence, Moon slightly turned her back from the balcony so that she could look at River. “River? Can I…ask you something?” She looked at him, trying her best not to avert her eyes from his because she needed his honest opinion and eye contact seemed to be appropriate.

“Yes, Moon, go on and ask away!” He perked up, almost as if he was surprised to hear speak.

“Do you… Do you think I make a good Queen?” She felt embarrassed for putting pressure on him by asking this, asking for assurance. At the same time, she was curious to know his answer. She doesn’t need his approval or criticism, because she gets enough of that from the High Commission, but genuinely wanted to hear his answer as a friend.

He looked back at her with a slightly shocked expression. “Why um… Uh, no. No, I don’t think you make a good Queen.”

She felt a pang in her chest.

He cleared his throat and walked over to the balcony, now standing next to her. He continued, “I think you make an excellent Queen. You’re an eloquent speaker. You’re quick on your feet. You think rationally, you’re headstrong, you don’t let the High Commission tell you how to think or feel. You care for this Kingdom and the Mewmans. You constantly impress me. Not to mention you stunned everyone in the High Commission after those monsters fled from our territory thanks to your leadership. I knew you could do it. I know how much you miss your mother. She was loving to us as well. I have to say that if there was another heir to take the throne, I wouldn’t want it that way. We’re all lucky to have you as our Queen.“

This made her heart swell.

“River,” she said, her eyes tearing up a bit. “Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me. It just feels like it gets to be too much sometimes, I feel like, along with my mother, I’ve also lost my childhood. I have to be responsible for everyone, but at times I feel so alone but I’m thankful you are here with me and I just…”

She realized that she had averted her eyes from his and started tugging at her hair. She’s babbling. It was a nasty habit of hers but at times when rambling she couldn’t help it, and he was so easy to talk to.

He gently smiled, and reached for her hands. She could feel a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks.

“Moon… It’s okay. I understand. Y'know, sometimes when I’m stressed out or confused, I like to look at the stars.”

This caught her attention. “The stars?”

He nodded. “Yes, the stars. You see, there are billions of them in the sky. It seems you could get lost in the sea of them, there are that many. However, each one is an individual and each has a purpose. No matter what, even during dangerous times, I know I can look up to the sky and see these unique stars that have a meaning, these stars that shine in the darkness, and I’m reminded that I’m not alone. It reminds me that I have a reason to keep going.” His voice was calm and he was now gazing up at the stars.

She looked up as well. They were quite beautiful. What he said had touched her heart and he was right. Each individual star shined brightly down on them, and now she didn’t feel so alone.

She turned her head to him and realized that he was staring at her. She looked into his eyes and blushed. She wasn’t the best when it came to sharing her feelings and being vulnerable, but he was worth the effort. He made it easy for her.

She composed herself and turned to him. “You’re right, River. They do make me feel better. You know, I have you, too. Knowing I have you means I’m not alone.”

This confession in turn made him blush profoundly. They spent a few more seconds staring into each other’s eyes before the clock in her room started going off. They both jumped a bit from being startled, making her realize that he was still holding her hands.

It was officially midnight. She was now fifteen years old.

River smiled at her. “Happy Birthday, my Queen.”

Her heart was pounding. She barely let out a whisper, “Thank you, River…”

He placed a kiss on her hand and looked back up at her to once again meet her eyes. She didn’t know if she was the one to lean in first, or if it was him, or if they did it in sync, but their lips met for a gentle kiss.

It was the best gift she could’ve received.

After a few minutes with River, the guards came in to have him sent back to the Johansen family home. They made plans to see each other later on in the day. She bid him farewell and went back to her balcony, gazing up at the stars.

They truly did bring her comfort, now more than ever.

★ ★ ★

Many years down the line when she gave birth to their daughter, Moon held their beautiful smiling baby in her arms and looked at River lovingly.

“Star,” Moon gushed, “Her name is Star.”

With tears in both of their eyes, River nodded and gently placed his arm around her shoulders, wrapping them into a family hug.

She was indeed their Star. A unique, precious individual who Moon vowed to always protect and care for. Star Butterfly would always shine bright, even through darkness and chaos.

They loved her wholeheartedly.


anonymous asked:

Who are your favourite characters in SVTFOE? :D


1. Toffee.This fave is a given. He’s a lizard, he’s tall, in a suit, and has a fantastic voice. I freakin’ want to know everything about him and yet we can all only make theories until something canon comes out. Love ya regardless, Toffee.

2.  Omnitraxus Prime. HE’S SUPER MY TYPE? He’s got a cool/cute skull face, he’s HUGE, has beautiful colorful galaxies in him, and has a wonderfully deep voice. I can’t wait to see more of him and the high magic commission.

3. Ludo. He’s hilarious and very cute??? I’m so happy and amazed at his character development. At first he was the typical tiny villain who was laughable and cowardly. Now he’s a legitimate threat, all while still being a pawn of sorts.

4. Glossaryck. Yet again, another hilarious character. Who knows what Glossaryck’s plan is or what he KNOWS is gonna happen, bottom line is this this weird genie spell-book man is fascinating. Also I love the voice for him.

5.  Yvgeny Bulgoyaboff AKA (Buff Frog). HE’S GREAT, I thought he was a good enough henchman for Ludo in S1, BUT NOW HE’S A DAD AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING. I’m a sucker for monster dads. Yvgeny’s fantastic.

6. Moon & River. I actually really love Star’s parents! Moon is a regal queen mother who worries about Star’s well-being and magic training, and anytime King River makes an episode appearance I love his out of control wild man excitement.

7. Lekmet, Rhombulus, Hekapoo. I’m putting these three together cause this list is already getting long, but I really like their designs, and I REALLY WOULD LOVE an episode of the entire High Commission hanging out?
Also Lekmet is a personal fave cause he’s a tired old goat man and Rhombulus takes care of him which is the cutest thing. gay

8. Tom. Look at this Jack Spicer motherfucker he’s cool I like him, and I honestly want to know more about how him and Star became exes? I’d love to see more Tom and Marco hanging out as well.

But yeah those are my favorites~

BTS REACTION to finding you you had a wild side as a teen

Hello thank you all for sending in your requests! I’m going to get them done as fast as I can so keep a look out! 


Rap Monster: He would be rather amused at the fact a sweet girl like you used to have a wild side. He found out from your facebook page about your college years that your mother thought would be funny to share. He would take the information and tease you with. 

“I didn’t know you had a wild side babe. Why haven’t I met her yet?” 

Suga: He wouldn’t really be surprised. He knew you had a dark side he had yet to come across but now that he knows that back in the day when you were wild in high school, he’d do his best to bring it out of you even though those days were in the past. You couldn’t help but glare at your mother for showing Suga and she would just wink and leave to room. 

“Come on I just want to know what it was like to party with party y/n. What do I have to do to bring her out to play with me?” 

Jin: Jin would be really surprised to find out that you were once the party girl. You were such a mature person in general that it was almost hard to believe that you used to be the girl in the photos your mother was showing him. Bright colored hair, dark eye makeup, a nose ring.

“That’s not you. That can’t be you. She looks too fun to be you.” 

J-Hope: Your father had brought out the old photo albums of your high school years and you knew how J-Hope would react. He would tease the hell out of you. He couldn’t help but laugh at the fact you had photos of you in a cop car after being caught underage drinking. He would tease you to the point your face turned bright red. 

“She’s embarrassed! Oh honey, I know you’re not like that anymore but it’s still a funny story!” 

Taehyung: He would act shocked when you told him a story about how you and your friends got into trouble for sneaking into a college party when you were in high school. Your mother would shake her head at the though of her having to come pick you up and attest to the story. Taehyung would pretend to be offended and joke about how his girl would never do that. 

“The girl I know would never do that. The girl you’re talking about must not be the same girl as my girl, although I’d like to meet her.” 

Jimin: I feel like Jimin’s face would get really red at the thought of you being a rebellious girl who got a tattoo at 16. He would think about the stories in a way that it didn’t actually happen but his imagine would get the best of him. Once your parents left the room, he would ask: 

“Did.. Did you like- wear shirts that show it off? When can I see it?” 

Jungkook: He would try really hard to imagine you as the girl your mother was talking about. Sneaking out after curfew, drinking at parties, it was so hard for him to believe. He would then get you alone and try to confirm his theories. 

“Did you really do all that? Wow… And all this time I thought you would stay at home and knit on the weekend.” 

The non-finalized script for episode 20 of Kill la Kill (as included in the The Complete Script Book) includes a bit of a different description for the fantasy sequence that Ryuko sees in her mind:






(Rough) Translation*:

Ryuko’s Mindscape

A young Ragyo holds baby Ryuko, who is wrapped up in a baby blanket. Ryuko’s sleeping face looks peaceful. She seems very happy.

But Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes engulfed by the Life Fibers’ brightness, and that brightness then takes the form of a sailor uniform.

It’s a middle school entrance ceremony. Ryuko smiles brightly, dressed in her new sailor uniform. Ragyo watches happily.

Then, Ryuko’s sailor uniform becomes engulfed in brightness, this time taking on the form of a wedding dress. The glamorous dress covers Ryuko.

Beside Ryuko stands the groom, whose face can’t be seen. Ryuko looks very satisfied, content. Ragyo nods, smiling.

Ragyo: Yes, that is happiness for you. The bliss of being worn by clothing. Do you understand, Ryuko?

Ryuko (nodding happily): Yes, Mother!

Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.

A few parts of this nearly-final script catch my interest.

For one, the sequence is a lot shorter. While the final episode also details Ryuko’s preschool, elementary, and high school years, this script skips straight from baby Ryuko to middle school to wedding day. The final cut fleshes out the scene a bit more, but in doing so, it almost seems to muddy some of the symbolism present here.

Notably, there’s a clear image in the script of a sailor uniform in particular: Ryuko’s baby blanket becomes a sailor uniform that later becomes a wedding dress. However, in the actual episode, Ryuko is shown wearing lots of school uniforms…

… but none of them particularly resemble the classic sailor uniform look as the Honnouji Academy uniforms, Senketsu, and—most significantly here—Junketsu do. The image of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress is completely lost in the final episode.

And that’s a bit important, since Junketsu is introduced as a sailor uniform that will one day, well, be a wedding dress. The nearly-final script emphasizes and expands on that idea, but it’s ultimately lost in the actual episode.

On that vein, the most notable element of this script are the ending lines: “Then, the wedding dress deforms into a monster that seems to devour Ryuko, sucking her dry. But Ryuko is filled with delight.” While it’s not as though the actual episode isn’t disturbing here—Ryuko jumps off a tall building filled with glee—I might almost find the image of joyfully being devoured by a monster a bit more so. (Okay, maybe this was cut out because of the inevitable vore jokes.)

More than that, though, the image also ties right back into what Soichiro said about Junketsu: “But as soon as you put it on, you’ll become a slave to clothing.” As soon as Ryuko puts on Junketsu, she is devoured by it. She becomes Junketsu’s prisoner, and the imagery in the nearly-finalized script is not subtle in this idea.

Perhaps the changes were made because the imagery in the script feels a bit too on the nose, but it also seems a lot more cohesive to me—and contains a lot of food for thought. 

For example, what does that idea of the sailor uniform becoming the wedding dress mean for Senketsu?

*My Japanese is extremely limited, so any corrections/additions are much appreciated.

However, if you’re interested in a particular moment/scene from the script, you’re more than welcome to shoot me a message. I can take a look!

To Be Loved

A/N: This fic is for @nothin-after-79 ‘s 1k Writing Challenge. I chose to do a Crowleyxreader with the prompt “At birth, I was cast into a flaming pit of scum forgotten by God” - Natural Born Killers Hope you like it and congrats on 1k!

Tagging: @nothin-after-79

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Words: 2,367 (a bit much)

Warnings: Uh i guess angst. Mean ol Rowena. Crowley feels. It gets a bit sad. But ends with fluff so no worries. implied smut. A tiny sexual part. That’s about it.

Prompt: “At birth, I was cast into a flaming pit of scum forgotten by God.”

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Random Musings of the Day: BatB AUs

Aka, the Victorian!AU and the Modern-Day Royals!AU that nobody asked for!

Let’s start with the Victorians:

  • Partially inspired by Robert and Cora Crawley’s backstory on Downton Abbey and this post/book recommendation by @je-suis-em-jee: “A Scot in the Dark” by Sarah MacLean. 
  • Also a result of my frustration over other such AUs that insist on making Belle a maid under Beast’s employ (she’s not Cinderella folks; if you want to do the respectable-but-still-under-your-employment-route take a queue from Jane Eyre and make her a governess to Chip or something), and don’t consider the historical background and social consequences for said actions (to be fair there would still be scandal if a gentleman married his governess, but less so than if he ran off with the maid. Also maids weren’t considered to be educated ladies whereas governesses were, and that bought them some respectability). 
  • Anyway, rant over; let us move on!
  • Setting: London, England c. mid-1880s.
  • Isabelle “Belle” Prentiss is the daughter of famed society painter Maurice Prentiss. She has recently come into an impressive fortune on her mother’s side, as her uncle had no children of his own to leave it to. Great news, right? Wrong! Because said uncle left a condition in his will that she must marry to secure her inheritance, and if not the money will pass to some distant relative. In spite of the recent Women’s Property Acts of 1870 and 1882 that allow women to maintain their own property, Belle has to be legally married to obtain the money in accordance to the will. No exceptions. 
  • Normally Belle would say the Victorian equivalent of “fuck you!” and move on (she’s not going to marry for the sake of money, thank you very much), but the problem is….she needs the money. Business has been bad for her father and now he’s taken ill, which means bills have been piling up. To make matters worse that cursed libertine Captain Lionel Grayson (Gaston) has been making unwanted advances towards her, and has placed her in a position that will leave her in disgrace unless she marries him. It’s bad enough that she even has to consider marriage to save her father, but to Grayson!? Uggh. He’ll never treat her with the love and respect she craves, and will likely try to take control of her inheritance, of this she is certain. What’s a girl to do?
  • Enter His Grace Adam Beaumont (Beast), 9th Duke of Sheffield and master of the dilapidated Balmore Castle. He’s been subjected to a series of high society scandals in his youth, and suffered from an accident a few years back that left him visibly scarred on the left-side of his face. The society to which he rightly belongs might pander to his face because of his name, but behind his back gossip, and baseless rumours about a violent, monster like nature start to spread. Mothers hide their daughters rather than put them in his path as potential wives. Better a live Countess than a savaged Duchess (paraphrased from @romancingthebookworm). These rumours, combined with his quick temper and reclusive nature has earned him the nickname “The Beast of Balmore.” And the sad thing is, Adam has started to believe it. 
  • He’s also land-rich but cash-broke and needs to marry a wealthy heiress to secure the estate for the next generation, else he lose his family’s legacy forever. So he makes the trip to London to mingle amongst the hypocrites of the aristocracy, a society he once so loved, to find said bride.
  • Fate brings our Beauty and Beast together and they….get on as well as two dogs in a bear-baiting ring. 
  • All joking and terrible first-meetings aside, Adam makes a deal with Belle: marry him, help him secure the financial future of Balmore and she can maintain her inheritance, provide for her father, save her reputation and never want for anything ever again. 
  • How can she say no to that?
  • ….Actually, she almost did, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and hey, at least he’s allowing her to keep some of her autonomy. That’s certainly more than what Grayson was offering. Besides, there are no better offers coming her way.  
  • So a secret wedding is hastily arranged and there’s a great deal of muttering about this (there are some particularly salacious rumours that go along the lines of: “My word, what’s going to happen when a Beast takes a bride, wink-wink, nudge-nudge?”), and Belle leaves London as the Duchess of Sheffield to live with her new husband that she barely knows (and is slightly intimidated by) in this crumbling, far-off castle in the Peak District away from any traces of civilization. 
  • But when she actually gets to Balmore, Belle is pleasantly surprised to discover a house that, while in need of repairs, is full of unexpected beauty: decorous rooms, fine galleries, gardens hidden behind stone walls, a library filled with more books than she could ever read in a lifetime.
    • An incident occurs three weeks after her arrival in which she and Adam get into a huge row and she storms out of the house, hitching up her her chosen horse Philippe and heading off into the storm. She rides, faster and faster into the hills, wanting to get away from that gilded cage she’s forced to call home, to get away from that man, that Beast, when she’s suddenly set upon by wolves. She manages to hold them off until Adam arrives, who had followed her out, being more familiar with the surrounding woods than she, and helps her, but also gets injured in the process. She helps him back to Balmore and tends to him, whereupon she finds his scars and learns more about his accident and the cruelty he endured at the hands of his father. It’s not the beginnings of love, or even friendship, but it’s an understanding, and Belle begins to see him in a new light. 
    • Afterwards, while reading to him as he recovers, Belle brings up Romeo and Juliet, and dismayed at the thought of a wife whose tastes are so limited Adam brings her to the library for the first time. The look of joy on her face fills him with such warmth, a strange sort of pleasure through her own pleasure, and he gifts it to her on the spot. That is when the true turning point of their relationship occurs. 
  • She makes friends amongst the household staff: kindly and motherly Mrs. Potts, the housekeeper who always has a fresh pot of tea on hand, and her sweet son Chip; Cogsworth the Butler, who despite his stuffiness keeps the place orderly and is an asset to Belle when she inquires after management affairs; first footman Louis Meir (nicknamed Lumiere) who keeps everyone’s spirits up and knows how to put on a good show; the French maid Pauline Babineaux (nicknamed Plumette, though only by Louis), who becomes Belle’s lady’s maid and closest confidante, helping her adjust to the demands of her new position.
  • Things between her and Adam are still a bit awkward, but gradually the barriers begin to break down as they start to spend more time together, bonding over books and Shakespeare, and taking walks in the gardens or going for rides. Slowly, slowly the monster she initially saw is replaced by a man with gentle blue eyes and an inquisitive mind; one whose emotional pain is as evident as the scars on his face, but not so deep to mar the beauty of his soul. 
    • Other bonding activities include: private dinners, dances, a fancy ball where Belle dresses up in an 1880s bustle version of her yellow ball gown (actually that was one of the reasons I set it in this period. You can’t deny Belle’s dress would be a GORGEOUS as a bustle gown, especially with the design and pleating on the back), and a moment where Adam comforts her during a thunderstorm because Belle. hates. thunderstorms.
    • As for possible sexy-times…..I’ll leave that to @je-suis-em-jee and @dereksprettyboy (I can’t write smut to save my life; they’re so much better with that kind of thing). 
  • Within the year they are truly in love, and things have never been better for the estate or for each other. 
  • They have a second wedding the following spring, followed by a proper honeymoon traversing France and Italy. 

And now the Modern Royals:

  • I don’t have this one nearly as well-thought out, other than it has a sort-of ‘Princess Diaries’ vibe to it. If anyone wants to add on please do. 
  • The Beast is His Serene Highness Jean Mathieu Yvain François Adam de Montmorency (once again, with the exception of the last bit, is curtesy of @je-suis-em-jee), Sovereign Prince of Bergerais. Bergerais is a fictional European Principality situated between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (you get the idea), and one of the few that managed to survive the chaos of two World Wars and the general upheavals of the twentieth century. 
  • That being said, the Princely Family doesn’t have the greatest reputation at the moment; it’s one rife with scandal and intrigue caused by Adam’s father (and later through him), but now that he’s ascended to the throne it’s time for him to clean up his act. 
  • Isabelle “Belle” Dubois comes into the Prince’s life one way or another (college? a high society event? she gets hired as tutor/governess to his younger brother Chip? or as a new addition to his PR team? IDK) and as typical of all BatB stories they don’t hit it off immediately
  • But shit happens and they become friends, then they slowly begin to fall in love; then Adam proposes and Belle has to adjust to life as a future Princess Consort in the twenty-first century with the aid of Plumette, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, maybe even Madame Garderobe, and maybe special guest appearances from other Disney Princesses. 
Lucky Charm

**Reader request: I just found your blog and i gotta say, it’s so great. If your request are open could please you do a sam one like reeaally fluffy where reader is having kind of a bad day and she’s just sad and sam comforts her? Thanks honey!

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You’re having a rough day and nothing is going your way. That is, until Sam comes home.

Word Count: ~1,100

Warnings: Angst, fluff, goofy Sam.

A/N:  Thank you @i-is-for-inspiring for sending in this request, and your kind words! So sweet! I love Sam fluff, this was fun to write :) I hope you enjoy it!

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“I know,” you whispered into your cell phone as the voice on the other end continued to rise. “I know,” you repeated. “I know.” You were largely speaking just for your own peace of mind at this point. Your mother had stopped listening to you 15 minutes ago, when she launched into her predictable tirade about how being a hunter was the worst decision you could have made.

“It’s like you’re trying to disappoint me! DIdn’t we give you everything, y/n? Didn’t we?!”

“I know.”

“And yet you’re out running around with those two monsters, lying to people, killing people. Y/n, I escaped that life to give you a better one, and I just can not believe this is the thanks I get! Do you see that?!”

“I know.”

Your soft responses had become the your only effective coping mechanism. Your mother was never much of the ‘reasonable’ sort. So you just hunker down, take the verbal beatings, then hang up and pour yourself a glass of wine. 

And of course she had to call on today of all days. The day you were driving yourself crazy cracking a case of children who were turning up dead in Mississippi - but you were not getting anywhere, especially not on the phone.

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half-thought out thrilling intent atla au

ashe: water bender from the island of meathe. as in canon, her people were initially pirates until they discovered something that pushed them into isolationism.  the avatar of this past generation has been missing, because it was ashe’s mother, raised on the belief that her job was to defend her home. now she’s passed on and ashe is expected to take up a mantle with high expectations.

gregor: air bender who’s temple was destroyed by monsters. still recruited by the (primarily earth-benders) outriders. people are often surprised by his more offensive, forceful use of air-bending because of this (consider, aang’s glider, but also with a blade. he’s already used his glaive as a propeller)

markus: fire bender ofc, and a very talented one, even if mostly self-taught. taught himself to bend electricity bc a) “totally betcha i could” and b) it sparkles how cool would that be!? spent his life trying to distance himself from the high, imperialist mindset of the fire nation so he didn’t do well in Fire Nation High School. evetually left to explore the world on his own

kyr: non-bender human who’s lived on an island with no knowledge of benders. feels amazed, intimidated, and insecure about comparing himself, all at the same time

thog: talented earth-bender who’s kept it to himself to avoid being “recruited” by the alarani empire

idk feel free to comment correct or add on

Things that I want:

Okay so I always want more Beauty and the Beast romance retellings… but so many of the novels we have take “Beast” and make classical external ugliness and turn it into internal ugliness instead so that the hero can still be painfully attractive to the heroine.

And I dig that. I do.

But also how about this: 

A “gentle giant hero” whose size, and rough, dark features cause him to be bullied as a child, and mocked as an adult. High Society, to which he rightly belongs, might pander to his face because of his name. But behind his back gossips call him “The Beast of Balmore” and baseless rumors about a violent, monster like nature start to spread. Mothers hide their daughters rather than put them in his path as potential wives. Better a live Countess than a savaged Marchioness.

 Heartbroken, and alone, he finally retreats to his country estate, convinced of his own monstrousness.

So when a young man is caught poaching on his lands, and his sister braves “the monster’s den” to plead with Balmore to drop the charges (he was just trying to feed their family, who are clinging to a crumbling house and little else on a small, failing estate nearby) Balmore makes an unforgivable offer. 

Marry him, and she and her family will never want for anything again. She could ask for the stars, and he would pull them down. All she has to do… is say “I do”.

And really, what other choice does Helena have? But as word gets out about a hasty secret wedding, and society watches with fascination to see what happens when a beast takes a bride, Helena begins to discover something amazing. A house full of unexpected beauty, gardens hidden behind stone walls, and a in place of the monster she thought she agreed to wed: a man with gentle eyes.

So…. that was supposed to be a lot less specific when I started writing it - but you get the point! More gentle beasts! 

*cough* Also now I have to go write a thing when I get home from work.

Tales of the Peculiar starters

From “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and “Hollow City”

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.”

“When someone won’t let you in, eventually you stop knocking.”

“Stars, too, were time travelers. How many of those ancient points of light were the last echoes of suns now dead? How many had been born but their light not yet come this far? If all the suns but ours collapsed tonight, how many lifetimes would it take us to realize we were alone? I had always known the sky was full of mysteries—but not until now had I realized how full of them the earth was.”  

“We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high.”   

“Sometimes it’s better not to look back.”   

“…so one day my mother sat me down and explained that I couldn’t become an explorer because everything in the world had already been discovered. I’d been born in the wrong century, and I felt cheated.”

“Laughing doesn’t make bad things worse any more than crying makes them better.” 

“Forgive me. I continue to underestimate the breadth of your ignorance.”  

“Sometimes you just need to go through a door.” 

“How many times have I told you? Polite persons do not take supper in the nude.”   

“But these weren’t the kind of monsters that had tentacles and rotting skin, the kind a seven-year-old might be able to wrap his mind around–they were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don’t recognize them for what they are until it’s too late.”

“She moved to pinch me again but I blocked her hand. I’m no expert on girls, but when one tries to pinch you four times, I’m pretty sure that’s flirting.”

“No one can hurt you as badly as the people you love.”

“I didn’t know what to call it, what was happening between us, but I liked it. It felt silly and fragile and good.”   

“Will you quit shouting and let me bleed in peace!”

“I don’t mean to be rude but what are you people?”

“I imagine we’re killing ourselves right now in al manner of ways that’ll seem insane to people in the future.”

“We hadn’t spoken since the day he nearly shoved me off the roof, but we both understood the importance of maintaining the illusion of having friends.” 

“That is/was our friendship: equal parts irritation and cooperation.”

“You tread a precariously thin line between being charmingly headstrong and insufferably pigheaded.” 

“Right at the flamingo orgy! Left at the multiethnic roof Santas! Straight past the pissing cherubs!” 

“You may choose to live in a world of fantasy if you like, my dear, but I am a realist.”

anonymous asked:

Random thought: Ryou is always trying to feed someone. Taka has to clean after Ryou when they cook. What if Taka has to clean because if no one does, the kitchen looks like a war zone. Stuff is on fire, pots are overflowing, a knife flies and nearly hits Ryou in the head. YET SOMEHOW THIS BOY HAS THE DEVIL'S LUCK AND ALL THE FOOD COMES OUT A++ 100% OKAY. Hunk and Coran nearly die at the sight of an unsupervised Ryou cooking.

you know, of the two twins, one of them has to at least be semi-proficient in the kitchen just so they don’t both starve when left on their own.  I’ve headcanoned before that one of the reasons Taka is so terrible at cooking is because he gets distracted away from it, look even five minutes in the microwave is five minutes he could be doing other things instead of standing there staring at the timer and in five minutes there’s a lot he can get into that can distract him away from dinner.  Give Taka anything that DOESN‘T turn itself off automatically like a microwave does and that’s just begging for disaster.  I would love to think that he and his twin balance each other out here and Ryou is the salvation of the younger Shirogane generation… but I’d honestly be lying if I thought Ryou was any better about not getting distracted away from things than Taka is when it comes to cooking.  Not to mention at any given time, half of their cooking appliances are probably in pieces because Ryou is in a never ending quest to improve them and - I think the Shirogane twins eat a lot of microwave food.  A lot.  Especially since, while eating itself is important and Ryou recognizes that - what he eats … isn’t so much?  I mean, I think of the two of them Taka is the one eating Frosted Flakes out of the box and drinking milk afterward and calling it breakfast/dinner but while Ryou may be a bit better when it comes to ‘no, that only gives you a temporary sugar high, you need something that will give you energy all day and ‘OHMYGODTAKA! PUT THE MONSTER ENERGY DRINK DOWN!!’ I don’t think that stretches to included Ryou being any kind of miracle in the kitchen.  God knows, I suspect their mother (and possibly father) tried but it just didn’t take.  So Ryou relies on protein shakes and energy bars and just kind of puts them in front of his brother at random times knowing Taka will down them without question or really even too much realization (and if you think this hasn’t led to Ryou taking advantage with the occasional horrifyingly nasty concoction just to watch his brother’s face once his taste buds register it, you’re… not thinking of the same set of twins I am).  But - yeah, I can see Ryou actually being fairly decent when he applies himself - both because he can follow instructions and because he’s good at improving with designs.  I think, the rare times he does though, you’ve nailed it on the head and the kitchen is a the ending of a horror movie afterward and Taka doesn’t even really phase at cleaning it up because that’s just the way its always been.

What I think we’re both saying and agreeing is that Hunk and Coran need to keep both Shirogane out of the kitchen area as much as possible because there will be a fire every time they don’t.  Taka’s is just because he got caught up reading an article on black holes and Ryou because - well - explosions and flame make everything better so he sees no reason to stop a good one once its going and it DOES cook the food faster.  Either way, you’re getting mac and cheese out of the deal and just be glad that’s the height of their culinary skill.  Ryou’s just might have dill or paprika or cardamom in it.

Watch Me (Conquer)

Title: Watch Me (Conquer)

(Fairytale Series)

Note: Fuck off, I don’t want to write this note a fourth time. Let me sleep. XD

Pairings: Gladion x Reader/Player/Moon/whoever the heck you want.

You were the savior of Alola, a trusted head of the Imperial Fleet. You knew how to use at least 20 different weapons and 5 different forms of Martial Arts. Your right hand man – Hau, your best and most loyal friend – had trained with you for eighteen years and didn’t tell anyone that you were a woman, not even when they’d almost killed you for impersonating a man. Your faithful ghostly Pokémon, Decidueye, was the sharpest shooter in the entire fleet. Your squad, also known as the Champion Squad, was feared throughout the land; Mallow for her medicinal marvels, Kiawe for his explosives and mixed martial arts, and Lana with her balance and excellency with a bo staff. Your troop of Ninjas headed by Nanu and his second in command Acerola could enter and leave anywhere with any information you needed without a scratch. And your team of brute force foot soldiers operating under the moniker Team Skull was headed by Guzma, a good friend of yours, aided by his second in command Plumeria.

You were a professional military woman of world renown.

Not a babysitter.

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Escape; pt.7

Reader x Jungkook // (???)!AU // 5166 words

Summary: Everyone has a number over their heads that says how useful they are to society from 0-100. You have a number ‘4’. You leave the city for some peace but you meet your cocky neighbor who seems to get on your nerves.

Genre: Fluff?

Y/L/N refers to your last name/family name

A/N: Please read part 6.5 before reading this or else the first half of this chapter won’t make sense aha. Weeeow sorry for the late update! Was busy crying over the comeback and everything lol. This is unedited bc I’m so bzbzbz so i’ll come back to read through for mistakes I promise.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 6.5 // Part 8 // Part 9


Even though he could feel the impending chaos that was about to descend on him, he only had one thought as he slowly sunk down to his knees.

Who the hell is ____?

You had always found it odd how your parents held that 4 above your head against you, you always caught the look of pure disappointment whenever they talked to you or about you.  You always knew your parents harboured some sort of unreasonable hate towards you and you never understood why.


You had been made aware many times before that the 4 floating above your head represented death. You always assumed that they meant it signified the death of your parents’ dreams. You never imagined that it represented an actual death.

Your parents sat in the doctor’s room and you came in sight on the ultrasound. Your parents were overjoyed, ecstatic even.

“Hold on, I think that I’m hearing two heartbeats here,” The doctor said.

Your parents watch the screen carefully, not fully understanding the situation at hand.

“There are 2 heartbeats! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N! You’re having twins!”

They could see the both of you clearly now, two globs on the screen, two globs that they would soon be able to hold in their arms.

Your parents had decided not to tell anyone that they were having twins. Having twins in a family with high numbers was extremely rare. There had always been rumours of the capabilities of twins being able to share their brainpower and that prospect alone had excited your parents so much. That along with the high-potential stipend would have made your family essentially unstoppable.

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Suga - Soulmate

1. Soulmate Au where everything you draw/mark on your skin appears on your soulmate’s skin.

This was something interesting to me. Enjoy!

There they were once again. The same words on his wrist.  ‘It’s ok’, he read. He didn’t know how it started. Couple weeks ago he started noticing those words on his wrist. Each morning he waited for them to appear. One of his friends once told him that it was his soulmate writing things. But he didn’t believe in soulmates, people that were just born to be with you, it didn’t sound right in his head.

“Oh look, it’s back” said Hoseok, one of his friends, pointing to the words; that once again appear in his wrist. Yoongi looked at the words printed on his wrist and just shrugged.

“They are always the same, I don’t get why you are surprised” he tells Hoseok.

“You don’t have to be so negative about it. I wish I could get words like that on my skin too; you know what people say; it’s probably your soulmate trying to communicate with you” Yoongi rolled his eyes at his friend and went back to writing the song he was working on.

Hoseok left the room couple minutes after that, leaving Yoongi with his thoughts. He slowly traced the words with his finger. Letting out a sigh he took a sharpie that was laying on his table. Hesitating he started writing.

‘It’s going to be alright’

She gasped when she first saw it. Could it be true, she thought, I have a soulmate I guess; she happily looked at the new words below hers. After years of writing encouraging words to herself, someone on the other side replied. Smiling a bit she stops looking at the words and went back to work.

Yoongi, on the other hand, stared at his wrist for a couple of minutes. Letting out a sigh he gave up and tried to go back to editing.

It went on for a couple days, she would write the same words like every day and he replies with different things each day; from an ‘It’s ok’ to a ‘Have a nice day’. He didn’t know why but he felt like those words could make his soulmate smile like they made him. It became a routine. He waits for her to write first, then he answers. Even after or before every performance he wanted to see those words on his skin.

She was excited. She was finally getting a response. She didn’t know if she had a soulmate but now it felt real. Someone who will try to understand her, or just simply put up with her.

“Hey, stop daydreaming. Get back to work” her manager scolded.

When she was done with her work she left and went towards her house. The walk there wasn’t the nicest but she did make it home. Trying to open the door as silenced as possible, she went in. She took off her shoes and tiptoe inside her bedroom. Leaving all of her stuff inside she went to look for something to eat.

She senses someone behind her and turned around. Her mother stood there; bags on her eyes and really pale.

“How was work today?” Her mother asked trying to show her a smile.

“Mom, you should be in bed. But, I had a nice day; sorry I’m so late today I had to cover for someone else. Come on let’s get you to bed” She tells her mother and helps her inside the room.

“I love you, honey” Her mother says when she is laying on the bed.

“Love you too mom” she answers slipping on the bed next to her.

Something was wrong. Yoongi could feel it since he woke up. Something was off. Everyone at the dorm knew something was bothering him, yet they didn’t know how to approach him.

Jimin,  one of this band members, sat next to him while he was staring at his wrist.

“Hyung, are you ok?” he asked softly.

“it’s not there” he answered without looking at Jimin.

Jimin and the others were confused. Jungkook, the youngest, pointed to his wrist and they all looked. There was not message today. Which was a surprise for all of them.

“Maybe, she’s still asleep. Try writing first” Rap Monster, who was the leader said. Yoongi stood up and went to find a pen or anything to write on this skin. When he found something he wrote ‘You ok?’ and sat once again waiting for his response.

She was feeling awful. From a running nose to a massive headache. Her mother sat on the bed taking her temperature.

“It’s still too high for you to go outside. You need to rest” She said.

“Mom I’m sorry.  You should be resting too. Stop fussing over nothing and get your rest too”

“Sweetie, I’m fine and now it’s my turn to take care of you so shush”

After taking a long nap she woke up to see her mother shaking her shoulders a bit.

“You need to eat something. Here you go some soup to help you” She smiled at her mother and started eating. She picked up her spoon but her mother stops her. “what’s that on your wrist?”

Looking down she saw the question. Smiling to herself she starts getting up to get a pen and answer.

‘Just peachy. Getting a cold it’s never cool’

Her mother watched her carefully and smiles. “You have a soulmate?” She blushes but nods her head.

He reads the words and feels like the weight of his shoulders have come off. Taking the pen once again he writes.

‘Do you need anything?’

After couple seconds he continues.

‘not to freak you out. But I guess I’m supposed to help you out somehow’

Her mother watches her grin on the words, making her smile. “He seems nice. Have you met him yet?”

“No, he just started answering back couple weeks ago” She replies and starts writing ‘Don’t worry. I just rest and I will be ok. Thanks for asking’

His bandmates were staring at him. He was smiling and tracing the words on his skin.

“Is he ok?” Taehyun asked

“He seems fine, creepy but fine” Jin answered.

“Yoongi, is she ok?” Hoseok asked him sitting next to him on the sofa.

“Yes, she just caught a cold. You were right you know?” He stated Hoseok was confused but before he could ask Yoongi continue “The whole soulmate thing, I think you were right”

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Amanda telling mccoy about the cute things Spock did as a baby, mccoy has this monsterous gleeful grin for a week, much to Spock's suspicion, because he has no idea how much ammo his mother has given mccoy for teasing

imagine that whenever amanda comes to visit, bones brings out this little notebook and actually TAKES NOTES when she talks 

spock tells him hes reached a new level of petty

bones says thats high talk coming from a guy who believed that his pet Sehlat ‘would talk when he wasn’t looking’ until he was twelve

✩ ★ ✪ ✫ join amanda grayson thursday ✫ ✪ ★ ✩

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Ten (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

Originally posted by yoonkooks

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Ten

“I don’t think I understand.” You mumbled to yourself as your mother zipped up your party dress, a deep blue strapless thing that flared out from the waist. You twirled your soft curls absently as she urged you into high heeled shoes.

“It’s just a formal dinner to reevaluate the terms of their agreement and as heir to Cypher, it is imperative that you are present. Not to mention you’re our daughter.” Your mother fixed her hair in your mirror as you watched the reflection. They were forcing you into attending this common ground dinner between Cypher and Whalien to revisit the terms of their territory agreements. They said Rap Monster would also be there, but you highly doubted that. Rap Monster was currently much too busy with trying to take down his father to aid him at some stupid dinner. If only you were that lucky. Whenever your parents were around, you were nothing more than a doll that they dressed up and used for their own personal gain. “Besides Jackson will be there—this will be your first official time being seen together.”

Your head snapped up. “You can’t be serious.”

“I’m deadly serious. Jackson is the perfect choice to aid you when you take over as head.” Your mother replied with no trace of humor in her tone.

“Well that’s all fine and dandy but why does that mean I have to marry him? And who said I wanted to take over in the first place? Jackson has been Dad’s personal prodigy for as long as I can remember, why can’t he just take over?” You tried to keep your voice even but even you could hear the desperation seeping through your words.

“You know that’s not how this works, Y/N. Now stop complaining. No one likes a girl who whines.” Your mother scolded, leaving you alone to your thoughts as she went to attend to some last minute party details. Always the social butterfly.

You just stared at your reflection in the mirror. Maybe you looked beautiful to others, but to yourself you just looked perpetually empty.

At that moment, Suga flashed through your mind. The two of your both bore identical looks, but whenever you were together you thought maybe that loneliness faded a little bit in his eyes. A hint of a smile crossed your face as you watched in the mirror and you absent-mindedly lifted your hand to your mouth, trying to stop it from growing.

When the buzz of voices rose to a steady level, you decided it was about time for you to make your appearance downstairs. You didn’t bother to make sure your make up wasn’t smudged or your dress was out of place, you really could care less. The grand entrance of your house was flooded with bodies, all dressed in formal wear, mingling and laughing as hors d’oeuvres circled the room and men with aprons poured glasses upon glasses of champagne. This was all an enormous display of your family’s wealth—to send a message to the opposing team.

But nothing was more enormously astounding than when you spotted a familiar mop of pink hair talking conspiratorially with someone just off the side of the staircase. He had actually shown up! Hoping to seek refuge with him for the night, you quickly made a beeline for his outline, tapping on his shoulder when you reached him.

“Namjoon?” You breathed quietly, and his body stiffened a little bit before he turned around.

Upon seeing you, his face instantly melted into a warm smile. “Y/N, I was wondering when we’d find you?”

Rap Monster was well dressed in a crisp black suit that was tailored to fit him perfectly. He even dressed for the occasion, which baffled you even more. “We?”

He nodded slightly, before moving to the side to reveal who he had been talking to. Slouching as if to hide himself, Suga stood there wearing a suit that somehow made him even more attractive. You felt your breath catch in your throat a little bit, and you tried to force yourself to stay calm. You weren’t supposed to feel anything! Suga gave you a slight smile and nodded, looking away.

“How did your father ever convince you to come?” You wondered aloud, fixing an intense stair on the pink haired boy, but Rap Monster just shook his head.

“Oh no, I’m not here for him. He thinks I am, but Suga and I are here to declare ourselves as separate from my father officially.” He looked beyond serious, but your heart jumped in distress.

“I thought you were waiting until you were done school…” You kept your face blank.

“Suga brought up the point that I was the only one who really had a desire to finish, and I plan to, since I only have the rest of this semester and my father has already paid the tuition in full he cannot take that away from even if I declare myself as independent.” Rap Monster explained, his eyebrows scrunching in concentration.

“Oh.” So they wouldn’t be in school with you anymore. The thought made your heart shrivel a little bit.

“It should get interesting, I would stay as far away as possible when it happens. We think after dinner, before the official discussion begins would be the right time.” Rap Monster’s eyes flicked to you for the first time since you approached him. “By the way, Y/N, you look absolutely gorgeous.”

You fought with all of your might the blush that begged to rush up your neck to your cheeks and somewhat prevailed when you were able to keep your eyes emotionless. “Thanks. Not so bad yourself.”

He chuckled and then said something about talking to someone before brushing past you, leaving you and Suga in an empty silence. You bit your lip nervously as you dared to look up at him. You caught him in the middle of staring and quickly looked away again, not knowing what to say. Out of the corner of your eye you could see him rubbing his neck.

“I-I’m gonna get something to drink.” You stuttered, moving past him to the nearest server and scooping up a champagne flute. After your experience at BTS’ party, you weren’t hesitant as you downed it in one shot. It tasted like the stars, and only fueled the fire that Suga created when he followed you and touched your arm lightly.

“Is there a place less claustrophobic I could go?” He whispered in your ear, making shivers run down your spine, but you shook them off when you heard clear distress in his tone. When you met his eyes, the same thing was mirrored there.

“Sure.” You breathed back, tugging on his hand as you navigated him out to a vacant balcony, one of your favorite places to go and think. The stars shone brightly in the night sky and the slight chill made goosebumps run up your bare arms, but you took a seat on the concrete edge anyway, Suga following suit.

You were met with that comfortable silence again, and as much as you liked it, you suddenly wanted to break it.

“So you’re claustrophobic?” You asked him quietly, not daring to look in his direction.

He breathed audibly. “Yeah, I was locked in my closet a lot as a kid.”

His bluntness made you flinch a little bit, but you were unbelievably honored the moment you realized he had trusted you with a truth. And it might just be one truth about him, but that was better than none.

“Who did that to you?” You were careful not to let pity enter your tone, making sure you were even and calm.

“The guy who is supposed to be my Dad.” He chuckled darkly and you realized there was a lot more to this story.

“Let me guess, he’s the reason you ended up joining a gang with Rap Monster?”

“Sure, you could say that.”

You decided to not scare him off, and play it safe. “Is he also the reason for your ridiculous street name?” There was a smirk in your voice.

He looked up at you then, smiling wider than you had ever seen him smile and it made your heart leap. “You wish.”

“So then tell me, what does your father call you?” You wheedled for answers.

“Son of a bitch.”

You weighed your hands in the air. “Suga or Son of a Bitch.” You contemplated. “Your birth name is rather long I should just stick with Suga.”

He laughed and it was a deep baritone, cheerful sounding thing that sent tingles running through your body at the thought that you had done that. You wanted to keep making him laugh forever and ever, to try and get rid of the loneliness that lurked behind his eyes.

“Keep trying, maybe one day you’ll get it out of me.” He smiled again, looking down almost sheepishly.

“What will it take?” You used your best persuading voice, arching an eyebrow at him.

But instead of answering, he stared again, not bothering to look away. He was blatantly staring at you and this time you couldn’t stop the blush from rising on your cheeks and you couldn’t return his gaze. “Honestly, Y/N, you look so damn beautiful that I forgot the question.”

You forgot how to breathe, and you were scared to look up and see what was in his eyes this time, but even if you wanted to, you lost your chance anyway when Rap Monster came running out to the balcony.

“Guys.” He was out of breath. “You need to get in here. Now.”

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Rubbing a Vividred Genei on top of a Madoka while picking a Selector Hero in order to find Kata

Magical Girl Thought Dump 2

I’m going to do the evil thing and highlight everything similar and not between Uta Kata, Madoka, Vividred, Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, Selector and Yuki Yuna.

Uta Kata:

Description: “On the last day of the school year, 14 year-old Ichika Tachibana comes across an old, busted mirror in an unused campus building. When Manatsu, a mysterious girl from inside the mirror, steps out and offers her friendship for the summer, she also offers Ichika magical powers. Now, Manatsu must help Ichika unlock the powers of the 12 Djinn in order to complete her magic training… but perhaps this is something that will prove too difficult a task. Some offers may appear too be good to be true and this one just may turn out to do more harm than good.” (Source: <url>http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=4444<.url> (Here!)

Episode count: 12.

How is this similar to Madoka Magica/How is Madoka Magica similar to it?

*Same episode count. (12, however! There is an extra OVA.)

*Deals with the psychological state of a magical girl.

*A rather dark magical girl series.

*Deals with deception and lies.

*The story starts out simple, but gets darker and more serious later on.

*The protagonist is 14 years of age.

*A tragic ending.

*Deals with some topics of friendship.

How is if different?

*Tackles some serious topics like child abuse, eating disorders and quite a few more.

*There are Djinn.

*No secret magical girls.

*No bait and switch genre.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Description: (Do I even need to?): “After experiencing a bizarre dream, Madoka Kaname, a kind 14-year-old girl, encounters a magical creature named Kyube. Madoka and her friend Sayaka Miki are offered the opportunity of gaining magical powers if they agree to make a contract with the strange little being. He will also grant them one wish, but in exchange they shall risk their lives by accepting the responsibility of fighting witches. Invisible to human eyes, witches are catalysts of despair in the areas they inhabit. An ally of Kyube, a magical girl named Mami Tomoe, befriends and encourages the two girls to accept the contract. For an unknown reason, another magical girl named Homura Akemi is determined to prevent Madoka from accepting the deal.”

Episode count: 12, (Plus three movies.)

*Deals with wishes and the cost of a wish.

*Five girls.

*A rather dark magical girl.

*Protagonists are 14 and 15 years of age.

*Themes of friendship and deceit.

*Bittersweet ending.


Vividred Operation

Description: “In Oshima the happy, carefree 14-year-old Akane Isshiki lived a poor but well-loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirō, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world’s energy problems, and leads to some major problems." 

How is it similar to Madoka Magica?

*12 episodes.

*14 year old protagonist.

*Five girls. One being from another world.

*Dark around the edges.

*Has themes of friendship.

*The girls are color coded like in Madoka.

How is it different?

*There is no theme of lie or deceit. 

*The military is on the girl’s side and knows of the Alones system.

*No wishes or dark secrets.

*No psychological elements.

*These girls get a second power up by "docking” while in Madoka Magica, there is no second powerup.

*The series ends on a positive note.

*No “suffering.”

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou

Description: “The world is plagued by the "Daemonia”. These creatures will take advantage of people experiencing a high level of negative emotions and transform them into blood thirsty monsters. Only the power of the Elemental Tarot, wield by girls from 22 special bloodlines, can defeat them. Akari Taiyo is 12 year girl who dreams of becoming a fortune teller just like her late mother. She is chosen to carry “The Sun” card and joins a mysterious Daemonia fighting organization called “Sefiro Fiore”. Shortly after joining, Akari learns the horrid truth on how defeating a Daemonia means completely eliminating the person possessed by the creature.“

How is it similar to Madoka Magica?

*Is a darker magical girl.

*A cruel fate awaits the girls.


*The main character is "special” in some aspects. (She can hear the voices of the Daemonia.)

*Enemies that posses people, kind of like what witches did in episode 4 of Madoka.

*The girls can be turned into what they’re fighting against via the enemy. (But it is only done once.)

How is it different?

*The episode count is longer by one episode. (+an OVA.)

*The main character is 12 opposed to 14.

*There is only four girls, and no secret girl is added later.

*No tragic ending.

*No wishes or theme of friendship.

*No theme of deception or lies.

Selector Infected/Spread WIXOSS.

Description: (Infected): “WIXOSS is a card game that’s popular with teenagers. Supposedly there exist "LRIG Cards,” female character cards with wills of their own. Special girls can hear the voices of the LRIGs, and those who possess them are called “Selectors.” These Selectors have card battles in a dimension that other humans cannot access. It’s said that whoever triumphs in these battles will have their wish granted. Ruko Kominato is the latest girl to find a LRIG card. She names hers Tama, and without any further explanation is thrown into her life as a Selector.“

How is it similar to Madoka Magica?

*Wishes and the dark nature of said wishes.

*A cruel fate awaits those who lose and win their battles.

*Theme of lies and friendship.

*Protagonist is 14 years of age.

*Dark and deconstructs its genre.


How is is different from Madoka Magica?

*It is a split cour of 12 episodes each.

*It is NOT a magical girl.

Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru.

Description: ”The story takes place in the era of the gods, year 300. Yuuna Yuuki lives an ordinary life as a second year middle school student, but she’s also a member of the “Hero Club,” where club activities involve dealing with a mysterious being called “Vertex.” “

How is it similar to Madoka Magica?

*Tries to trick the viewer into thinking it’s a slice of life.

*14 year old protagonist.

*Sister figure main character.

*Somewhat dark atmosphere and some sort of foreshadowing towards death.

*Secret fifth girl transfer student.

How is it different?

*Deals with a more slice of life set up.

*Disable magical girl appreciation! 

That’s all for now. Sorry for the TL;DR.

Headcanons about Mirajane’s Satan Souls

Mirajane’s mother was possessed by a demon soon after the birth of Lisanna. She was gradually turning into a demon herself, but Lisanna and Elfman didn’t realize that, because they were little. Mirajane, on the other side, was quite smart for her age and understood what was happening. She actually had to battle her mother at the church in her hometown. Mirajane’s intention was to save her and she actually did in a way - she took over the demon possessing her mother, but her mother was already gone. Mirajane never told that to her siblings, because she didn’t want them to think of her mother as a monster. Joining Fairy Tail and seeing how accepting Lisanna and Elfman were didn’t change her mind though. She wanted them to have fond memories of their mother.

Her appearance when using Satan Soul is actually the same her mother had while possessed by the demon. With a lot of training, Mirajane managed to take over the whole demon (not just the right arm) and control it.

Satan Soul: Halphas

Halphas was actually a dragon-like demon. Mirajane took over it soon after the loss of Lisanna. She was always the strong one, but at one point she had to take out her anger and sorrow on someone, so she decided to go on a job requiring the defeat of a very strong monster that harassed the people of a town in the high parts of the mountains near Crocus.

Satan Soul: Sitri

Mirajane acquired Sitri in the three (or were they two?) months Fairy Tail had for training between the Tenrou arc and the GMG arc. While training, Lisanna got separated from Mirajane and company. Mirajane got scared of losing Lisanna again and while searching, she ended up in a cave leading to the domain of Sitri. In the end, it turned out Lisanna wasn’t there, but Mira had to defeat the demon in order to get out of the cave.

Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah

Mirajane considers taking over Seilah’s body to be a punishment for the former member of the Nine Demon Gates. After defeating Seilah, Mira decided to use that demon to help her win her future battles and protect what’s important to her - her siblings and her Fairy Tail family. Seilah always manipulated and used her macro on people, so Mira wanted the demon to know how it feels to be the one that is controlled.

Simply put, Mira wanted to give Seilah a taste of her own medicine.

anonymous asked:

I'm so confused. Why does the GOT community think Jaime will kill Cersei? What is the valonquar?

I take it you’re not a book reader :)

All of this speculation stems from a (at least so far) book-only concept. In the books, there’s a character named Maggy the Frog who has a prophecy that very much impacts Cersei- her character and storyline.

The basics are this: Cersei was set to marry a king (not a prince,) she would have three kids while he would have sixteen, all her kids would be crowned and then die before her, a “younger, more beautiful queen” will cast her down and take all she holds dear, and then the valonqar will strangle her while she’s drowning in her tears.

Valonqar is the High Valyrian word for “younger brother”. Note that the language is genderless in many ways so people have speculated that brother could translate to sibling (and therefore include female candidates) and people think it could be any younger sibling as well.

Cersei interprets this to mean Tyrion, who she already thought a “monster” for the death of their mother, is going to kill her. It fuels the hostility and suspicion she has for him and probably contributed to her rejections of him and her insistence that he killed Joffrey.

However, the valonqar is most certainly Jaime, the brother she loves, and not Tyrion. Jaime is technically younger than Cersei though they are twins.

“We shared a womb together. He came into this world holding my foot, our old maester said.”Cersei to Ned, AGoT

Also, their relationship is getting more and more strained by the book. I’ve speculated about the how/why of the actual moment of killing here. Safe to say it’s going to be tragic.

Maggy’s Prophecy is deeply ironic on multiple levels. For starters, it’s basically a self-fulfilling prophecy. The fear of the prophecy causes Cersei to lash out and make enemies out of allies. She treats Sansa (a potential “younger, more beautiful queen” in her eyes) poorly, she treats Margaery worse (which results in her own imprisonment and fall from grace,) she alienates Tyrion (her supposed valonqar) who is now likely going to be helping Dany (who is almost certainly the younger, more beautiful queen.) Meanwhile, she takes no measures against YMBQ Dany and never suspects Jaime as the valonqar

Moreover, the prophecy isn’t about Jaime the valonqar or Dany the YMBQ, it’s all about Cersei. 

Maggy’s prophecy, to me, is about Cersei- not the identities of the players in the prophecy. It ruined her, the prophecy is about Cersei. The effect it had, the way it warped Cersei’s relationships with Tyrion and Sansa/Margaery, the way it drove Cersei to make choices without thinking. The prophecy was never about the next queen, only about how the predictions more or less destroyed Cersei’s chance at peace and power.

Look at where she is right now, if she hadn’t been completely paranoid that Margaery was out to get her, she wouldn’t have done what she did and wound up partially stripped of her power and dignity. 

Like Rhaegar’s obsession with the Three Headed Dragon caused him to make hasty and horrible political choices that resulted in the end of his life, Cersei’s fear of her own prophecy damned her, too. Prophecy messes with people’s head, that’s the message that dates back to Oedipus. Something intentionally played on:

GRRM: Prophecy is one of those tropes of Fantasy that is fun to play with, but it can easily turn into a straightjacket if you’re not careful. One of the themes of my fiction, since the very beginning, is that the characters must make their choices, for good or ill. And making choices is hard. There are prophecies in my Seven Kingdoms, but their meanings are often murky and misleading, and they seldom offer the characters much in the way of useful guidance. [source]

When I think about Maggy’s prophecy, I think that GRRM gave us this idea that Cersei’s in a downward spiral that could have been avoided. Maybe without this prophecy Cersei would have moved past her suspicions of Tyrion and therefore never accused him of killing Joffrey. Maybe she would have been kinder to Margaery and made an ally instead of an enemy. Maybe she would have been more clearheaded and less paranoid in her attempts at ruling and given Tommen a chance at living (because her choices affect the Lannister rule and have hurt Tommen’s already dire chances.) Maybe the peace of mind and lack of worry that people close physically to her were out to get her would have allowed her to hold onto her power, rule better, be happier, have a less strained relationship with Jaime now.

Maybe things would be like this regardless but who knows? 

Point is that Cersei’s paranoia is aiding in her own demise and that of her children’s. Also, it probably contributed (minutely at least) to Cersei and Robert’s marriage issues (knowing from the get go that they’d never have any children together isn’t auspicious- and is a choice Cersei makes herself.)

All in all, Cersei comes into the tent and threatens Maggy if she doesn’t predict Cersei’s future. In return, Maggy predicts everything Cersei thinks she wants at the time (becoming queen and marrying a king) and then tells her she’ll lose it all in a horrible way. She makes Cersei distrustful, incapable of ever being content as she is told she’s bound to lose it all, and creates significant aspects of Cersei’s character and storyline.

Was it Cersei’s nature then that is causing this as she’s the one who is belligerent with Maggy and took it upon herself to fulfill Maggy’s prophecy about Melara’s death?

The girl threw off her cloak, kicked the witch’s bed, and said, “Wake up, we want our futures told.” 

…“We came for a foretelling,” young Cersei told her.
“Begone,” croaked the old woman, a second time.

…The girl with the golden curls put her hands upon her hips. “Give us our foretelling, or I’ll go to my lord father and have you whipped for insolence.”

The golden girl did not like that foretelling. “You’re a liar and a warty frog and a smelly old savage, and I don’t believe a word of what you say. Come away, Melara. She is not worth hearing.” 

…“The only breath we smell is yours,” said Cersei.  

“Worms will have your maidenhead. Your death is here tonight, little one. Can you smell her breath? She is very close.” Cersei, AFFC

And then she either kills Melara or lets her die (more likely the former by pushing her down the well.)

She could still hear Melara Hetherspoon insisting that if they never spoke about the prophecies, they would not come true. She was not so silent in the well, though. She screamed and shouted.Cersei, AFFC

A young girl sat beneath a fountain, drenched in spray, and stared at her with Melara Hetherspoon’s accusing eyes. Cersei’s Walk of Shame vision, ADWD

Or is it more the “nurturing” aspect of what Maggy’s prophecy did to Cersei mindset? How she sees deception and Maggy everywhere?

Whenever Cersei looked at the old crone [Olenna Tyrell], the face of Maggy the Frog seemed to float before her eyes, wrinkled and terrible and wise. All old women look alike, she tried to tell herself, that’s all it is. In truth, the bent-back sorceress had looked nothing like the Queen of Thorns, yet somehow the sight of Lady Olenna’s nasty little smile was enough to put her back in Maggy’s tent again. She could still remember the smell of it, redolent with queer eastern spices, and the softness of Maggy’s gums as she sucked the blood from Cersei’s finger. Queen you shall be, the old woman had promised, with her lips still wet and red and glistening, until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear. 

“Your Grace?” said a voice behind her. “Do I intrude?”

It was a woman’s voice, flavored with the accents of the east. For an instant she feared that Maggy the Frog was speaking to her from the grave. But it was only Merryweather’s wife… Cersei, AFFC

Did Cersei cause her own downfall? Was it all unavoidable regardless of whether she’d known?

But that’s why people think Jaime will kill Cersei- because it seems evident that he is the valonqar considering Tyrion is an illogical choice given Cersei’s expectations of him among other reaons. And the prophecy seems accurate (like with number of children per Robert and Cersei.)


Little butterfly, of graceful flight and baby blue eyes
Flying high, above the fields, beneath the skies
With such charm as yours, I must advice
Look out for lizards, birds, rats and big flies
(Or for spiders such as I)
Won’t you come to my home (of sewn guise)?

The butterfly does so, a decision unwise
Lo, the spider takes him by surprise.
Haha, foolish moth, allow me to apprise,
Didn’t your mother tell you spiders spun lies?
Little butterfly, must I tell you this twice?
Monsters don’t play fair or nice.

The butterfly dies.
A parable for how two boys signed their demise.