a more profound queue

queue names

i haven’t been able to find a really long list of queue name recently so i made one :)

  • the general has queued his armies
  • there is a queue for tickets
  • that’s what people queue
  • queueing for looks
  • long live the queue
  • avenue queue
  • queue is better than one
  • that’s just what girls queue
  • roses are red violets are queue
  • this is how we queue it
  • winnie the queue
  • i’m right here for queue
  • queue queue ca choo
  • queen of the queue
  • praise be the queue
  • fuck queue is what you were invited to
  • that would be my queue to run
  • if i believe in one thing i believe in this queue
  • ain’t got a queue in the world
  • saving posts queueing things the tumblr business
  • it’s called queuecraft shortbus
  • ain’t no me without queue
  • queue can keep a secret
  • an unexpected queue
  • thank god i queued it
  • oh don’t be such a sour queue
  • gone with the queue
  • queue are my sunshine
  • this queue is made for walking
  • a more profound queue
  • hey MTV welcome to my queue
  • please leave a message after the queue
  • i prayed to queue every night
  • i wanna queue bad things with you
  • if queue’ve got my back i’ll go on
  • there are no bargains between queue and men
  • the world is not a queue making factory
  • queue is at four don’t bother knocking
  • she’s queueing a stairway to heaven

these are ones i have previously used:

  • the taming of the queue
  • queuelification
  • you have got to be queueing me
  • i can’t keep my eyes off of queue
  • i think some company is overqueue
  • it’s just queue and me and all other people
  • you’ve got claws i’ve got a queue
  • i bid you aqueue
  • the parisians do not know how to queue
  • you can’t run from the queue now can you
  • the friendly neighbourhood queue
  • only the strong survive the queue
  • the school is in but the queue is out
  • q

i tried to avoid the really obvious fandom ones but you can always go for those if you prefer :)

Am I the only one who’d like a vessel oriented episode? Like, they gotta think of something to make this work, but just background stories on vessels. Fergus’ background story, things about Jimmy’s childhood, what about the angels that are gone/killed? Alfie’s life, who are Balthazar and Gabriel and Anna and all the others, I want to know. It wouldn’t be important but I’m just curious as hell, this would be so cool, think about it.