a moon that is not

☽ Emotional Comfort: The Moon In The Houses
  • -☽-☽-☽ What Makes You Happy
  • Moon in the 1st House: Expressing yourself freely
  • Moon in the 2nd House: Protecting the things you value
  • Moon in the 3rd House: Sharing your ideas with others
  • Moon in the 4th House: Spending some time at home
  • Moon in the 5th House: Going out just to have fun
  • Moon in the 6th House: Feeling needed and useful
  • Moon in the 7th House: Spending time with your friends
  • Moon in the 8th House: Realizing how much you've grown
  • Moon in the 9th House: Travelling & chatting with foreigners
  • Moon in the 10th House: Being respected and admired
  • Moon in the 11th House: Feeling like you made a difference
  • Moon in the 12th House: Understanding yourself a little better
Klance idea
  • Lance: MOON OF MY LIFE!! *points at Keith*
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: my sun and stars?
  • Lance: HOLY SHIT BOI OH MY GOD YOU DID IT RIGHT? WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID IT! HOW?? HOW DID YOU KNOW, I AM SO HAPPY? HALLELUJAH!!! *put his shirt off and is literally jumping of happiness*
  • Keith: *blushing slightly bc he's happy that he made Lance happy*