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Miracle Romance Chapter 1: Meeting

((A TI reincarnation AU, focusing on Markus/Ashe, Markus/Kyr, and Ashe/Firi, maybe eventually with some polyshipping.))

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Can we get over the hate about liking a band before it was cool?

When you like a band thats small and you go around playing their music and you find someone else that likes that band or that song you feel like you have a special connection, like you found someone that knows about this little secret that you and only a handful of other people know, and you can finally share it with someone. But when a band gets big and suddenly everyone is playing their music or playing that song that you liked before it was cool, there’s no longer that special connection, they don’t like the band in the same way you do, they just go along with it because that’s what everyone else is doing. When people say they liked it before it was cool, they’re really just mad because they don’t have that special connection anymore. So don’t go pissing them off by saying “so what?”, instead say “Dude that’s awesome! What are some other good songs by them?” because then maybe you’ll feel that special connection too, and you can feel like you’re in on the secret with them