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Dude!!! How did you get your hips to disappear so well?!? Was it mostly T or do you have specific exercises that helped that you could give some tips about? I'm about to begin working out in the gym and would love some tips

honestly it’s from working out just as much as testosterone. that pic is way pre-t  and i’ve been in the gym a lot since. At the time of that before photo i would say my chest/ribs around were probably like 34″ i measured my chest diameter today, it’s 38″. that sort of gains in your chest and back and shoulders will balance out wide looking hips. I was skinnier back then, and about 30 pounds lighter, but the muscle i’ve built up has helped balance those wide hips. obviously testosterone redistributes fat, but i was skinny as hell back then and you’re basically looking at my hip bones, not much fat to distribute away from that area. 

(i’m attaching another example so you can see the difference in my torso build, pre t vs 11 months)

for exercises i would recommend pullups pullups pullups. Also pushups, rows (seated and standing and bent over), cable and dummbbell flys (flyes? flies?), deadlift, lat pulldown, and core exercises that focus on your lower/mid back as well. 


First time being able to lift my bodyweight since starting gym two months ago! Thanks @crushfit 😘😘 #goalmet #girlswholift #exercise #pullup #crushfam

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So, I don’t know if it’s because Derek has been talking about smells so much recently or what, but I’ve been thinking recently about how 85% of Stiles and Scott not wanting anything to do with him in Season 1 was probably because of HOW TERRIBLE HE SMELLED ALL THE TIME.

I mean, I get it. His world was falling apart. He was squatting in a burned out house because all his money was from the life insurance policies of his dead loved ones and spending it felt vile. But he basically lived, for months, in a dusty nightmare where he compulsively did thousands of door pullups while wearing his regular clothes, and he probably had no running water. Plus, I can totally see werewolves being sort of hippie-esque about how “deodorant/anti-perspirant is poison” and “our natural body oils are beautiful smelling” and “blah blah don’t want to cloud my senses,” so the result is that he probably REEKED. Like, all the time. In that way that dudes sometimes do, and they get so used to the smell that they forget that to everyone else it is a poisonous cloud of RANK. (See: my younger brother from ages 17-22.) Also he was terrified all the time, so let’s add in flopsweat.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Scott have both been given the “your body makes new smells at your age, for the love of god clean yourselves and then use some damn Speed Stick” speech by their parents AND their coach AND probably the assistant principal because in ninth grade their algebra teacher walked into the classroom one morning, made a face, and walked right back out before she literally QUIT HER JOB, and along comes this dude who yells at them a lot and sometimes he asks for them to cut his arm off and he wears bloodstained death shirts like no one is going to notice and sometimes he makes Scott drop his milk and he smells like death EVEN WHEN HE ISN’T DYING. But you can’t tell the weird older dude to take a shower! That’s weird! Easier to avoid him and make weird grossed out faces whenever he shows up. Would YOU want to be brothers with someone who thinks soap is a weird human affectation? Maybe once you get to know him and he’s saved your life a few times, but probably NOT when he just keeps lurking around various bedrooms and smelling so bad you have to leave the windows open overnight so that your overworked mother doesn’t accuse you of leaving your unwashed lacrosse jersey stuffed under your bed (again).

I’m convinced that the day Derek Hale got a membership at the Y so he could use their showers and bought himself a bottle of dollar store bodywash was the day his life changed for the better.