a month late im sorry lol

WELL its like a month and a half later than the original wedding gown jasper LOL BUT HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! The Jaspearl Wedding 💕



Am I doing this right

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i'm completely in love with your terry!!! i'm rewatching batman beyond and i'm so happy i've found your art!! if you ever draw him again, would you please post it on your blog? i hope you have a lovely day!

thank you so much!!! its so good! i have to rewatch it again, terry’s so sweet <333 but i haven’t had the chance to draw him, i think this is all i have lol 
have a lovely day too!!!

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Can i ask for some Jaehee wedding headcanons?

~Heck YESSSS!!!!! (k may have gone overboard im not sorry lol)


  • Wedding planner who?
  • She had handled everything for your special day
  • Extremely organized about everything
  • She had spent months and months planning every last detail down to hand picking which of the catering staff would work the reception
  • When the day finally came she had to be brought back into the room to get ready before it was too late, because she was spending all of the day at the sight making sure everything was being set up properly
  • She only left because Yoosung pulled her aside and told her he would make sure things were done properly (he had offered to help because he LOVES weddings and Jaehee agreed right away because Yoosung is a smart and hard worker)
  • Jumin donated an extravagant ice sculpture (after joking that it would be of a cat and freaking Jaehee out) of two doves with flowing ribbons and hearts it was beautiful
  • Truth be told, all of her work was distracting her from her nerves and when she looked in the mirror at herself in her wedding dress she felt like her legs were jello
  • She never thought she would meet someone she loved this much and in the back of her mind she hoped you wouldn’t get cold feet
  • Pacing in the room before the ceremony started
  • Her hands are shaking as she walks down the aisle and everyone’s eyes are on her
  • But inside she has that excited bubbly feeling that’s radiating from her stomach to her head
  • She’s gripping her bouquet tightly as she waits for you at the alter
  • Loses it when you appear
  • She’s got the biggest smile on her face and a few tears made trails down her cheeks
  • You both are smiling at each other and there’s electricity between the two of you as she watches you get closer and closer
  • You both are smiling and giggling and crying a bit together as you stand there facing each other
  • Everyone is clapping and cheering for the kiss!
  • You both hold hands and practically skip down the aisle together out of pure joy
  • Yoosung has done a wonderful job with the reception!!!
  • Thought Jaehee has noticed a few things out of place
  • And you can sense her slight frustration and squeeze her hand as you sit at the head table
    • “Everything is so beautiful. Thank you,” you smile and kiss her
  • The food is amazing!
  • She’s picked a perfect blend of what you both enjoy
  • She never took her eyes off of you as you danced your wedding dance, she smiled so wide and brushed your hair behind your ear and rested her head on your shoulder for a bit trying not to cry
  • Zen made a toast to you both and got emotional and started to tear up because he was just so damn happy for you
  • Since Jaehees father had passed she couldn’t do the father-daughter dance
  • She heard her favorite Zen musical song playing…
    • “I didn’t put this on the list for the DJ?” she looked at you puzzled
  • You just shrugged at her with a smirk
  • Then Zen appeared and held his hand out for her to dance
    • “May I have the honor of dancing with the beautiful bride?”
  • You nodded for them both to go!
  • Her cheeks were so red and you were clapping with a smile as Zen took the lead in dancing with her on her special day
  • Yoosung and Jumin both caught the bouquets
  • Saeyoung was pouting in the corner
    • “I only let Yoosung catch it because I didn’t wanna push him over…” he seethed
  • Even Jumin was dancing to the hip hop music when it played
  • The cake was gorgeous and delicious and HUGE
  • Saeyoung shoved cake in Yoosungs face
    • “Revennnggeeeee!” he screamed and took pictures while laughing
  • You both had a LOT of wine
  • (another donation from jumin)
  • ((okay Jumin donated a lot because he tried to act low-key but he was SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH and just wanted to make it all special for you))
  • When the evening was winding down you were called outside
  • After a moment of wondering what was going on you saw fireworks
    • Congrats on your eternal love, Jaehee and MC♡~! -spelled out in the sky
  • You both were shocked
    • Who…?” Jaehee looked at you bewildered
  • Saeyoung appeared from behind you both and pulled you into a hug
    • “Congrats, you two,” he smiled
  • Jaehee lay on you with her eyes closed in the limo as Driver Kim took you to your hotel
  • Your fingers were intertwined together as you rode in silence
    • “I love you so much,” she said.
    • “I love you more,” you kissed her forehead
  • She nuzzled closer to you
    • “I’m so happy.”

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i have an interest in kingdom hearts lately which is so weird for me cuz i never really had an interest at all but here i am kinda wanting to dive in... but where do i even start. like a few months ago i saw a video talking about how the game order was weird or something. also,,, this probably sounds stupid but is it ever too late to get into a game series? wow im sorry for ranting about this to you, your the only person i follow who posts kingdom hearts and youve fueled my interest lol.

If you have a PS4, you can buy Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, which includes all of the games! (Though two of them have been converted to movies where you just watch the cutscenes.) 

1.5 and 2.5 are each available separately for PS3, as well. There’s also Kingdom Hearts 2.8 for PS4, which includes a prologue for Kingdom Hearts 3, a movie based on the mobile game, and a re-master of one of the more recent titles (by which I mean it came out in 2012… hahaha).

That is probably incredibly confusing… What I’m saying is that it’s absolutely not too late to get into the series! Here’s a list of the games in order of release date:

  1. Kingdom Hearts (PS2, PS3, PS4)
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA, PS2, PS3, PS4)
  3. Kingdom Hearts II  (PS2, PS3, PS4)
  4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS, PS3, PS4)
  5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP, PS3, PS4)
  6. Kingdom Hearts: Coded (DS, PS3, PS4)
  7. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS, PS4)
  8. Kingdom Hearts x (iOS, Android– plus a movie for PS4)
  9. Kingdom Hearts 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage- (PS4)

I actually recommend you play the games in the order that they were released. Even if they’re not in chronological order, that’s the order we all played them in at the time. :)

P.S. It’s never too late to get into a game series!! You might have some catching up to do, but if you try out the first game and like it, you have a whole bunch of games you get to play– without having to wait years between each one! You can binge them all at once if you want! :D

There’s No Place Like Home (7)

Avengers x Reader x Bucky


Summary: What happens when a fictional world comes to life? Drama ensues.


Warnings: sadness, bucky being a cheese ball


Word Count: 800+


Originally posted by coporolight

She didn’t bother going to the roof that night. Instead, she tossed and turned until she cried herself asleep. She felt empty. She felt ashamed. She shouldn’t have said those things. She had hurt Bucky. She had hurt all of them. What she said was ignorant and stupid. Of course she knew that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but she still said it. She knew that they’ve all lost something, yet she still said those things.

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Science and Simpatico:  The Second Law of Thermodynamics

seems legit, Nautica.

I only mentioned the Clausius statement, so it’s obviously not all of the 2nd Law in here (and it’s more complex than i put it in here). you can read more about the 2nd Law in books and online.
(and don’t take this comic seriously, lol. it’s for fun XD, maybe corny too. forgive me. I had a rough semester)


others  in this series:
s&s1: Law of Universal Gravitation
s&s2: Valentines
s&s3: Couples and Moments
s&s4: The Benefits of Hugging
s&s6: Power Law

Day 21 - They fight/argue (Black Star & Patty Thompson; Soul Eater)

requested by @nori-wings​! thank u sweetie

i actually didn’t know how to draw this one lol. but like i always say, when everything fails, make it chibi

here’s an uncensored one for patty, if u wanted to see what it looked like w/o the boxes lmao

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Hey! I was wondering, do you have a twitter account?

it also occurred to me there are people out there who only use tumblr mobile so u might not see the links on my theme but im trichoserious on twitter (because inactive guy out there has the trichosirius u/n) though i really just post the stuff i post here… on there… so… i mean… yeah… its just a landfill for art

ALSO someone asked if i had an instagram account and i /do/ (its trichosirius too) but i havent used it in months because i dont like having to bend over backwards and jump through a ring of fire (i mean not really but like. u get me man.) just to upload stuff via mobile to an app that reposts my art from here before /i/ even get to post lol


tagged by: @emigotchi@lustfullyleocrawford@incorrectmidc@theempresskaizer​ thanks ladies

Age: 23 months old LMFAO

Birthplace: in the quiet slums of wysteria. JK Philippines

Current time: it’s lunch! 12:46 PM

Drink you last had: Coffee with a bitter slap of reality

Easiest person to talk to: that would be my sister. And my dog. what do they have in common? they don’t respond. LOL

Favorite song: Add a lot of S to that, will yah? I can’t just say one without feeling like I betrayed the artists of other songs I listen to on repeat. That’d be “Koi no Jumyou” and “Climber” by Galileo Galilei, and those alternative beat rock during 2003-2005 AHAHAHA

Grossest memory: Seriously why would anyone wanna know that? Okay, I had broccoli for the first and the last time. End of story. That was fcking gross.

Horror yes or horror no: I can tolerate horror IF AND ONLY IF I have food. Stress-eating it is. *finishes the food on just the first half of the movie while screaming*

In love: With 2d men, yes.

Jealous of people: Maybe? IDK. hahaha

Love at first sight or should I walk again? I have not experienced either. LOL How should I know which one is valid? XD (Hey, Toushirou! can you do that shunpo towards me again? for the nth time? XD)

Middle name: I figured this one meant the second name? Either way I’m not telling. I’m too shy for that sht LOLOLOL

Number of siblings: I have 3 retarded sibs, and I’m equally as retarded.

One Wish: I wish I can just cease to exist on selected days. LOL

Person you called last: My dad.

Question you’re always asked: “When are you gonna graduate?” I’ll only tell you if you’re gonna give me a graduation gift  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also, “how’s your project doing? that’s not BL, is it?” -My Mom

Reason to smile: Christmas season. Just every year I look forward to this. 

Song you last sang: “Lay Me Down” Sam Smith (LEOO). I should record next time HAHAHA

Time you woke up: 8 AM-ish

Underwear color: what’s an underwear? LOL JK green 

Vacation Holiday destination: Up in the mountains, generally anywhere quiet with lots and lots of nature. OR JAPAN

X-Rays: I had lung x-rays before due to a lung problem. I was born with weak lungs too.

Your Favorite Food: Give me chocolate! and sweets! 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius all the way!

tagging: YOU! who wants to do this? I’m so late….

i’m starting really late but this can technically still be inktober right? 

sorry if it looks weird, i don’t have a scanner and it’s on a notecard so taking the picture without causing a shadow was awkward haha

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If they've not had a comeback by the end of the month then I'm giving up for this year. I think pwf was released late October so it's possible for a late in the year one but I'm not holding out hope but like... 1 song in 2017... Plz I'm dying

yeah i think if it’s not announced next week it’s not happening lol but i hope i’m wrong asdfgh😢😢😢😢 a lot of ppl are saying january/february but idk. tbh i’m not rly feeling a winter cb

Cheated Love

Part 3

Jungkook x Reader x Jimin

Warning: Violence, Slight Cursing, Shitty Writing

Let me begin by apologizing for my really really REALLY late update on Cheated Love. I’ve just been really busy lately with work and school. I barley have a life honestly lol. I also apologize for how terribly written part 3 is. I honestly been working on this for a month at most and I just.. Ugh. 

Very Sorry~

Please TRY to enjoy

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

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Prompt: Lawlight as Doctors, but in this case is more L the doctor taking care of little Light-o who like to help other kids cause he hates bullies (also i hate bullies and troll ppl)

This prompt Lux-mea-lex gave it to me loooooooong time ago in twitter but just now I fill up, im so sorry Lex! sometimes it take me a lot of time to draw something ੨( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )シ so i hope you like it!

Also im sorry guys I’ve been pretty inactive lately when it comes to draw because I didn’t feel very well, I was having a lot of anxiety and  the worst is that for the two last months my depression was stronger than before (and problems,etc) I couldn’t even draw something decent and i didn’t even want to play online (and im a addict lol) but i think now im fine lol…for now


Talking about other stuff… the tv drama was not so bad, was decent althought still i dont like that L with baby face and k-pop stylish? also…I was expecting a more handsome Soichiro? not dat…..and Watari (if you know spanish or know certain Mexican comedy you would understand this)….he looked like Doctor Chapatin! LOL

 and when child!Light appeared in the TV drama I had to pause the video cuz I almost lost my shit! that was so damn cute!  #MoreChildLight2k15

I better shut up now! LOL 

Get to know me tag!

i was tagged by @hoshimybabe thanks for that sorry this is late

1ST RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better: lol no . if u wanna do this thats cool tag me but im not taggin anybody jsgsvjbfnff

2ND RULE: Fill in the categories

APPEARANCE: im 5'5 uhh….. small hands. like. ive never met anyone past the age of 10 w bigger hands than me . what the ffuck. short nd fluffy hair that Was pink like a month ago but now its just a really bad bleach job djsgekfhdvs its . not good. not the fatest but i have pretty big thighs and my face is. very squishy. idk id say im cute-ish . and humble too if you cant tell skahvrjrvesn i wear p plain clothes nd im not too colorful

PERSONALITY: im pretty quiet when left to my own devices and can even go full on mute for days at a time, but i am also…. very loud and extroverted…. depends on how i feel. i curse. a lot. people tell me that im really friendly and kind and that they can talk to me about shit w/o feelin judged so i guess. that . im p chill and lax but internally im that scene in spongebob where hes having a meltdown in the fancy restaurant episode. im a bit of a mixed bag of nuts bc i have social anxiety but im also a natural extrovert so. take that as what you will. i also have self image issues nd am self deprecating so Thats A Fun Fact :^) whatever hdhwvdkrhevbs

ABILITY: im pretty confident in my drawing abilities tbh . i also like to think im pretty funny bc if im not funny then what am i

HOBBIES: im an artsy fucker i draw, write, and play the cello. i might take up singing lessons at one point. uhhhhh im learning asl does that count

EXPERIENCES: ….what does this mean . i havent kissed anyone or sucked a dick or anything skavfjufgsbns ive done Nothing

MY LIFE: half of my life is Therapist And Close Friends Confidential Only svbqjdvrnejsbs but uhhhhh idk my dude rn im just tryin to live


RANDOM STUFF: UUuhhhh . hm.