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how would you describe heartbreak

heartbreak is the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you check your phone and see you have 12 missed calls from your mom. heartbreak is seeing them smile and laugh with someone else. it’s seeing the sparkle in their eye when they look at someone new, knowing that sparkle used to be for you, it was always for you. it’s trying so hard and never stopping, only to still come up short in the end. heartbreak is late nights where your mouth finds the mouth of a bottle while their mouth finds the mouth of a stranger. it’s seeing them in public a few months later and smiling and waving and going through the “hi, how are you?” “oh, i’m great! how about you?” and pretending to be happy for them when all you can think of is how much it’s going to hurt when you have to say goodbye. it’s coming home to an empty house with an even emptier heart and laying face down in bed with the photos of you two still in their frames face down on your nightstand, because you know touching them will hurt too much so it’s better to act like they aren’t there.

No national skating federation in their right mind would be ok with one of their athletes competing and coaching a skater from a rival country. And they shouldn’t be because, well, it’s insane. I can picture Victor having this conversation with the Figure Skating Federation of Russia (FFKKR):

- So, I know I’ve been absent from the competition for 8 months but I want to come back and I’m aiming for Nationals.

- You can’t go to Nationals. Even you could miraculously come up with two new programs in 2 weeks or use an old one, you’re too late for Nationals. In fact, you’re too late for Europeans too. But if you can get ready in a month, we’ll let you skip Nationals a go directly to the Europeans. After all, you’ve given our country a lot of medals. You have a few priviliges.

- Great! Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I’ll still be a coach. That Japanese guy who won the silver medal at the Grand Prix? I’ll still coach him.

- Sorry, what?

- That’s ok, right?

- Let me get this straight: you want to compete and coach a rival athlete at the same time? And you don’t see the problem with that?

- What do you mean, problem?

- I’ll repeat: you, a Russian athlete, want to compete for Russia and, at the same time, coach an athlete from Japan who you’re going to face in the World Championships, Grand Prix and Winter Olympics. And you really can’t see why that would be a gigantic confict of interests?

- I…

- And you honestly thought that we would be ok with that? You thought about this and at no point did it occur to you that we might have a problem with one of our athletes coaching a rival athlete? That honestly never crossed your mind?

- Oh, come on! We’re engaged and it’s the only way for us to connect!´

- So, even more conflict of interests. Look, you either compete or you coach. You cannot have both. Choose one and stick with it.

In a realistic scenario, this is what would happen. But this show is not even close to being realistic, so they’re probably going to pretend that the ridiculous idea of coaching and skating at the same time actually makes sense. 



NINTENDO SWITCH RANT ⚠️ Warning: Opinions Ahead ⚠️

If the Nintendo switch doesn’t have a substantially more powerful processor and hardware over the Wii U and be at least as powerful as a basic Xbox One I’m doubtful it will get the AAA third party support that Nintendo fans like myself so desperately crave. From the games they showed off during the presentation none of them including Breath of the Wild are up to par with modern day AAA standards. Although SKYRIM is coming that game came and went for many years ago. I played through hundreds of hours of it and loved it but Nintendo is kind of a day late and a dollar short. I still think the Switch will have great first party support but I don’t expect it to be the powerhouse that people have been rumoring for months before the presentation. It’s going to be a way better version of what the Wii U should have been but if it too closely straddles the handheld line then I fear it will face a similar destiny to the PS Vita in that developers won’t want to invest in making an inferior diluted version of their game that’s been optimized to play on PS4 Pro and the New Xbox. Breath of the Wild is already reported to have frame rate issues both in handheld and tv modes. I know it’s a big game but these are early signs. Nintendo has been working on this game for YEARS now so what happens when a smaller developer has to crank out a game in a shorter amount of time. It’s clear that it’s much easier to develop for PC, PS4, and Xbox. I really wish this wasn’t the case but it seems that way judging everything they showed off. They definitely did not send the message “this is a power house state of the art graphics machine” and they never have with previous systems. I’m just upset because I don’t want to have more than one console because I don’t have either the time or money to pay for that so inevitably I will have to miss out on many of this gens best games. I still love Nintendo but whenever I start to get my hopes up they inevitably crush them. Personally I would pay more for a pimped out Switch with longer battery and better processing. Of course the Switch isn’t even out yet so I could be wrong in my assumptions but if Nintendo wanted to send a message that this is a powerful system they wouldn’t have been showing off basic shit like 1 2 Switch (which is basically a PowerPoint presentation), Bomberman R which has super basic graphics and reports say it was laggy and had bad controls, an old 2D Streetfighter game, and Snipperclips which is very minimalist could run on pretty much any device. I know graphics aren’t everything but it’s more the games library and third party support I’m guessing will be dwarfed. Also the studio that creates the Borderlands games has already confirmed that Borderlands 3 will not be coming to Switch because Nintendo has “other priorities”. All of this being said I’m still excited for the Switch but trying to set proper expectations for myself so I don’t keep my hopes up and end up disappointed before I’ve even given it a try. From a hardware perspective the device looks super sexy and I love the controller options. $70-$80 is too much for a pro controller but I’ll probably only buy one anyways and my prediction is there will be a price drop and way cheaper third party hardware options. There really are a lot of possibilities for the Switch and I’m excited to see what Nintendo has in store that hasn’t been revealed yet. If their launch lineup for 2017 was all shown at the presentation they are going to have a tough first year or two like the 3DS did. PS: please excuse any typos this was written on my phone with a dog jumping on me.

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What is your opinion of Donggyu? I would really like to hear your thoughts!

Hello, and sorry for the late reply! I just thought I should answer this ask when I have some time, since you said you’d like to hear my thoughts… not that I feel pressured (I actually do). Donggu was a great addition to the cast in my opinion. I was really afraid they’d bring in someone who ruins the flow and doesn’t blend in with the members, but rather ignores their dynamics and tries to make a character for himself. But because we got our Donggu, I’m so glad. He’s been there for like 7 months? And I think he still has a lot to show. I’m really happy when I see him being so talkative these days. Just like I’ve said, I still want to see him grab Junho’s hair or get genuinely mad at the members. He’s made so much progress from the first episode when he kept on thinking about his “actor image”, too. I think Hojin PD made another genius move when he decided to call him “Donggu.” Now, everybody views Donggu and Yoon Shiyoon as two totally different people, so he shouldn’t have many problems when he decides to act in something. Also, his reverse charms are actually shocking! At first, I thought that he was so intelligent and seemed to be good at everything, but then it turned out that he sucks at sports & his IQ was listed alongside Defconn and Jongmin. Of course, it’s not that I think somebody’s IQ number defines his whole intelligence, but I was just surprised because everybody expected Donggu’s IQ to be the highest. I find him actually being bad at some things totally entertaining and I hope he develops this character more in the future, too. So yeah, I totally love Donggu and I’m so glad he became a cast member. Now, I can’t imagine someone else joining instead of him.

he tian and guan shan sharing clothes headcanons (okay it’s more like one big headcanon but still) because !!!!!!!!! i just love it so much!!!!!!!!! sort of inspired by this great art by @y-annah (i hope it’s okay if i tagged you in this?? i can delete it if it’s not, just let me know!!)

[warning for a tiny mention of sexual stuff!! also, i want to remind that this happens in the future when they are older]

  • he tian steals guan shan’s clothes ALL THE TIME
  • at first it happens only a couple of times at months and he tian blames it on the fact that he was late and grabbed the first thing he saw
  • but then it starts to happen more and more often, so much so that guan shan is left with like two clean shirts to wear in his wardrobe
  • when guan shan asks him about it he tian shrugs it off with a grin and tells him that guan shan’s clothes are just more comfortable than his own
  • which cannot possibly be true because he tian is a bit taller and has broader shoulders than guan shan, so guan shan’s clothes are always way too tight and slightly shorter for him
  • he tian is just so full of shit and guan shan KNOWS, but he also knows that he tian is never going to tell him the real reason
  • after a while he starts to think that he tian is doing it on purpose just to mess with him
  • because his shirts are so tight on he tian’s chest, often riding up on his stomach to reveal small slivers of bare skin, and it’s honestly getting harder and harder to concentrate on anything else
  • so guan shan has the brilliant idea to steal one of he tian’s shirt to make him realise how annoying it is
  • except that his plan ends up backfiring spectacularly

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Hi guy, I hope everyone is doing great, I wanted to tell you all that’s I’m still kind of busy lately, I’m trying to find a work since a few month, It’s kind of a hell trying my best (but you surely don’t care Haha). 

Lately i’m kinda like this XD : 

It’s just a quick update I am still searching for that chris video some of you wanted but I have so much video on my computer that I still didn’t find it. So I’m back to you with it when i’ll be able to find it.

And also I’ve received (and saw) a few messages about some repost which have been done, and I’m really thankfull about those kind message. I am not going to tell more about how I feel about reposts (cause it got me some really bad insulting ask back then, So now I keep my mouth shut). But I’m really thankfull of some people’s messages about it. (I guess they will recognize themselves when they will read that). 

I’ll just stay in the back looking at everything like this ;

And finally I Want to thank you all for following me and being so nice to me.!!!


But Never forget guys !! 


I’m kind of on a great Meronia mood tonight, plus all the guilt for not being able to get anything done for this lovely awesome ship lately, I decided to post these two sketches which I did a couple of months ago. A quick change in style. This obviously isn’t my usual one but it was fun to draw (and hard too)XD
Please do not delete my description or repost these without my permission. Thank you>v<

But, Ice Cream - Avengers x Reader x Pietro Maximoff

Originally posted by a-less-ordinary-life

Words: 981
Pairing: Avengers x Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: drinking, swearing, loss of ice cream
Requested: nope

Thank you all for six amazing months in this awesome community of MCU on tumblr. Most people are beyond nice and I have made some great friends because of this account, and all of you rock! I also cannot believe that in six months I have gained almost 4000 followers- that is insane. (less than 200 away! AHH) Thank you again and I love you all!

Masterlist. Request List.

Pietro had wide eyes as he walked into the main part of the base late in the day. “Uh, what’s all the party decorations for?”

“It’s for (Y/N),” Tony said.

His eyes still wide, Pietro began to freak out. “Shit! Did I forget their birthday?”

“No,” Steve answered as he cleaned the kitchen counters.

“Oh no, I forgot our anniversary, didn’t I?” He started to freak out.

“Yeah, it’s an anniversary,” Clint smiled, knowing Pietro would get the wrong idea.

“I’ll be back later!” Pietro shouted and ran out of the base.

For the day you were distracted by hanging out with Wanda while everyone else set up the base. You didn’t think much of the random hanging out; this was a normal occurrence. Wanda did love to shop!

The day didn’t even cross your mind either. It was a normal Thursday, just one where you weren’t fighting any enemies trying to blow up the world.

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I would love to see William in a prom dress and Odd in a tux OuO (also I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ART!!!! I just recently got into code Lyoko and I'm SO GLAD there's still great artists like you making new content!!!)

hi! sorry for the MONTHS late reply, and thank you so much for the kind words!!!!!

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hey, is one of you in seminary? it's always been my goal to go to seminary but i'm a very poor lesbian (like... still waiting to see if i got approved for food stamps so i'll be able to eat next month poor) and i'm 22. do you think it's too late/impossible for me to go to seminary?

Hey there! It’s really awesome that you’re thinking about seminary. I (Avery) attend Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary!

As to whether it’s too late for you to attend – absolutely not! a great number of my classmates are much older than you; the oldest student I know of on campus is at least in their sixties. It is very common for people to pursue other careers and only later go to seminary, so you wouldn’t be behind in that sense.

As to the financial aspect: seminary is as expensive as a general graduate school program – however, most seminaries offer a myriad of opportunities for scholarships and support. I don’t know about every seminary, of course, so I’ll describe the support offered by mine; I believe other seminaries are similarly supportive. My seminary currently receives enough donations from very generous people to provide free tuition to every single student! It also offers academic and financial scholarships for full or partial housing and money to help afford textbooks. We have “bread day” every Thursday so you can get free bread, and we have a free food pantry for students and their families who need extra help.

I was fortunate enough to get the fullest scholarship, so I do not pay for tuition, housing, or most of my books – my main expenses are groceries and gas (and my cat haha), for which I am very thankful. Part-time jobs are also readily available on campus for students. Moreover, if you are a member of a congregation, you can talk to your pastor about possible assistance from them.

Another note: my seminary, and every other one I know of (though not necessarily all – you can research for more info), requires students to have an undergraduate degree to attend, since it is a graduate-level school. 

Also, if you are thinking of getting in by this coming fall, look into it now, since many seminaries have early spring due dates for applying. But there’s no need to rush into it, if you’re not ready to enroll for this year!

Finally, to choose seminaries to look into: if you are looking into a specific denomination, simply google “[denomination] seminaries” and you’ll find their websites. If you need to stay in a certain area, you could google “[region] seminaries” too. As an example for what you might find, this is the webpage I found when researching specifically PC(USA) seminaries.

Since you are LGBT+ (and also not a cis man), make sure to confirm that any specific seminary is affirming of that and will accept you as a student. Checking out the clubs/programs offered or what diversity exists among faculty and what they teach can help you determine how “progressive” the school is if it’s not bluntly stated anywhere on their website. Seeing what books individual courses read is also a good way to get a feel for whether you’d like the school – for me, reading books by diverse authors rather than cis white men was a must for choosing a school.

And, of course, look into what financial support is available at each individual seminary you look into – this information will likely be in the “admissions” or “new/prospective students” section of a seminary’s website. And if you need help figuring out any of this stuff for a given seminary, feel free to message me on or off anon on my other blog, @a-queer-seminarian​, and I’ll try to help you out! 

See this post I wrote a while ago for some more information on seminaries. 

I hope all this helps you, anon! If you are feeling called towards attending seminary, know that there are ways to make it happen for you now or in the future. Best of luck to you <3

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Hi Sammy, I wanted to give you a little update on The King of Counterfeit. John McNaughton (director) very recently mentioned that the status of the project is still in its script phase. John & Bill Murray are hoping to go into production soon. I personally think they will be ready to shoot in late Spring/early summer. If Josh is filming Ape in the Spring, the filming should only take a month to complete. Barring scheduling conflict, he goes into TKoC right after. Plus there's Future Man filming

Thank you so much for sharing this information with me! I sure hope this project isn’t scrapped because the premise sounded really great. And I would love to see him work with Bill Murray.

I’m confused why you say Ape is filming in the Spring though? Ape is finished, yes? Did you mean something else?

Never too late (Shawn Mendes imagine)

A/N: Hey guys, I’m back with new imagine with Shawn! School is 100% done this year and imagines just coming up. I really enjoyed writing this, because some how it shows my mood (?). I hope you like it!! SEND ME IMAGINE IDEAS FELLAS

Sumarry: Y/N and Shawn have been friends for 4 years and one diner everything changed. Shawn didn’t show up and made Y/N feel like second plan. After month Shawn knocks in to the door.

Warnings: little bit of cursing, angst, maybe smut?

Words: 981


I still was mad at Shawn and myself, for suggesting have a nice dinner with my best friend. Shawn been busy lately with his job, so I thought, that having dinner would be great idea.  But here we go again. I’m sitting in restaurant by myself, waiting for him to show up. But deep down I know it that he won’t come.

Suddenly I felt my phone ringing next to my hand. I saw Shawn number.

“Hey” I said when I picked up.

“Y/N? Hey, look I’m sorry I…”

“You can’t come. Alright.” I cut him, before him finishing sentence. I tried to sound like I was okay with that. But deep inside my heart just broke down.

“Are you sure? I mean, I’m really sorry. But I’m busy right now, I going to redeem you this. I promise you.” Shawn said with cracking voice. “Boy, dinner! Better hurry up!” I heard Camila voice and little Shawns giggle. I felt so hurt, that from my lips slip out laugh. Laugh full of sadness.

“Too many I’s.” I said and hung up.



Whole month passed by and not once I haven’t spoken with Shawn. Of course he tried to connect with me, but I realized that better be alone. I’ve been good 4 years with him friends and 2years ago I realized that I have huge crush on him. And seeing him again would break my heart, especially after that evening.

It’s Friday evening with hot black banana tea in my hands. In front of my eyes is playing ‘Me Before You’ movie. I loved this movie and I loved the way me and Lu are alike. But mostly – movie story is amazing.

I grabbed my phone and went to Twitter. Everyone whole month were curious, why me and Shawn don’t hang out anymore. I tried to say them that Shawn is being busy and me… Well me just working my ass off too. But they didn’t believed me. If Shawn would spoke up, maybe they could believe me then. But maybe he just found better friend or maybe even soul mate.

I walked to my bed and laid down curling in my sheets. I tried to fell asleep, but I can’t. My head felt like it wants to explode. I looked at watch standing on console. It was already  1AM. I sighed and tried to find comfy position, until I heard someone knocking in to my door. I got up and made my way to door. I was a little bit scared, because none normal human would knock in to my door at 1AM.

I opened door and saw Shawn. He looked like a lost puppy. His eyes were a little bit red, his hair was so messy and he looked tired.

“Shawn… What are you..?” I asked him quietly. But he just gently grabbed my head and kissed me with passion. My knees felt so weak and my cheeks were burning. I grabbed his shirt corners and clasped. He pressed my body to his and wrapped with hands around my waist. I broke our kiss just because of air. I need it, he need it too. I pressed my head to his chest and felt my tear falling down.

“ Y/N, I missed you so much. I know I’m really late, but it took me some time to get my shit together and come to you.” He giggled and kissed my head. “Without you it’s been hell. You have no idea. Only reason why I acted like this is… I tried to hide my feelings, more like I tried to deny it. I was 100% that I can be without you, without our weird friendship, without your overcaring about me. Then Camila showed up and I felt like it was right thing to do – keep distance from you. But it was wrong choice and with these words “ Too many I’s “ I knew I lost you.” He pressed me harder, like he didn’t wanted to let me go. “ I’m really sorry. You know me too good.”

“I trusted you, I tried to freshen up our friendship. You could tell me about your feelings. I know you were afraid. But…” I step back from our hug. “But it’s never too late for you. I just hate being second plan for people and that evening, I felt like this. I…” I felt my eyes getting more and more wet. Tear rolled down my cheek. “Damn it” I giggled.

Shawn wiped away my tear and kissed my forehead.

“Please give me chance to be your friend and soul mate.” He whispered quietly, making my skin shiver. I leaned in to him and wrapped my hands around his neck, making our lips connect too.

“Okay” I said with smile and kissed him again. But this time we deepened our kiss, it was more like making out. He lift me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He hold me so tight with his hands, all I can feel is safe and love. We were kissing each other like we met after 10 years.

Until we made out to my bedroom, we already were only in underwear. He laid me on bed and then came to me, kissing every part of my body. My body didn’t felt cold anymore, it was warm. I put my hands in to his hair and squeezed it little bit, making him more relaxed. Shawn looked at my eyes and attacked my lips again.

Shawn was lying next to me and I’m in his arms. We don’t need any “ I love you’s “, we just showed our love with action. I looked up at him and he was smiling. I giggled and buried my face to his chest.

“Morning, soul mate”

“More like best friend” I said making Shawn laugh.

Tagged by @satan-in-purple and @kyluxxury, and just had one of those “we had to get through this part to get to this next part” kind of nights, so, silly meme ahoy: 

Rules: answer questions, tag 8 people. I did this about a month ago, so let’s see, have my answers changed

the last movie you watched: Rogue One

the last song you listened to: Mikhail Glinka’s Valse Fantasie 

the last show you watched: Cutthroat Kitchen

the last book you read: still Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen by Lois McMaster Bujold. Reading books hasn’t been going tremendously well for me lately; I’m kind of immensely proud of myself for managing a book, period. This is a source of great meh/shame/sadness for me, because I’m like… the kid who has 4 books going at once, and – this lack of reading actual books, this inability to derive pleasure from them – suuuucks

the last thing you ate: fancy macaroni and cheese with really, really good sharp cheddar

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: still Beta Colony

where would you time travel to: do I have to stay there? If yes, fuck it, take me to “cyborg body is a possiblity” time. If it’s a temporary visit, Catherine II’s court and/or Francois I’s court, as before

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Varric

I tag @rachelofcyberia, @jillandjackalope, @x-wing-leader-poe, @earlgrey-skies, @sith-fedaykin, @nightsofllyn, @wyomingnot, @kyluxtrashcompactor

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HAPPY NEW YEARS TO MY EVERYTHING 💕💕💕 my sun, I hope you shine even brighter in 2k17 and you better not make too many other friends or I'll get jealous :( thank you for always being you and so proudly you and I love you!!! Happy New Years poh 💘

hehe i’m a week late to this but u love me still. <33 happy new years idiot -3- and STFU U MAKE LIKE 10 FRIENDS A DAY WHO ARE U TO TELL ME I CANT MAKE LIKE 1 FRIEND A MONTH!!! i love u and hate u at the same time but i mostly hate that you’re gonna abandon me in a week again but it ok IT OK I’M USED TO IT!!!! go have fun irl without me and i hope u have a year as gr8 as kji (was gonna say pcy but :) greatness is subjective) anyway i hope u leave and never come back so i wont have to be upset whenever u leave :/ bye bye

Inktober #1 - “Sightless Beauty” 

Sorry I’m a little late to this Inktober thing. I always forget about it and then I see all the lovely pieces for Inktober run across my dash, reminding me of this great month. 

I normally don’t do pieces like this, but I SHIP Kanan and Hera soooooo hard. They are totally space!married. Despite Kanan losing his sight, he still has his other senses so I’m absolutely certain that Kanan, upon feeling the warmth of the rising sun, would ask Hera to describe the sunset to him. 

Also, I did a background, guys! I suck at them and I did it! Yay! I plan on coloring dis. Enjoy!

Lucy's Letters | X

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Dear Natsu,

This has to be one of the most beautiful days of the year! The summer has just passed its peak, I think - and it’s great.

I’ve done enough moping around, too. The last month seemed to be a small low point for me, but I’m back up on my feet! Literally. I’m still working that waitress job, and it feels like I have barely any time to sit anymore. 

I still manage to find time for the occasional training, though! My stamina definitely has increased!

And now that autumn is slowly but surely approaching, the job luckily is a little less busy. In general, everything seems calmer. There’s been heavy winds lately, bringing fresh air from the north.

That reminds me - Gray and Juvia returned! They were gone for a long time, weren’t they? I am going to meet up with them later. I should get ready for that - gotta look pretty for the loverival, right? Ah, I’ve missed her, honestly. Though she seemed so solemn when she left… But she didn’t want to talk about it unless she had talked with Gray first.

But I’m starting to ramble on now. Gosh, there’s just so much to tell you!

Make sure you come back soon, or I might actually have to fill a whole novel to keep track of all the things going on.

Ah, and about what I almost said in that last letter - don’t worry about it. I got a hold of myself. Must have been the feelings overreacting, haha. Of course we’re friends, right? Just friends. Yes.

What a silly thought that was. Never mind it.

Anyways, I did some nice redecorations around your place, now that I have settled in. You’ll love it! Probably.

In fact, I’ve come to like it so much here - I might not even move out.

You’ll have to build your own house. You owe me one, right? It’s the least you could do. Ah, and fix the roof of this one while you’re at it.

Love, Lucy

The signs at work

Aries: having arguments with their supervisor all the time.

Taurus: spends less energy as possible on everything to still look like a very good employee.

Gemini: should only do work involving talking to people.

Cancer: trying their best but can’t handle any stress.

Leo: The centre of attention no matter what job.

Virgo: very hard working but also very stressed. Most likely to get a burn-out.

Libra: is always late with everything.

Scorpio: has the highest function even when it’s not on paper he’s just the boss

Sagittarius: can’t concentrate but comes up with great ideas.

Capricorn: employee of the month every month.

Aquarius: has his own company and isn’t able to work for someone else.

Pisces: can only work in a environment with positive vibes.

first & foremost i’m obligated to say thank you !! i’ve been here for approx 4-5 months, and i’m honestly surprised that i’ve stuck with fushimi so long. i’ve had small periods of inactivity & i’m an avid shitposter, but i’ve never really lost muse for him – somehow, i always wind up coming back to him. and i’m glad, bc regardless of how terrible i am at approaching people and initiating interactions, i’ve met some great people and still follow a ton of great people i’ve yet to pester. anyway, the list thing !!

the honourable mentions™

@togovernwithdecorum : i feel creepy talking about u so much lately but ?? if i’m going to do a bias list i can’t exclude u so. anyway !! you’re literally my second follower on this blog and i think you’re my #1 fan on my activity rn,, i’ve admired your writing and your love & understanding of reisi for so long - 4/5 months now, even - and i’m really glad i mustered the courage to talk to you, bc regardless of the fact you’re like 8400000 miles away you’re someone i consider a very good friend. i’m glad my love for saru has made you love him more, too, bc that’s sort of what my goal has become over time, other than to make him & everyone around me suffer. :0

@tattara : kayla don’t think u could escape this list. we’ve not been interacting lately & i’m shit at keeping up conversation and get distracted by everything but ?? u still put up with me so thank you. you’re another person who’s been about since p much my starting tumblr rp, and you - alongside zoe and lia - were my first ever sorta #goals on tumblr – i saw your writing, your characterisation, your theme & your icons and was like ???? how can i ever get these ppl to think i’m cool

@kusanagisan : ik we don’t interact anymore but on the subject of people being my aspiration, i’m sure u know that you were my goals even before i made my saru blog lmao. i never even use my main blog that i used to im you anymore, strangely -?? but ah, i’m really glad you took the time to speak to me about stuff then, bc without that i might never have made this blog or met the people that i have. ;;

@soulcrux : i love u. i was just gonna write that then move onto the next one but,,, heck. ik you’re not always active but i will wait 100 years for mei & saru to be shitty and gay together. yuyado is ok- but really, both of your muses are A+++ and… any other muse i’ve seen you play. you as a person !! are really really great - also u are pretty - and i need to stop being so dumb and speak to u more again bc talking to you is always sort of stress-relieving, somehow?? you’re really a great friend and person and,, i hope ur studying and game playing goes well.

@idealcst : somehow even now i’m sorta nervous about talking to you?? and i really really want to because i love you and your writing sm and you’re fun to speak with and,, all of your blogs are A+ quality, honestly. whenever we talk about our characters n’ stuff you somehow manage to make me feel rly special?? seriously, every time. sorry i’m so awkward about it, but it really means a lot to me, and i hope u know i love your portrayal of your characters just as much. ps. i’ve had half a response to yukari typed for like 2 weeks but i’m waiting to make icons of saru in his jungle coat & forgot where i made those caps las t time sobs.

@wildcrcw : i’ve used the word love so much,,, gross,,, but i love u too, and your portrayal - ( & general love ) - of the smol angry bean. you’re another person who’s managed to make me feel special and generally?? you’re so chill to speak to and i’m really bad with words and again i should make more of an effort to speak to u again i’m just so evasive about talking to people lately?? i should stop bc i miss you and we have quite a few threads now, i think? a couple of which i’d like to respond to, i’ve just been so tired & lazy then i forget they’re there. >:0

@thexintrepid : u …… the one who always lurks in the abyss. we’ve had our differences & i do get annoyed sometimes but honestly i hope you know i’d never just sorta disappear?? or hate you, or even dislike you, really. when it comes down to it, you’re a good friend & you do always try 2 be there when you know i need help or something– you’re also another person who i admire for … well, admiring their own muses. i’m biased & like kai best naturally :// but we should rp with other muses sometime !!

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