a monster that he has to defeat

Highest, highest praise for Stephen Amell’s performance this week. He swings from rage and despair to broken and hollow, and it’s effortless and effective and harrowing. Why is Oliver Queen consumed with guilt and blame and shame? Because the desires in his heart are dark — or they were, anyway. Has he worked through that darkness to defeat the monster? Does the growth that we’ve seen over the past five years represent his path out of the shadows?
—  Entertainment Weekly - 'Arrow’ recap: ‘Kapiushon’

You think your lives are bad? Just look at characters of SNK.

1)Saw his mother get eaten by his father’s ex wife.
2)Got eaten by a Titan.
3)Has an asshole for a father who forced Eren to become a Titan shifter and eat him, making Eren live with the guilt.
4)Inevitably was turned into the very thing he hated.
5)Everybody thought he was a monster.
6) Is hated because he chose the life of his best friend since forever over Erwin’s.
7)Has to live with his father’s shit memories as well.
8)Kidnapped several times.
9)Watched his entire squad get killed because he trusted them.
10)Found out that the girl he kind of looked upto turned out be a murderer and a titan shifter.
11)Found out his friends were actually the assholes that destroyed his life and the wall.
12) Has dick for a step brother.
13)Asshole Grisha may not even be his father
14)Even if he defeats the titans he’ll end up dying.

1) Saw her parents get murdered in front of her eyes.
2) Saw Carla, who was like a mother figure to her get eaten by a Titan.
3)Came to know that Eren her only surviving family killed off Grisha who gave her a home.
4)Is hated for being protective and loyal to the people she loves even if they are her only surviving family.
5)Is mostly in love with a suicidal, short tempered boy who gets kidnapped or almost killed every third chapter.
6)Became a soldier and worked as hard as she could to protect her only goal of being with Eren just to watch it shatter.
7)Going to have to watch Eren and Armin die eventually and not be able to do anything.
8)Probably the only one who is going to be left standing by the end of this war, with no family, having to start all over again facing her bigger fear of being alone and having absolutely no power to stop it no matter how hard she trained to prevent this exact outcome.
9)Dying would probably be a happier ending for her at this point.

2)Lost his grandparents too
3)Dumped with the guilt and responsibility of being chosen over Erwin even though he had nothing to do with it.
4)Has only thirteen more years to live
5)Has to watch his best friend die before him.
6)Total cinnamon roll who deserves much better.

1)Lost his mother.
2)Was Raised by Kenny.
3)Had a shit all childhood in the underground.
4)Lost his two closest friends.
5)Lost his entire freaking squad.
6)Had to give up his mentor and save Armin so that Erwin could finally be at peace.
7)Probably going to end up dying after killing Zeke in an epic show down.
8)Probably going to break before that, if Hange dies leaving him with literally no one.

I know that Eren and Armin have it bad (especially Eren) but Levi and Mikasa’s crappy lives really take the cake. I mean literally everybody Levi loves dies and nothing can be more cruel than leaving Mikasa alive as the last one standing, helpless and all alone at the end.

So I just saw the Yugioh: Dark Side of Dimensions movie in theaters this morning, so let me jot down a few of my favorite things from the experience, in no particular order

Yugioh Spoilers ahead

  • the care with which Kaiba’s six-pack was highlighted/shaded
  • Téa/Anzu is going abroad for dancing!!! (and the gang graduates, finally)
  • Kaiba Corp space station
  • which by the way is connected to the earth via elevator
  • Lemme repeat that
  • Kaiba has an elevator to space
  • The Blue Eyes White Jet is still there.
  • Mokuba has a cute little suit and vest
  • Turns out the rules in card games are optional, and you can summon whichever monsters you like
  • Yugi’s eyes are still huge but are a bit more square–he’s growing older!!!
  • Kaiba never… technically loses a duel this movie.
  • Also Kaiba defeats your pathetic magic with TECHNOLOGY!
  • seriously Kaiba is a gold mine
  • “You think you can defeat me with fruit!?”
  • Kaiba’s puffy sleeves of his battle city trenchcoat hold a piece of his new DUEL DISK SYSTEM
  • The fangirl sitting next to me was squealing about her ships when the characters did anything to hint at it (it was quite fun, seeing as I was at the movies alone–we briefly bonded in the dark theater)
  • Obelisk the Tormentor shows up once. 
  • Once.
  • “Ah but he’s not a monster. He’s a god.” And then Obelisk ignores effects targeting monster cards.
  • Yugi, while running around searching for his missing friend, says (approx.) “Man, my cardio is really bad.”
  • Kaiba sacrifices himself for Yugi holy shit
  • Buuuuuuuut as he’s disappearing he says “Bring back the Pharaoh, Yugi”
  • In fact, his entire motivation for the length of the movie is nothing but “I’m gonna duel the Pharaoh for real and I’m gonna win”
  • The antagonist attacks like 7 times on his first turn (second turn, if he was first to go)
  • There’s a nice message about not letting fear rule you, because fear leads to hate which leads to a corrupted world
  • and um
  • I need to say it
  • Kaiba um, he
  • Kaiba builds a device/tron suit to travel dimensions, uses it to travel to the afterlife(?), walks through ancient egypt in his tron suit, and goes to challenge Atem to a duel
  • Atem smiles, and the movie ends
  • Also Mokuba is in charge now

“yuuri is so lucky his idol came to his home and fell in love with him. I want to be lucky like yuuri too.”

Sure, he didn’t devote his 10+ years of his life to figure skating, so devoted that he can’t even make friends because he’s tad obsessed with being on the same ice with the said idol. And when he’s facing the crushing defeat, he trained himself to skate his idol’s FS to get his love for skating back. I mean, that’s a lot of effort. The monster that is Victor Nikiforov has one hell of an FS…

Yuuri worked so hard. He’s no genius yet he’s one of the 6 best male skaters in the world and he’s the Japan’s ace.

Can you even put that much determination and hard work? Sure the sisters uploaded the viral video, but it’s his life, raw and bare, years of blood sweat and tears, that he showed there.

Like… I get it that Victor is an enigma but Yuuri is no lottery ticket winner.

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Himitsu-san, I noticed that, besides some photos, nobody is actually talking about Choudenshi Bioman, It's something that I found strange, considering the fact that the show is so unique.

Choudenshi Bioman is a GREAT SHOW!

Not only was it the VERY first series to give us two female heroes but it also started the trend of letting yellow be of either gender. 

I would say Bioman was where the Sentai formula we know today was firmly established but it had one major, and important, deviation. It has no human sized monsters of the week.  Every weekly opponent was a giant robot created by the series’ antagonist Dr. Man.

Sure, he had henchpeople (well robots as he built all of them himself) and they served the basic function of the weekly monster as each of them would take turns with a new scheme every episode but they weren’t defeated at the end of the episode like a typical monster.

Instead, they rely on their giant robots to both accomplish their schemes and fight the heroes.  These giant robots are called Canths.  They have a naming scheme of something followed by the word Canth.  Some examples include:

Mummy Canth

Piranha Canth

Hammer Canth

Later on in the series, everyone gets an upgrade, including the giant robots of the week.  At this point they switch the naming constant to Megas.  For example:

Satan Megas

This really makes the series stand out and puts a larger focus on giant robot combat than in any series before or since.  It was also where the giant robot fight choreography really came into its own.  

Before Bioman, most of the robot fights were exceptionally clumsy and very brief.  They were end of the episode, almost perfunctory, additions pretty much tacked on to sell toys.  With the monsters of the week ALWAYS being giant in Bioman, the giant robot combat became more important and the fights longer. It helped that Bio Robo was a bit easier to move in than some of the previous robot costumes as well.

Then, of course, there is the late addition to the series, a NEW antagonist not connected in any way to the series big bads.  This was Bio Hunter Silva and he is the very definition of Rad.

Silva is a robot built for the singular purpose of eliminating anything containing Bio Particles from the universe.  He reminds me a lot of Hakaider from Kikaider in both design and attitude.  Unfortunately, the heroes of the series gain their powers from Bio Particles so… yeah, that’s not good for them.

So yeah, Choudenshi Bioman is a unique entry in the franchise and one that was not just a success in Japan but exported around the world. It was popular in the Phillipines, Thailand and even South Korea despite the ban on Japanese culture that was in effect at the time.  In Europe, it became popular in France and was released on Home Video in Greece becoming an introduction for Westerners to the joys of Super Sentai.

Edit: Anchor Megas was actually Ancher Canth…. whoops so I removed him from the post.



I mean, first of all, why Toffee HAS such book when not even Star has something like that? That book it’s about the wand and it’s WAAAY more organized than her glossary.

Second, why did he need the book? He could just do whatever he wants with the wand and with the glossary, but he STUDY the wand…

Then, in the season finale, Toffee ask Star to destroy the wand. He could do ANYTHING with the wand, but he decides it’s best to destroy.

He even KNOWS that Star’s mother had given her the spell and it was the very first she learned! He confirms it’s the spell when she thinks out loud “The Whispering Spell”… HOW THE HELL HE EVEN KNOWS THAT?!

And there’s more. He has a plan for the broken wand. We could dismiss and think it was his mistake trying to get rid of the one thing that make Star easily defeat monsters, but a second before he says “gentleman, it’s been a pleasure”. He broke their agreement which means he accomplished his goal.

Everyone could think he had made a mistake when the wand exploded right after, but then we have this scene…


He KNEW the wand would explode, he knew it could destroy him, he KNEW EVERYTHING!

And then the Wand upgrades and there’s a missing piece.

And let’s pay a little more attention on these facts: look at the Queen face when she mention everything Star did…

Then Star gives her the wand…

As soon as she sees the wand, this is her face!

The calm, serious and indifferent Queen is freaking WORRIED.

Star knows she was supposed to be mad, but when her mother hugs her, she says “I’m always mad. I’m just glad you’re safe”. Which means that she knows  it wasn’t supposed to happen and that Star was in serious danger to came to the point of the wand became shattered.

As soon as Star leaves She says “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing, River” and the King tried to calm her down. They talk to Glossarick, and when he sees the wand he became also worried.


THE WAND DIDN’T CHANGED! It was supposed to be changed to fit whoever holds it, but it didn’t change back to what it was when her mother takes it!

Glossarick says then “I hope you find the pieces soon”, and the piece show up to somewhere…




THIS WAS TOFFEE PLAN! He wants the wand shattered, he’s probably looking for the missing piece, he has some kind of plan for it!

This went too deep and I’m freaking out for the next season!!!!

Beach City Gothic
  • There is a statue carved in to the mountain. You know this. Everyone knows this. You ask, once, who the statue is of. No one knows. There are whispers, hardly spoken. It is a temple. You ask who it is a temple to. No one knows. 
  • A monster attacks the town. You have never seen anything like it. Protectors you have never met step forward and defeat it. They leave before you can thank them. You rebuild what has been destroyed. A monster attacks the town. You have never seen anything like it.
  • There is a boy. His name is Steven. You do not know how you met him. You ask when he came to the town. He has always lived here, someone says, he’s Greg’s son. You think that you have met Greg. You ask where Steven lives. No one knows. No one ever knows. You don’t know anything about Steven. You like him anyways.
  • There is no school. There is never any school. School is out for the summer, they say, but you continue to receive grades. You haven’t been to school. You have never been to school. They continue to send you grades. You’re getting worse.
  • You sit on the beach with your feet in the water. The tide pulls out. You worry that it will not return. The tide returns. It always returns. You don’t remember why you ever worried.
  • The cool kids drive past you. You don’t remember ever meeting them, but you know they are cool. You can’t remember a time when they weren’t the cool kids. You know their names. They do not know yours.
  • You don’t know your name.
  • They are holding the mayoral elections. Mayor Dewey is campaigning. You do not know who he is running against. You do not know if there is someone he is running against. He wins the elections by a landslide. He continues to campaign. He can not stop. There has always been a Mayor Dewey. There will always be a Mayor Dewey.
  • You can not name your parents, but you know that they mean well. They always mean well. You are certain you still live with them, but you don’t know where you live. You do not know your name. You are certain that your parents love you.
  • There are strangers on the pier. They do not look human. You greet them politely and treat them as if they are normal. They are normal. You don’t know why anyone would ever assume otherwise. You think that they are heroes, but you don’t know what they have saved. You treat them with respect anyways.
  • No one ever speaks of the war. You ask someone, once, and they can not remember. The world has always been this strange. There is nothing to fear. You do not ask again.
  • Every day the boats go out to fish. You have never seen them leave or return, only appear and disappear. They return with fish. They always return with fish. You have never seen anyone eat the fish. It is forbidden. You do not know where the fish go.
  • If you walk far enough you will find old places, ruined, full of artifacts. None of them have been blocked off, but you know not to enter. These places are dangerous. It is better to pretend that they don’t exist. 
  • There are lights in the sky that are not stars. Sometimes they grow brighter and fade away. Other times they grow larger. Always larger. Approaching. You do not know when they will arrive.
  • Earthquakes shake the town. There are always Earthquakes.
  • Keep Beach City Weird, the boy says. Beach City has never been weird. Everyone dismisses what he has to say as nonsense. This is normal. Beach City is normal. He never talks to you about the fact you don’t have a name. You wouldn’t know what to say.
  • Steven does something. “Classic Steven”, you say, but you can not remember what makes you say that. You know him. Everyone knows him. He always looks the same. A part of you wonders how. The rest of you replies, “Classic Steven.”
  • One of the strangers is purple. If you look at her long enough, she will shift form. You are not certain she is real. You start to watch other things, waiting to see them shift forms. Most of the time, they do nothing.
  • Half of the games on the boardwalk are out of order. You wait for the repair crew. You are always waiting for the repair crew. You do not know if they can even be repaired, now.
  • There are some plants that you do not go near. You have not seen a Rose in a long time. One day, watermelons are added to the list. You do not know who added it, but no one has eaten watermelons since.
  • They hold a parade each year. You know this. You remember having watched the parade, but you do not know what it is for. You do not know when it is held. No one does. It seems uncertain the parade will ever come. You wait for the parade.
  • There is only one empty lot you have ever seen, and it sits behind the Big Donut. Nothing is ever built there. You do not know who owns the lot, but it is empty.
  • You miss your parents. You aren’t certain when they left, or if they are even gone. You miss them anyways.
  • You are always friendly. You have always been friendly. You accept all of the strangers. Except for the ones who have been run out of town. You do not talk about them, except in rude whispers. What a jerk, you say. You are friendly. You do not want to be run out of town.
  • There are storage units. They do not look large enough to hold much. You walk in to one and you walk. You keep walking. There is no end to the storage units. You could spend your entire life in the storage units. When you finally walk out, you are not to certain as to if you’ve actually left. You do not enter one again.
  • Do not go up to the lighthouse, they tell you. You would go up when you were young, in hordes, and not all of you would come back. You see children playing in the green. You want to warn them, but you are too afraid to get close.
  • The funland amusement park and the funland arcade sit on opposite sides of the town. You tried to walk between them, but you arrived before you started. You do not know where the switch occurs. You do not care.
  • At night you sleep easily. You do not remember the things that should keep you awake at night. Sometimes, in your dreams, you will see Steven. He is not a part of this dream. Classic Steven, you think. You don’t know what anything means.

Okay but imagine Lance going on a mission to liberate a planet and the inhabitants wanting to adorn him in their versions of tattoos and he’s like “Heck yeah, ink me.” because, I mean, you know he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to receive some kind of decoration that symbolizes his heroism and bravery. So they give him this long space monster dragon thing, like the one he had to defeat to save them, snaking it’s way up and around his arm up to his shoulder. He goes back to the castle and he’s showing Hunk when Keith walks around the corner and nearly has a heart attack because not only is Keith pining for Lance but he’s also a sucker for guys with tattoos.

okay so i’ve been marathoning the harry potter movies and i just finished the half-blood prince and can i just say that harry goes through so fucking much??

Like first of all: the Dursley’s the fucking Dursley’s who treat him like shit and call him worthless and a monster and never show him any affection. And dudley who makes sure he never has any friends and bullies him throughout his entire childhood. Not to mention that harry sleeps in a fucking cupboard for ten years of his life.

Then when he’s eleven, eleven, he faces off with Voldemort completely alone and kills Professor Quirrel.

Then when he’s TWELVE he fights a giant fucking snake with a giant ass sword and accepts that he’s probably going to die because it’s bites him but he lives and Voldemort is defeated again

Then when he’s thirteen he runs away from home and is hunted by a convicted felon then he travels back in time and saves said criminal NOT TO MENTION THE PART WHERE HE FIGHTS OFF A HUNDRED DEMENTORS AT ONCE AT THIRTEEN YEARS OLD

At fourteen he’s entered into a tournament that people die in and everyone even his best friend hate him for it. He faces ostracism and dragons and then VOLDEMORT HIMSELF AND HE WATCHES A FRIEND DIE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS EYES AND THEN NO ONE BELIEVES HIM OH MY FUCKING GOD HOW

fifteen: this year is a fucking mess. He has to deal with nightmares, umbridge, people not believing him, umbridge, his own hormones and angst, umbridge, dumbledore abandoning him, severus fucking snape, he fights off Voldemort again, he’s POSESSED BY VOLDEMORT BRIEFLY, he loses his godfather and the closest connection he has to his parents

at sixteen he is caught between the romantic drama of his two best friends, he almost kills draco, has to force feed Dumbledore -his mentor- a potion while Dumbledore pleads for him to stop, gets dragged into a lake by zombie things, and he has to standby and watch dumbledore die while feeling completely helpless


my point is that even though he goes through all this shit he is still a bucket of fucking sunshine. He isn’t bitter, cynical or mean. He believes the best in everyone and always tries to help people. He works to save the world even when the world turns it’s back on him.

I kept waiting for him to break down, at least once. I was like okay and now he’s going to have a panic attack because there is no way one person could go through all of that and be okay but he never did.

Harry Potter is the bravest and most incredible character to ever exist and if you don’t think so then you better have some good arguments and a fucking powerpoint presentation ready because that’s the only way i will ever accept that opinion.

|-/ B L U R R Y F A C E |-/

okay so I have listened to ‘stressed out’ so many times now like it has been on repeat for about the whole day and iv been going over the whole concept of 'blurryface’ and I think I’m finally starting to understand what it means.

So, I think throughout Tyler and Josh’s life they have went through a lot and this album is explaining all the things they have had to overcome and about defeating their own blurryface.

Things like the hanging microphone symbolises the “noose” that was referenced a lot in Vessel as “music” being the thing that has saved Tyler’s life.

Also about the black paint covering his hands and neck might symbolise the parts that his demons have effected. So his vocal chords and and his fingers that he uses to write music.

Overall, I don’t think blurryface is a monster. I don’t even think that he’s a real life creature. I think that we all have our own different type of blurryface created in our heads.

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Hi Lou- Cindy- SA used the word that O will be "resigned" after P tortures him and he reveals his dark secret. This phrasing scares me. Is he resigned that he is a monster or that he needs to be w/o his love from now on. I realize there are 5 more episodes after this- hopefully, enough time for him to realize he is not a monster and love/ friendship are what keeps him human

It’s the usual - everyone is at their lowest ebb before the final triumphant surge at the end - kinda bit, Cindy. It always has to be darkest before the dawn. The hero has to look utterly defeated and for all hope to be lost before he rallies at the last moment and saves the day. 

The writers have promised us a completion of Oliver’s story by the end of S5 and I believe them. He will sort out his demons once and for all, emotional, psychological, romantic - the whole thing, and come together as a complete man and hero. That’s been the point of the whole journey. We’re heading towards a soft reboot in S6, and a big part of the reason we’re doing that IMO, will be because the theme of Oliver trying to find the hero inside the monster will be over and done with. 

This is Arrow. They wrap things up in the last 4 minutes of the final episode. We have tonnes of time left. ;) 


“I mean, I just don’t get it. What the hell could cause bites like that? It’s obviously not a werewolf. Wrong moon cycle and not to mention that these bites are bigger in diameter than a werewolf,” Dean groaned as he leaned back in his chair. He ran a tired hand through his hair.

Sam leaned back also and shut his laptop.

“I don’t know, Dean. I’ll start making some calls to see if anyone else has seen or heard of something like this,” he replied.

You looked up from the research that was spread out around you. You were just as stumped as they were about what this monster could be. And you hated the fact that they looked so defeated. They were the freaking Winchesters. They always came out on top. They always won.

“Don’t worry about it guys. You’ll figure it out because you’re not the Losechesters,” you said with a smile.

Both of the brothers froze and stared at you.

Your smile started to fall from your face and you thought that they didn’t get your joke.

“You get it? You’re the Win-chesters,” You put emphasis on ‘win’. “You guys always…win.”

You saw that Sam started to smirk while Dean scoffed.

“Wow,” he said. “You keep saying things like that and we’ll become the Losechesters.”

Based off of what Jared said during Comic Con just incase you didn’t figure that out.


Anyways …

The amount of awe I have for Feyre during the first challenge, I can’t even describe it. This monster worm is who knows how old and has killed who knows what, he’s obviously very well fed. I get squeamish just thinking about his size, rows of teeth, the stench of the tunnels, ugh. But Feyre, A HUMAN, defeats it (with the help of a well-timed yell from Lucien).
The reason I love this *particular* snippet is because Rhysand admires Feyre too. You can almost tell that this is when he knows betting on her to win was the right choice. Feyre is smart and determined and gives herself little to no credit throughout the entire book, but right here, Rhysand is letting this faerie know, Feyre IS capable.

A vague meta-concept for a game, free to anyone who can make good use of it –

The game requires exactly three players.  This is because there are three roles in the story: Hero, Maiden, and Monster.

In the broadest sense, there is only one way the story can play out.  The Monster, who is transgressive, lays a claim on the Maiden, who is desirable and pure.  The Hero contests this claim, defeats the Monster, and saves the Maiden.  Everyone knows that this is how things are going to go.  Everyone accepts it.  Why else would you become a Hero, a Maiden, or a Monster in the first place?

But this primordial story-skeleton has room for lots of variation.  And it is within those variations that the conflicting interests of the participants play out. 

The Hero believes that the story should be an adventure story, or (with extreme success) an action story.  He wants the tale to be a showcase for his skill, his bravery, and his savoir-faire.  In his eyes, the Monster should be primarily a gnarly obstacle that he can use to show off his stuff, and the Maiden should be a Men’s Own Fantasy prize that he receives for being so awesome. 

The Maiden believes that the story should be a comedy of manners in the spirit of Jane Austen, or (with extreme success) a rom-com.  She wants the tale to be a showcase for her charm, her character, and her pathos.  In her eyes, the Hero should be a Woman’s Own Fantasy prize that she receives for being so lovable, and the Monster should be unpleasant and unworthy (so as to demonstrate how much better she deserves) but fundamentally non-threatening. 

The Monster believes that the story should be a gothic melodrama, or (with extreme success) a horror story.  It wants the tale to be a showcase for its memorably weird nature and for the profundity of the threat that it represents.  In its eyes, the Maiden should be reduced to spellbound helplessness by its grasp, and the Hero should be a blank-faced cypher serving as an agent of Inexorable Fate. 

Gameplay consists of the three of them tussling with one another over these issues, and collectively shaping a narrative through their attempts to get as much of what they want as they can. 

(I honestly don’t even know whether this should be an indie tabletop RPG, or a silly John Kovalic-esque card game, or what.)

Link: The Faces of Evil and Morrowind share pretty much the same plot

A hero is sent off by his king…

To a distant island to fulfill a prophecy…

Along the way, he must collect various powerful, magical items…

So that he can defeat a powerful being who lives underneath a volcano…

Who has been turning the island’s inhabitants into monsters

Smol rant


I`ll admit I like male Jesse better than female Jesse idk why but part of it is F Jesse`s frEAKing high pitched voice I mean ill read a fanfic if it has both Jesses in it but why not give Male Jesse some love?????? Like, he almost never gets used in fanfics and most of the fanfics are just about Lukesse and I just feel like Male Jesse goes by unnoticed its the feminists isnt it ALSO I hate it when they make Jesse to weak or dumb in a fanfic he KILLED A GIANT MONSTER AND STOPPED A KILLER AND AIDEN AND DEFEATED THE OLD BUILDERS AND A COMPUTER HES NOT THAT F**KING WEAK AND HES NOT STUPID EITHER ok im sorry but I`m not saying to make him OP af just not make him a wimp

 I also dont like it when people make F Jesse really girly ;w; Like F Jesse is a LADY with a SWORD and ARMOR AND THE LEADER OF A TEAM OF HEROES SOMETIMES would girly grls do dirty work? probably not

And also………………….. stop hating on Sebastian >:C

Asgore is pretty intelligent

Asgore gets a lot of flack for being an oaf and for seeming so dull, but the fact remains that even his own manipulative son, with unlimited tries giving him the ability to do every possible choice in the underground, was unable to get Asgore to show him the human souls.

Asgore is kind, gentle, polite, and an all round big softy, but he is still so intelligent and resolute that Flowey had to wait until a final human could fall down and be tricked into defeating Asgore. Flowey says he has been able to kill almost everyone, but he could never kill Asgore, because somehow Asgore could see through him and bring himself to kill what twisted soulless creature remained of his own son he already lost once before.

Asgore is one of, if not the strongest, monsters in the underground, it’s just that he can barely bring himself to fight you, a human that looks like Chara, with the same color soul and same eyes that shine with determination.

@the yugioh fandom

Does anyone remember the huge art switch from season zero to duel monsters? When I first read the series that was the funniest thing mostly because of kaiba.

I mean, season zero kaiba: green hair, short as yugi practically, hair is larger than his head, and covers his eyes, looks super shady, like really shady, smiles creepily, hires serial killers and writes messages in ink that looks like blood, trapped joey in a room with an axe murderer, has a little brother whom he allows to poison the group, and never apologizes for his freaking psychopathy.

Then suddenly, duel monsters kaiba or more specifically late duel monsters kaiba: brown hair, grew like three feet, hair now about the size of his face, sexy, thin, ripped, fantastic fashion sense, tsundere, antihero, believes himself to be not as evil as Marik, more concentrated on defeating Yugi than killing him, secretly kind of a nice guy who is conscious of the example he sets for his brother.

It’s like he went through a shoujo manga girl transformation sequence, let his dark side fall to the ground in the form of a pair of glasses or a wig or something, then came up as the sexiest man on the block with sparkles in his eyes and a pretty flower background in the panel, saving damsels and charming a fan club.