a mommy a kitty a baby

I just wanna be called

Kitten 🐱
Baby girl
Princess 👸
Cute stuff
Cutie pie
Love ❤️
Little one
Baby doll
Pookie 😂
Little sweet
Little lady
Little girl

Pacifiers On A Budget

As requested by several anons, a list of pacifiers that aren’t super expensive. I’ve also included pacifier buddies (cute stuffies that clip onto your pacis) and pacifier clips (you attach these to your pacifier then clip them on your clothes, so you don’t get your pacis dirty anymore if you drop them.)

I’ve included adult pacifiers and pacifiers designed for babies. You can use whichever you prefer, but adult ones will be more comfortable and can be used longer as a result. If you’re worried about baby ones hurting your teeth, they’re not going to mess up the alignment or anything, as long as you stop using them if your mouth, jaw, or teeth start hurting. If you want to modify a baby pacifier to have an adult nipple, I shared a guide here.

Adult Pacifiers

🍼 Black $8.99 White $7.92 Blue $7.92 Pink $7.92 Green $7.92 Orange $7.92 Yellow $8.99

🍼 Purple, Pink, & Blue Set $14.50 Purple, Yellow, & Green Set $14.50 Black, White, & Brown Set $14.50 Purple, White, & Yellow Set $13.95 Green, Orange, Purple $13.95

Baby Girl Pacifiers

🍼 Sleepy Bunny + Moon & Stars Pacifier Set $5.99

🍼 Mermaid + Seahorse Paciifer Set $7.49

🍼 Pink Bunny + Purple Butterfly Pacifier Sets $7.99

🍼 Daddy’s Girl + Princess in Training Pacifier Set $4.61

🍼 I <3 Daddy + Pink Heart Pacifier Set $7.49 I <3 Mommy $10.56

🍼 Purple Butterfly + Purple Flowers Pacifier Set $6.35

🍼 Princess + Princess in Training Pacifier Set $9.98

🍼 Hello Kitty Pacifier Set $6.33 🍼 Hello Kitty Purple Pacifier $9.29

🍼 Cute Elephant + Kitty Pacifier Set $10.56

🍼 Glittery Pink Pacifier $8.85

🍼 Pink Flowery Pacifier $4.44

Baby Boy Pacifiers

🍼 Astronaut + Rocket Ship Pacifier Set $5.18

🍼 Blue Elephant + Blue Pattern Pacifier Set $7.49

🍼 Sleepy Elephant + Moon & Stars Pacifier Set $8.41

🍼 Blue Bears Pacifier Set $5.97

🍼 I <3 Mommy + Blue Heart Pacifier Set $7.49 I <3 Daddy $8.04

🍼 Sports Pacifier Set $4.61

🍼 Baby Bear + Baby Rhino Pacifier Set $7.49

🍼 Baby Elephant + Baby Fox $7.73

🍼 Puppy Pacifier $4.45

🍼 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pacifier $6.00

Gender-Neutral Pacifiers

🍼 Star-Themed Pacifiers Set $5.40 Pink $5.99

🍼 Silly Monsters $6.99

🍼 Penguin + Stars Pacifier Set $5.98 Purple Version $10.95

🍼 Panda Pacifier $4.66

🍼 Bunny Pacifier $7.98

🍼 Winnie the Pooh + Tigger Pacifier Set $11.89

🍼 Lion Pacifier $5.99

Pacifier Clips

🍼 Pink Ribbon Bear Pacifier Clip $4.10 Blue Version $5.49

🍼 Pink Polka Dot Pacifier Clip $6.99  Green Version $5.67

🍼 Pink Lotus Flower Pacifier Clip $6.79

🍼 Princess Pacifier Clip $4.49

🍼 Firetruck Pacifier Clip $2.99

🍼 Dinosaur Pacifier Clip $6.99

🍼 Airplane Pacifier Clip $6.00

🍼 Girly Elephant Pacifier Clip $6.00

🍼 Tractor Pacifier Clip $6.00

🍼 Pink & White Checkered Pacifier Clip $6.49

🍼 Blue Chevron Pacifier Clip $6.49

🍼 Blue & White Striped Pacifier Clip $7.28

🍼 Bowtie Pacifier Clip $9.95

🍼 Necktie Pacifier Clip $11.99

🍼 White Lace Pacifier Clip $9.99

Pacifier Buddies

🍼 Lamb Pacifier Buddy $13.95

🍼 Tabby Kitten Pacifier Buddy $13.95 Pink Kitty $13.95

🍼 Lion Pacifier Buddy $15.31

🍼 Elephant Pacifier Buddy $14.88

🍼 Dinosaur Pacifier Buddy $13.60 Alternate $13.95

🍼 Bunny Pacifier Holder $11.99

🍼 Unicorn Pacifier Holder $14.98

🍼 Tiger Pacifier Buddy $16.95

🍼 Fox Pacifier Buddy $14.98

🍼 Pink Bunny Blanket Pacifier Holder $16.98 Lamb Blankie $16.98

🍼 Penguin Pacifier Buddy $13.95

🍼 Blue Bear Pacifier Buddy $13.95 Pink Version $13.95

All prices above are valid as of 09/13/2017 22:49. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Cute Nicknames

- Mommy/Daddy/Nonny
- Mama/Dada/Nana
- King/Queen/Majesty
- Master
- Alpha
- Mister/Miss
- Sir/Ma'am
- Mama/Papa Bear

- Little Girl/Boy/One
- Prince(ss)/Princet(te)
- Cub
- Angel
- Mousy
- Bubba/Bubby/Bubs
- Bunny
- Kitten/Kitty
- Puppy/Pup
- Foxy
- Doll
- Pumpkin
- Bumblebee
- Buttercup
- Love bug
- Pet
- Peach
- Little/Baby bear
- Lover (Boy/Girl)
- Jelly Bean
- Munchkin
- Sprout
- Squirt
- Bugaboo
- Sweet Pea
- Tootsie

The Guardian of the Bump

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Figaro universe + mpreg!Tony

summary: Tony is becoming increasingly uncomfortable during pregnancy and the solution to his problems comes from an unexpected place.

length: 1 491 words

warning: male pregnancy

a/n: some time ago I asked what kind of fics would you like to read more, and listed some of my universes and mpreg fics and Figaro fics, and @kigichi being the helpful person she is, yelled “BOTH!!” so, as a bday gift for her, I share with you all this fic! hope you like it, go wish @kigichi a happy birthday and don’t forget to like and comment! Happy Birthday, friend!! Hope your dreams will come true!


The Guardian of the Bump

Tony gritted his teeth, trying to last. Everything was irritating him. The covers were too itchy, it was too hot and his back ached. Every minute or so he experienced a pulsating pain in his stomach that kept him awake. He didn’t want to complain. This was his to endure.

“Mhmp…” a small, muffled groan slipped past his lips, when his stomach was pierced again, stronger than before, which caught him off guard. Maybe it was safe and no one heard it…

Wishful thinking.

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If ANYTHING happens to my daughter…

Originally posted by dianadethemyscira

A/N: just a bunch of protective mom diana

“Mommy why are you crying?” Your daughter, Athena had to ask. You sigh as you grip the steering wheel, feeling a lot of emotions. Unlike your wife, Diana, she was a crying mess as she gripped your daughters hand the whole time.

“Because my little one is going to school!” She exclaimed, looking back at Athena, grinning. “My beautiful baby is all grown up.”

You hear your daughter giggle. “Mommies! Can you please come in.”

“Yes ho-”

“Of course baby!” Your wife interrupted. You couldn’t help but chuckle at how enthusatic the brunette was about your guys daughter.

Ever since Athena was born, she vowed to protect you and Athena and although you were grateful, she could be very over protective.

“Did you get everything?” Diana asks Athena and the little girl nods eagerly.

“Yes Mommy! Mama gave me everything this morning.” You grinned happily as you turned to get a glimpse of your beautiful daughter. She was dressed in assortment of colors, not just one, with a hello Kitty backpack and a lunch bag to match it.

Athena looked a lot like Diana, brown, long hair, beautiful creamy skin and plump lips, but you were both certain she had your eyes and nose. She was probably the most beautiful kid ever (not to mention she was technically a demi god.)

You pulled the car in, parking and you could’ve sworn Diana was already out the door before you even parked. She picked up Athena, putting her up on her very big shoulders as you watched happily.

“be careful, Diana, you are very tall and she could hit her head.” You heard a little gasp from the Amazon and she made sure to protect Athena’s little head.

With a little guidance from the teachers (and a lot of apologies because all Diana did was glare and threaten for the safety of her daughter) you found her room. It was small and perfect just for kids her age. Diana looked around, very confused and new to this kind of environment but you grabbed her hand, reassuring.

“It’s alright,” you whisper, and you hear the superhero sniffle. “I swear to zeus himself,” she grumbles. “I will destroy anyone who even look at Athena wrong-”

“Baby!” You wrap your arms around Diana, pulling her close so she didn’t actually hurt anyone. “it will be alright. Trust me.”

She grumbled again, kissing the top of your forehead before pulling away slightly.

“let’s go home before I actually freak out.”

“good idea.”

dangerous woman; ariana grande

submission by the wonderful, naressa

“And that’s a wrap!” the director shouts, punctuating his announcement with applause from himself and other members of the cast. Ariana, who’d been seductively batting her mascared lashes in front of the camera seconds before, goes from femme fatale to the princess you call your girlfriend, tossing her head back and giggling in delight.

This, by far, has been one of her favorite music videos to shoot. You sure know it’s yours. The Dangerous Woman visual allows your girlfriend’s fans to get a glimpse of what you receive every night — lingerie, long waves of hair, and thigh-highs. She’s everyone’s dream.

And she’s all yours.

Black Louboutins sound across the floor as the songstress bounds over to you, throwing her arms around your neck and delivering the softest of pecks to your glossed lips. Unfortunately, it does little to soothe the ache between your legs. “Did you like it, baby?”

“Loved it,” you purr. Delicate fingers tuck loose strands of hair behind the shell of her ear and down her back. You dip your head into the crook of her scented neck, suckling on the exposed skin. Ariana cranes her head to the side the way she always does; she’s always willing to give herself to you. “You look so fucking hot.”

She gasps. Whether it’s the effect of your hands on the curve of her ass or the teeth you’ve sunk into her delectable skin, you aren’t sure.

“Y/N,” she whines. it brings another wave of pleasure to your core. “There are people watching.”

It’s easy to get lost in your own little world when with Ariana. Despite being more than a familiar face and constantly having fans approach her, she’s always the only person you see. You’re always on your best behavior when around them. (Even if you do slip in a few cheeky comments about your sex life every now and again.) But there’s something about here and now that just makes you want to release your inhibitions.

“What can I say? It’s the dangerous woman in me.” You pull away from her neck with an audible pop, peering down at the tiny starlet with a wink.

“Well, save some of that dangerous woman for when we get home.” She leans into you once more. This time, a long leg slips between yours. “I just wanna fuck the shit outta you.”

There’s no way in hell you’ll be able to wait that long. Damn that LA traffic.

“Why wait?” Your fingers press into her left ass cheek for only a moment before they’re interlocking with Ari’s and you’re tugging her to her dressing room.

Her giggles echo throughout the studio. “You’re so bad,” she laughs.

“Shush, you know you like it.”

It’s a short trek to Ariana’s dressing room and with a hurried turn of the doorknob, you’re pulling your girlfriend inside. “Be a good girl and take that off for me, yeah?” you request before locking the door.

“Yes, Mommy.”

By the time you turn around the petite brunette is just about to remove her heels. “No, no. Keep those on. You’re just the sexiest thing in heels.” A blush paints her cheeks, only growing darker the longer you stare. You really lucked out with Ariana. Her breasts are the perfect shape, nipples a light brown color, and a deliciously trimmed cunt.

She’s so sexy.

She’s so beautiful.

“C'mon, Mommy, don’t you want your Kitten’s kitty?” she cooes in that baby voice she only uses when she’s desperate. You’d keep her and her kitty waiting longer if you weren’t just as wanting. She pivots on her heels and bends over the leather couch, displaying her pert ass and the glossy pair of lips below them. She sways her hips. “C'mon, Mommy, come take a lick.”

You don’t need to be told twice.

You manage to remove your sweatpants as you walk over to her with very few stumbles. Hell, you could’ve fallen flat on your face and still gotten up. That’s just how good her pussy is. The gray joggers have been left somewhere behind you, but the lacy underwear is caught at your ankles and as you sink to your knees, you’re too lazy to care.

You knead the soft skin of her ass with both hands, watching in wonderment as the usually tan glow turns pink under your force. You knead and knead and knead and spank! Ariana trembles forward from the force, a whimper leaving her lips. You only admire the handprint you’ve left for seconds before spank! She cries out this time, but the wriggling of her ass tells you she isn’t in any unwanted pain. You deliver swat after swat to the same cheek for some time. It’s after the eighth or so slap that your hand dips, thumb running across her slit. Your princess moans.

“So wet, Kitten,” you murmur. “Who made you this wet?”

“You, Mommy.” Her voice cracks. And it’s so damn hot.

“Who made you this wet?” you repeat, slipping a thumb inside her tight hole.


In spite of her orders, you remove your thumb, press a delicate kiss to her lips, and deliver a blow to her right butt cheek. For how desperate she is, the singer takes her spankings like a trooper, knowing that when it’s over she’ll finally get the release she deserves.

And she does.

Plump lips are on her forbidden fruit once more, sucking and licking between her folds. She tastes so good, just as a princess should. The longer you taste her, the hungrier you become, and soon enough the obscene sounds of you eating her out is the only thing louder than her moans.

“Oh, Mommy. Just like that, Mommy. That feels so good,” she squeals. But you want her to sing. You want her to hit those notes some people only dream of when she finally comes undone, so you force a middle finger inside of her. “Yes! Yes!” Her walls, slick with greed, suck the digit in until you’re knuckle deep in her sopping cunt. “Another one, Mommy, please!”

You pull away from her pussy with a smack of your lips, sheen with her juices. “Anything you want, baby girl.” Your index finger joins the mix, thrusting in and out of your princess’s princess parts. You decide to push your luck by adding a third finger, but it seems to be exactly what she wanted, fore she’s singing in no time. Especially when you move your fingers up, up, and yeah, that’s the spot. You relentlessly pound into the sensitive area, long nails drumming away.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m fucking—!” She never finishes her sentence. She doesn’t need to. Her juices coat your hand and she’s falling to her knees thereafter. While you’d love to give her the time she needs to recuperate, you’re just a little too wet for that.

The three fingers that were once inside Ariana’s pussy are now in your mouth. “Turn over,” you command. Her weak body follows directions, moving — however slowly — so that her back’s pressed up against the couch. Silently, you position your bodies so that your engorged clit’s over hers and then you pound into her. You toss your head back, loving the feeling of relief. Your girlfriend, still trying to gather herself from her last powerful orgasm, is mostly quiet, swollen lips ajar and eyes half-lidded. The only audible sounds that escape her are whimpers and mewls.

As you alternate between rough rubs and hurried thrusts, Ariana’s fingers tangle into your hair, pulling you into a forceful kiss that’s more teeth than anything. Her tongue swallows the gasps and cries that emit from you everytime you beat against her clit. “Kitten, I’m so close.” That’s all the cue she needs to raise her hips and meet your thrusts halfway. They’re sloppy the nearer to your orgasms you both become, but it’s worth it. Euphoria soon racks through both your bodies and you collapse on top of her.

“And that’s a wrap,” Ariana laughs.

Comfort Food: Harry Styles Imagine

Today had been a bad day. It was one of those days where absolutely nothing went as planned. The power had gone off in the middle of the night due to a bad storm, disrupting my alarm clock and causing me to wake late for work. I spilled hot coffee all over myself as I was leaving the apartment, which made me late even more because I had to go change clothes. Then, the copier jammed beyond repair on the last pages of my boss’ important manuscript. We would have to wait a week before a permanent replacement could be brought it. That nearly brought the wrath of God down upon me from my boss. And last but not least, I had misread a deadline in my monthly planner and realized that I was supposed to give a thirty-minute presentation pitch on the magazine’s fall fashion focus. I hadn’t even started on it yet.

Though I was annoyed and completely stressed out, it felt great to be home. I immediately kicked off my wedged sandals upon crossing the threshold into the apartment. They bounced off the hardwood floors with a clunk. I tossed my tote-turned-briefcase on the blue chaise and greeted Edith, the two-month-old white and light grey tabby kitten who meowed at my feet.

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anonymous asked:

Drabble challenge: 13 for Kadena :)

13. “I lost our baby.”

“Kat!” Adena answers cheerily.

Kat shuffles from side to side in their apartment, head hung guiltily even if Adena can’t see her, heart beating rapidly at how she’s going to tell her girlfriend this. Her girlfriend who had so much love in her heart for this tiny, helpless stray kitten.

“So don’t be mad but-“

“Kat. Are you ok? What happened?” Adena interrupts, worry lacing her voice.

“I’m ok, but err Tigger’s not. I came back to the apartment and he was just gone. His basket was there and his little tray and scratch toy, but he wasn’t and his blanket was gone too and I lost him. Maybe I left a window open or a door and he’s gone. Adena he’s gone. I’m sorry. I lost our baby and I’m so sorry. I’m gonna go out and look for him, but I had to tell you because you love him so much, and so do I and I-Shit Adena and we’re going away at the weekend and I-“

“Kat. Kat baby, breathe please,” Adena soothes into the phone and Kat nods to herself, taking a deep breath.

“Yes we’re going away at the weekend and do you remember the conversation we had with Sutton and Jane yesterday?” Adena prompts.

Kat shakes her head. “Not even a little bit.”

“Babe. We talked to them about taking Tigger for the weekend. They came by to pick him up this afternoon. Check your texts.”

Kat takes the phone from her ear. Two texts.

We’ve got the little rascal! Xxx

Can’t wait to feed him too many kitty treats xoxo

“Oh. Crap. Yeah. How did I forget?” Kat hangs her head, relieved but embarrassed.

“Stressful day Kat?” Adena asks softly and Kat smiles at her girlfriend’s soft tone, understanding tone.

“A little.”

“Well this weekend will help. You didn’t lose Tigger. Although I do think it’s adorable you referred to him as our baby.” Adena chuckles and Kat laughs.

“Well he is, you know. We rescued him. We’re his mommies.”

Adena laughs at this. “You are amazing Kat. I’ll be home soon.”


“I love you Adena El-Amin.”

Adena smiles into the phone. “I love you too Kat Edison.”

Internet Famous: Part 20 (FINAL)

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11| Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19

A/N: And so we’ve come…to the eeeennd oofff the roooaaad. Thank you all for sticking with this series! It was fun! 

5 Years Later

Your face showed up on screen, “Hey, guys! Today is June 25th and you know what that means?” The camera turned to face a little girl with your eyes and nose, but Poe’s skin color and black curly hair, “It’s Shara’s fifth birthday! Say hi, baby girl!”

Shara, dressed in a purple princess dress, smiled and waved, “Hi! I’m five now!” 

“Yes, you are! Can you show us with your fingers how old you are?” Shara held up five fingers, “That’s perfect!”

In the back, Poe could be heard, “Princess?”

“Yeah?” You call out listening for Poe.

“Have you seen my-oh. Nevermind!”

You roll your eyes at the camera, “So forgetful that one. Anyway, it’s 10:25am and everyone will be here at 12. Shara woke Poe and I up at around 8 because she was so excited. Also,” You brought the camera down to show your protruding baby bump, “I’m at the end of my first trimester hitting my second! Shara’s so excited to meet her baby sister.”

Poe walked into the room, “I can’t believe I’ll have another girl who’s finger I’ll be wrapped around.” Poe kissed your cheek and waved at the camera, “Hey guys!” He walked away to the kitchen.

You gave a content sigh, “So that’s it right now. I’ll be vlogging more when everyone arrives.” You stopped the recording and set the camera down. 

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Dawn Syndulla outwits her parents

Daughter: Mommy, I want a Loth-kitten.

Hera: No, baby. Maybe when you’re older.

Daughter: Daddy, I want a kitten.

Kanan: No. Maybe when you’re older.

Daughter: Like you?

Kanan: Yes, then you might have one.

Daughter: Daddy, open the box. I got you present!

Kanan: Oh no… I feel holes in the box. It’s meowing. I feel something fuzzy and purring. Sweetie…

Daughter: Daddy, since you old and can have kitty, I found a kitty and gave it to you. I’ll help you take care of it.

Kanan: Oh no, Hera, I can’t turn down her gift.

So I found a book full of my first words so incase u need rlly silly baby babble or maybe u just wanna compare how my vocabulary has changed (it hasn’t)

Che che - cheese (whispers)
Ninny - kitty
Dug - duck
Hot hot - (whispers) when we do anything in the sun
Tanta - Santa
Parpar- farfar (grandfather in Swedish)
Tuart - Stewart little
Stop it mommy it’s MY bottom - when she was checking my diaper (?)
Hanks - thanks
spyer, spyer, (whisper) … scary
Puter - Computer
Looks at anything with numbers and says “no”
Stop it, that’s MY belly
Sweetie - refers to ALL children as sweetie

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Kastle + soulmate AU

Fix it fic time!

Ok. Here we go. This was fun to write, and man, it got big. 20 pages long. 

It might be a little different than the usual “Soulmate AU” kinds of stuff we see. Here, it’s more like an abstract concept. A feeling.

Anyway. Here it goes. 


It was the darndest thing.

The first time he saw her, Maria was pregnant. He had a little boy on the way and was taking his girl for a walk, stroller, bottle, extra diapers, dog and everything in tow.

“Frank”, his wife had said, from her spot on the bed. “You have a lot going on there”.

“We’ll be good. You just take a nap.” Frank winked and walked out of the apartment.

He didn’t exactly know why Max pulled and pulled on his leash towards that particular park. The one they liked was on the opposite direction, bigger, there was that coffee he liked, the spot on the grass Max liked to lie down in the sun or the shade, whatever, and the nice playground Lisa would play in one day.

Nevertheless, Max pulled, and pulled, and Frank had too much in his hands to fight the dog, so he just accepted, going towards the park they were not that familiar with.

He could hear the music those kids were always playing there already when Lisa dropped her toy and look at him from inside her stroller.

“Dada”, she called, in that baby voice he just loved with all his heart, little hands reaching out for him.

“One second, baby, daddy’s gonna pick you up in a second.”

They were almost there, it would be much easier to pick her up while parked.

“Dada”, she insisted and Frank smiled down at her, delighted when she smiled back, big and bright.

She knew how to say “daddy”. Knew how to say “mommy”, “grandma”, “grandpa”, “water”, “doggie”, “kitty”, her own name, “dino”, for some reason, and a bunch of other words. But she kept calling him “dada” when she wanted something, that first word to ever come out of her mouth, already aware that it pulled on his heart strings, he was incapable of denying her of anything when she said that.

“Ok, here we go”, he said when they entered the park and he found an empty bench and sat down. “Come here, sweetheart.”

He picked his daughter up, placing a kiss on her head, sitting down on the bench with her little arms around his neck, tiny feet on his thigh as she stood up, looking at all the dogs running behind him, giggling.

“Go ahead, buddy”, he told Max, removing his leash, watching as he pranced over to the other dogs, doing some recon.

He had been sitting there with Lisa for maybe five minutes, making faces and noises to make her laugh, when Max came back, a scarf in his mouth.

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Ray said his first word tonight: “bye-bye!”

I had an inkling his first word would start with a “b” because he’s been using the “buh” sound a lot recently in his babbling. I’ve been trying to help him finish the word, offering up “ball,” “baby,” “big boy,” “birdie,” etc. But clearly I was a bit off!

I’m not surprised “bye-bye” is his first word. We repeat it frequently trying to get him to wave (which he was doing pretty effortlessly for the first time just before he said the word). Also, every morning when we leave the house, I say, “Bye-bye, kitties! Mommy and Ray love you! Be good boys! See you tonight! Bye-bye!” So, he hears “bye-bye” a lot!

I’m grateful that he said it while we were Facetiming with my mom, so she heard it, too – clear as day. There was no question. He said it with such confidence!

I’m so proud of my big boy! 

What if there was no Sam in Season 8? What if instead we got the return of a familiar blonde…

“Oh, okay, let me just give you two some privacy,” Kitty said the moment she saw Jackie enter the living room where she had helping Hyde record his message to Eric.

Kitty stood up from her seat and taking her tape recorder left the room. Only to hide out in the den where she promptly stuck out the microphone to capture the couple’s conversation for not only her son’s knowledge but so she should could playback in case she happened to miss anything.


Hyde cleared his throat, “Hey.”

“Steven, I am so sorry about what happened in Chicago…”

“What are you doing?”

Startled by the sound of a voice that was neither Jackie nor Steven’s, and it sounded much closer than their too, Kitty looked up to find her scowling husband towering over her.

“Shh!” she hissed at him, trying to wave him off with the hand that was holding the microphone; he was making her miss all the good stuff! “Steven and Jackie are finally talking.”

Red took a peek into the living room where he saw the couple on the couch, sitting closer together than he could remember seeing them be in the past few months. He assumed it must have been a good sign. “Then let’s give them some privacy.”

“I am!” Kitty declared, though her recording device said otherwise.

Shaking his head, Red reached down and grabbed his wife’s arm before strongly pulling her onto her feet and then practically dragging her away from the den and into the kitchen, away from the two kids. He knew his wife was excited for the two to be talking again but her excitement must have clouded her judgment and kept her from realizing her being there in the background could cause a bigger mess.

“Well, great Red, now we’ll never what happens!” she was sounding more like this was a damn soap opera than the lives of their kids. “At least not until they tell us.”

Smirking, Red was glad to see his wife gaining back some of her sanity. “Then we’ll just have to wait.”

They were standing in front of the stove together, just a few feet away from the swinging door that connected the kitchen and living room. Kitty was more than tempted to lean against it and lean in, she wouldn’t even need a glass to press her ear against. But in the end she decided against it and let Steven and Jackie handle things on their own…but if they handled it wrong and things didn’t end happily, then Red Forman would be sure to get an earful.

“Oh Red, isn’t it wonderful that Steven and Jackie are talking again?” she was staying positive and hopeful. “I so hope they can work things out. They are just so good together.”

“Yeah, they’re good kids…when they’re not being dumbasses. Maybe if they get their heads out of their heads long enough, they might realize how good they are together, they could be engaged by the end of the year.”

A grin sprung to Kitty’s face, an engagement what a wonderful way to start a new decade. Then when she remembered who had spoken the words her happy smile became much more sly. “Why Red Forman, you are just a hopeless romantic aren’t you?”

“I’m not hopeless, I’m hopeful,” he argued, surprising Kitty until he spoke on. “Hopeful that the two will get hitched and out of our house. We’ll finally have the place kid-free!”

Just as Kitty looked up at the oversized grin on her husband’s face with her own somber expression, the glass side door slid open with great triumph.

“Mommy, Daddy, I’m home!”

Red and Kitty turned to the left side of the kitchen and saw standing there, their only daughter, first born, Laurie. It had been over a year since they had last seen her, several months since her last phone call to Red, but here she was back home. She was smiling brightly, her blonde hair in it’s usual Farrah Fawcett flip, she looked even better than she had the last time they’d seen her—she looked more like herself. And she had two bags of luggage at each of her sides.

“I gotta stop saying this stuff out loud,” Red commented to Kitty and she nodded along. It really did seem like every time Red made a observation about the kids all being out of the house another one would pop in.

“Daddy!” Laurie squealed before hurrying to him and throwing her arms around him “I missed you!”

“Oh, I missed you too, Kitten,” Red replied, hugging his daughter back and even giving her a kiss on her head. His happiness at seeing his daughter had taken over the annoyance of still not having his house kid-free yet.

Kitty couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the exchange. It had taken her all day to get Red to admitting that he missed Eric on a hidden tape recorder and yet here he was saying it to Laurie herself.

Laurie hugging her brought Kitty back to reality. “Mommy!”

Though Kitty planned to stay guarded and remind herself her daughter must have returned with some kind of agenda, she’d forgotten how nice it was to hug and be held by your child.

“Oh Laurie,” she gave her a bone crushing hug. “It is just so good to see you!”

Red was now seated in her usual spot at the kitchen table and began waving his favorite girls over “Come on, come sit down, sit.”

Mother and daughter smiled at each other, Kitty giggled slightly, before they walked hand in hand to the table and each took a seat. Laurie sitting in the middle so she could be seated next to both her parents.

“So, honey, what have you been up to? What brings you into town? What happened? What went wrong?” were the kinds of questions that spewed out of Kitty’s mouth.

While Laurie rolled her eyes she managed to keep her smile in place, though the same couldn’t be said for her now frowning father.

“Kitty, enough with the questions. Laurie doesn’t need a reason to stop by to see us, do you kitten?”

Taking in a deep breath, the young blond place her wringing hands on the table top, “Actually Daddy, there is a reason why I’m here.”

A new frown was forming onto Red’s forehead while Kitty was preparing for the worst.

“Mommy, Daddy, I got married!” she announced happily but when she saw the terrified looks on their faces she quickly remembered how bad things had gone during her last marriage announcement so she swiftly added. “And it wasn’t to keep someone in the country this time!”

A loud sigh of relief came from Kitty. “Oh thank God!” she stood up and went to hug her daughter. “Oh, oh honey, that is so wonderful! I…you’re, you’re not pregnant are you?” Laurie smiled and shook her head making Kitty hug her even tighter. “Oh that is so wonderful!”

Laurie was beaming and hugging her mother back until she noticed how quiet her father was.

“Daddy?” she used her small innocent childlike voice again, “Are you okay?”

Red stared back at her. “Laurie…how could you get married again? Without us there?”

Guilt filled Laurie enough to make her shoulders slump. After her marriage to Fez, and the heart attack, her father had confessed to her that one of the many reasons he had been so upset that she’d run off and married the foreigner was because he hadn’t been there to give her away like he’d always thought he would.

“I know, Daddy,” Laurie pouted, baby voice still in use. “But it was really a spur of the moment kind of thing. I’m sorry.”

A smile twitched onto Red’s lips, he couldn’t stay mad at his little girl. “I guess as long as he makes you happy…and he’s not Kelso…I’m happy for you.”

She sent him a smile. “Thank you, Daddy. I just know you and Mommy will love him.”

“So Laurie, honey, when are you going to introduce us to your new husband?” Kitty asked, already trying to peek out the sliding in hopes of catching a glimpse of her new son in law.

“Soon,” Laurie appeared happy to report. He must have really made her happy, she was practically glowing with happiness. “And I…”

Laurie’s words were cut off by the kitchen’s second door being swung open by a hand holding Hyde and Jackie. They were both smiling and seemed to have only eyes for each other until they caught a glimpse of a familiar blonde.

Hyde’s eyebrows rose up in shock, hundreds of insults were at the tip of his tongue but with Red in the room that’s where they would remain. “Laurie?”

Laurie sat up straighter in her seat, pushing out her chest, as she gazed at the pair with that evil look in her eyes.

“Hi Jackie. Hi hubby.”

The color in Hyde’s face drained and any expression he wore suddenly vanished as he stared at the blonde who was smirking back at him with that devious evil smile the one and only Laurie Forman could ever pull off. She was like a lioness on a hunt, eyeing her target and going in for kill and Hyde definitely felt like prey at that moment.

Watching their daughter saunter over to the young couple, Red and Kitty made the connections between their daughter’s return and their adopted son’s short disappearance. Kitty’s mouth dropped open while Red’s scowl grew deep and angry.

Jackie stood there confused, still unsure of what was happening. She looked at Laurie who was now in front of her, “What did you say?”

“Move it, pipsqueak,” Laurie ordered, yanking Jackie’s hand out of Hyde’s and then pushing the small girl to the side so that she could stand beside Hyde and wrap her arms around his left bicep. She gave him another evil smirk before turning to her parents, more innocently. “Mommy, Daddy, meet your new son-in-law, Hyde!”

Part 2