a moment of silence~


November 20th transgender day of remembrance: Today we remember all of those we have lost in the fight for existence. I want to extend a hand of gratitude to all of my trans brothers sisters and siblings on this day in hope you will take it and understand you are not alone and we need you to help continue this fight. For one day I hope we can all exist together presenting who we are in peace. Hug you friends who are still here tell them you love them and hold a moment of silence for those we cannot hold in our arms any longer. Rest in power and may the spark you created flicker in our hearts forever. Have a good night everyone. #resistance #transgenderdayofremembrance #restinpower #love

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How was daughter of evil misinterpreted? i dont know im kinda curious


To put it shortly

“Rin” never knew they were twins until the end

“Len” never saw “Rin” at his execution

“Gackpo” isn’t a minister

“Miku” was gay for “Haku” the whole time and she wasn’t even a human being

and there’s a whole subplot involving “Miku” and “Gumi” with the mage “Luka” and also “Kaito’s” family and “Rin” and “Len’s” parents

Also there is a talking tree and he’s “Miku” and “Gumi’s” dad sort of

it’s a huge story and it’s really confusing

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting that claimed the lives of 49 Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ people and their allies and wounded 58 others. As the first anniversary, I know tomorrow is gonna sting for a lot of people and the community at large. So tomorrow at 12p Eastern, join me (wherever you are/whatever you’re doing) in 49 seconds of silence. It’s important to honor our dead and reflect on what they meant to us. #Pulse

commission of two very special boys

I have fucking chills watching the vegas opening show. introducing a first responder and having a player skate out with them? warriors by imagine dragons? #VegasStrong everywhere? I was already near tears.

and then they had some survivors of the shooting do the puck drop? 58 seconds for each of the individuals who lost their lives? and then they projected their names onto the ice and i think the band that was playing during the shooting sang the national anthem and I just -

This was a beautiful memorial opening show that was respectful and sad, but with a tone of hope and strength. Well done, knights. Well done.


things are gonna get better for you. ha! have they gotten better for you? for me? look, i’m alone. i’ve – i’ve – i’ve been alone so long, i … i like it. you know, i – i hide in it. one thing i know is that … the only way out … is to find something that you care about. those kids, they might drive you crazy, they might … they might make you completely bat shit, but … they’re the reason you’re gonna get through this. … have you found something to do that for you? … uh … maybe … yeah, maybe.

#every single detail of this ladies and gents. #karen looking at his mouth the whole time in the first gif. #the way he pushes in and she tilts her head to the right like she thinks they’re going to kiss. #the way he pushes in and to the left before pausing and glancing down to her lips like they’re going to kiss. #the way they only then halt and only then karen pulls back and they rest their foreheads against one another. #they just breathe together for a beat before he opens his eyes and glances at her lips once more. #and when he does that she tilts her head /again/. #and her lips part just a little bit. #and i’m over here watching in complete and utter pain. #let’s be honest karen is no stranger to the dramatic moment of silence after a batch of chaos. #but this. it’s just so organic. and the fact that it doesn’t happen makes it all the better. #this is the pair of them literally … living together. #just resting on each other and breathing the other in. because they know they’re parting for now. #and then the look in his eyes as she tells him to go. #the look of a man who just got shot up on mission that becomes specifically entitled ‘save karen page’. #and now has to leave her battered up in an elevator. #and of course it only gets worse after this moment. the tears in their eyes. because they’ve got no clue if they’re going to see each other again. gosh.