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"That is one hell of a mess.” kashleth

So, here’s the thing about Kashaw: he isn’t really a people person. People really, really don’t like him. And that’s fine. Because he really, really doesn’t like people.

(”You’re just objectively a dislikable person,” Zahra told him a few months into their friendship.

After a moment of silence, he’d simply said, “Wow, Zee.”

“You’re not arguing.”

“…No. I’m not.”)

So the thing about Kash not being a people person? It means he’ll go to any length to avoid having to interact with people for any longer than necessary.

And if that means going to the grocery store at two in the morning specifically to get a can of soup and some ginger ale, then so be it.

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Conversation between an angel, a demon, and a god.

“Nes, this body is kind of small..”

“Shut up you damn demon, if you keep complaining, someone will notice.”

The two make eye contact, glaring briefly before the last of their trio spoke up.

“Both of you be quiet,” The god spoke in a soft tone, choosing to be the reasonable one instead of bickering.

Silence ensues, but only for a moment. The demon, deemed the name Zander, spoke up.

“Why are we in these vessels?”
“It’s called reincarnation, you dimwit.”
“… Fuck off, Nes. Aren’t you supposed to be angelic?”

The god, Toran, glanced at them, frowning deeply.

“Just relax, humans don’t live lo-”
“But I don’t want th-”
“Damnit, you cursed demon, shu-”

They each grew quiet as another sat at the table, a frail being, looking rather shaken. They all stared at the newcomer and when they made eye contact, they smiled.

“Room for a fae?”

(Scene: The Household Darke)

Alex: I did it. I ran a full 5k without having to stop.
Matt: Really?? Did you run run or just shuffle run.
(moment of silence)
Alex: (pouting) shuffle running IS running.
Matt: I’m sorry, I just meant that if you had run run I was going to be really impressed.
Alex: But because I shuffle ran you’re not? You should probably stop while you’re only 6 feet down in that hole you’re digging.

a moment of silence for @danversiism who will occupy the seat  J9  during this trying time in which I will literally lose my shit and cry for 2 hours and 17 minutes on  J10  trying not to get arrested.  you should wear an  ARMOR,  baby.  i mean it,  i don’t know just– good luck to you, you’re gonna need it r.i.p

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are you doing alright, moon bunny? you haven't been on for a while and I hope you're coping with whatever task you're completing! ^^ we wait for you in Tumblr with open arms and ears to hear about your busy weeks!

Hello Sweetest-Annon (and everyone who also reads this)!

Thank you so much for your concern! ❤ I’m doing okay I guess, life’s not working out so great at the moment, which leads to my silence on tumblr. I will try to be active again in a couple of days! I still have to finish my 12 Story “Event”! …

If someone wants to know what happened:

I lost my job a couple of weeks ago, and struggling to find a new one. Also I am looking for a school to take me, because I want a higher graduation, but the German School System doesn’t want to… The problem is because of my age (18 or higher) no school have to take me, so they don’t. Even though my previous graduation was pretty good!

Also my mother is in the hospital since two and a half weeks for a surgery at her spine. All went well, until she got a increasing pain in her lower stomach. She got transported to another hospital and had a couple emergency surgery’s. She is stable now but I am still worried of course. I am spending much time at hospital at the moment.

I am alive and well just busy with life I am sorry for not posting stuff w I will try to change it I also got some asks for story, first thank you very much! But I also ask for patience. If you would rather send it to someone who posts more I of course understand it completely, but please tell me if you do so I don’t write it double. Until then I wish you all a very good time! (I hope this doesn’t messes up too bad because I am on phone)

In Love Your Lady Bunny from the Moon! ❤

Context: I (the DM) was teaching a simplified version of DnD to a few children. We encountered a room lined with coffins, and our rogue decided to make an attempt to sneak past.

Rogue (6 years old): *whispering* That’s a lotta bones. I wanna sneak.

DM (me): Alright, roll to see how good you do.

A moment of suspense as the d20 is rolled, then in the silence, our 5-year-old Barbarian drops a wicked fart. The die lands on a nat 1 and he starts crying.

Rogue: You dummy! You farted them alive again!

Soriel AU Week @sorielweek Day 3: Reapertale

Local god of death falls asleep in a flower meadow and ruins everything.

I hope this doesn’t defy Reapertale’s amazing lore too much since I’m not sure if the gods can even sleep ahah (although if any god could sleep, it would be Sans). There’s so much beautiful art for this AU I don’t think I could ever match up to it, so attempting humour with it was more in my comfort zone.

Enjoy the fun times while you can; tomorrow I’m hoping to rip some hearts out (◉‿◉✿)